ROAD RAGE! British Teacher Was Attacked ‘With Something Like A Car Wrench’ For Scratching Visa Agent’s Car


The partner of international school teacher Adam Pickles, who remains in a coma in a hospital in Britain, told the a court in Pattaya that she believed Sean Tinsley attacked him because he scratched his car while reversing out of a parking space in Pattaya.

Ms X said, Adam, with whom she had a baby son, had been attacked outside the ‘Paradise Bar’ in Pattaya and after the incident she believed Tinsley returned to the Starlight Bar and boasted about his action to friends.

A report of the proceedings has been sent to this site translated from an account received by Pickles’ family from Bradford, Yorkshire. Below is the summary of the Thai account of the proceedings – unedited.

The court will sit again on November 9th and 16th.

Adam with mum and dad

Adam Pickles was Head of English at the International School of the Regents outside Pattaya. He remains in a coma in Bradford General Hospital.

“On 28th August Tinsley had appointed a new lawyer but his lawyer was allegedly in hospital and therefore another lawyer attended.

The first person to take the stand was Adam’s partner and mother of Benjamin, Adam’s son. She was questioned about what had happened on the night of 17th May 2012. 

She was asked how she found out about the incident and she reported that two friends of Adam who had attended the hospital and the police station to report the crime, had informed her on the morning of 18th May that Adam had been taken to Bangkok Pattaya hospital. 

She immediately went to the hospital to find Adam unconscious and on a ventilator. She spoke to the doctor who was attending to Adam; the doctor informed her that Adam had only a 5% chance of survival. She then attended the police station.  

The court was told that Adam parked his car beside the Paradise bar and a foreigner in a Toyota Fortuna who had followed Adam, got out of his car and attacked Adam with something like a car wrench. Adam was attacked on the left side of his head.

The prosecutor asked Ms Pafan if she knew who had carried out the attack and how she knew. She reported that the police had investigated and they had told her.

It was alleged that Adam had scratched the car of the accused when reversing out of the parking area at the Starlight Bar. The accused stood and watched from the bar then followed Adam. It was about 500 metres away from the Paradise Bar. The accused  attacked Adam until he was unconscious then returned  to the Starlight bar and told his friends about what he had done.

Adam’s partner was then questioned about expenses incurred by the family which included the hospital fees and Air ambulance transfer to England together with lost earnings. 

Sean Tinsley

Adam was a teacher at the Regent’s school Pattaya. He had substantial earnings and would have continued to work as a teacher until age 60. Having  now lost the opportunity to work and earn any money she stated that she wanted the alleged attacker to receive criminal punishment and pay for damages.

The defence lawyer then questioned Adam’s partner about her relationship with Adam, how she met him, whether she knew the family etc. He then proceeded to  suggest that Adam liked fast motorbikes, liked to go out drinking Friday, Saturday and Sunday and that Adam was bigger than the attacker. 

His questioning appeared to be aimed at discrediting both Adam and his partner. He also suggested that Adam had been injured previously in England, his partner was able to confirm that this was untrue.

The date for the next hearing was set for 9th and 16th November.”

   The case continues

3 thoughts on “ROAD RAGE! British Teacher Was Attacked ‘With Something Like A Car Wrench’ For Scratching Visa Agent’s Car

  1. Lets hope that the prosecutor takes the same line in trying to discredit Tinsley. He should have a field day with this guys previous visa fraud and holiday home scams.
    I hope this bastard get what he deserves.

  2. If Thailand cared about it's image it would deport all the low life scum such as Noyes,Goldie etc.
    Instead we continue to read stories such as this where a well educated teacher is in a coma.

  3. Since when has going out for a few beers at the weekend been a crime? Many guys work hard during the week and like to go out for a drink at the weekend it's hardly unusual.

    Riding motorbikes at home or here fast or slow isn't unusual either, sounds like this one defence "lawyer" who's struggling to say the least.

    This Tinsley guy demonstrated his character when he clubbed Adam Pickles with a weapon from behind.

    Personally, I second the opinion "I hope this Bastard gets exactly what he richly deserves" and who knows if he ends up in a Thai jail he may experience a similar fate.

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