When Irish Banks Are Smiling

Ever thought your bankers were cheating lying robbers. Times
have changed a lot. I used to take my bank manager out to lunch every year at
the Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street. He liked being regaled with ripping yarns.
I always paid the meal in the belief that that would give me breathing space
during my next financial crisis.

Of course we have moved on a few years now. My bank ‘manager’ is called something else and is somewhere at the end of 124 key strokes on my computer.

We have also had the
financial scandals pretty much all over the western world with Nick Leeson clones
metaphorically throwing our cash away while dropping their trousers’ in Harry’s Bar and financial managers pissing our money away at ‘Movers and Shakers’ events.

Now the Irish are something to behold.  In terms of bent’’ – Ireland ranks up there
alongside Berluscone’s Italy.
I have had dealings with the Anglo-Irish Bank and the
arrival of its officers, together with politicians, in Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy
before their onward journey to Hanoi in Vietnam, where they were investing in lavish
projects – the details of which were not exactly transparent.