May 9 2012

The publisher of the Pattaya People – a man revealed on this site as a person with convictions for pimping, violence, and dishonesty – has vowed to help his friend Drew Noyes, Publisher of the Pattaya Times get off charges of extortion in the local justice system.

Secret tapes handed over to this website reveal how Noyes and Niels Colov, once sworn enemies, had garnered other people to take action to get Noyes out of his present predicament.

And Colov, 63, also Project Leader of the Pattaya Police Volunteers, is clearly heard on one of the tapes saying how he had made up with 56-yr-old Noyes and now they were dedicated to helping each other.

“And now he has the trouble I now am trying to help him in turn as much as I can. You know when we talk about Drew I believe he will get out of this case.

“I think you know there are as many people as possible putting their efforts together and will help. He will get out of this case.  That is my opinion.”

The nature of the remarks suggests, but does not state,  that action will be a little bit more than just a spirited defence in court.

Noyes was arrested and charged with extortion in Pattaya between March 8th and 9th this year. It is alleged that he tried to extort Dr. Michel ‘Mike’ Oscar Goulet, of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien, out of 7 million baht on pain of publication of bad publicity in his newspaper and apparently, though this is not on the charge, arrest by police.

The amount was later dropped to 2.3 million baht. Dr. Goulet had complained to police through his Thai business partner and police arrested Noyes as he was about to receive the first payment of 100,000 baht in the News Steak Restaurant in Thappraya Road, Jomtien.

Dr. Goulet has said he has no intention of backing down, particularly as Noyes has a history of issuing libel proceedings against people after he persuades people to withdraw charges against him.

The new business alliance between Noyes and Colov has included regular appearances together, most notably recently in Angeles City in the Philippines, where Colov has been courting another Mayor, and where he has formed another media company.

But it was not always thus. Colov issued a warning in his own newspaper the Pattaya People about unscrupulous businessmen.

He made an obvious reference to Noyes’ bar beer owning days when he had bars in South Pattaya and Pattaya Second Road Soi 2 and then he specifically brought up shady dealings with regard to a  government housing project, to those in the know the National Housing Authority apartments in Thepprasit Road, where Noyes has his PAPPA Law Office. This case (right) is well documented on the link above.

Noyes reacted viciously both in print and privately.

This below for instance is an email he sent Colov. Potential libels have had to be edited. Noyes held a file on Colov. Colov held a file on Noyes.

This is Pattaya style newspaper publishing.

Apparently Noyes sent the email to a number of friends so both would have faced each other in court unless they came to a deal.

From: Drew Noyes <>Date: Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 8:01 AM
Subject: Neils Colov case file
We are in receipt of copies of the email blasts you sent in January and in December, 2009 to damage my reputation and hurt my family and businesses. You sent this by email abusing the privacy of Pattaya Expat Club members and FPV (Foreign Police Volunteers) guys who have contacted me to voice their disdain for your actions. 
In the January emails you sent from Outlook via Hosting-Group from your Scandinavian server you say I beat my wife which is not true.
In fact I was with you in 2002 when you admitted you had xxxx YOUR wife the night before because she changed her name.  I have pictures Al’s wife took of her to prove you xxxx your wife xxxxxxx xxxx as well as statements from your employees at the time saying you xxxx her and xxx your maid during another incident.
Yesterday you sent email copies to the Pattaya Expats Club members and others of a factually false newspaper article written by a reporter in Wilmington, NC who was fired* for witting it. In the article he stated that I had no rights to the property I was promoting when, in fact, I bought the property, developed it and sold it for a fortune.
We have copies of the email you sent and witnesses who received the emails and swear they came from you at your and email addresses which each email says right at the top.
For years we have had copies of the German magazine articles about your dealings with XXX xxx XXXXX XXXXX in which they say you xxxxxxxx many people out of their xxxxxxxx and never opened the xxxxx there you promised and they paid to have xxxx, but you did not return their xxxxxxx. 
There are statements from people who say they were xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxx by you in regards to the xxxx Condos and xxxxx Insurance as well as other things you were involved in here in Thailand.
We have the Extra blatten (Ekstra Bladet) newspaper articles saying you are the xxxxx gangster of Copenhagen.
We have the court record stating you served time in jail for xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx in Denmark. 
All documents have been certified translations into both Thai and English.
I have sworn statements from people whom you sent emails to saying xxxxx xxxx worked for me which is not true.  I sent an email to you months ago and told you to contact me because you were wrong, but you did not reply. So then we looked into you connection to xxxxx xxxx.
There are photos of you with xxxxx xxxx at the Expats Club and there are reports of xxxxx xxxx collecting money on your behalf for motorcycle rentals and parking places in the condo building above Sportsman Restaurant on Soi 13.
And there are three victims of xxxxx xxxx who lost most of their life’s savings who say you are the reason the cases were buried in the police station and you introduced them to their lawyer whom they say has done little to help them for 2 years.
According to someone close to you, there are accounts of the police arresting your son for xxxxx recently and the details on how quickly he was sentenced.
Despite the fact that you have continued to try to hurt my family, my businesses and me for the last 7 years I have not retaliated by using any of the documented accounts above.  I have not sent emails or posted any of this on the web. Yes, Pattaya Times has used your name during the course of reporting the facts, but never used the full information in our hands because at the time there was no reason to do so.
Many years ago a powerful cable station owner who I helped send his sons to America for education told me you were “a dog biting at my heels” and I should ignore you.  So I have for the most part – until now. Unlike you, I talk straight to people when I have a problem. I do not sneak around sending mass emails and letters with no return address saying bad things about you like you have done to me.
My lawyers have copies of the letters you had mailed to many foreign business owners years ago in envelopes with no return address.  In the letters, you said many things bad about me and they were not true.  They have statements from five people who say they know you had them sent.
I called you and spoke to you yesterday. If you do call me today like you agreed to do yesterday I will meet with you and see what we can do to stop all of this. Otherwise, I tell you in advance, we will unleash all of our resources to end this once and for all no matter how many courts we go to, no matter how many reporters and witnesses my lawyers have to contact, and Neils, I am not alone in this. 
There are people working for you and your former employees and club members who are on my side, not to mention many other people you have made enemies of over the years here. All of the documentation about you I have stated herein has been given to four people in Bangkok who will take action against you if one more thing happens to me that is bad.
If you do not clear this with me I will bring criminal slander charges against you, Dragon Enterprises, Co., Ltd. Hosting-Group Co., Ltd and Pattaya Expats Club, Co., Ltd. and all of the Managing Directors and shareholders of all three companies. You wrote and sent the emails from your Dragon company account using the Expats Club email list and the Hosting-Group.

* Scott Gold the author of the article in the Wilmington Morning Post was not fired as Drew Noyes claims. Far from it. He has in fact been contacted and is currently chief science and technology writer for the Los Angeles Times.

And there you have it and this site has merely been stating,  more accurately and with evidence, a lot of things Colov and Noyes have been calling each other for years.

On a matter of balance here is a list of Drew Noyes victims, victims under investigation, companies, and failed projects put up by – yes you have guessed, one of his victims


  1. The interesting thing is that Noyes also thinks he can use his imaginary past performance to show the court how solid he is and this why he does not needed the (7 mln) money. He forgets that others are well aware how he pretended to be someone while in reality he, because of his total lack of the Thai language, was not an instigator of any of his claim to fame. It were others, local Thais, who did the groundwork. He merely appeared with his Colgate smile and sometimes even left early and was never to be seen again. All is being recorded and documented and will be handed to whomever needs it to counter Drew's BS in court. BTW 3rd picture 2nd from right in Purple, is that Pattaya's Elvis? Anybody else see what I see? I said it before and I say it again, Colov is getting in serious trouble because of his stupid "shake hands" act with the Psychopath.

  2. The man in purple is a very wealthy individual.Pat colov isnt getting into any serious trouble.Watch all of this fade away.

  3. It's a well known fact that hyenas in the wild don't get on with each other and often fight to the death, but when they are confronted by a common enemy those same wild dogs unite as one unit to defend themselves.
    The NC – DN story could make an interesting documentary for Sir David Attenbrough to consider.

