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David Hanks at the clinic

David Hanks, the former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Melbourne, is being used by controversial American Drew Noyes, as his ‘get out’ from a charge of conspiring to extort a beauty clinic in Pattaya out of millions of Thai baht.

In an indignant letter to this site a poster calling himself Stan Longley, but sounding very much like Drew Noyes himself, claims that 65-year-old Hanks, born in Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland, with also Australian nationality, now looks like a cross between Michael Jackson and a Gay Doll.

And Noyes was allegedly legally acting on behalf of Hanks, who was allegedly planning to file a law suit against the Thonglor Clinic for damages to his cherubic face.

The new claim flies in the face of allegations made in court by Dr. Mike Goulet, joint partner of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien, who told Pattaya Provincial Court in October, that Hanks had checked in to his clinic for facelift treatment and asked to speak to him.

David Hanks, after his treatment, supposedly looking like a cross between Michael Jackson and a Gay Doll

He immediately imparted the information that he was involved in the brothel business in Australia and knew Chinese mafia.

Dr. Goulet said that Hanks told him that his boss, Noyes, whom Goulet also took to be mafia, wanted to speak to him.

“When Noyes called he said: ‘Come to my office and we can talk about the protection we can offer so your business can run smoothly.’

“David Hanks said things that scared me.”

Pattaya Provincial Court was told that at first the cost would be 7 million baht, later reduced as a special favour to 2.3 million to stop a raid by police of the CSD Consumer Protection Department, who would find material which was illegal to use in Thailand.

But Goulet and his Thai partner went to the local police who then ran a sting operation arresting Noyes in the News Restaurant, Jomtien, after Goulet had handed him a down payment of 100,000 baht in a brief case.

Investigating officers also listened in to a conversation between Drew Noyes’ partner Wanrapa Boonsu, saying Goulet would have to find the cash immediately if she was to stop the police raid.

Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu have pleaded not guilty to trying to extort the Thonglor Clinic. However earlier cross examination of Dr. Goulet seemed to indicate Noyes was going to claim that the cash was for advertising in the now defunct ‘Pattaya Times’ newspaper.

Dr. Goulet points to Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu after their arrest for extortion

Stan Longley wrote:

“I am probably wasting my time as I am sure Drummond doesn’t allow positive comments on this hate blog. The reporting here is just so one sided. Drew has helped me and thousands of other foreigners in Thailand spanning over 16 years. 

“This site has identified maybe 10 disgruntled customers from the thousands. It is just a beat up. Works out to be about one a year. A pretty good record considering the tricky and detailed work he does. 


“Also being a high profile individual always draws critisism from those who are jealous of his success. He will beat the extortion case simply because it was a fabrication made by David Goulet, who is an advertiser on this site. Drew will demonstrate that the measly 100,000 was for a refund for the substandard work they did on David Hanks. 

“That is why David was present along with the thai policeman from Consumer Affairs. Simple really. Anyone can see they botched up David. He now looks like a cross between Michael Jackson and a gay doll.”

For the first time the Noyes camp has acknowledged that  CSD police officer was present in the restaurant when local police carried out their sting. That policeman has now been removed to apparently a very active post in the most southerly provinces.

The trial continues this month. Hanks has been charged in connection with illegal money lending to Russians in Pattaya (charging 60 per cent per month) in an operation overseen by the Department of Special Investigations.

Longley also claimed that the judgement out against Noyes in San Jose, Calfornia, for US$72,000, was merely a company matter. He claimed Drew Noyes has made a lot of money for the plaintiff Tom Flanagan.

This also flies in the face of evidence presented to the San Jose Court which was told that Noyes posed as a medical doctor to scam Mr. Flanagan out of initally US$25,000 through his New England Trading Company. Indeed if he made lots of money why would he sue?

The judgement was updated in March last year. Drew Noyes’s name has been removed from the membership of the National Futures Association.

Longley attacked posters hiding behind anonymity, while making no reference to the various anonymous websites created by Noyes and Goudie and said that all Noyes influential friends were behind him, including the Pattaya Mayor, Police and even the ‘CSI’ (sic).

Longley said supporters of this site would be tracked down and not able to hide behind anonymity – and action would be taken against people named as Lee, Ally, and Barry Kenyon.  Barry Kenyon is the former British Honorary Consul.

