The controversy about a picture published on the Facebook page of the mysterious Mangus Evans, who first appeared as a letter writer to the ‘Pattaya Times’ reached new heights in Court 6 of the Pattaya Provincial Court as Pattaya Times founder demanded British journalist Andrew Drummond stand trial.

Although it was not his case Noyes, 57, angrily stormed up to the bench and in a raised voice stated: “The damage is done. Drummond must stand trial. It’s all over the internet and copied on other sites”.

The controversial picture which was reproduced on showed Niels Colov, CEO of the Pattaya People, pictured with career criminal Lonne Fristrup Jensen, under the caption: “Been to Jail”. Next to him was another picture of Drew Noyes under arrest with Wanrapa Boonsu for the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien under the caption: “Going to Jail”.

The offending picture published by Mangus Evans. This of course does not represent the views of the author of this site

An identical case brought by Drew Noyes had been rejected by the court on the grounds that Drummond was merely doing his job as a journalist.

Drew Noyes’ lawyers pressed on with the case this time brought by Wanrapa Boonsu. This was accepted as Drummond was not in court to contest. He subsequently had to pay bail of 100,000 baht on two charges, criminal libel, and libel under the Computer Crimes Act.

However when the case came before the court again it was also pointed out that an identical case had been dismissed and the judge again pointed out to Ms Boonsu that Drummond was doing his job.

This picture of Noyes did no damage? (Thai Rath)

This is the spirit of the conversation but it is not a verbatim record.

Judge:Well Ms Wanrapa what do you want. 

Wanrapa: I want him to apologise in x newspapers and say the story is untrue? 

Judge: How can he do that? You are on trial for extortion. 

Drummond: “ I don’t even know this woman. I do not have a problem with her.  I could put a question mark in front of the headline if it makes her happy?” 

This was not agreed. (Mainly because it was lost in translation)

Drummond: Well I could take down the picture. No actually I could take down the whole story. It’s nothing in the scheme of things. 


After an adjournment Drummond returned to the court and showed that the story and picture had been removed. Having met with her husband she had changed her mind.

“Look! the picture is still here. It’s on Google,” she said.

Counsel for Drummond:”Its not on Andrew Drummond’s website. He does not control Google”.

Drew Noyes stormed in and began his heated soliloquy. At one point one of the Judges glancing at Noyes seemed to joke: “Going to jail. Nae non”.

Noyes had to leave for an appointment.

After a short break Wanrapa Boonsu after again being talked to by the judges said she would agree. But she said she needed to watch the site for two weeks to make sure it was not put up again.

Counsel for Drummond requested a shorter time. “He wants his bail money back. He has to pay his children’s school fees”.


Wanrapa Boonsu signed the agreement then Drew Noyes stormed back to the court.

 Outside he told Drummond: 

“It’s still on Google. I have instructed you how to get things off Google.”

Drummond: “You have? Don’t talk to me talk to the judge.” 

It was too late the court was closed.

As he left the court a furious Noyes said to Drummond: “Don’t ever buy a condo here!”

That was all agreed on May 21st which could not be reported until today.

Today at Pattaya Provincial Court Andrew Drummond having removed the offending picture from this site Wanrapa refused to withdraw the case stating that the picture was still on ‘Google’.

Drummond’s counsel against lodged the statement: “Drummond cannot control Google”.

It is still on Google and its now back up on site. I should of course point out that the views of the mysterious Mangus Evans are his not mine and that neither Drew Noyes or Wanrapa Boonsu have been convicted of the extortion of the Thonglor Clinic nor of defrauding Dutchman Theo Van der Schaff, etc.


  1. Footnote: To all those concerned out there. I have paid 2/3 of school fees now. But I have to fork out 100,000 on Noyes last case. That means now I have to raise the stakes and I will keep you posted.Now going to edit on film – working title 'Myriad Lies' if I can charge 200 people 500 baht a ticket I'm there.But I just might go public.

  2. I was rather hoping he would turn up yesterday and rant about 'Google' but alas it was not so..Contempt or court? Perjury would be better. Seems to be that the plaintiff is allowed to lie. If he is caught the onus appears to be on the defendant to take a case.

  3. Hey she's not bad looking……is she ok "in the flesh"?? Hey baby….when Dopey is rotting in jail….call me……Love yah….mwah…..

  4. Yellow card Ally. This stuff is not tolerated. On the other hand she has been complicit in a lot of Noyes stuff.As a result she is not quite the same as in her wedding pix – but then again nobody is Noyes – and myself included.

  5. It' so great that every time there is action in this case to delete the picture with the caption "Going to Jail" you have to report it and that report includes yet another display of the picture. It's a picture that cannot be killed and the more they do to kill it the more it will be displayed.

  6. I'm telling you, her expression in the wedding photo is; " FFS,…Get your greasy, sweaty, farang maw off my lovely, cream silk suit."

