Continuing a touching ‘Road to Damascus’ story

While he has promoted himself alongside the redshirts in Pattaya, groveled to be pictured with ministers of the Yingluck Shinawatra government, and tried to get photographed with the PM herself, and even donned the political T-shirt of Kamnan Poh’s former government coalition party in Chonburi, American businessmen Drew Noyes has now seen the light and is attempting desperately, embarrassingly so, to tie himself in with the new military government of Thailand.

‘Wear red!’ they said. ‘This is all I have”

Here is Drew Noyes as a red-shirt in Pattaya, where the local police chief whom he had inundated with flowers, fled prior to his replacement by the army.  

This (left) is my favourite though now slightly historical picture from Noyes’s now defunct Pattaya Times – and I am guessing that these two Generals still do not know that David Hanks on the left is the former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Victoria, Australia, and currently on bail in relation to a money lending scam to Russians in Pattaya.

 Drew of course was exposed across Pages One and Three of the Morning Star in North Carolina, long before he came to Thailand, where allegations were made against him of sexual harassment, and share and property fraud.

While of course he likes to get himself photographed with anybody of importance, he now knows which side his bread is buttered and is presumably practicing his salutes while he is updating his political convictions.

Now he is boasting on Google+ of his invitation to the Army Club, before the coup, and is very chuffed that a ‘friend’ of his has been invited to the Birthday Party of the army chief.

‘The Commanding General for the Thailand Army now in charge of the government will host a birthday party for a very dear friend of mine next month at the Bangkok Army Club. If you want to go contact me. See 33 pics of the party I attended at the Army Club before the coup at

(I am not a Google + member. But I will be delighted to see these pictures when they come through)

How strange.

No – he did not rush to pose for this one.

Next Monday in Bangkok – the civil court is expected to award 5 million baht damages to Alastair Cooper – against Drew Noyes, David Hanks, and fake Royal Marines Captain Brian Goudie, for ranting that he was a drugs dealer and being sought by the US Secret Service for a threat against Hilary Clinton.

Yes. It does not get more absurd than this, but well done Ally who I believe is somewhere in the South China Sea

Tomorrow – Monday – Brian Goudie, aka, Goldie, Drew’s fake lawyer friend is apparently in court in Koh Samui. Something to do with not paying back 7.9 million baht to Barbara Fanelli Miller, a 76-year old woman who paid him that in ‘barristers’ fees and bail for her son (which he never got).

Drew wearing an ‘I support the Phalang Chon ‘ Party of the former
government coalition – interviews former Minister of Culture
Sukamol Kunplume, er, about culture, at the birthday party of Kamnan
Poh, who has been found guilty of murder

And as for the Drew Noyes’s trial with his wife Wanrapa Boonsu for the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien, where he allegedly demanded first seven million baht to stop a police raid on the premises (later reduced to 2.3 million baht) it appears Andrew Drummond is now being called as a witness.

Drummond had complained to lawyers for the clinic wondering why he had not been on the original witness list.  His request has now been answered.

He will now be asked to take the stand to explain why he is victimising Thailand’s most credible re-assuring businessman.

Drew Noyes has been given leave to bring a cushion
to court to sit on while testifying. This is not the cushion
which was black and white. Its an impression by ‘Weapon’.

Infamy. Infamy. They’ve all got it infamy!

Apparently Noyes ranted in court playing the victim card: “It’s all a conspiracy against me by that man Drummond”.

Well the author was not there so this is not a direct quote, but I am sure it conveys Noyes’ attitude. So to battle it is on September 23rd.

Meanwhile it seems some Russian gentlemen want to talk to him about a property sale which in true Noyes fashion was not what it was cracked up to be.

#DrewNoyes, #DrewWalterNoyes


  1. Thank you for plugging my new cushion. It is called the 'Noise' and was designed with the court-room bullshitter in mind. Those long days sitting on hard court-room benches are hell on the hemorrhoids. The development of hemmos make it particularly hard to talk out of your arse like certain people like to do.