  4. We have Katabeachbum a voluntary police volunteer/a now ex moderator from Thai Visa awaiting trial for murdering his partner in a Pattaya Jail. We have Colov also a Voluntary Police/ Vegetarian/Community leader partaking in all sorts of questionable activities.
    I hope to god the powers that be are watching, because they are running rings around the decent members of society right now.
    All we need now is for Colov & Noyse to find Jesus and where better to find him than Manila !

  5. Jessica, Good Lord, Colov and Noyes finding Jesus, not sure they haven't already. The Dynamic Duo certainly seem to have the holier than thou act sorted. As for trips to Manila surely that's just for the Envelope Opening.

  6. Site Update: We are still fixing glitches and what may have been an apparent attack on the site. Viewer count will go up, but will have to start from today or tomorrow. So old stories will not show the count I am afraid.

  7. Pat and Michael, I thought Elvis had left the building some time ago on a permanent basis. I guess he re-entered The Patttaya People Offices through a back door. Neils certainly appears to be the name of his latest flame. Though as Mr Elphick suggests perhaps NC and DN ain't nothing but a hound dogs. They certainly appear to be crying all the time. Especially when confronted by the real Press Pack. Michael you state 'watch all of this fade away'. This reminded me of the song 'Fade Away' by rock band Seether. The lyrics maybe being apt with regard to NC and his assisting DN. 'I want to be there when you call' 'I want to catch you when you fall' 'I want to be there when you cry' 'And when you're down I'll help you fly''I want to be the one you need' Today's the day we fade away'. With apologies to Elvis, it would certainly be good not to have these two individuals always on our minds.

  8. Interesting to note that Colov didn't say that Noyes was innocent or that he didn't do it. Just that he will get off. Justice, Pattaya style

  9. I have just returned from an interesting meeting with my lawyer. I own a Jomtien Villa in a company set up and have done so for 7 years without a problem. My company tax was due. I brought up that Drew Noyes has reported in the Pattaya Times that farangs could no longer use the company set up to buy a property. She smiled and said that they are having no problems and registered a company for this purpose just this morning. Only Drew Noyes can not register companies and havn't been able to since his recent arrest for blackmail. She was well aware of Drew Noyes, which surprised me, and said that he wasnt qualified to set up companies in Thailand. No Thai law firms were having any problems. Business as usual. She added that they had fixed problems for several of Drew Noyes' ex clients caused by Drew Noyes giving them advice that was dubious at best and just plain wrong in other cases. Interestingly she also said that the Thais tolerate farangs buying houses, but it is not something they promote and a high percentage of Thais object to farangs owning land in Thailand. She said that Drew Noyes had caused problems with a letter to the PM Yingluck stupidly telling her that restrictions on foreign ownership were outdated and that farangs were buying up Pattaya and Phuket and in other cities anyway. This rubbed a few people up the wrong way. I brought up that Drew Noyes' actions and lies are causing the already fragile housing market in Pattaya to go down even further if people are to believe him. Real estate agents and developers must be shaking their heads in disbelief. It is hard enough selling houses already without this fool ruining it for everyone. His reckless actions and lies are costing many people lots of money. He has single handedly ruined what little confidence had come back into the market. She told me not to worry though, as he wont be around for much longer. i asked her what she meant, but she wouldn't tell me. Just to be clear, before I left I asked her that if I want to buy another property, will I have any problems. No problem she assured me with a smile, as long as I use her company and not that of Noyes.

  10. """He has single handedly ruined what little confidence had come back into the market"""

    Oh please, Andrew why do you allow these kind of comments?

  11. Its one man's view. Personally the only people who read Drew's open letter to the Prime Minister were his own readership – negligible – and the Thai Visa crowd. Even they did not take it seriously. So Drew's ramblings are not generally taken seriously. But as we have shown some people have panicked at reports in the Pattaya Times. Having said that there were other points in the poster's letter which were quite interesting.

  12. My wifes sister work with the lawyer in Naklua. She said can register company for farang. Not have any new rule. She thinks Drew Noyes is trying to get business up because he not have the customer.

  13. Well Lee did you spot Drew outside there office waving his flag and stretching his neck, to try to get a photo shot.

  14. Khonmask…. My Fly tells me that the pilot was off course and he missed the drop-zone by 3 KM!

  15. Lee, thanks for the diplomatic report. Good to see The Pattaya Mail emulates the other two Pattaya Ad Rags, when it comes to Editor and staff photo ops with visiting Foreign officials. Some interesting comments by another hard grafter for The U.S. Taxpayer. 'We respect this is Thailand and the government has the right to solve its own problems'. Guess that includes using The Thai Army to shoot peaceful protesters on the street as has happened in the past. Strange when the Libyan Government did the same, The U.S. Government carpet bombed that country killing many of it civilian population, and assisted a far from popular opposition to carry out regime change. Included in this was the murder of the former ruler without trial. Maybe the Thais are lucky not to have any oil reserves. Interesting The Ambassador is 'A winner of many leadership awards related to inspiring and motivating people'. Hopefully on her next encounter with Mr Noyes, The Ambassador can 'inspire and motivate' Drew to leave Thailand on a permanent basis.

  16. This year is shaping up to be Drew 'official blowjobs' Noyes, worst year yet. Even worse than in 1996 when Scott Gold uncovered a myriad of lies involving a fake doctor, stolen client lists, sexually predatory behaivior towards his staff, bogus shares and a fake university from Duke university, which resulted in Drew fleeing to Pattaya, Thailand to re-invent himself first as a Soi 2 bar owner, pimping out the local women for a few dollars a time, and then as the most trusting and honest foreigner fake lawyer to have ever existed. This year began with the fearless investigative reporter Andrew Drummond hot on his heels, revealing case after case of people who have had bad dealings with Pattaya's most hated sociopath. Then came his arrest for extortion for allegedly trying to squeeze 7 million baht out of a Australian-Thai beauty clinic in returned for not being exposed in his newspaper. This has already cost Drew and his lovely wife co-offender a packet, and will cost a lot more if they are to stay out of Thai prison. Then we here of Thai officials at Immigration, the Land Office among others, are refusing to serve him or his clients with simple standard procedures. Drews' website 'Official Blowjobs' looks to have been a complete flop and is now for sale for a few dollars. Are there any suckers out there who will buy it? This year has also has seen Drews' best friend and godfather of his children, Brian Wright up on charges of raping a local 12 year old child. Now we see that the US Ambassador to Thailand, who has been previously linked to a press cover-up of the Noyes extortion cover up, has dropped Drew like a hot potato, posing for photos and attending the offices of rival Pattaya newspaper, Pattaya Mail, whose owner is not even American. Rubbing it in? Where was Bobby Brooks? Hanging around the Jomtien complex bars looking for terrorists? Black and Coke Bobby? Drew was also exposed this year for making up quotes from senior Thai policemen and using these made up quotes to give himself credit, and to discredit Andrew Drummond. And Drew has also been exposed for pretending to be other people and for posting supportive comments for himself using false names on this site and others including Thasivisa, and Teakdoor. It amazes us all that anybody would still support Drew Noyes. To see that Niels Colov is now working behind the scenes to help Drew 'get out of ' his blackmail charges is incredible considering their past and the previous smear campaign by Drew against Niels. Niels must be having a memory loss. Niels jumped in with a lawsuit with Drew Noyes against Andrew Drummond and is now feeling the Drummond wrath with revalations coming out weekly of his dubious past. Bad move Niels. Now Niels will go down with this stinking ship. But those who know Drew, know that he was never going to 'go down' alone. And where is Andrew Drummond suddenly getting all his dirt on Niels from? Drew holds a dirty big file on Niels. Is Drew Noyes leaking information to take the heat off himself? Or was it to draw in Niels in order to gather support to fight Andrew Drummond as he has been fighting alone for a year now and is losing badly with egg covering his face every time. Drew Noyes is Thailands biggest loser.

