‘What’s yer bevvy Jimmy? Black Coke?

‘Aw haud yer whisht –  an gie us yon bottle ae ‘Blaand’.

If there’s one thing Scots can do its to distill a good whisky, and beer too if you like Belhaven’s.  But there has been a new development in my homeland which is causing me concern – and its going to be stacked on the shelves from Lerwick to Berwick.

This I suspect may be the cause of the Highland Clearances and the mass migration of Scots to Canada and more recently to Pattaya..

While talking to the Englishman on the Scotsman newsdesk yesterday I also checked this on their website.

And there it was ‘Blaand’ produced by  the Isle of Arran Brewery’ – which apparently means ‘Hidden Treasure’.

While it’s called ‘Blaand’ ,  I’m guessing it isn’t because it’s made from sheep’s milk cheese and produced by the creators of the famous ‘Lanark Blue Cheese’. Never heard of it?

Its being produced after a gap of a hundred years or so. This leads me to believe that there was a very good excuse for not producing any more, although the official line is that they ran out of cheese.

Personally I am a ‘Famouse Grouse’ man myself – In Scotland you’d be challenged to find many people drinking Johnny Red or Black. I serve the ‘Benmore’ in a decanter, telling them its an ‘Old Reserve’ only when my guests are vertically, visually and speech challenged.

A form of ‘Blaand’ also used to be drunk by goat herders in the Carpathian Mountains and Vikings, who, along with more recently Shetlands fishermen, took it to sea with them.

Thank god the Vikings only colonised the Shetlands and England and stuck to rape and pillage on the mainland. This could have brought down an Empire. And God knows what they used for toothpaste.’

But what the hell, I’ll give anything a try – just need a Scot to bring me a bottle from his next trip home. Mangus are ye there?

This was a Flying Sporran Drink Advisory.

8 thoughts on “‘What’s yer bevvy Jimmy? Black Coke?

    1. Sassenach- its been in Scotland many times and is currently on loan to England. Besides Gretna Green does not sit easy with Lerwick like Berwick does and they'll be selling yon Blaand stuff in Berwick too – sure as the Lord made toffee apples.

    2. You could have used North Berwick. That's even close to Dunbar where they make that so called foul beer Belhavens. Throw in the favoured drink of Glasgow football fans, ''Buckie'', and now this muck, and it proves that old saying. A Scotsman will drink anything with alcohol in it. Anyone want a wine gum?

    3. Och FS. Your insult to Belhavens is sair to bear. But with the mention of North Berwick you brought a tear to my eye. That's where I went to prep school. Nothing between the school and the sea and the islands of Craigleith, Lamb and Fidra but the golf course. We used to collect the golf balls which were shot into the schol grounds and sell them back to the golfers. Most kids cashed up. Dumb me put the money in a charity box. That maybe why my friends are rich and I am poor. But my dad sent me enough cash for those Airfix models.

      We used to play against Belhaven, Edinburgh Academy, Loretto and Fettes at sports, but the most important annual fixture for us 12 and 13 year olds was the hockey against the girls 1st team at North Berwick High School, which we always won despite the fact that we spent most of the match trying to trip them up.

      Dirleton, Gullane, Aberfeldy, Longniddry, Prestonpans..and Edinbugh (Waverley) was the train journey home. sniff

  1. JEEZ!!!! It has been a long time since you've been home. East Fortune is now the Museum of flight, a motor cycle race track, and a huge Sunday market, but you've fair stirred up some memories for me. Seton Sands Longniddry Bents and the wonderful Gullane Sand dunes. Beats the pants of what passes for a beach here in sunny Pattaya. Thanks for the memories Andrew

    1. Aye well if you go to North Berwick and look to the west of it and follow Strathearn Road – on the right is our main playing field. Thats where the All Blacks,Springboks, etc used to practice before playing at Murrayfield – further to the left you will see a bloody great mansion, with lodge etc (Google Earth) and huge lawn in fron. Thats the school. The lawn is where I had to do the massed Highland Fling
      I was not at Drem when the Spitfires were there but my old man flew into East Fortune a couple of times with the RAF flying Hudsons and Flying Fortress IIIs – and later with BEA flying Viscounts!!

    2. FS – I've just cottoned on FS. Buckie as in Buckfast Tonic Wine. The cause of most Glasgiow chibbings. You're right. Would not touch the just but it was made by Benedictine monks – not the same ones who ran my priory school!

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