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Malada –  an artists impression
The Thai Securities Exchange Commission has put up on its
website investor alerts naming a number of foreign financial advisory firms
which have not been registered in Thailand. They include several exposed on
this site.

A reader informed me today that PFM International is still
trading in Chiang Mai and Alan Hall seems to be active through his understudy
in Thailand.
Here are the current details.

Name: PFM International Limited
Address: 1/3 Malada Home and Resort, Moo.5 T.Nong-Kwai A.Hangdong
Chiang Mai, 50230, Thailand
Telephone: 0066 53343 779
E-Mail Address: alan.ukepp@gmail.com
Readers should however know, if they do not suspect already,
that going on a Thai SEC ‘investor alert’ list is only the Thai SEC saying: ‘Here’s
a bunch of cowboys whom we have received complaints about but we are not going
to bother investigate. Take it or leave it.”
So even if a firm is registered with the SEC and you are
stitched up do not expect any action. MBMG is still there and Platinum
Financial Services – you only have to peruse this site to find what they have
been up to.
Alan Hall appears to be masterminding his operations out of
Lomeshaye business park in Nelson, Lancs.
His deputy Steve Prouse said Hall would be back as soon as his doctor said
he was well enough to do so. The attractions of Lancashire may not knock the spots off Chiang Mai – but the natives are more friendly.
By the way the reader was given PFM’s latest address by
Friends Provident.
Now Friends Provident, Royal London 380 , Old Mutual
(Skandia), Generali, etc. are the people who approved funds which dodgy IFAs
sold to thousands of expatriates throughout Asian bring many to their knees
when the funds collapsed – such as in the LM Managed Performance Fund.
Lomeshaye – 
The IFAs blamed people like Friends Provident. People like
Friends Provident blamed the IFAs. They still seem to happily co-exist.  Do you think there is a pattern here?


  1. interlink1

    There are many victims of Hall's fraudulent scams who are waiting for his doctor to sign him off as being well enough to go back to Chiang Mai and face the music! Prouse stated he was expecting Hall to resume his activities at PFM years ago but it ain't happened yet! Every dog has its day and its a waiting game….

  2. Benny Wong

    Today the SEC filed criminal charges against 3 individuals behind one "IFA" firm:

    "The said actions were subject to an imprisonment from 2-5 years or a fine from 200,000-500,000 baht or both and a further fine not exceeding 10,000 baht for every day during which the violation continues. The SEC therefore filed a criminal complaint with the ECD Police in this matter for further proceedings. At this regard, any person suffering damage from investment with such company or persons should contact the ECD Police at 0-2237-1199 for the benefit of litigation."

    Perhaps the SEC can file similar charges against Alan Hall & PFS?

  3. D. Farang

    "Perhaps the SEC can file similar charges against Alan Hall & PFS?"

    Was that PFS – or NFG? Just for clarification purposes..

    It's okay – we know.

  4. interlink1

    NFG is the very least that could be said about Hall, Prouse and PFM! All their victims that I know want to see them behind bars and the sooner the better.

  5. interlink1

    NFG is the very least that can be said of Hall, Prouse and PFM!! All their victims that I know want to see them behind bars and the sooner the better.

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