  17. Hardly believe this, but I was told that Noyes was changing his name to Drew Walter Mitty

  18. Well well what do you know, my fly again, Niels support for Drew is from way before "the tapes" he is alleged saying that "there are holes" in the evidence against Drew, he will get out of this. Here you go wrong again Niels if you profess to have turned a new leaf you should be truthful or else the "leaf turning" is a scam. If you help a former enemy and a proven scammer and you know he is wrong you are not any better, you are still "criminal minded". It is true after all that a Leopard cannot change his spots. A real man will do the time if he did the crime. Only real wussies try wiggling out of the obvious. Your support exposes you, you are one and the same, no honour. You are now frantically accusing people of "leaking" these tapes, this is the start Niels, you have no idea who your friends and your enemies are and distrust is killing you. You did not came clean Niels, you only pretended and this will cost you dearly. Last Thursday another Dane, Claus, a Police volunteer was arrested with class 5 drug dealing, because he is a "police man" this will count more serious than with normal civilians. Be prepared, a Police Ltd Gen in Bangkok gave orders to get rid of you whatever it takes. There you go, betting on the wrong horse (or is it Ass?), you were warned, som nam na.

  19. Noyes can't escape this as the police will lose face if the back peddle.

    I guess you will not be holidaying in Pattaya Andrew?

  20. Hello Pat
    I wonder if this is anything to do with when Neils turned up at the lawyers of the Australian who sued him for 180 million baht and threatened them stating he was Neils Colov head of the police volunteers in Pattaya and was untouchable, He was not aware of the security cameras in the lawyers office that will be played at the appeal, (yes I have seen the video)

  21. Pat Angko, regarding your posted link to the You Tube clip, with respect NO buildings were burned in Bangkok or else where in Thailand UNTIL AFTER the Army crackdown on what was the final day of the protest had begun. The extreme actions shown on the clip were a direct reprisal by some protesters for the murder of others by The Thai Army. Not that their actions are in ANYWAY excusable, but seeing their friends and family murdered might explain them. Strange how the Police Force in the U.K. recently brought to an end a far more wide spread outbreak of public disorder without resorting to live fire or even tear gas. As for rabble rousing by some self styled Red Shirt Leaders, their occasional over the top opinions were far out weighted by those expressing more peaceful views. But of course they weren't as appealing to post for some You Tube posters who always seem to enjoy making a drama out of a crisis. Similar extreme views were expressed by Yellow Shirt Leaders who encouraged their followers to take over Two Bangkok Airports causing far more economic damage to Thailand than the Red Shirt protesters. Strange at the time of The Red Shirt Protest how many Foreigners expressed very strong anti Thaksin views but now he is back in power by proxy I imagine very few have left Thailand. I am sure there will be no mass exodus either when he finally returns. Interestingly no one in The Thai Army has yet been brought to justice for the killing of any Red Shirts or the three members of the Foreign Media who were also killed by the Thai Army. In my opinion it was strange no statement was issued by The U.S. Embassy deploring the crack down. A far cry from their embassies in other corners of the globe when it comes to speaking out against local Army actions. Guess we have something in common Pat on this one, I will NEVER forget what I saw first hand, the truth for me is as real as the blood stains on my clothes I got from helping carry the wounded and the dead.

  22. Andrew, 'No wrath here Anus', but perhaps some Grapes of the sour variety from Mr Noyes. It certainly appears since he started feeling the squeeze Drew is having a real whine.

  23. Khonmask: security video usually does not have a "sound record" facility unless it is a very advanced system, so what does it show? Niels Colov entering a Lawyers office ( usually in grainy black and white) and what? You say that NC made statements to the effect that he was " blah, blah blah" but how do we know, unless the lawyer was canny enough to activate the sound record on his smart phone.
    That point brings me to another. Everyone who has a smart phone, whenever around the likes of the two gentlemen concerned in this long drawn out saga should use them at every opportunity, especially those who are interested in their stories, but don't contribute to this forum, but have some contact with them. Here say and innuendo don't provide any legal system with factual evidence, and I would love to know how someone would know verbatim what Niek
    Ls Colov said, especially the bit about himself being "untouchable". From my experience with Colov, he doesn't usually expose himself in that type of language, BUT, I may not know what you know. More detail please.

  24. KhonMask, I am an avid VDO viewer, a copy will do fine.:-) Niels, in rapid tempois, is digging a very deep hole. Ever seen a punched boxer? Frantically trying to hit anything around him and the public is already counting down, there will be no next round, the public know already. Maybe AD can forward your particulars to me, I will then contact you, with your permission of course.

  25. Avid Reader?? You're not Michael redred are you, you sound the same, denial denial denial. Before "the crack down" they were told from the stage to bring gasoline 1 mln liter to be precise, who are you fooling, yourself? This discussion is closed from my side, Patangko at FB is setup for counteracting these ramblings.

  26. Have just bought the latest edition of the Thai Tatler magazine which lists the "Top 300 Expats in Thailand". Guess what? neither Noyes nor Colov are on the list, in fact not even one Pattaya expat makes the list.

  27. """"Be prepared, a Police Ltd Gen in Bangkok gave orders to get rid of you whatever it takes""".

    This is incorrect. Pure assumption. The order was given without the full knowledge of Drew's connections or the loss of face it would cause. Quite simply, the partner is connected and pulled strings.

    You may remember from previous posts how I know this…

    Drew will appear in court and Drew will, in all liklihood be released. And you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be looking to replace in excess of 15mill.

  28. "Drew will appear in court and Drew will, in all liklihood be released. And you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be looking to replace in excess of 15mill." You may well be right, Mark. Many expats don't seem to realise Thailand does things differently from the west any thais involved have face to consider as well as cash

  29. MARK KUWAIT: either I'm losing the plot here, or you're losing the "thread". This page is about Drew Noyes and Niels Colov colluding to achieve a release for Noyes, and has little to do with riots in Bangkok.
    AD, can we keep the blow torch on the topic, because all these diversions are diluting the subject matter ( and maybe that's the intention).

  30. The problems are continuing for clients of the Drew Noyes owned, PAApA fake law office, with the Pattaya Land Registar Office still refusing to register companies prepared by PAAPA. Yesterdays expat meeting brought more concerns with many having different opinions as Noyes has told them all different things. One problem is to get their company documents, they must go to PAAPA first. Many are uncomfortable in doing this so are are in limbo. Others are concerned to as whether the money they pay is actually going to be used for what it is intended for and not end up in the Drew Noyes court case fighting fund as he has been asking around to borrow money. All is I can suggest to those who have taxes, etc due, is to make sure you get a signed reciept, or bypass PAAPA completly and pay it in person yourself. I would not trust Drew Noyes with 1 satung of mine.

  31. Keith Elphick, Thank you. Anyone who was involved in the riots in Bangkok in a high profile way I believed were dealt with by the Thai justice system rightly or wrongly at the time. As you rightly state the priority here is ensure that the efforts of two alleged Foreign Fraudsters to avoid that same Thai justice system are continuously exposed. Hopefully AD and his reportage will lead to these alleged wrongdoers being thwarted in their attempts to evade being brought to court where their alleged misdeeds can be finally judged. Andrew, thank you for removing markkuwait's rather extreme post, if I can quote mark himself with regard to the removed post 'this is wrong. Pure assumption'. Though if I can be allowed, I will state the Gentleman he referred to in his post is very unlikely to ever return to the U.K. and certainly won't be taking up a career as a Taxi Driver worthwhile profession though that may be. Mr Elphick regarding dilution thanks to AD and yourself we are well on the way to the 100 per cent proof needed that will hopefully leave Mr Noyes and Mr Colov feeling very dispirited.

  32. To Sunday Expat, all they need to do is have their new lawyer contact the PAPPA office. They will do this free for new clients or for a small fee, thus saving people having to go to PAPPA themselves. Drew NOYES IS NOT IN A POSITION TO ARGUE OR CAUSE PROBLEMS.

  33. MarkKuwait wrote "This is incorrect. Pure assumption." How would you know? My source is impeccable. BTW I am not talking about Drew but Colov. For a teacher you not read very well, talking about assumption.

  34. AVID READER: either I’m losing the plot here, or you’re losing the “thread”. This page is about Drew Noyes and Niels Colov colluding to achieve a release for Noyes, and has little to do with riots in Bangkok.
    AD, can we keep the blow torch on the topic, because all these diversions are diluting the subject matter ( and maybe that’s the intention).

  35. Pat Angko wrote:

    How would you know? My source is impeccable. BTW I am not talking about Drew but Colov. For a teacher you not read very well, talking about assumption.

    As is mine. My father in law works in the same office of the copper sent to arrest Drew! And he is all too aware of Colov also.

