Now Pattaya Publisher Rips Off Thai Government B.O.I. Promo!

Oh No! Its not that man again with another scam

August 1 2012


Plus much more! Now Mr.Noyes fights back with threats, a gospel song, and unfettered accusations against a wide range of people

Drew Noyes falls to temptation

Controversial Pattaya ‘businessman’ Drew Noyes – publisher of the ‘Pattaya Times’ is now conning potential customers into believing that his new business is linked to Thailand’s Board of Investment.

It seems temptation has got the better of him and the 56-yr-old glib tongued American has opened up yet another business to get foreigners’ money for his ‘expertise’.

His is offering advice on property, marriage and visas, work permits etc. and how to get your name or company on the first page of google, something he has achieved for himself with outstanding results.

He has closed down the offices of PAPPA Co.Ltd, which he described as a law office though never licensed as such, and opened up in the same block –  this time as ‘One Stop Services Thailand’. Today is the official opening.

And on his website he shows a video promotion commissioned by One Start One Stop Investment Centre, a Board of Investment venture started up under the last Thai government showing smart staff in a smart centre giving presumably smart advice.

On the website Mr. Noyes claims to be an ‘expert’ on the Board of Investment.

Potential clients should know. Drew Noyes’ operation has, of course, absolutely nothing to do with ‘One Start One Stop Investment Centre’ and thus cannot claim the same integrity, assistance, and transparency of the Thai government organization.

Nor indeed is there any similarity at all.  So it is not surprising that OSOS and the BOI are out of sorts.

The matter is now in the hands of the Board of Investment’s legal manager Korbsiri Iamsuri.  But Krongkanoke Managitjonggol, of OSOS, which is based in Chamchuri Square, Bangkok said:

 “Our promotional video is being used illegally. We need to take action to ensure that people are not tricked. The video belongs to us. The service offered on his website does not.”

Above –  part of a screen shot from the front page of Noyes latest website showing Abhisit promoting the BOI one stop service and curiously below Miss Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005 but he does not state how she fits in.

The video Drew Noyes is currently showing on his  new site  is introduced by former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. In fact he has borrowed  it from the BOI who commissioned it in 2009 to promote OSOS the Thai government programme which assists investors in businesses in Thailand – not  investors in Noyes’ private business.

If anyone wants to invest in a business in Thailand, Noyes’ shophouse in Thepprasit Road, Jomtien, is not the place to do it!

As usual Drew Noyes shows a picture of himself with important local dignitaries – in this case senior police

He claims the services are available at all One Stop Service Centers again suggesting he is part of a big group. But of course there is only one in Keha Tower, Thepprasit Road, Jomtien although he is advertising one other in the Avenue Shopping Plaza, Pattaya Second Road.

The customary photo of himself with somebody important is an old file picture. He also used it on

Perhaps a better known of  picture Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu is this. This was taken at their arrest earlier this year on charges of attempting to extort the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien out of 7 million Thai baht on pain of bad publicity in the ‘Pattaya Times’.

Drew Noyes has in the past claimed:

* To have spent 14 years in the service of the King of Thailand after coming here by Royal Proclamation.

* To have been a lawyer

* To have worked for the Bank of Thailand…… and many achievements including royal medals etc, including one for sky-diving.

During much of this time however he worked running beer bars known as Zebra and Lollipop and taking ‘bar fines’ in South Pattaya and Beach Road, Soi 2.

He currently faces libel and criminal extortion actions in Thailand and a court in California has ordered him to pay US$72,000 to a man he cheated in a bogus share scam. A number of reports of assaults on women were filed against him in North Carolina prior to his departure for Thailand.

His new operation One Stop Services is for, he claims,  ‘Foreigners on the Go!’

Indeed – probably on the run.

Above is the OSOS video. This is the property of the BOI/OSOS and this site is claiming no connection with it. But this is the place investors should go if they are interested doing business in Thailand.

Below are just some of Drew Noyes’ claims on For the full list click here – Drew Noyes Law and Investment Expert

Drew Noyes has never been a lawyer either in the United States or Thailand.