    I am already working on a new model, the 'Hanker' will be a larger model designed for that well fed arse that has been fattened by the profits earned in the flesh trade.

  2. When I first came to Thailand somebody who wasn't the 'full baht' was urged to seek help in Surat Thani. This was always referred as the hospital with the 'red roof' in Thai.

    They were of course referring to the Suan Saran Rom Psychiatric Hospital located in Surat Thani. The name translates to the "Garden of contentment and happiness" and I can think of one current foreign resident of Koh Samui who may indeed need treatment there.

    I wonder if they have a specialist in psychopathy as I know a number of people who are suffering from the delusion that they are actually qualified lawyers or Members of the Bar. They also suffer from the idea they are respectable businessmen when in fact they are devious conmen and career fraudsters.

    The people I have in mind would need a team of experienced psychiatrists to investigate the depravity of their minds. If no help can be given a long period of incarceration will be required to spare society from these deviants.

    We may need to hold some fund raisers to secure funds to build a secure wing to hold these unfortunates and keep society safe. All funds raised from the sale of my 'court-room bullshitter' cushions will go to this cause.

  3. I love the photo of Drew with the red shirts… First off those Sandals are just quality! The look of Anger on the face of the policeman and the other guy on the left due to being photographed says it all, coupled with the lady in the picture somewhat resembling his care-worker having to drag him away and the guy in the chequered shirt blocking Noyes access to the red shirt leaders… This is an Epic Fail for Jumping into a photo isn't it?

    1. The hand reaching around Drew's arm is indeed like a carer saying 'now come on Drew, red shirt time is over, it's time for your medication.'

      The body language of the guy to Drew's right is like 'get a mint dim sim breath and stop slobbering on my shoulder' LOL

  4. Dopey…….."Red and green should never been seen"…..so along with being a failed married man, fraudster, fake lawyer, its also apparent you know zilch about fashion…imbecile………

  5. Oh god. Have a look at Drew trying to push into this photo past the man in the checkered shirt. Wearing FLIP FLOPS and the only person in the photo not wearing a collar. The man on the right appears to be thinking "Who let this dirtbag near us?" And it appears that a hand is trying to pull him away. No shame.
    When Abbisit was in power, Drew was doing his utmost to associate himself with the democrats. He even outrageously claimed that the One STOP Shop was Abbisit endorsed. But they told him to remove all references to them in his advertising. And he started a rumor that in fact Thaksin had died.
    The article is laughable for many reasons. It contradicts itself, and Drew can't spell and the grammar is appalling. But I suppose when you learn journalism at Duke University, and they don't have that degree, well, he could be forgiven. And a search of the internet shows that Drew is the only one spreading the rumor. He made up the whole thing. Complete and utter bullshit.
    Thaksin Shinawatra Rumored Dead

    By Drew Noyes

    The rumor that Thaksin is dead may have been a factor in the current government's decision to dissolve Parliament and call for new elections, including the prime minister spot, as the realization of the added anarchy and added bloodshed which would ensue if he died and when he dies.

    Embattled former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, one of the most influential, charismatic, yet polarizing characters in Thai politics, is dead according to sources. Mr. Thaksin was the first prime minister in Thailand's history to lead an elected government through a full term in office and remains so to this day.

  6. continued
    The gossip across Bangkok, Pattaya and Hua Hin is that the Thai tycoon is either dead or very close to it. And that accounts of his frequent travels to numerous countries are theoretically designed to convince ordinary Thais that he is still in full health when many believe that he is either dead or near-death due to terminal prostate cancer.

    However, the leader of the Red Shirts in Pattaya and one of Mr. Thaksin’s oldest and closest friends, former Member of Parliament Mr. Chanyut Hengtrakul told the Pattaya Times, “He is not dead. I talk to him almost every day.”

    When asked when the last time he spoke to Mr. Thaksin Mr. Chanyut said, “Yesterday.”

    Mr. Thaksin’s sister, Mrs. Yawarsaate Chokesuriyakiat, was recently seen entering her Pattaya condo dressed in all black, the color of mourning. However, this may be a conscience.