    By the way, I am not nor have I ever been a teacher.

    I take that as an insult as 99% of the so called teachers I have met in Thailand are complete fruit cases.

  36. What police say they are going to do is invariably not the case. Best not to speculate. DN and NC are perfectly safe untl they are not…so to speak. I was told the weekend there was a 2.m million baht contract out on me. No I do not know how someone came to that figure!

  37. 2 million…is that by weight ?? Perhaps we should fire up that Paypal machine and collect donations to reverse the contract….Jeffrey could write that book and donate the profits, we should get there sooner or later…sooner probably better.

  38. Well said Andrew.

    Does anyone have any information of Drews friend the child rapist

  39. @Andrew: That is a scary piece of information. But unfortunately not fully surprising.

    Be careful out there!

  40. MarkKuwait wrote "My father in law works in the same office of the copper sent to arrest Drew!" Then you ought to know there are various levels of police departments working in the same office and actually checking on each others corruption. What one "knows" may not be known to the other so to say. There is also a BKK team working here and even Interpol. I tend to believe their (my fly's source;-)) statements more than the "locals". If you look good you will notice the uneasy look at the previous police chiefs face when posing for the arrest picture of DN, was he a "friend" of Drew perhaps? Some of us will never know while some do. "By the way, I am not nor have I ever been a teacher.

  41. There are two points of view here in this particular Forum.
    1: Drew Noyes will get out of this, probably with help from Niels Colov, his influential contacts and a stack of cash, presumably under the assumption that one can "still" buy their way out of any legal circumstance that befalls them in Thailand 2012.
    2: The amount of evidence against DN is so overwhelming and compelling in just " this" matter of extortion, that he will be jailed or severely punished.

    Therein lay a problem for me after consideration. Is extortion ( if proved) a jail term definite, or is a " fine" penalty applicable? Further, if the offence is proven, and it has been established as a crime by an expatriate within the Kingdom, can that expat ( foreigner) be expelled from the Kingdom?
    For mine, that would be a better outcome as DN would assuredly be then open to prosecution in the U.S. for the amount of money he owes there according to the story in the Willmington Post. I hope that story is correct.
    I would really appreciate someone who knows much more than me about these matters legally, to fill us all in.

  42. Good grief, there appear to be more sources here than Heinz. Though far less than 57 varieties they do all provide useful and interesting inside information regarding those involved in this on going saga. Interesting that markkuwait is married to the daughter of a Thai law enforcement official. I wonder if like so many expats in Thailand he has been pulled over while using the Thai highway and asked to contribute to the Police Benevolent Fund. I could taken a contract out a renowned journalist for the amount I have unwillingly handed over. On a serious note, Andrew you are right in many cases what the Thai Police say and then actually do can often be very different. Unfortunately they are often a law unto themselves when dealing with wrongdoers. It is frequently alleged if the price is right those guilty of misdeeds can buy their freedom. Which is incredibly annoying for many victims of criminality in Thailand. Small wonder after justice has failed them, some victims are alleged to resort to more unlawful methods of retribution. In any regard if I was DN or NC I would not be feeling that safe. But perhaps those with large amounts of pride and ego fail to remember it comes before a fall. As for 99% of teachers in Thailand being fruitcases as Mark labels them, in my opinion there are just a few bad apples. Most of them are just peachy. Rather like Thai taxi drivers, though perhaps I have just met the pick of the bunch.

  43. Andrew, if you start cutting you might as well cut "“By the way, I am not nor have I ever been a teacher." out as well. This sentence make no sense it looks like it is my statement which it is not.

  44. I am happy to confirm that Pat Angko is not a teacher as someone else may have suggested. I did however cut a renewed attack on another teacher which is not relevant to this thread.

  45. Wow since when is mentioning "a teacher in the BTS debacle" an attack? That were I remember Mak Kuwait from. Get a hold on your eraser Andrew, it becomes silly. Yes you want the last word, go ahead…:-(

  46. PAT ANGKO: AD is right on that one, this thread doesnt have anything to do with the BTS story and references shouldn't be made to it superficial or not. I read most of the stories put up on this blog, but I concentrate my comments and contributions to the particular story I'm interested in. Divergence from the issues relating the Drew Noyes / Niels Colov story "dilutes" the intensity of attention to them, and for mine, I want only to see a legal resolution to this story, hopefully in favour of all those who can clearly see what a couple of opportunistic galloots these two narcissists are, and have been in some shape or form, affected by them. Drew Noyes is the focus for right now, keep up the observance and importantly keep the pressure…on!

  47. Keith Elphick if you only knew. Do you think that only mentioning their names "keeps the pressure on"? Its just another comment like so many. Maybe you could sent forward some real information as you have been some way or another a victim? Copies of documents etc? This was established some time ago already. It's unfortunate that this blog does not allow pictures and copies of documents to be added by the readers themselves, I had to sent everything to AD and he used only a fraction so far. I think I will try to make time and put some on Pat Angko on FB. However, I am not really on a holiday or retired and time is in short supply.

  48. Was just wondering why NC has 2 facebook profiles. 1 apparently says he's living in Pattaya, but the other one for some strange reason says he's living Angeles City?!?!??

  49. My fly tells me that things are looking increasingly grim for Drew Noyes. He has asked a friend of my fly for a loan of a substantial sum. His only source of legitimate income, coming from 'helping' foreigners set up dodgy companies to buy land, is finished. My fly informs me that he and a client were turned away at the Pattaya Land Office and he was told not to bother with trying to register land and houses as he will be rejected everytime. So with no cash coming in, he is asking everybody and anybody that he thinks may have cash for loans. The friend of the fly mentioned his concerns and Drew started rambling about how all his current problems were the fault of Andrew Drummond. I think he should have said that all his current problems were because Andrew Drummond has exposed him for what he is and because of this he is now in dire straits. He was also seemingly blaming Andrew Drummond for his recent extortion arrest. Perhaps his defence in court will be 'Andrew Drummond made me do it.'
    Well done Andrew. The end is near.
    p.s. the fly's friend decined to loan him a single baht. His story just didn't add up. He said that he was suing Andrew Drummond many times, but in the same conversation he said that Andrew Drummond was an alcoholic and didn't have any money. Why would you sue somebody who doesn't have any money? It would be like lending somebody money who doesn't have any legitimate income. You would never get it back.

  50. Dear Drew, I saw you on Thai television channel 3 recently with one of your wives. I could not understand what they were saying as it was in the Thai language, but you were surrounded by top policeman and the press, so I assume you were recieving yet another award for bravery, service to the Kingdom or the like. It was on channel 7 as well.
    I have a copy of your newspaper, the Pattaya Times. Now, last month you were claiming in this newspaper that foreigners can no longer register their Thai homes using the company set up. What you failed to disclose to your 500,000 readers was that this was only the case if they used the fake law company PAPPA that you are the managing director of. If people use lawyers, then there are no such problems. If this was true, which it isn't then how do you expect your friend and advertiser Bobby Brooks to sell any houses. The Thais wouldn't deal with Bobby, so that only leaves foriegners. This is very confusing. You don't really know what you are talking about,do you?
    The current copy of the Pattaya Times has an advertisement from the PAPPA with your cheesy smile that is as fake as the PAPPA law office itself. Your ad claims that PAPPA can 'Open Thai Company' and Help Buying Land and House.' So it seems that the article you penned is an absolute load of made up bullshit, very similar to your fantasist resume, or is it that your PAPPA ad is making false claims. You seem to want it both ways.
    You also claim in this front page ad in your own newspaper that you are "Finding Solutions to Any Situation" Hmmm, does that include fixing oil spills and curing people with AIDS? You can not even solve your own problems, so I think this may be far fetched claim. You cause a lot of problems, you have a lot of problems but can you really solve problems. I have strong doubts.
    I look forward to your reply. I first posted this on your website, but you did not respond and it was deleted. We all know you are Andrew Drummonds most dedicated reader, so I know you will see this here.
    Take care, yours truly, Magnus Vega Evans.