  7. Have you seen this?

    I would think the link on the site of a business he admits to managing with a link to false information about you would be a winning lawsuit…

    I've got to give this a shout:
    "There is not another foreigner who has been invited by the Thai government and attended as many training classes in Thai law as Drew Noyes. He was invited by the Ministry of the Interior to attend specialized seminars in Thai law. Drew Noyes also has special permission by the Thai government to do any type of business as a service to foreigners. Drew and his senior staff scrutinize Thai attorneys and pick only the best and incorruptible to join our team. Language is never a problem as all of the legal assistants and Managing Directors speak Thai and English."

    Drew and his staff only pick only the best and incorruptable? That has to be a joke…I wonder what happened to the two policemen he took to the chiropractors business when Drew Noyes allegedly tried to shake the business down? Heck, his "wife" has been charged with extortion twice as well, if the guy can't choose his wife well enough to avoid legal ramifications, how can he trusted to hire staff that isn't as bad?

    1. Thanks for catching that typo Topper. It should read, "Drew and his senior staff screw over Thai attorneys and pick only the least intelligent and incorrigible
      to join our team". I'll get it fixed as soon as one of my employees comes in to use my computer. I think one of them has even expanded their hate to include you, Khan Mask, and Ally on that Anti-Drummond blog. I'm still trying to figure out who Khan Mask is. Maybe Khon Mask's cousin?

    2. I am indeed…wow, I’ve made the “Chuckle Brothers” hate blag site…..
      I wonder………is it the comments about the Dopes squeeze or every time I see a photo of wee Brian “Coco Banjo”, the wee Jock gob s***e I feel a need to punch the screen.
      So …here I am waiting for the imaginary “cyber-crimes” squad, CSD and Major blah blah blah, from the department blah, blah to be provided with my e mail address so they can “round me up under an imaginary arrest warrant”……
      Pathetic ladies…the best you can do?
      The biggest hate mongers I’ve ever been aware of in Thailand are those two inadequates….

    3. Drew's command of the Thai language is at bar level, and very bad. The "you me go bungalow" after all these years is abysmal.

  8. Well all i can say is bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!
    .Pappa has closed down
    .The Pattaya Times is Finished.
    .Drew as been shunned by the polo set.
    .Andrew Drummond is stronger than ever (and we will continue to support him)
    .Drew has made the national news tv and newspapers for his arrest with is wife.
    .The bar in Soi 13 closed after 1 week.
    . A Bangkok- Pattaya Times was announced but never opened.
    . One Stop was dead in the water before getting off the ground.
    .An CSD informents website has only resulted in embarrassment,
    . Assaults on many females have been revealed.
    . Drew now separated from his wife Kung.(she is very happy about not having to look after his kids)
    . Drew is back living in the pig sty in central pattaya with his girlfriend Naam his bird from the Buffalo Bar (she was very very popular down there)



  9. He did change his relationship status on FB a while back to 'in a relationship'. No mention of buffalo bar or other clues…he certainly seems to be circling the drain now…

  10. I'm just back after a nice long break in God's Country (which Andrew will know as Edinburgh), to find that the topics haven't changed much. In fact it's still all about Noyes and the well known Scottish fantasist. I was hoping that after six weeks away at least one of them, would be looking at the world through bars by now (and I don't mean the beer kind)I appreciate by many of the comments, that this article is a bit of frivolity, but I'm sure the serious stuff will soon hit the fan. Keep up the good work Andrew


    The clock is ticking Drew, for your extortion case are you sleeping ok or having sleepless nights.
    I have heard but cannot confirm if its true or not , that Kung has sold you down the river saved herself and turned states evidence for immunity,

  12. Noyes will play the system, if found guilty he'll have leave to appeal, that'll buy him 2 years.. then if he found guilty in the court of appeal he go to the supreme court and that will buy him another 6 years.

    Only if he is considered a flight risk will they remand him, that's the way it works here.. Noyes will be over the cambo border and onto a third country by the time he ever gets sent down.

    To be realistic, we won't see Noyes in Jail (assuming he has money), but it is interesting to hear that him and Wanrapa are no longer together. I guess she would see most benefit as apparently, if what we read here is true a lot of his assets are in her name.

    I love the Revenue Department idea, I bet like Colov he declares a meager 600K a year salary, just enough to obtain a work permit. Never mind the condos in kind and whatever other dodgy deals from so called debtors!

    It will be an interesting trial nonetheless, I look forward to daily updates Mr Drummond!

  13. The anti-drummond blog these bottom feeders have produced is so puerile you'd think it was written by teenage girls. Apart from all the spelling mistakes, it is simply pathetic in its attempts to smear Andrew. These people don't seem to realise that many of us have followed Andrew's articles for many years. We have seen his efforts in helping and supporting people who have had the misfortune to come into contact with career conmen and life-long shit talkers like Noyes and Goudie. The veiled threats against people who post here will just make people like myself more infuriated as we all know they are just more nonsense from these charlatans. Noyes and Goudie are just snivelling, slimy, maggots who prey on the honest, the vulnerable or worse- people who are in trouble and think they can actually help.

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