Psst. Wanna Buy a Gentleman’s Club – Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink, Say No More (contd)

Buy now from the ‘most credible and reassuring person to make Thailand his home’.


Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu, the American-Thai couple convicted of extortion and jailed for two years in Pattaya, have put up their ‘nest egg’ businesses for sale while they await the result of their appeal due to be heard next month.

Picture with ad FOR the ‘Gentle’s Man club sale. The club has not opened.
 This is could be a generic picture from a  Single Mums and Dads dating site

First up is the Athena Gentle’s Man Club (yes, that’s how Wanrapa spelt it) in Jomtien which never actually opened and which was allegedly financed with cash from a school friend of Noyes’ at Jefferson High School in Tennessee.

This club was done out with plastic Grecian statues, but like another club Noyes planned in Pattayaland, it also never opened.

He managed to get rid of that one by leasing to Russians but the Russian market has collapsed in the resort city.

The second is a series of condos in Keha Condominium, Pattaya, which Noyes acquired from the National Housing Authority, taking advantage of almost interest free loans, and began hawking to friends at the Pattaya City Expat Clubs at extortionate prices.

Noyes and Wanrapa selling up

This was the beginning of Noyes’ demise at the club and he never became an elected club president as he planned.  His Pattaya Optimists Club also bombed I guess because it must have been difficult to look on the bright side when the founder members included four boiler rooms guys, a pornographer, and a now convicted child molester.

Condo: No swimming pool  or tennis courts and you’ll wish there was no night market at your front door
Gentleman’s Club – never was. Fixtures include numerous tacky Greek statues – see below

The (TBA) Thai Business Advisors dot com – is an outfit which keeps an address at a serviced office in Zuellig House, Bangkok, and whose staff uses the email of the Thai Sunshine Business Advisors (TSBA) company run by Irishman Philip J McDade.

I do not know why the companies are separate but perhaps the TBA is used for less top notch sort of stuff, like girly bars etc. Perhaps the sun just does not shine on the TBA.

As a potential customer I contacted TBA’s appointed representative in Pattaya Eric Meadows to ask what the legal status was of these properties. He emailed back asking me to sign a confidentiality agreement – which I declined to do.

I replied pointing out my concerns on the ownership of the chanotes at Keha Condo, above Drew and Wanrapa’s rather dormant ‘One Stop Service Center’ as Noyes had sold but was still hanging on to a buyer’s chanote.

How Wanrapa (Kung) advertised Keha condo -four years ago

I also pointed out an error in the advert as the Keha Condo did not have a swimming pool.  There is one behind but everybody has to pay to get into that.  Keha is a bit ‘Thamesmead’ in the sun.
Eric is described on the TBA website as follows:

Eric has owned and run his own businesses in the UK and Thailand for many years.
He joined TSBA as an Associate Broker in January 2015 and is building on his experience and expertise in the Pattaya area. He has already been successful in bringing in new Business Listings and sales to the company.

When I contacted Philip McDade he replied:

 “Eric Meadows working in Pattaya as a TSBA Associate Broker works under his own limited company and is authorized to use the TSBA Brand Including logos and has also the right to use our new lead generating and listing site for TSBA which is called TBA (”

I knew an Eric Meadows in Bangkok. He was known as ‘Johnny the Car’ and used to the run the Hollywood Bars in Nana Plaza. His Thai wife went into competition with, er, ‘Pretty Lady’.

I can recommend this Eric as a businessman. He has a wealthy of experience in selling bars – many times.

I’d hang on to those properties Eric and grab the chanotes. If these guys go to jail the prices will go through the floor.

Johhny the Car  – Eric Frank Meadows – in the days of a 40 baht beer in Nana Plaza – outside the Hollywood Royale bar.
the guy sitting at the outside bar behind him was wanted in the UK. Spot Eric’s security

Drew Noyes meanwhile is still busy Facebooking and Twittering from Jefferson City, Tennessee (Pop 8000) in America’s boondocks which is severely short of go-go bars and places like the Buffalo Bar in Pattaya.

He has ditched Nam his girl from the Buffalo Bar, whom he had convicted for his libel and has promised Wanrapa and the three kids he left behind that they will be joining him soon.

This leaves a bit of a gap at the Lions Club 310D Silom who have lost their President and Secretary.

Recovering six out of nine children in Thailand will be quite an accomplishment.His eldest daughter has decided against the move.

He has been posting reams of love and devotion for the Thai Royal family, boasting of his latest decoration, perhaps hoping for a suspended sentence or even an acquittal if he returns.

Naam: ‘I thought this was mine!’

12 thoughts on “Psst. Wanna Buy a Gentleman’s Club – Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink, Say No More (contd)

  1. I was in Pattaya last week.
    I've never seen it so quiet so the old bloated criminal has no chance of shifting anything for the forseable future…..if ever.
    I also staked out the "One Shop Shit Stop" for a number of hours…….I counted ZERO customers in a 6 hour period on a Monday which should be a busy day. I had to abandon my steak out as the 1 staff member eventually became suspicious and rushed the door!
    Ive done some sums…….I think the bloated old fraud needs in the region of 500,000 a month to survive…….
    You feeling the pain Drew…..cos its about to get far, far worse.

    1. He'll be worm food or brought down in flames – come to think of it we all have similar choices in the end.

      It's just that inherent peace of mind will be lacking – probably already is.

  2. His entourage must be expensive to maintain especially in the USA. He must have a tidy sum tucked away to fund all his travels. If he does not return to Thailand will will have to find a new source of easy money. I expect a visit to the doctor or a contrived medical emergency is looming to postpone his return.

  3. His family entourage must be expensive to maintain especially in the USA. He must have a tidy sum tucked away to fund all his travels. If he does not return to Thailand will will have to find a new source of easy money. I expect a visit to the doctor or a contrived medical emergency is looming to postpone return. If Goudie really has been jailed Drew will be concerned he could join him soon.

  4. His latest Facebook entry is from Washington where he claims to be meeting staff from his Senators office.He must be checking out if Thailand can extradite him should he fail to return. The USA tends to rarely do this so I reckon he is safe. Meanwhile Wanrapa is trying to organise a firesale.

    1. I'm pretty sure that the Thai legal system would not be interested in committing the resources to extradite this guy on charges that are not against Thai nationals. I would think bullshitting about royal connections would probably anger more people.

  5. Dirk Van opstal is also a full-time criminal friends with dn now trying to sell the gentleman club.. he has been black listed times and deported from Thailand and paid one stop from jail service 2 million TBH to bribe and erase his immigration files and the 8 wants for his arrest for fraud and cheating stealing money from fake condo sales.. and he is back in Pattaya now. Up to same old tricks for now……now extra stop many bars no drinks on the Thai prison ship hotel. Lux estates Pattaya fraud brokers . scamming everyone they can ..his time is also running out

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