    The debate about this conspiracy theory is so widespread that it's verging on the ridiculous.

    Supporters say Mr. Thaksin posted photos of himself on his Facebook page but people still won't believe that he's alive and kicking. Opponents point to the fact that the video conferences to supporters stopped more than a week ago when the rumor of his death began.

    A few wrongheaded decisions have been made. The Red Shirts lost significant public support when they broke into a hospital to search for troops who they believed were hiding inside, scaring staff and patients witless. No soldiers were found. That's when the void left by Mr. Thaksin became obvious.

    An audio recording of his most recent interview is being circulated on social networking site Twitter where there's intense discussion about its authenticity. There's speculation that the interviewee is someone else whose voice has been altered to make him sound like Mr. Thaksin.

    Rumors are Mr. Thaksin’s family wants permission to return his body to be cremated in Chiang Mai, but government officials fear his death will make him a martyr and could cause more civil unrest and disobedience, sources say.

  7. When and if Mr. Thaksin died is unclear, but several sources say he died April 30 while he was undergoing the third of six chemotherapy injections for treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

    On April 25 his family flew from Thailand to be at his side, sources say. His ex-wife, Pojaman, was by his side at his death and used all of her resources to try to get him to a world-class hospital, but because of the conviction in absentia on a conflict of interest charge for which he faced a two-year jail sentence if he returned to Thailand, he was blacklisted from entry into all countries with which Thailand has strong relations and reciprocal fugitive agreements.

    He had been issued new passports from Nicaragua and Montenegro and conducted a series of high-profile interviews with foreign news outlets slamming the current government as a “puppet of the military” and saying the land dealing his wife was convicted over were “the same things all the other Prime Ministers did.”

    As his cancer advanced he wanted to go for treatment at the world’s leading hospitals, but he was denied entry to Germany, the UK and every other country. His wife allegedly was able to get a leading oncologist from Bumrungrad Hospital in Dubai or the main branch in Thailand, location not confirmed, to fly to Turkey where he was bedridden, but the first injection made him extremely sick and the third killed him, the rumor mill has it.

    The Supreme Court has stripped his family of $1.4 billion baht, half his reported net worth, in contested assets over allegations of corruption and conflicts of interest. However, always the fighter, Mr. Thaksin remained determined to play a leading role in Thailand even though he could not enter the Kingdom.

    Thailand's Corruption Commission found he had failed to declare all of his wealth, and he was also criticized over the government's handling of the upsurge in violence in the largely Muslim south over three provinces which had formerly been part of neighboring Malaysia.

    Story continues: http://pattaya-times…ra-rumored-dead

  8. But then YingLock was elected and Drew jumped on the Red bandwagon, and despite starting the rumor that her brother had earlier died, Drew then appointed himself her "advisor'. This one is even better, full of factual, grammatical, mathmatical AND spelling errors.

    Dear Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, Happy New Year 2555 (2012). Since in 2012 there are many outdated regulations affecting foreigners in Thailand, and, by extension, the Thai citizens in their families, I would like to ask you to consider having your Ministry of the Interior to start the New Year looking into four major issues. We understand dealing with the flood crisis is the top priority of your administration. When there is time, please consider these reasons outlined herein for your administration to update Thai laws regarding condominium purchases, the inequality of the law not granting Thai citizenship to foreign men married to Thai women, but allowing foreign women married to Thai men to be citizens, and most urgently reducing financial requirements down from 800,000 baht per year for long stay retirees who own their homes in Thailand and also reducing the investment visa requirements so foreigners under 50-years-old can live here year-by-year instead of month-by-month.

    Please accept this letter as a request on behalf of many foreigners living in Thailand like myself. We met at the American Independence Day Celebration you attended as US Ambassador H.E. Kristie A. Kenney’s most honored guest immediately following your election and we spoke for a few minutes.

  9. Your kindness and the sincerity you expressed towards foreigners living in Thailand were refreshing. We feel that we now have the best opportunity to update laws that affect the lives of millions of people living in Thailand, with your help.