  51. To: Andrew Drummond, email:
    Dear Andrew Drummond,
    I am puzzled as to what your "reason" is to keep on attacking me with various false allegations on your website.
    I once took the time to explain in details why your allegations were false, but you disregarded my explanation, and just kept repeating again and again the same falsehoods.
    What is your real "reason" for defaming me – I wonder?
    Niels Colov

  52. AD, I have admired your judgement up until now. Your whisky of choice greatly disturbs me. I would have thought you were a Highland Park man, possible THOR, from the Valhalla Series of Bottles. This whisky is not for the fainthearted but for those with Divine thoughts.

  53. Once again please state which are the false allegations Mr. Colov and they will be corrected. You keep saying there are false allegations but actually avoid stating what they are. Your last letter I published in full, but it did seem to contain some major contradictions. I have personally corrected two errors on fact you pointed out and will correct future errors and if necessary publicly apologise here. Are you disputing the stated history in Denmark, and subsequent sentence in court? You have stated that your history in Denmark has been reported innaccurately but this is taken from court records. If it is not that – or your associations, please specify what the innaccuracies are. Thank you for taking your time to read this. But, despite your claim, you have not as yet given an explanation as such.
    I have absolutely no reason to attack you. We have no history together. But I have received a number of complaints, and continue to receive them. There are public interest issues involved here. I am interested in Pattaya becoming a safer place to live for foreigners. I am aware of course that you have issued threats against a Danish-Thai website manager and of course would like to deal with all issues. And of course you have a full right to reply.
    And of course on this story if you wish to deny that is your voice on the tape, or that indeed you put out a warning clearly pertaining to Drew Noyes and the National Housing Authority condo sales you should do so.

  54. NIELS COLOV: There is no "attack" strategy here at all, but you cannot get away from your somewhat colourful past. Pattaya is not like the gateway to heaven where as soon as you walk through them all sins are forgiven.
    You should not, and legally cannot under Thailand Law hold a FAKE "Police position" complete with full uniform and badges in Thailand. NOT ALLOWED NIELS.
    It's written into the constitution of Thailand, in the same way that Foreigners may NOT buy land in Thailand.
    Don't you get it? It is FORBIDDEN , and especially not by Foreigners who have a ………PREVIOUS CRIMINAL RECORD……and in your case it was not for stealing a bag of lollies, it was for a crime(s) that saw you imprisoned for over a year by a Danish Court.
    Frankly, I am astonished that the appropriate Thai Authorities have not ripped off your tin badge, thrown it in the bin, and demanded that you behave under the same Laws in Thailand that every other Farang has to.
    Maybe though, I've got it all wrong, and influence, money and friendships are still all you need to "broker" your way through life in Pattaya . God help us.

  55. Its not an official police position Keith. These are all local arrangements. I would point out that Mr. Colov's convictions are 'spent' under Danish law. In such case the Danish authorities would not notify the Thai authorities of those convictions – even though Thai immigration law specifically prohibits entry for persons who have committed an offence and had to undergo a jail sentence for that offence.

  56. Further to my previous posting regarding NC.
    I personally detest a vigilante mentality where people simply " go after" people either because they don't like them, or they've heard something on the grapevine about them and have decided to go for the juggular.
    Niels, I believe would like to live a quieter life these days, and live off the fruits of his labour into his advancing years. However, there are too many unresolved issues surrounding Colov, that need to answered, and it is for those reasons that we must continue with this scrutiny of his past and present life, uncomfortable as it may be for "old Niels". Likewise his protege, and now new found friend Drew Noyes.
    That WAS Niels Colovs voice on that tape as no one could impersonate that distinctive Danish inflection so accurately. Colov WAS making a statement regarding how he could bring "friends" to assist Noyes get "off".
    NC DID visit Europe recently and associate with some extremely large and dangerous criminals. NC DID recieve a 3 bungalow benefit from a discredited development Company. NC DID and maybe still does employ foreigners with no work permits and illegal wage levels. NC DID get involved in a furniture retail Company, that had dubious financial consequences.
    NC DOES hold the senior position in the Tourist assist Volunteer Police. NC DOES run a newspaper that is a running weekly documentary, with front page pictures of himself at every opportunity. NC DOES have many, many disgruntled expats who have serious complaints against him.
    So "why do we keep disparaging him" on a daily / weekly basis, as he asks in his previous posting?
    It is quite simply because he must face up to what he is all about, what he has done…and what is he going to do to make amends for his actions!!
    THOSE are the matters that are of concern here on this Forum, and NOT just a venue for people who simply don't like Niels Colov to vent their vicious spleens in a public way. As soon as NC gets that, then we may well all be on the way to getting some answers. But do not hold your collective breathing.

  57. Niels Colov stop it.Nobody believes you
    Don't make yourself out to be something that you are not.
    We all know the truth

  58. Colov,

    What exactly is positive about publishing pictures of dead people in embarrassing circumstances??

  59. Keith E and others: For the umpteenth time, Niels has nothing to do whatsoever with the foreign tourist police assistants (ftpa). He is project leader in Pattaya of a wholly different organization – foreign police volunteers (fpv). Mixing them up is likely to lead you down a lot of blind alleys.

  60. Everyone who knows Pattaya and the Chon Buri area generally also knows that Colov has carefully crafted a relationship with local officialdom over his past 28 years to gain status and influence in just about every area of Pattaya society. So please, let's not start diluting what are very clear and obvious facts surrounding Mr. Colov.
    Niels has adopted the strategy that the best type of defence is attack, which he is attempting to do by responding to each and every issue that AD raises here.
    Unfortunately, his responses don't quite stack up in truth as the documentation is for all to see regarding past and recent events, including his now "famous" telephone conversation regarding getting Drew Noyes off. Niels didn't get to where he is today by simply laying down and calling it quits, and I'll give him this, he is a spirited adversary and also very convincing, but when you strip away all the convolutions and denials, there are simply the bare bone facts left. The one fact alone that he still denies any criminal mis conduct previously, nor the prison sentence metered out to him, nor the fact that there is any substantiation through the records, just shows that he will deny EVERYTHING, quite simply.

  61. One of the people who post here under a FAKE IDENDITY ("khonmask" Posted on May 20th, 2012 at 11:57:08 Dear Mr Colov, I would like you to explain to me and others on here how you passed the fit and proper persons test to become a police volunteer, under the law because you have a CRIMINAL record you are not allowed such a position, a fact that has been pointed out to certain senior officials and senior police in Bangkok. Also Mr Colov is it true that you were excluded from the Jomtiem Rotary club, if this is true and i believe it is then you are not allowed to be a member of any other Rotary club in the world.I have seen letters confirming you were excluded.) My reply: I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD in Denmark or anywhere else. I WAS NOT EXCLUDED from any Rotary Club. So please stop these defaming nonsence statements. YOU are breaking the Thai law by making the defaming statements against me !
    By the way – there are some many false statements from people here including KEITH ELPICK that I simply can not take time to respond to, when I read through the postings it really look like a KINDER KARTEN !

  62. I will have to agree with Mr. Colov here on a couple of points. A couple of people have posted with allegations that they have not stood up which have been included in longer posts. I have had to delete and edit a number of posts including the reference to the Jomtien-Rotary club in the absence of any supporting evidence. While there may have been disagreements at the Rotary clubs there is no evidence presented by Khonmask.
    Similarly Keith Elphick is an ex-employee (albeit with no official documents) who, while he may be justifiably angry, should stick to proveable facts. This may be difficult. But its a fact of life in journalism. At least here.
    It is true to say Niels Colov has no criminal record in Denmark.He HAD a criminal record which was wiped in due time because he committed no further offences in Denmark (He was in Thailand). These matters were made clear at the Danish Supreme Court. The Danish authorities would be breaking their own Rehabilitation of Offenders Laws by stating that he had been sentenced to 15 months in jail and if the Thais ask through the proper channels they will be told there is nothing on Mr. Colov.
    While I believe Mr. Colov may be giving a rosy image of himself on the net, like Mr. Drew Noyes, and feels an attraction to red light areas – hence the suggestion to the (or by the) Mayor of Pattaya, depending on which newspaper you read, to twin Pattaya with Angeles City in the Philippines, I would be grateful if posters are especially careful.
    I will have to accept responsibility for letting unsubstantiated posts through. Those hopefully have now been corrected or deleted. These clearly are emotive subjects but lets stick to the facts.

