Two angry Scotsman – one a convicted fraudster and the other a former brothel owner in Melbourne  – were escorted by police off the premises of Pattaya Provincial Court today after abusing a Brit who had taken up the challenge to rid the city of what he called ‘The Three Stooges’

Scottish ‘chancers’

Brian Goudie, 48, from Falkirk and David Hanks, from Girvan. Ayrshire, were first removed by the judge from court No.3 who told that that if they misbehaved in the building they would be caught on CCTV.

A third person, Wanrapa Boonsu, the common-law-wife of Drew Walter Noyes, left the court voluntarily.

She and Noyes are due in court on Friday to hear their judgment of their appeal against a two year jail sentence for extortion.

But Noyes is unlikely to make an appearance – not unless he has his own personal jet to get him from his sister’s house in Lakewood Drive, Jefferson City, Tennessee.

They had all turned up for the case of Drew Walter Noyes against Alastair Cooper, 40, from Hull, an oil rig supervisor, for sharing on Facebook a link to a story about Noyes and Goudie on this site.
Said Cooper:

Hanks Goudie/Goldie and Noyes. Goudie has less hair now having spent two weeks in Nong Plalai Prison

“I had received multiple threats that I was going to be arrested today. They never materialised so I guess they were trying to scare me from the going to the court.


“After I arrived I saw Goudie and Hanks wandering about the court.  They started cussing and blinding. If was F…! this and C..! that.

“Their faces were contorted and they did not look well..not well at all.  Hanks had begun by pushing his face up against the glass panel in the door of the court and mouthing obscenities.

“Outside the court they tried to bully my wife by saying she was going to jail.”

“They’re just bullies. They do not scare me.. I believe talking to people at the court, that people there are getting rather sick of them.”

Brian Goudie was jailed in Australia for fraud after which he relocated to Thailand claiming to be a British barrister.

He is on bail appealing a 3 year jail sentence for cheating a 78-year-old woman out of some US$300,000 which included pocketing her son’s bail money.

David Hanks’ only claim to fame appears to have been as the owner of the Masquerades brothel in Keysborough, near Melbourne.

The ‘Three Stooges’  – Noyes, Hanks, and Goudie, have all been widely accused of scamming tourists and expats out of their cash in Pattaya.

Lawyers for Cooper began by saying that the summons was not legally sent.  It was delivered to a hotel in Khon Kaen in which he had not stayed.  No summons was sent to his true address in Thailand,  which he had signed for.

The case was adjourned  for the plaintiff to explain – and the court gave Cooper a full year without having to return to the court to seek documents to submneit to the Immigration Department.  The plaintiff Noyes had failed to appear.

The two Scotsman did not hang around the court where they had promised to have Cooper arrested,

Goudie is prone to quote Scot’s poet Rabbie Burns to to quote Burns: ‘
O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us’ we offer the picture above sent in by ‘The Weapon’.

 I believe that’s Max Cady from ‘Cape Fear’.

The Weapon also came up with another pic, For those Australian followers I guess they will remember the recent tv series ‘Underbelly’.


  1. Another damp squib from the bloated one, the wee scrote and their side kick the ex-pimp with the plastic face.

    Why on earth Wanrapa Boonsu thought it necessary for her to turn up might be explained by her having got the dates mixed up.

    Wanrapa, you are not due in court until FRIDAY.

    But will the bloated one come with her to stand side by side with his co-convicted 'wife' or will he let a woman take all the punishment for the crimes he as already been convicted of?

    I think we know the answer to that one.

    Meanwhile, I wonder who was taking care of the wee scrote's daughter while he was F'ing and Blinding down the court house trying to force a 'no-show' on Ally?

    Roll on Friday …… tick tock… tick tock.

    1. Yes, I think that it's not the smartest idea to show your face in the vicinity of a courthouse if you're a regular visitor and you have been granted leave to take care of dependents. I'd imagine that the Thais are taking notice and their patience is likely to be tested. I'm not aware of anywhere in the world where you could get away with this.

  2. Both Wanks and Goonie looked ill.
    Wanks face looked to be melting off his head and Goonie looked mentally disturbed.
    Dung had a painful grin on her face which changed when I mentioned her appeal and prison by the weekend.
    I must say Im now confident and heartened by todays events and greatful to the judge for his intervention.
    Its not over, I feel there may well be a few nasty surprises yet to come but I feel a positive shift towards the good guys.

  3. I'm happy to hear that Cooper was given a full year without having to return to court. Hopefully the lives of these 3 characters will unravel in the meantime. A year is a long time and I believe these characters are quite capable of messing things up. Turning up to court and aggravating a Thai judge. What were they thinking about? They just can't help themselves even if they wanted to!!

  4. I dunno… Noyes sentenced to 2 years.. out on bail and allowed to leave Thailand… Goudie sentenced to 3 years out on bail may never go back to jail… these guys are like Teflon…

  5. Is Mr. Cooper the recipient of those facebook private messages mentioning " wetwork" and threatening to rape his wife? Certainly hope they were reported to FB.

  6. Here's a laugh, the wee scrote Brian Goudie is posting warnings about 'Scams' on his Facebook page.

    I presume his objection is that he never thought of scamming Jomtien bar and restaurant owners first.

    Though I'm sure he'll land young Uoi in the shite before last orders …. especially when he discovers what the mouse got up to while the cat was away.

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