The comments made by Stan Longley are similar to remarks made on Noyes and Goudie’s anonymous case-watch-asia.blogspot site below.

Anatomy of a very amateur and implausible claim

“Dr. Mike Goulet, a Canadian living in Thailand, is currently facing criminal charges in Pattaya in a similar case, after he allegedly recommended a similar treatment to an Australian businessman.  

“The businessman, suffering complications from the treatment, was later stunned to find out that Goulet is not a medical doctor, but a veterinary surgeon, and as such cannot in any way consult with patients or recommend treatments. 

“Following a course of treatment allegedly recommended by Goulet, the businessman has suffered nerve and skin damage, and could face the prospect of facial surgery and skin grafts in the future. The businessman became suspicious when the Clinic allegedly refused to provide medical records with the name of the medicines used.”

CommentDr Goulet is a business partner in the highly rated clinic. He does not perform operations. In his own pictures David Hanks does not appear to be suffering too much. He looks a bit like a British social security invalidity care allowance claimant – caught running a marathon.

No, I do not know what a gay doll is. Nor indeed can I find any record for a Stan Longley in Thailand.

Sifu McInnes has been in touch to say that he has not spoken to Noyes for five years and will not be having any business dealings with Drew Noyes. On that basis this previous story has been withdrawn.


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    1. (Supposing that exist gay dolls…) They are totally differents.
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    2. I totally agree with Stan, the reporting on this site is completely one sided. It only depicts Drew Noyes, Brian Gouldie and David Hanks in a negative light without showing all of the wonderful things they've done for foreigners in Thailand.

      Maybe Stan, since he's so familiar with Drew's personal business, could provide this site some verifiable references from Noyes' former clients, after all out of the thousands Drew has helped, you'd think a few of the thousands would step forwards and provide some "balance" to the reporting here that has been going on for years. Strangely enough that hasn't happened though.

      Maybe Stan could explain?

  1. So please somebody enlighten me…….was the top photo of old flab and blab taken before or after….of course I mean his arrest for being involved with an illegal money lending racket in Pattaya to Russian tourists….Is that the official police mug shot taken inside the old Soi 9 sheriff’s station?
    On a separate but related note…..The Wee Jock Gob Shite…Wee Burney Nesbitt…..The Bam Pot himself had reached critical mass on FB……He’s been so threatening recently (mainly about Mr Drummond, the Weapon and me) now he's so morose and well…….hankering and pathetic…..I thought it was some "weakness" however a good friend pointed to girlfriend or lack of said girlfriend…so being the sympathetic friendly guy I am I sent him a consolatory message…..however it didn't come out like that…ooooops! Now he's gone into critical mass/ imploded…..seemingly he "won’t be pushed na more" or similar as those uneducated prison low life's tend to talk and pronounce…..

    1. Well I'm glad I finally got a mention and threatened, I was beginning to feel like the red-headed step-sister at the dance. What is Brian's facebook name? I'll be his friend if he needs a shoulder to cry on.

      You must check out the latest Tim Sharky video. In his latest Y-Tube video he explains how he is now protecting 'his' girls in Pattaya for 500 baht a month each. He makes no bones about who he is for good or bad. This guy is also a Kiwi. He admits he's on the roids and is probably a good example of what happens when you take too many.

      Check out the gold chain around his neck. It's a classic!


    2. Wee Brian is talkin pish on FB again, "Since we cant find 'The Weapon' we will prosecute Drummond as the site owner instead. Since my tirade, not only has there been silence from Mr Weapon and Mr. Cooper, but other individuals are now posting to the Drummond site saying they need to be 'more anonymous' – that was either from 'Teddy the Transvestite' or Tim the Tool', another pair of weak spineless anonymous posters."

      Bampot knows damn well who posted the message! NOT Drew Noyes!

      In the words of Destiny's Child:

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  2. I would think the "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear defence" is applicable here for the clinic. Hanks is not pretty and he is not ugly, he's pretty ugly. His face looks smoother than a Swedish teenagers bellend.

  3. I can imagine Drew trying to make the same point in his extortion trial and Hanks 'looks', or lack thereof, will become an important element. Only Drew could unintentionally, cause this potential farce.

  4. Incredible, the syntax and belief patterns demonstrate that it is probably from DN himself. What would he hope to gain from such trash???????????

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