  63. Everybody has gone a bit off track here. Drew Noyes has been arrested for extortion. Drew and Niels are close. Colov's line is that people 'are working together' and 'he will get out of it.' If Niels knew that Drew didn't do it , his words would have been a lot different. So Niels, thank you.

  64. How do these two ex pimp clowns keep a straight face? We have Drew pretending to be a doctor and a lawyer, now we have Niels pretending to be a policeman and claiming to be a spy. What complete fantasists these two are. Only very simple people would be fooled.

  65. I met Niels quite a long time ago and found him OK. Whatever motives he has to be involved with Mr Noyes I guess he will say in due course but one must give him credit that he has the guts to respond to accusations on this forum—many would hide!!! There are a lot of characters living in Thailand with shady pasts far worse than him but in his case as Andrew mentions, he did his time.Those of you who were stung by our Mr Noyes don't need to tar Niels with the same brush unless of course you can exemplify just what bad things he has done in Pattaya then look at yourselves at the predicament you got yourselves into in the first place. Being a volunteer isn't one of them even though some may thing otherwise. I can note a few things he has done good from years ago the times I knew him— ! But what gets me is that the writing is on the wall when you come to Thailand — & what I have seen is that people jump into the fire in Thailand but would never do the same back in their own country then want everyone to sympathize with them—you reap what you sow.

  66. Colov, how about an EXTENDED criminal records check? The sort that is exempt from rehabilitation of offenders legislation such as working with children, vulnerable adults and ahem! dare I say it .. The Police.. What a great idea to clear your name once and for all and I'm sure Drummond would love to publish your EXTENDED criminal records check on this site to prove that the Danish Supreme court was wrong all along!

  67. Niels, I'll say this. You may accuse me of kindergarden stuff as you last posted, and most people here have never been to your board room with all the….literally …..hundreds of photos, memorabilia , gifts and trappings, mostly in gold ornate OF YOUR SELF.
    You are very clever Niels, but you will not be able to remove yourself from your own history, and I look forward to meeting with you when I return to Pattaya a little later this year with a full complement of Australian film, sound and production professionals to take a look at the "beautiful city resort" on the Easy Coast of The Gulf of Thailand", and those who are part of its infrastructure, especially those "expats" who have
    become an integral part of its unique society.
    See you then.

  68. I have never said the Danish Supreme Court was wrong. The court was not as far as I can see. In their judgement in the case between Niels Colov and the journalists on the Jyllands Posten which he lost at the Landsretten – High Court – but won on appeal it was clearly stayed by his lawyer that Colov had convictions and been sentenced to a jail term for offences of pimping, violence etc. It was irrelevant to the case. The Danish newspaper said he was a suspect on a heroin smuggling ring as well as being involved in a pyramid scam. Colov admitted he was a drugs suspect (he knew the ringleaders) but told the court he would have nothing to do with drugs and in any case Danish police cancelled an order to call him in for interview. The Danish newspaper admitted they had no hard evidence and they could not name their police informant who showed them the Colov file at Copenhagen Police headquarters. The court ruled rightly on my opinion. A journalist cannot accuse somebody of being a 'suspect' something. Either he is or isn't. British police have a wide range of suspected paedophiles on their files but they cannot make a statement to the press on it. Their is much funnier stuff in the Danish Press about Colov and the Father Ray Foundation, which apparently he appears to get as much out of in publicity as he puts in. I do not think I would dispute claims that Niels Colov has helped people in Pattaya and knows how to play his cards. The question was it at someone else's expense? Clearly the Danish newspaper did not think this was a new white version which appeared in Thailand. He claimed he was and won, though he laid a lot in court on the good deeds of his 'wife' too.

  69. This is on my contact section today by someone who signed himself Andrew Drummond.
    Its fake of course but quite funny:

    "Neils Colov you ask ' What is you real reason for defaming me! Well let me tell you this. I was that man on the chair in your sex show club in Copenhagen. Me and my mates all paid a fortune for the live show you described so much that we had to skip our trip to Tivoli Gardens. You skipped out of the back door with our cash. So what if it is 30 years. What goes around comes around!"

  70. OK. This is starting to implode folks into a " who said what…when …….. and how situation"!
    AD: much of what is written here ( wow! It's a hell of a lot) cannot be and is not backed up by documentation, including my submissions. I guess we don't all run around with a sound recorders or video recorders, let alone take down shorthand notes at the time things happen.
    Niels Colov denies ALL statements about a " criminal record" in Denmark . He denies any collusion in the sex industry in his homeland, and any other associations with the drug industry ….. or ANY other impropriety.

    Does ANYBODY have a documented copy of these REFERENCES? Does anybody have documentation about his often referred to criminality? If so, can they not be printed as the statute of limitations would well and truly be over by now.
    We've seen emails, we've heard phone tapes, we've followed various correspondence about Niels Colov, but we have yet to see the fundamental proof that he was / is a previous convicted felon in the Danish legal system.
    We have read Danish Newspaper articles about him, we have heard about retractions etc etc. but where is the most basic proof that he WAS / IS a convicted Criminal in Denmark before he moved to Thailand.

    Inso saying , I can only express that MY observations about NC are from my own personal experience, and NO there is no documentation as such, PURELY MY EXPERIENCE.

    Whether the past legal history in Denmark regarding Niels is "spent" or not……LET'S SEE THAT DOCUMENTATION…. before it becomes a requirement to provide such for every personal observation provided by contributors within this forum.
    Also, I have noted that all references to NCs instigation of a "tourist help / advise" organisation have been edited out. I mention such things as uniforms / badges / regalia / etc. etc. I also made a reference to the Police word.

    Is this so sensitive, that we can't go there?

  71. Relax Mr. Elphick. First the documented proof is out on the internet and I have provided links to the Supreme Court judgement at least twice.

    Secondly we are not going down the badges and insignia route unless Niels Colov personally designed the uniforms in which case I will start a fashion section.

    No need to get worked up about Niels Colov's denials. Officially Niels Colov no longer has a criminal history. You can find the link yourself by googling Niels Storm Martens Colov. It was quite clearly legal in 2002 to bring up this history in court in Denmark.

    Statements can be backed up by the way. I would not take the risk of it being otherwise.

  72. AD: Understood of course. By the way, Niels DID design the uniforms AND the commensurate badges logos which were later added to through various endorsements. I saw the prototypes which initially were khaki but deemed TOO close to the local official Police colours to be acceptable, sorry, no documentation of that but true.
    It is extremely unlikely that anyone will " pin" anything substantial on Colov……but hey!!!!! ….while we're all talking here about Niels……what happened to DREW NOYES??

    In WW2, when the enemy were planning an air raid somewhere, they would send out info about an immininent SUBMARINE attack to divert attention.

    Let's make sure that the same strategy isn't being applied here.

  73. The totally false aqccusations that I had been involved in drug dealings in any way, was given to the reporter of the Danish newspaper, who lost the case for defamation against me in the Danish Supreme Court. During the Danish Supreme court hearing it came out who was the people in Pattaya who had given the Danish newspaper reporter these false information. The same people had given similar false information about me to another Thai newspaper with the purpose to defame me and undermine my ability to do business in Pattaya. Let me make it clear – I HAVE NEVER BEEN INVOLVED IN DRUG CRIMES or other crimes as these people in Pattaya tried to make the Danish newspaper believe and print. That is why the Danish newspaper and the Danish reporter was convicted to pay me about 800,000 baht and spend a 20 day jail term or pay a hefty fine.

  74. Hi Keith I would also add that if you search in google chrome you can read the Danish newspaper stories chrome will translate them for you, good enough to see Mr Colov in all his glory,Happy Reading

  75. I think you might be overstating the case Niels. I have already stated the above. Possibly in a British court you would have been awarded more. Even though you were listed as a suspect in a drugs crime this quite clearly should not have been printed. All police keep files which are Criminal Intelligence, not criminal record files. You no doubt were on the file because of your associations in Denmark and Pattaya.
    Two of the people you were photographed with in Copenhagen have extensive Thai women friends on Facebook – and of course one lived here.
    I applaud your statement that you will have nothing to do with drugs. Indeed it must have been difficult to avoid in the Vesterbrogade red light district of Copenhagen at the time you were there.
    That you had or have enemies in Pattaya is quite clear. If these people were named in court you can of course use the privilege of the court to name them. I would not say your court case was a great victory. It was proof that the newspaper could not stand up its story. To put it more in perspective. The reporter, whom I do not think paid out of his own pocket, faced 20 days in jail. You were sentenced to 15 months in a very liberal country.

