He is a gifted speaker and recently targeted audiences have included readers of the Pattaya People newspaper and today it seems the Pattaya Expats Club run by controversial Pattaya People Media CEO Niels Colov.

But listeners should always be cautious when it comes to stell cell treatment, a speciality of Dr. Richard DeAndrea.

No stem cell treatments (except hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) have been given approval by the U.S. Federal Drug Aministration, which means that they have not been tested for safety or for efficacy.

Although Dr. DeAndrea appears to be a highly qualified doctor, controversy still rages worldwide over stem cell therapy. Research is still in progress but there seems little doubt that the discovery of stem cells and what they could be potentially used for will be of great benefit.

Indeed the The U.S. National Institutes of Health’s Guidelines has stated:

“…research involving human pluripotent stem cells…promises new treatments and possible cures for many debilitating diseases and injuries, including Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, burns and spinal cord injuries. The NIH believes the potential medical benefits of human pluripotent stem cell technology are compelling and worthy of pursuit in accordance with appropriate ethical standards.”

But several countries have banned stem cell research and many physicians have been criticised for jumping the gun claiming results from stem cell therapy which have not been justified by any medical papers. A lot of things about stem cells have not been proven and Bangkok as a ‘Medical Hub’ is obviously  a prime place to offer treatment. Anyone seeking stem cell therapy is advised to do separate research.

Dr. George Daley, one of the world’s leading stem cell researchers states that stem cell therapy is effective for only a few blood disorders, such as leukemias and thalassemia. But its being offered for us for use to treat diabetes or Lou Gehrig’s disease or Parkinson’s.

“We do about 80 of these a year, and about half the time we can cure the patient,” Daley says. 

“The problem is, if you have diabetes or Lou Gehrig’s disease or Parkinson’s, stem cell treatments are not the answer today. We hope they will be in the future. But they aren’t today.”

Promises. Will Pattaya’s old codgers be able to get it up again.


It has been reported that this month Dr. Richard DeAndrea together with a Thai physician Dr. Kampon has started clinical trials with 20 patients; ten receiving stem cell therapy for Type-2 Diabetes and the other ten receiving stem cell therapy for emphysema.

Dr Richard DeAndrea, MD, ND, also recently addressed the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Conference.

A4M is not recognised by the American Medical Association and critics have accused the group of using misleading marketing to sell expensive and ineffective products. This is not something I am accusing Dr. DeAndrea of doing.

But GSCN in Bangkok, for whom Dr. DeAndrew works, is offering Stem Cell therapy as a cure for multiple conditons.

Recently CBS 60 Minutes exposed a doctor who offered stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy when there was no research justifying its use. The programme makers also exposed other sharks in the industry. Stems cell  therapy is not yet the Holy Grail or elixir of life.

Dr. DeAndrea, formerly in charge of the leukemia project at Adelaide University, is now described as the Director of Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine at Pijavate Hospital Bangkok – above is what GSCN promises stem cell therapy can do.

Stem cell therapy treatments have been offered in Bangkok at prices in the region of US$40,000 and Thailand’s retirement visa foreigners could be a prize market – though perhaps the Pattaya Expat Club may not have that many potential clients with such an amount of money spare.

At least one American doctor has been banned from providing stem cell treatment in his practice. Some of his patients from Naples, Florida, received the treatment in Bangkok, others have been indicted for fraud.
 The ban was made by the state of Florida. The State’s unnamed expert witness said:

 ““… I feel the standard of care was far below normal and dangerous, if not criminal. I feel that this practice should be stopped immediately,” the medical expert wrote. “I feel that it is unfortunate that a patient had to die in the state of Florida before attention was brought to this very dangerous, highly experimental, unorthodox, and not scientifically proven procedure.”

Stem cell treatment is controversial. But many critics complain on religious or moral grounds. The best source of stem cells is human embryos.

210/3 SOI NA THONG DIN DAENG, KHET DIN DAENG, BANGKOK founded 30/06/2552 2M baht registered capital. 2 Thai shareholders with 61% + 1 American shareholder with 39%
Given the number of firms crammed in, this address is probably virtual offices or an accountant’s office.

2/91 SOI PHAHON YOTHIN 40 SENANIKHOM, KHET CHATUCHAK, BANGKOK founded 25/01/2556 2M baht reg. cap.

