The trial of Pattaya Times publisher Drew Noyes and his common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu for the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic – Jomtien – has been adjourned until November*.

(Picture: Dr. Michael Goulet points to Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu after they were arrested in a ‘sting’)

And the scheduled trial of British visa shop owner Sean Tinsley on a charge of the attempted murder of Adam Pickles, former head of English at the International School of the Regents, Pattaya, is also expected to by adjourned this Tuesday August 20th.

Michael Goulet, director of the Thonglor Clinic, is still under cross examination and the court needs a clear full day for this to be completed. He has so far told the court how Australian David Hanks had checked into his clinic last year and announced that he had previously had a sex business in Melbourne and knew the Chinese mafia.

He said his boss Drew Noyes, 57, whom Goulet took to be mafia, wanted to see him.

In a meeting with Noyes, he alleged Noyes, demanded first 7 million Thai baht (the going rate, its alleged he said) then reduced it to 2.3 million Thai baht. This was to stop a police raid on the premises where illegal drugs would be found and bad publicity would follow in the Pattaya Times newspaper.

The police leader of the team which arrested Noyes has also testified how Wanrapa Boonsu, formerly billed as Editor of the Pattaya Times, called Goulet to tell him to hurry up with the cash.

Police gave Dr. Goulet 100,000 and put it in a brief case. Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu were arrested at the News Restaurant, Thappraya Road, Pattaya, allegedly receiving the ‘first instalment’ of cash.

In the second case Adam Pickles, married with a baby son, still remains in a coma in Bradford Hospital in the U.K. after being medi-vacced home last year.

Tinsley, from Wolverhampton, is alleged to have struck him with a wheel brace in a moment of road rage.  Defence lawyers have told the prosecutor that they have been fired and a postponement will requested while he finds new ones.

Adam’s father and mother have flown out from Bradford and are expected to come face to face with Tinsley at the Pattaya Court before visiting Adam’s Thai wife and their baby grandson.

• * New dates will be added later


  1. What happened to that Irish guy in Chalong who had his children locked in the well and his properties stolen?

    Also the other Phuket guy who was fighting the resort who had built right on the beach blocking his view.

    I guess after that crusader official got transferred everything just ground to a halt.

  2. As far as I know both cases are ongoing. Irish chap has been given some sort of witness protection. As for the American – well the guy in the National Public Anti Corruption Commission who was going to expose all the land grabbers in Phuket, er, got fired didn't he. i have covered that. Case is still going on though.

    1. Thais always tell me to enter the court system is like a descent into hell. That's why so many just prefer to pay the police to negotiate a settlement for them. The criminal courts are slow but the civil courts can take a decade or more before a case is finalised.

      I had a Thai friend who walked on a murder charge. It took so long for the police to find him the witnesses had forgotten what he really looked like! He had cut his long hair and was much older, so nobody could say for sure if he was the culprit. There are civil cases in Phuket that have been going for 15 years and are still not finished.

      This 'distancing' tactic of getting your trial as far away as possible from the crime is the oldest trick in the lawyers book. Unfortunately in Thailand it gives more time for lobbying and evidence tampering. I hope Noyes will be convicted but with a Pattaya court I have my doubts.

  3. Typo there AD; '..police gave Noyes the money..'

    RE Phuket Nat'l Forest Reserve encroachment in Layan. There has been some activity at the Land & State property after about 5 months of none. I can hear it today.
    The Le Colline project is on hold, thankfully I'm not listening to the trucks rumble up the island's worst road built illegally, allegedly by the Cherng Telay's Or Bor Tor.

    Malawai appears to be on hold, too. According to Phuket Wan blog, the Pullman Hilton at Nai Thon beach was never on the list or got cleared.
    The editor will not tolerate discussion how this is before the investigation began or any reports were made.

    'It's like living in a cloud..', in fog we trust.

  4. I suppose it might come out…..eventually, why did Noyes and Co pick on this clinic to extort?
    Is old flab and blab (Hank) also on trial?

  5. "adjourned until November…" You didn't mention which year, Andrew !!

    Firing and re-hiring lawyers is an old trick.


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