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‘Judges Have Decided to Acquit Drew Noyes’ – says ‘spokesman’.

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LAWYERS FROM PAPPA AND ALBA HAVE TEAMED UP! Controversial American Drew Noyes will be acquitted of charges of attempting to extort the bosses of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien, his spokesman claimed today.  In a letter posted to this site at 2.47 this morning his spokesman ‘Stan Longley’ added that his accusers would face a ‘day of reckoning’ because the …

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‘Stan the Man’ writes for – Exclusive

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UNVEILED -A SATISFIED CUSTOMER OF ‘ONE  STOP SERVICE CENTER’ PLUS: A Guide to the Drew Noyes allegations Today exclusive to this website we give you the unedited, untouched words of, er, Stan Longley, a satisfied customer of the Pattaya company ‘One Stop Services’. Stan, does not say what services he received from PAPPA and One Stop run by Drew Noyes …

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BUT THE MAN FROM NATIONAL FRUIT – HE SAY YES! Battling workers’ rights campaigner Andy Hall who is being sued till kingdom come by the Thai conglomerate National Fruit is having trouble again with the local mission. The British Mission, that is in Wireless Road. ‘The Best Consular Service in the World’ The Consular Offices at the British Embassy are …

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Mixed messages are coming from Brian Goudie currently holed up in Baan Lamai on Koh Samui. His Facebook entries are becoming more and more weird. Take this for instance published today. ‘I may look calm but in my head I have killed you 3 times’. I am not sure to whom he is addressing this, but I sure hope its …

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Q-Tips – Internet War Simmering Over Bangkok Bar

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OK! SO THEY DIDN’T LIKE THE MUSIC! BUT HANG ON HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS LATEST SHARE OFFERING! It used to be one of the trendiest bars in Bangkok, maybe it still is, – but now ‘Q’Bar just off the city’s Sukhumvit Road is coming in for an internet slagging – and being linked to Bangkok’s ‘boiler rooms’ and prostitution. …

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Hanks ‘A cross between Michael Jackson and a Gay Doll’ – Noyes Aide –

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NOYES PRODUCES THE ‘MICHAEL JACKSON’ DEFENCE IN EXTORTION TRIAL.- David Hanks at the clinic David Hanks, the former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Melbourne, is being used by controversial American Drew Noyes, as his ‘get out’ from a charge of conspiring to extort a beauty clinic in Pattaya out of millions of Thai baht. In an indignant letter to this …

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‘You are a punk who sells drugs!’ – latest Noyes rant

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The ranting ‘legal firm’ boss and former publisher of the Pattaya Times has now taken to accusing a supporter of this site of being a drugs dealer.  In an astonishing outburst on Facebook, Drew Noyes, who together with Wanrapa Boonsu, runs ‘One Stop Service Center’, formerly PAPPA Co. Ltd, in Pattaya, and who claims to be the foreign adviser to …

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Is the Thaksin Era Coming To An End in Thailand?

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 A Flying Sporran Comment: Exports are down. Time and time again the current government and its politicians are being accused of having their fingers in the till. The Amnesty Bill is set to whitewash among others Thaksin Shinawatra, the former premier now living abroad having been convicted of corruption and abuse of power. Government M.Ps have been told to support …

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FLYING SPORRAN’S WEEKEND DIARY- (Picture: Home Sweet Home) I am sure someone is going to come back with a perfectly sensible answer but I am wondering why banks in Thailand give better mortgage rates for people buying news houses rather than people buying older ones. I had someone check the banks recently for mortgages and found that many Thai banks …