  76. "words twisted by knaves, to make a trap for fools"
    Anybody heard that quote before?
    There's a prize if you can name who made it.
    (I'm joking about the prize).

  77. Stop the SPY NONSENCE ! It is not funny. "Daryl" wrote: (Posted on May 21st, 2012 at 12:28:15 – How do these two ex pimp clowns keep a straight face? We have Drew pretending to be a doctor and a lawyer, now we have Niels pretending to be a policeman and claiming to be a spy. What complete fantasists these two are. Only very simple people would be fooled.) What I stated as a fact was: I have a past in Military Intelligence and Law Enforcement. There are matters in my life I simply can’t go into details about(regarding this past involvement). My father was in the Danish Police and was a Prosecutor. My Grandfather was a Danish Supreme Court Judge. My family has many relations to law enforcement. I HAVE NEVER STATED THAT I WAS A SPY.
    Niels Colov

  78. Maybe there is much more to Niels Colov than we can all imagine.
    Am I starting to believe the myth? Things are starting to get fuzzy. Help!!!

  79. Its amazing how when one has a business in Thailand, people want you to go down & the crap comes out!Facebook exemplifies it all. I know as I do have a business in Thailand & did the yards & can run mine anywhere in the world which I do. Many try then go home with their shirt between their tail or go broke or blast others that made it. You will find info about Niels if you search the net? but wheres this taking the story.In my case the guy never did me no harm & was always courteous & helpful. I say it again if you were burn't doing business in Thailand then ask yourself where you went wrong? I did nothing for my first 3 years in Thailand: I learn't by this motto: look, learn & listen before you dive into anything & remember giving your hard earned cash to a guy in a suit is no different than giving it to your maid. They just have different clothes on–you still don't know them— you live in hope & the thought of more cash, but in reality youre your own worst enemy as there is only one Bank that wins–your own!!

  80. Pepe. The story is going nowhere. The cards are laid. Unless a new story occurs. Its finito. There is something personal going on here between an employer and an ex exployee- which should maybe settled – jetskis at dawn in the summer (Aussie one that is). Personally this story has had its day….

  81. Dear Niels Colov. You have decided to 'help Drew Noyes' as much as you can and sound quite noble as you gave him your word. Previously you have accused him of xxxxxxxxxxx wife. You knew the people personally he conned with the Government housing scam and reported it in your newspaper. You know of his xxxxxx beer bar days. You know of his criminal past in the USA for violence against women. And you know of a couple of other unsavory matters involving Drew Noyes that cant be revealed here because of a lack of documentation. But we know they happened.
    Now we have you working together to get Drew ' out of this' but your words chosen do not indicate at all that you believe he is innocent of the extortion charges. Rather they indicate the opposite.
    This is where Andrew Drummond and his readers have the problem.
    What you are doing is immoral. If it were the Clinic owner who had tried to extort Drew, you would be ensuring that he was punished. Looking after friends who do wrong to other people is not noble behavior, it is wrong. Behaving like you have this privilege to be above the law has become so much second nature to you that you havent stopped to think what you are doing is wrong and immoral. So what if Drew has friends in influential positions. It does not give him the right to act the way he does.
    I thought you were a bit more of a straight talker than the delusional fantasist Drew Noyes. However your continued denial of criminal convictions in Denmark, is, merely a play on words. So what if your father and grandfather were in law enforcement. It doesnt make you anything.
    You seem annoyed and indignant that Andrew Drummond brings up your past with associating with criminals. But at the same time you are doing what you can to help Drew Noyes. Make up your mind. Drew Noyes is a xxxxxxxxx and you are currently 'helping him as much as you can'.
    If you want to play dress ups and wear your pretend police uniform that is up to you. If you want to tell people you are a spy and 'cant discuss aspects of your past' it probably helps you fit in with all the other SAS, Navy Seals etc. that fill the bars in Pattaya. Most foriegners laugh at these unpaid wanna bes. But I believe the work they do can be helpful and has its place. But do you do it to make things right or is it so you can use these contacts for your personal benefit and gain?
    If Drew Noyes is guilty of what he has been charged with,and your words indicate to me that you dont think he is innocent, he and his wife belong in a jail cell, they do not deserve help from people of influence. It really is that simple Niels. Do what is right. It is up to you. Your criminal activities were well in the past. People in Pattaya would be more accepting of a criminal past than probably anywhere on the planet. It is not really an issue. However helping Drew Noyes against another fellow Pattaya foreign resident NOW is unacceptable and morally wrong. Your judgement to help Drew Noyes may have been influenced by the huge xxxx file he has on you. I hope this is indeed the case and you havent tried to help him because you like him. We are all a bit confused as to your relationship as he has spent the last 7 years trying to discredit you and continues to do so, but now in a more private way.
    You have my email address so feel free to respond to me personally or through this forum.

  82. …Personally this story has had its day…..good to hear, now, where is Drew baby and what about Mr Wright ?

  83. And just to add a final word before the ex-employee and other never eres continue their rant:

    People change, what we were 20 years ago isn't always the same as we are today.

    So the guy did a few months jail time when he was a Lad? So what, he did his time, his country recognises this and he moved to Thailand and started afresh.

    I have never met Niels but from all accounts he has made something of himself and I for one would like to achieve even half what he has achieved in Thailand.

    Pattaya is a dodgy place, a nun cannot operate in hell. And so Neils changed his sails to suit the wind. No one can achieve what he has done without making friends with people of influence and to assume any different simply means that you are naive.

    If he has the respect of Thai figures then good luck to him.

    He has three handsome sons, a few dodgy friends (as we all do).

    Gents, there are murdered on the run, convicted blaggers, conmen, kiddy fiddlers all prowling the streets of Pattaya. Niels did , what a year? in prison as a lad, it seems to me that there are much more worthy recipients of your scorn.

    I think Andrew summed it up perfectly, the story has reached an end and will no doubt now turn into a forum bitchfest.

    AND, I would be very surprised if you see Niels Colov commenting further, I think he is above it.

    Anyway, do carry on……

  84. AD:: I take on board your "cut" to my last submission.
    Er… Does this mean that there may be something to the body of the text. I "phrased it" as carefully as I could.
    Not quite sure what was so sensitive there but I'm as always, at your disposal . Perhaps there is something that should not, and may not, be allowed regarding this NC dialogue especially the reference to "military security" in Denmark!

  85. No but you raised new issues which will be challenged. So maybe you should contact me outside this section if there is going to be something controversial. No problems with mentioning the military thing. It was raised by NC.

  86. Hello Mr Colov I would like to ask you a simple question? have you served a prison sentence in your past.

    If no I apologize

    If yes are you aware that you are breaking the laws of Thailand being a volunteer policeman,

  87. Andrew – strange really that you didnt allow my comment….when you say you allow the 'other view' also.

  88. Adam I have answered this already. The first email you gave was and the second was wateoftime@wasteoftime. (sic)Grow up. Provide a real email and your letter will be included. Your mail should have been automatically rejected. I am just checking the registration system to see if it exists.

  89. Let me play devils advocate.And this is just speculation.I have no proof that Mr colov was ever involved in crime in Thailand.If someone like him was i guess most of the dirty work was done 15-20 years ago.Pure speculation but allot of money could of been made from having a importing exporting business running from Thailand to Scandinavia.Get me ? I would suggest if so then now that person would be a very rich individual with no need to commit crime again.On my part i feel he has done well in making friends with certain individuals.These friendships could of started when he was a much younger man.Coov might lose a court case in thailand here or there but i can never see him having any major problems.Drew on the other hand is not in the same class as colov.I would suggest colov is many steps higher.Get me ?
    Keith sorry friend but i don't think you can harm mr colovs reputation in anyway.
    Andrew has done his best to get the word out to show how the likes of drew operates.There are allot of foreigners who are commuting crime in pattaya daily.As for colov staying in contact with his old gangster buddies.Well nothing strange in that.Gangsters worldwide has always had some kind of romanticism to them.The krays the essex boys john gottie who mr donald trump was a great admirer of

  90. Adam: When he was a lad? Thank you by the way for sending me a real email. Perhaps you could sign in using that one when the registration is up properly. I hope Niels sees the irony in his complaint that people were hiding under pseudonyms and I am sure he will appreciate your comment than a none cannot operate in hell.

