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Jack Hansen-Bartel, the recently graduated pupil of the New International School of Thailand involved in the ‘Green Mango” controversy  left for Australia at the weekend to a send-off from friends and colleague – not forgetting his campaigning mum Annie Hansen.

Judges in Koh Samui have ordered his mother not to issue any more statements to the media in the case of Raymond Chang and Ryan Wang formerly of the Shanghai American School, who, it is alleged, assaulted Jack at the Green Mango Club at Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui last June requiring him to undergo surgery and repeated corrective surgery.

Wang and Chang were charged – but the goalposts were removed when Raymond Nobu Chang, the father of Raymond Chang – blitzed into town and then Hansen-Bartel became the police victim. See earlier stories.

With the principal prosecution witness out of the country (not by choice) and the two defendants in the United States one wonders whether any case will come to fruition.

Jack Hansen-Bartel however insists he will be coming back to Thailand for the prosecution in June.


  1. Megalodon

    Sloppy reporting. Hansen-Bartel did not become the victim after Raymond Nobu Chang "blitzed into town." Hansen-Bartel was ALWAYS the victim – from the outset.
    My understanding is that Jack H-B became a suspect – or even a defendant – after Raymond N C "blitzed into town."

  2. allyouseeislights

    Great reporting on this issue. I was appalled to read all that is happening to this young man. In order to make this story be easier to access, may I suggest the use of a hyperlink on the sentence "see earlier stories"? This way, people can just click on that sentence to get to an earlier story regarding this case. #raymondtonychang #raymondnobuchang #ryanyushangwang #tiffanymarikoturner #cornell #harvard #fordham

  3. Megalodon

    Small point, (which I do not want to labour), but who exactly is the principal prosecution witness in this case?
    Jack H-B or Tiffany Turner?

  4. Tommy Weapon

    The case was hijacked when the "I'm Mr Important because I've got money" father arrived. In the true and tried Chinese way he showed everybody that the rule of law, ethics, morality and taking personal responsibility don't exist in his perceived world of power and money. The spineless and hopelessly corrupt Thai police were happy to oblige him and if anybody thinks they did it for free -I've got a 90 year Thai lease for them to buy.

    1. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      Thank you Tommy: Megalodon: Er, we are not sure. I am presuming the defence are hoping the mother's cash runs out before the trial.

  5. Thanapat (Oat) Chinchiyanond

    Thanks for update I know many people are still talking about this case and this boys struggle for justice. any word from whether The Human Rights Commission was actually able to do anything?

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