In a hundred years I never thought the British Embassy in Bangkok would leave themselves open to such direct ridicule. But their preparation of a list of lawyers to present to British citizens when in trouble appears to amount to little more than sticking a pin in a directory.

I denied it in an answer to a poster to this site. They have not put Drew Noyes’ One Stop Legal Services on their list, I insisted. They had not when I last checked. BUT THEY HAVE INDEED!

Are they in touch with the real world here in Thailand?

This year after our complaint they removed ‘British Law’ in Pattaya from the list of lawyers they provided to poor Brits in the mire in Thailand.  But they could have easily checked themselves that the boss was a struck of solicitor in Britain and facing accusations of cheating Brits in Pattaya.

Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu uner arrest for extortion

Out went ‘British Law’ and in came ‘One Stop Legal Services – you can’t make this up!

The bosses of One Stop Legal Services in Pattaya are Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu

Noyes has lied in the past and claimed he was a lawyer.  Of course readers of this site know that and that that he was exposed in an American newspaper long before coming to Thailand for his ‘myriad lies’

He has also conned US Ambassador Kristie Kenney into posing for pictures with him.

He was never a lawyer or legal expert to any degree

He too has been accused of multiple cases of cheating foreigners in Pattaya and together with his wife are going through the courts for the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien, and defrauding Dutchman Theo van der Schaff.

One Stops Embassy listing

Another law firm on the Embassies list is currently representing a group who conspired to defraud a number of Britons out of the condos they had bought and paid for in Pattaya.

The ‘Get Out”. But will it take responsibility for the actions of its own staff


Oh, and good bye Knighthood!


  1. Told ya……
    I really must get round to the embassy to complain about Noises "One Stop Shit Shop" being on their list…….It's utterly disgraceful and staggering that the British Embassy has given the slightest credibility and credence to this fraudster….Shame on you HMG.

  2. I'm not surprised at all. In fact I'm surprised nobody has started a class action against them over the goings on we read on this site. If people have suffered at the hands of people they know are on the run, surely they are partially liable for the damage these people cause.

    On this site there are a number of cases where the British Government have not lifted a finger to pursue wanted criminals, they haven't even posted a warning these people are on the loose. I'm surprised some ambulance chaser hasn't seen a potential earn here. It's one thing to not lift a finger to repatriate these rogues and bring them to justice, but surely they could post a warning about them on a website.

    Now if you were to fall victim to one of these fugitives or even Noyes, I would think you'd have a case against the Government for failing to protect the public. If Noyes is indeed recommended, even more so. I'm all for privacy laws and people getting a second chance, but when you have serial offenders who won't stop scamming people, they should lose all rights to protection and privacy.

    I don't think for one moment the Embassies are ignorant to the skullduggery of Noyes, Goldie and others. They obviously see them as Thailand's problem now. The last guy scammed by Noyes must have been left sickened after he found out the real story. Who could blame him for asking how Noyes was still on the loose free to rob him.

  3. Once Ambassador Kent and Juilian have replied to Andy Hall they might wish to address the concerns of British citizens in Pattaya/Thailand, as to how One Stop Legal Services Co Ltd was put on the Embassy list of recommended Lawyers. Presumably Juilian, if in post at the time, approved this list before it went live on the Government/Embassy Website. Given the publicity over the last number of years of Mr Noyes business activities it does seem Grossly Negligent of the British Embassy to include this company on its approved Lawyers list. And if Grossly Negligent then it invalidates any Disclaimer by the Embassy. If any British Citizen went to One Stop etc and is aggrieved by the service provided then they should take this matter up with the Embassy. I suspect the Embassy would not wish to go to court on this matter and would settle.

  4. I have just had emails from Mark Kent (UK ambassador) and Michael Hancock (first secretary) saying that the firm in question will be deleted from the list this weekend, if possible, and on Monday morning at the latest. Apparently an internal inquiry has been launched into what happened here. Flies on the wall not admitted I suspect!

  5. The embassy openly tells me that the firm should never have been there in the first place. A mistake pure and simple. Whether anyone is transferred to an inactive post we'll likely never know.

    1. It is no doubt a simple error but it arises out of what you have previously alluded to of a system that is increasingly centralised with detailed rigid rules. My understanding is that now, Chiangmai excepted, a British Citizen cannot contact an Honorary Consul directly but has to go thru Bangkok. In the past you gave your time and patience well in excess to British Citizens and I have no doubt that if someone had said to you in passing this firms dodgy etc you would have passed it up and followed it up etc. But in the present system a British citizen is not going to try and get thru the Embassy tel system to speak to the right person, presuming they will take your call. I only make this point because I believe under the current system the Embassy may not respond as effectively as the Embassy thinks it will — to a major incident or emergency involving British citizens in Thailand.

  6. Unbelievable.
    They can do nothing themselves to help troubled Brits, are prescribed from offering practical help or advice and they have not the wits to do a basic check on the law firms they propose.

    Wish I could get such a salary for such incompetence.

    Their "friends and family" policy for Brits in need of repatriation merely means that if you have neither, you will be left to rot.

    A big redesign of policy is required at HM's Embassy.

  7. To get the British Embassy web page in the country you are in there appears to be standard link that starts http://www.gov.uk/government/world/organisations/british-embassy- then the Capital so for Thailand its Bangkok, for Italy Rome, for China Beijing. I selected Italy and China at random and on the front pages there is again a standard OUR SERVICES LIST. The very first item on the Embassy Rome and Embassy China is OUT-OF-HOURS emergency assistance and tel number to call. whereas on the Embassy Bangkok nothing . Why is this ? Could this be sorted as well please
    Emergency contact seems to have disappeared from anywhere on the site.

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