3 Thai shareholders with 100%

Sole director of both companies: John William Wood:





  1. I can just imagine the pattaya sexpats club weighing up the pros and cons of this complex medical issue over a few singas lol…

    It seems there has been some move from the authorities on at least some drugs…have read that HGH is now very hard to obtain…

  2. Whenever the potential for large amounts of money to be made arise, a certain type of predator emerges from the shadows. What better place to hawk 'stay young forever' treatments than Thailand. I always tell people if you want to get rich all you have to do is sell hope. The hope of a longer life, a richer life, a more sexually charged life. The reality is we are all going to grow old and die anyway, even if we do eek out a few extra years. Good diet, fresh air and exercise like yoga probably offer a cheaper and more realistic way of staying healthy than placing yourself in the hands of these people who are really just money whores. The quality of air in places like Bangkok does more damage to the body than many other things.

    It's one thing to flog these 'stay young forever' treatments to the rich and self obsessed who can't face the reality of growing old. Where it gets murky is when they sell hope to the sick and dying. Stem cells may indeed offer great hope in curing disease, what we don't need is money chasers ruining the reputation of all this with their attempts to cash in. There's nothing wrong with trying to look good and stay healthy but when you see some of the old chooks in Bangkok High society with faces so tight from lifting and botoxing it all becomes a bit pathetic. I wish they could put their wealth to greater use.

  3. And when it all goes wrong, as most many will know from anything promoted at such events… I bet a certain person will be claiming he didn't get paid, is owed money.. but now has a much better sex life in lieu of payment

  4. I was at the Pattaya expats meeting yesterday. (contrary to what ''Tim'' thinks neither sex nor Singha were available). Andrew is 100% correct, Dr Deandrea is an excellent speaker, but maybe TOO enthusiastic.I always go by the old adage, ''If it seems too good to be true then it probably is''. There were around 60 people at the meeting and Dr Deandrea offered a FREE 15 minute consultation at the end of it. 2 people took up the offer. So perhaps it's a little disingenuous to believe people who attend expats meetings are all on the verge of senile dementia. In fact I attend both expats clubs just to keep up with the latest scams. Miracle cures, Bamboo tree and mango plantation buying,various property scams and extortionate hospital prices have all been flagged up at expats meetings. That, Andrew's page and plain common sense, have kept me out of the clutches of Thailand's charlatans so far

  5. Thailand is incapable of providing any service at first world standard so anyone expecting such in health care is going to be disappointed, if not outright injured.

  6. This report has some information missing or has some issues with certain statements: e.g. – "Stem cell treatment is controversial. But many critics complain on religious or moral grounds. The best source of stem cells is human embryos" – This statement itself is dangerous and clearly shows the author is unfamiliar with the core considerations of different types of cell therapy. Embryonic stem cells are primarily used in research and the issue with with using them therapeutically is that they have the ability to differentiate without limit and has a greater potential to be teratogenic. And if they are not your own cells there may be autoimmune considerations. Autologous Adult Stem cells is safer than whatever drugs you may be taking so??? Stem Cells has over 185,000 clinical studies, but there is no commercial interest in non-patentable cells from our bodies, so you are not likely to see 30,000 man trials. It is actually well established for Orthopedics and many top athletes and celebrities have done it. I have done it and it is the future of medicine. I don't have a specific condition but you can definitely feel and see the effects….and it is people that will tell you you look different. The author mentions some countries where stem cells are banned but fails to mention that Autologous Adipose Derived Stem cells are allowed in many other countries like Switzerland, Germany, Japan etc….. all leading edge medical countries. There are a lot more things to consider to make this article complete and correct but this is all I have time for……….don't always believe everything you read…..even my reply….go check the facts and don't be too fast to judge…..- Love All, Trust Few –

    1. I am sure it may have – but I have only quoted from reputable sources. What you are talking about does not mean a lot to a lot of people and I am sure as the lord made toffee apples other medical experts will have other opinions.

