Cocaine! Just Like Giving Candy To A Baby.

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Now Thai Supplier Sought In Bali Drugs Case

From Andrew Drummond, Denpasar, Bali May 30 2010

The British father of six-year-old Kitty Ponder broke his silence today to say Lindsay Sandiford set himself and his partner Rachel Dougall up with a damning haul of cocaine on the holiday island of Bali.

As Bali police continued an investigation today into the source of the drugs supply to high society and party goers on the Indonesian holiday island, Julian Ponder put the blame squarely on 55-yr-old Lindsay ‘the mule’ who started the hunt.

“I was the subject of entrapment by Lindsay, who knew my daughter was going to be 6-years-old shortly after her arrival,” said Pender.

“Having been caught she aided the police surveillance and brought the cocaine to me wrapped as if it was a present for my daughter.”

Speaking through his lawyer he added: “I never ever touched the drugs or was aware that my daughter’s present was in fact drugs.”

Lawyer S.H. Suroso said at Bali Police Headquarters: “Julian is adamant that Rachel never took drugs. He has admitted that drugs found in his home were his, but insists they did not belong to Rachel.

“She did not touch drugs”, he said, “but drank quite a lot.”

Photographs supplied to the SUN show that the cocaine haul was indeed wrapped up in pink paper with the motifs ‘Enjoy Sweet Candy’ and ‘New Candy’. But Ponder’s claims are unlikely to have any effect on the Bali Police investigation. Police insist he was caught with the drugs in his Toyota Rush 4×4 SUV and that “both adults living in the house must take responsibility for the drugs found there.”

Meanwhile Bali police say they are looking for another Briton and a Thai national, who they believe they were higher up in the cartel. Lindsay Sandiford is reported to have met the supplier in Bangkok – and the supplier claimed he would follow on a later flight.

A police spokesman said: “We believe that this syndicate is the source for cocaine which has been flooding places where rich people congregate in Bali” By rich, he said, he meant higher income earners and ‘quality tourists’ visiting more expensive venues and nightclubs.

One such place is the Ku Dé Ta, a very popular bar, club and restaurant in Kuta, where many people start the evening by watching the sunset over the beach.

The bar has a strict ‘no drugs’ policy and even its clothing policy prohibits customers from wearing T-shirts advertising beer, or football club shirts.

It was here where Ella, the Indonesian girlfriend of Paul Beales, from Milton Keynes, worked as a meeter and greeter.  Paul Beales was the fourth Briton to be arrested in the sting.

He has lived in Bali for 15 years and has two daughters aged 6 and 4 with Ella.

At their villa home in Kuta a maid came to the door to say that Ella was not available. “She is not renting here any more from next month and has to plan to take care of the children.”

Yesterday British consular officials moved to offer help to Kitty, who is being looked after by a maid and a gardener in Julian Ponder’s walled villa, 15 miles north of Denpasar. Funds are now being made available through the couple’s credit cards to pay for her upkeep and the maid and gardener’s salaries.

But longer terms plans are being made to have her returned and educated in Britain, in which case she may have to be adopted by her grand-parents.

Kitty is unaware of what really has happened and has been told her grandparents are coming to see her.

Pictures: Andrew Chant

The SUN – Bali suspect – I thought cocaine haul was sweets for my daughter


  1. jules

    "Possesses, keep in stock or control" is the definition of the lower offence of possession of a Class I narcotic for which 10 years is the max and probable sentence for 20 grams of cocaine. If he is sucessful in proving everything he says then the wife will go free and he will serve probably around 8 years. An American neighbour was banged up in Kerobokan for 10 years after being found with 30 grams of it, his live-in went free…… The entrapment seems a bit rough but far worse entrapment is commonly used in tourist areas. NEVER BUY DRUGS FROM A MAN IN THE STREET, OR AT ALL.

  2. will i am

    Reminds me of that Idiot who was caught with drugs in Pattaya in his car.

    Later claimed he'd been set up and he only borrowed the car to move a telly or something like that.

    Can't recall his name, think he was British pretending to be Irish.

    What became of him and his claims Andrew ?

  3. westerby

    Oh dear, he's not helping himself, is he?
    Given his background is it not odd that he and the mule were socially acquainted? With such diverse backgrounds one wonders what the nexus might have been unless a common enterprise made them strange bedfellows…..
    Interesting to know just what the source of his wealth was. His business acumen as a party giver and caterer to the hedonists of London back in 1998 seems to have deserted him during the time his company Pen Productions Ltd was operating. He only filed accounts in respect of 2002 in 2003 after which the company was dissolved. Debts arising are alleged to have been in the thousands but who knows, this was the beginning of the property bubble and maybe he was indeed fortunate in getting mortgages at a relatively early age notwithstanding debts.
    It seems his co directors, Julian Dyer and his wife Saba were more successful in tending to the bright young things of London since their numerous companies in a similar field are still operating.
    Interesting that Ponder and Rachel seem to have gravitated to a similar world in Bali. Perhaps Julian's previous experience of mingling with and catering to the needs of hedonist society in London prepared him well. Making contact with the right connections enabling a reliable supply of what people fancy can be quite challenging but if one is a resourceful chappie then the world is one's lobster, so to speak.
    Doubtless more will emerge but I rather think the less obtuse among already get the idea.
    One wonders where his expertise in antiques comes from but perhaps the choice of mule might suggest a certain proclivity.

  4. ally

    Mmmmmmm “quality customers”!
    I was on an oil rig, off the west Ozz coast, a few years ago when a large cocaine bust took place at an airport (can’t remember which)….talk about miserable buggers when they found out….and you thought they didn't have a sense of humour with drugs in their systems!!!!

  5. amy

    In Nazi Germany Jewish inmates were sent out from the death camps to capture more Jews,any Jews would do if they could not find family members.
    They were promised their lives in exchange for cooperating…Was Sandford was acting alone?
    One of her "intimidated offspring"? is a convicted bank Robber.
    Ponder's parents are dead I believe he was a the sole beneficiary of his late father's estate in Lewis.Sussex.
    Police Corruption in Bali cannot be ruled out.
    Executions ceased in the U.K.after errors were made..Think before you condemn these four of course the world would be better without drugs.But these guys might be innocent? If Sandford later confesses to setting up the others how will we feel?

  6. Andrew Drummond

    AMY: Ponder's father was a former journalist on the Evening Standard. I think I vaguely remember him. One thing Ponder has stated is true. Pictures do show that the cocaine was re-wrapped in Bali obviously under police direction to make it look like a child's birthday present.

  7. drugjail

    I think we need to get over this idea that he 'thought it was candy for his daughter'. Look, other reports have alleged that the police followed them for 6 days.
    A body language expert would tell you that guilty people who are scared look and behave very differently to innocent people who have no idea what they are supposed to have done.

  8. Andrew Drummond

    In cases where the death penalty applies I especially tend to avoid prejudging in print and certainly give their story if it is available. Thats right Sandiford was arrested on 19th – Ponder & Dougall on 25th.

  9. amy

    This could be the worst case ever of being "Guilty by association"
    Whatever Ponder thought was in the gift wrapped box remains unknown.
    It seems unlikely however that even a "mafia" mother would leave measured bags of drugs in her daughter's room ?.Kids are inquisitive.Such sloppy behavior would have come to the attention of their staff by now and the authorities.A second box full for Ponder?? Standford may well have pointed out soft targets to help save her own skin. With a six year old daughter of their own would RD and JP risk intimidating Standford's Bank Robber son?. The notion that Sandford acted as a "Mule" because her boys were threatened illustrates her willingness to try anything!

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