  91. RE: MICHAEL. Sorry " friend" I'm not out to harm hurt or diminish Niels Colov in anyway. you appear to be a "silent" apologist for NC, but all I want is for the basic truths about all of this to be seen, recorded and proven.
    Something is not right here regarding this person, and if we are all wrong, thn we hold collectively drop to our knees before him and beg forgiveness .

  92. Michael
    everything posted on this site is in the public domain, what you are not aware of are the hundreds of other complaints that can not be fully proven, That do not get published, Neils Colov thinks he is above Thai Law, people have a right to complain and bring these things to the proper authorities.When they can be proven. Slowly important Thai people are getting the message and getting the stories translated to Thai,
    This is why it is rumored he is going to move to the philipines. He is still in the courts.
    AD: Final sentence removed and replaced with: "He is still in the courts".

  93. Thanks Andrew & also your comments ADAM. Thailand is one of the hardest places to do business & succeed & the name of the game is "who you know"!!! —along the way you meet all sorts of characters some good, some not so good.Its part of life here. Foreigners & Thais will copy or try to take your business if they can or make it hard & you need to rely on a good Thai manager– which is hard to come by, but its the essence for any business success. Without youre doomed before you start. Niels has proven that& what he did back home is in the past—so whats new!!!!news on the other front!

  94. keith i don't like the man or trust him.
    A apologist ? i don't know about that friend.I am not the sharpest hammer in the shed.

  95. So now the general consensus is that Colov is actually reformed?? I don't think so, there's so much stuff that Drummond can't allow here..

  96. Great report andrew people in pattaya need to know this great information you have provided,people with criminal backgrounds do tend to bring and draw people in ..they are interested about their stories and criminal backgrounds ,it sells books and movies ect we all know this all over the world.The main issue here i think is weather NC is willing to stick with DN, if he does decide to stick and speak up for this (deleted) he can be labeled the same as him surely?. its human nature,DN has clearly been caught red handed and NC wants to protect him? in my eyes if that happens NC is just as bad or the same as him no or yes? why is the article containing the 7 million fraud with the tong lor clinic not in your paper NC? Please answer as you answer qs on here regular,you're quick to print any other crime activities on your site daily print the truth NC or you be the same soon ,
    I look forward to your response

  97. I'm going to put a slightly different perspective on Mr. Niels Colov than I have previously, despite my misgivings currently. When I first met Niels, he was congenial, friendly and courteous, and although I could see he was a tough business player, I actually liked him.
    Understand this was at the outset ( the beginning).
    He gave me " go" with his new Pattaya People Media Company, albeit his offer of BT15,000 per month wages, was pretty severe even in Thailand, and especially as the job became a 16 hour day, sometimes 6 days a week endeavour. However, because I loved the climate and, let's face it…..the excitement of Pattaya, I was prepared to go along with it, as I believed he would soon revise that amount once I had proved my "worth".
    My opinion of Niels started to change as I observed his almost devotional contribution to just about EVERY charity and community event within Pattaya……raising money here….raising money there… (well… certainly being present and being photographed at each presentation ceremony). I also watched the development of his board room – office with all the trappings and fixtures of "Versace" magnificence, but MOST OF ALL, the countless adornations of HIMSELF, and to HIMSELF all over the space. I have made reference to this before, but I think it is important for all those who have never been there to understand this VERY SIGNIFICANT point regarding Niels Colov.
    All the time he declares himself a supporter of every local charity within Pattaya, usually Schools, and disadvantaged Thai people (which is highly commendable)…. His personal "space" is of a strata that would befit Kings and Queens, complete with Gold picture frames, bespoke furniture of the highest order, custom pure wool carpets, awe inspiring chandeliers, and a standard of craftsmanship that would make most of us comparatively "wealthy" Europeans…..look like paupers. Even the elaborate architraves and ceiling mountings ( The company supplier of which I made the TV Commercial for) are so ornate and precise as to make one gasp.
    All this for a man, who places himself squarely on the pages of his own publication, mostly seen at making Pattaya a more equitable place for the poorest in the community (dis advantaged Thai residents, ranging from the blind…to the infirm…to those who live at the knife edge of survival). Niels Colov considers BTthousands to be the equivalent of € thousands, and therein lay a very disturbing characteristic about his phsyci.
    A man " supposedly" for the good of the community in Pattaya, at the end of the day returns to his HQ, enjoys a custom prepared vegetarian meal, in opulent surrounding, switches on his wide screen TV, settles back and watches all his good deeds on his own Channel, and feels that he has "done a lot of good" for those poor mortals out there on the streets, beggaring for a bit of meat to go with their rice, whilst at the same time, savouring the advertisers that play on his Channel knowing the REVENUE JUST KEEPS ROLLING IN!
    To me, I find it not very nice ( i didn't phrase that as I would like to as I know AD has the scalpel at the ready),

    Those are some of the reasons that I started to look a little more closely at Niels Colov, my previous employer, and saw a very differ person to the one that I initially respected and liked.

  98. By the way….this thread is titled " Join Forces To Beat A Rap" what is the current situ regarding Drew Noyes and his partner? Is he gonna get "off"!
    Lot of focus on Niels Colov, but where is DN right now?

  99. Keith. Yes but in all this Mr. Colov is doing nothing more than collecting worthless gongs. Its a local thing. If the money spent making all these plaques went to charity it might be better. We have already seen Drew Noyes' Royal award for parachute training. Sounds like Niels is living a quiet dedicated life.

  100. Keith wrote "let’s face it…..the excitement of Pattaya, I was prepared to go along with it," Yes, and this is why you and others who think likewise pay "the bill". Most like to stay in Thailand any way possible and predators understand this. I have had various figures who insisted on working for me only to use me as a step up, as long as they could stay in Thailand. Sorry, for there are too many of those "hanging around", adding little value to the host country.

  101. Adam wrote 'Gents, there are murdered on the run, convicted blaggers, conmen, kiddy fiddlers all prowling the streets of Pattaya.' Very true Adam. And the kiddy fiddlers like xxxxx xxxxxxx and his best friend xxxx xxxxx are the worst of the worst. Black and Coke anyone. But do you know how old Niels wife (sometimes referred to as 'not his wife') was when he first 'met' her. We remember Niels. Ask around Adam, it is common knowledge. Love to hear a response from 'Niels the reformed' about this one. And it was very honorable that Niels spent time in a Danish jail and he did not blow his spy cover. Dedicated. To what/who I am not sure. And what is a convicted Blagger? Good luck on Saturday Andrew. If you are running low on cash, dont worry as we have plenty more for you. I hear though that Drew is asking around for cash, seems like all his friends are a bit light on at the moment.

  102. Adam: sorry. Closure delayed. I just wanted to say that while I am happy to take your stuff on board, I think putting Neils' misdemeanours down to 'when he was a lad' type stuff is a little bit hard to stomach. He was aged 35 and at the peak of his chosen career. I believe we should forgive people their trespasses but not necessarily forget. I would be uncomfortable with a person with a history of pimping, violence against prostitutes, vandalism and offences of dishonety being in charge of foreign volunteer police on my patch even though this history is now officially wiped. Closed. But in fairness will leave the last comment to Niels Colov if he so chooses.

  103. The "Last Word from Niels Colov" as Andrew Drummond phrased it:
    Responding to this posting first:(Terry
    Posted on May 23rd, 2012 at 13:49:10:
    Adam wrote … But do you know how old Niels wife (sometimes referred to as ‘not his wife’) was when he first ‘met’ her. We remember Niels. Ask around Adam, it is common knowledge. Love to hear a response from ‘Niels the reformed’ about this one.) Answer: Khun Laddawan Yingyong was 19 years old when I met her she is now 42. What is the big deal about this???
    The secoundly: All the statements about the jail sentences (I am believed to have served) is not true – I can not elaborate further on this, but you are all doing me injustice with these statements. That is all I can say for now !
    Niels Colov

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