    2. Dear Andrew, I am actually in the business of Regenerative Medicine and I have seen real patient's with real results from Stem Cell therapy (particularly from Autologous Adipose Stem Cells as well as allogenic alginate encapsulated stem cells). I have also seen people that did not respond. Nothing in medicine is 100% (only death and taxes) – Stem Cells are the future of medicine and I am happy to be held to that statement (as it becomes more true everyday) and so says over 200,000 clinical studies (vitamin c has 48,000 and we accept that). I also noticed that there are many fake blogs on Dr DeAndrea, none of the stories are from major new websites, I also noticed that this anonymous blogger (possibly a disgruntled ex-employee) lifted a story from CBS on Frank Morales and he/she simply replaced Morales' name with Dr DeAndrea and John Wood. from my research, John Wood is not a medical doctor but a Naturopathic doctor and he does not do any procedures. I called GSCN pretending to be the assistant of the doctor of Joshua Oskerkamp and asked to have a copy of his patient medical records. Guess what, he does not exist in their database….I also Googled his name and perhaps it is my region's settings but Google has no listing for that Last Name! Only Osterkamp not Oskerkamp….so either the name is made up or Google has no reference at all for such a name (highly unlikely). I found on Adistem's website also declaring the malicious fake blogs and relating it to the lifted CBS article: – The truth is always hidden. I also called to speak with Dr DeAndrea and asked him about stem cells for Type I diabetes and he told me that they do not treat Type I with stem cells, only Type II (since they ran a 35 man evaluation trial with the FDA showing it reduced HbA1c over 2 years independent of diet and exercise with a 80% response rate). You can call and ask him yourself. From my own research, they are working on promising methods for Type I ) e.g. encapsulating stem cells in a packet to replace the pancreas or injecting into it to regenerate it. Also from what I know, they only use IV and local injections not into organs! so there is something that is not right with Oskerkamp's or maybe he spelled his name wrong Osterkamp. Ask him to show you a scan of his passport! if he does I will scan you mine to show you I am a real person who is not afraid to be questioned on this. Your references may be legit but your bloggers may not be. I want to know Joshua is a real person. Thank you for your research on this Andrew.

  7. STT in its many forms offers incredible potential for preventive and curative medicine. My comment refers only to cases where STT is offered to patients with terminal or otherwise incurable conditions, not to elective treatments. The medical profession carries the moral burden of striking a balance between making innovative treatments available to those who have exhausted other avenues, and ensuring that the treatment itself (a) does not harm the patient, and (b) does not raise false hopes among vulnerable, suggestible and desperate patients and their loved ones. Without a sound regulatory or ethical framework to ensure adherence to some code of ethics and guard against malpractice, we remain at the mercy of medical charlatans who prey openly and with impunity. Even where this is the case (e.g. in USA) we see such malpractice cases. Thus, Thailand offers the ideal incubating environment for medical mendacity, with guaranteed no legal comeback. As a result, legitimate and clinically proven applications will be tainted with suspicion, whilst many wild and unsupported claims continue to be openly advertised. As a rule of thumb, if this treatment is not officially approved for that condition in a civilized country, then walk away. Andrew, it would be interesting to put together a list of stem-cell clinics and their advertised claims….

  8. Wyn you stated:-Thus, Thailand offers the ideal incubating environment for medical mendacity, with guaranteed no legal comeback. As a result, legitimate and clinically proven applications will be tainted with suspicion, whilst many wild and unsupported claims continue to be openly advertised.
    Substitute Nazi Germany, and look at the medical advances that came from their horrendous experiments. I am not saying the same applies to Thailand. It's not even close, but in a world where big business is in control, Thailand is a breeding ground for experimentation and exploitation

  9. Thank you Andrew for shedding more light on this controversial subject. I recently had the unfortunate luck of trusting Dr Deandrea and Mr Wood to treat my Type 1 diabetes. My belief is that regenerative medicine is the future and can help people if used properly but snake oil salesman like Dr DeAndrea are what give regenerative medicine and medical doctors a bad name and reputation. I must also take some blame for trusting a Charlatan who sold people air for money. Yes after i had my unsuccessful treatment in found out that Mr DeAndreas' previous scam was selling people oxygen for money.
    I lost nearly 22000 Euros for a treatment that did absolutely nothing. His careless demeanor should have been a warning to me but i was desperate as my condition was getting progressively worse and worse over the last 2 years. Im honestly not sure how i can sue this person defrauding me of my money.

    I have also found out his medical license in the US has been revoked yet he continues to flaunt himself as a licensed doctor.

    Mr Wood also claims to be a "Dr" when he has absolutely no medical degree whatsoever.
    Here is evidence of "Dr Wood" claiming to be a doctor.

    How can the Thai government and medical body allow this guy to operate freely?? is there any recourse i have?

    I have been trying to contact the Thai authorities but have had zero luck i think mainly due to language barrier.
    Please keep doing your part to expose this fraud doctor to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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