    Four areas of Thai law that need to be updated in 2012 for fairness relate to:

    1) Foreign ownership of condominiums;

    2) Foreign men married to Thai women;

    3) Foreigners who own their home, but cannot meet the annual financial requirements set by Immigration to stay legally in Thailand;

    4) Foreigners under 50 years of age who are still working outside of Thailand, but want to be based in Thailand and qualified for a stable visa by investing 3 million baht or more buying property, or investing in Thai stocks or depositing into Thai bank savings accounts formerly received a yearly, renewable non-immigrant visa, but now they no longer qualify for an investor's visa under current visa regulations.

    Please look into the possibility of repealing certain provisions of the Condominium Act of 2542 (1999) relating to percentage of foreign ownership. From my understanding of the Act, the intention was two-fold:

    Firstly, to make sure foreigners who had a financial advantage over Thais following the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crisis would not hold an unfair advantage over Thais causing the prices of condominiums to go up in a free, unrestricted market to the point Thais could not afford ownership.

    Secondly, to assure foreigners could not violate the restriction of owning land by having a majority interest in the Condominium Association allowing for the possibility of controlling the use of the land.

    At PAPPA Co., Ltd. Law Office which I manage we deal with this issue regularly. The first intent of the Act no longer is relevant now that Thais are financially solvent and western currencies are substantially discounted against the Thai Baht from the highs of the 1998 Thai Baht devaluation. Now the Condominium Act is unfair to Thai people.

    Why? If I buy a penthouse in a new condo by the beach in Naklua and you buy the penthouse opposite mine on the same floor we both pay the same amount. I get the chanote in my name as an American and you get yours in your name as a Thai.

  10. continued
    Two years later we both want to sell. Assuming the condos are identical, are they worth the same upon sale? The short answer is “no.” If the foreign allotment of 49% of the saleable area is taken, as it would be, then you can only sell your condo to a Thai or a Thai company limited.

    I, on the other hand, can sell my condo to anyone: To another foreign buyer, to a Thai or to a Thai company. In Pattaya the difference in value is 10-20% higher for like units in a foreigner’s name versus in Thai ownership. This is unfair to you. You paid the same price I did but you are restricted as to who your buyer can be. This was NOT the intent of the Act. Now I have the financial advantage over you, but the Act was meant to benefit Thais.

    As to the second intent of the Act, it is easily remedied. Foreign buyers of the first 49% of ownership could get voting rights, but all other foreign buyers after the 49% was reached would not have voting rights and their votes would by proxy be issued to the majority of the Thai vote on all issues before the Condominium Association at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). In this way, the foreigners could never control the use of the land. This solution still protects the intent of the Act.

    The next issue is sensitive in that it really is sexual discrimination against Thai women. Foreign women married to Thai men can apply for Thai citizenship based on their marriage to a Thai man, however, foreign men married to Thai women cannot become Thai citizens and must re-qualify every year for a one-year visa to stay in Thailand, thus causing undue stress and uncertainty in the relationship because the man is not accepted into Thai society like a women from his country married to a Thai would be. This should be equalized. Either both or neither should have the same advantage or disadvantage. Preferably both men and women should be allowed to qualify for Thai citizenship if married to a Thai national.

  11. cont
    The final issue would greatly reduce visa overstays and increase the number of foreign retirees in Thailand and increase sales of condominiums and houses in Thailand. Up until five years ago, a foreigner could transfer three million baht into Thailand and get an investor’s visa. If he or she bought a home and did not sell it and did not repatriate the inbound funds, then he or she could renew the visa indefinitely. But now at least 30 million baht inbound funds is required for an investor’s visa.

    Many foreigners over 50-years-old hold non-immigrant “A” long stay or retirement one-year renewable visas, own their own Thai home, have health insurance and get enough of a pension or other income from their home country sent to Thailand each year to live comfortably here based on the exchange rate when they moved to Thailand.

    However, with the appreciation of the Thai Baht over the years many foreigners no longer qualify to stay in Thailand because they don’t have the Thai Baht equivalent of 65,000 baht a month or 800,000 baht a year since their fixed income is paid in foreign exchange and converted to the continuously appreciating Thai baht versus their pension’s currency.

    For example, a man from England who decided to retire in Thailand at anytime from 2002 to mid-2008 would have calculated the value he would receive monthly from his British pension of his pounds sterling amount into Thai baht at an exchange rate of 60 – 70 baht to each pound. At 60 baht to the pound if his monthly pension is 13,500 pounds per month (1,112 pounds per month) he qualified easily for a one year visa for 6 straight years.

    He would see that he could live well in this beautiful country that welcomes foreigners, so he would change his future and move to Thailand to enjoy his Golden Years in peace.

    However, today, unfortunately, his pounds are worth less than 50 baht. At 60 baht to the pound he qualified for a one year visa for 6 years, but now at current exchange rates he can no longer live in Thailand (which he now calls home) even though he may own his own home here he bought with his life savings or from the sale of his home in his country.

    Assuming he sold his home and only owns a home in Thailand, where will he live? His friends are now Thais and expats in Thailand. His life is in Thailand. But he is forced out of Thailand just because of the foreign currency exchange rates over which he has no control. His life has been adversely affected in an extreme way and so have the lives of all of the Thais who have come to care about him and may even depend on him for advice, comfort and support.

    So if the fine Prime Minister could see your way to ask your capable Minister of the Interior to adjust the Immigration Bureau’s financial requirement to qualify for a one-year non-immigrant “A” visa by taking home ownership into consideration. If the qualification was adjusted so foreigners who invested in Thailand property market and bought their Thai residence could have the amount needed to stay in Thailand reduced because they do not pay rent so they need less than a foreigner who pays rent, then this would help tens of thousands of foreigners and their Thai families and friends.

  12. continued
    Since rent is usually 30% of expenses then the requirement of cash in the bank and monthly income for retired foreign home owners could be adjusted downwardly accordingly from 800,000 baht to 560,000 baht yearly or from 65,000 baht to 47,000 baht per month for retirees.

    Even more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) would pour into Thailand if the requirement for a one-year, renewable, investment visa was reduced from 30 million baht back to 3 million baht. This way foreigners under 50-years-old could qualify to live in Thailand year-to-year, also, as long as they kept the money invested in Thailand by buying condominiums, houses, or investing in Thai stocks or depositing money into Thai bank savings accounts or interest-paying funds like Property Management and Development Co., Ltd.

    Thank you for all you do for Thailand, for our Thai families and for us foreigners in Thailand. You know how it is to be a foreigner in a country you love and want to stay in because you were educated and lived in America.

    Please let us know your thoughts on these issues and what can be done to update these laws and regulations affecting foreigners living peacefully in Thailand and, by association, the Thai citizens who are their friends and families.

    With respect,

    Drew Noyes
    Managing Director, PAPPA Co., Ltd. Law Office
    Managing Director, Pattaya Times Media Corporation Co., Ltd.
    AMCHAM member
    Siam Society member

    What a wanker

  13. Andrew , you previously reported that Drew's 'friend' from the Buffalo Bar was being sued by a Thai lady along with Drew. Apart from the fact that I doubt a worker from the Buffalo Bar would be worth suing, you did not state what she did to be sued. Can you clarify please?
    And do you think now that the General is concerned that too many foreigners are involved in the commercial sex business in Thailand, Drew's Greek style Man Club will ever open?

    1. Yes – Both Drew Noyes and 'Naam' were in court today accused of the usual libel/computer crime act offences. I understand both applied for mediation but the plaintiff Ms Kanokrat Nimsamoot Booth rejected mediation. They offered to withdraw a case against Drummond. Drummond not bothered. He expects that case will be defeated. Not sure what the General thinks, but a clean sweep in Pattaya continues – even including court. Now I am told there must be TWO judges at all times.

    2. Whether the man club will open or not is irrelevant, it is guaranteed that some unsuspecting mug will lose money on that venture and not noise himself!

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