And finally it appears he has ripped off a mini-mart as well – except his tick to say he is certified appears to have been formerly a shopping trolley.  Spotted by a reader. See letters below.

 *One Stop Services Thailand should not be confused with Thailand One Stop Services founded by Amorn Malhotra formerly of the Pattaya Mail newspaper.



He has replaced the front page completely and instead put up his ‘Pattaya Lawyer’ picture again. He promises a chain of ‘One Stop Service Centers’ throughout Thailand, says (unnamed) leading business people have joined together , and its all been tenuously linked with the ASEAN Economic Community. You can’t make it up! However at his new address he has put the PAPPA sign back up.

‘One-Stop-Service-Center’ still awaiting its ‘Certified’ sign

Additional reporting by: Lee


The following email was received overnight from Drew Noyes. I have edited it as libelous comments have been made about named people. In short he is promising hell on earth for those who have upset him. He also appears to be suing Pattaya Today and Pattaya One news sites. As it has been sent indiscriminately I am answering his points.

Andrew Drummond, we will be your worst nightmare because of your hortibly false “reporting”. 

Your criminal defamation case will be heard by the Thailand Supreme Court some day soon and justice will be served 12 years after you defamed two of Pattaya”s leading UK businessmen. 

The million baht civil  law suit you lost to them shows you still owe 930,000 baht for lying about them on your blog. 

Most professionals know you have no credibility, you make things up, you invent interviews with people who are now willing to say in court they’ve never talked to you, you distort the truth, you defied a Pattaya Provincial Court agreement you signed  as shown in

and you have absolutely no moral integrity.

Case won. Expect confirmation in the Supreme Court. The two  former gay go-go bar owners were not leading Pattaya businessmen by the way.

Therefore we all are going to pursue all criminal and civil charges against you without relief unless you remove all references to me, my family and my businesses from your febel WordPress blog before Monday August 6th. 


Two months ago we forced you to move your web hosting out of Thailand and your current web hosting will be canceled for violation of Terms of Service. 

Movement of host had nothing to do with Drew Noyes. Might move again.

Your friends working at Pattaya Today and Howard (Pattaya One News) will also answer for their false reporting unless they clean their news and community radio websites by Monday.

 I do not think this is going to happen. What false reporting?

So will the few webmasters stupid enough to repost your vile lies about many good people. 

Your latest post on your pathetic hate blog is full of lies which are very easy to prove as false as are all the other “articles” you invented about me. Those following you are following you into a bad place.

The latest story is  of course patently true and undeniable.

You brought this upon yourself and it it is unfortunate that your family will suffer your absence. And theirs.

 Or is it? 

This is not the sort of thing you should put in emails.

You and your ” has been” friends have done your best to ruin my life and my companies and my family. as well as other foreign businessmen in Thailand. 

This blog is  part dedicated to helping foreigners out of the pitfalls created by others in Thailand. We do not expose honest businessmen, nor go after families, though if a partner is complicit the partner may be affected.

Despite your claims to the contrary, I did host the Crown Princess in Pattaya. I was the MC in Bangkok for His Majesty”s 80th Birhhday Celebration and also His Majesty”s 60th Year Asscention to the Throne Party in Bangkok. 

I have made no such claims. Drew Noyes was also M.C. for a Thai Visa party.

I did receive the Queen Sirikit Service Merit Award and I did jump off the platform to get my wings from the Queens 21st Regiment commander.

You have ridiculed all of these accomplishments. 

The video testifies to the fact that were very reluctant to jump and retreated from the idea. Its not disputed that you got your wings. So did a dozen others including a young boy who jumped twice. It is of course ridiculous to say you underwent a skydiving or even parachute course. It was a day out.

What good have you and your few followers ever done in Thailand? 

 Well as an example today I saved someone from investing US$4000 into a ‘ boiler room’.

I did have US SEC licenses in both securities and futures and was NEVER reprimanded. My licenses simply expired after I changed professions. You lied and said they were revoked.

I have never stated anywhere that you were reprimanded by SEC.  I have stated that your name was removed from the list of the National Futures Association and that there is a judgment out against you for US$72,000. See above. 

The Optimist club of Thailand charter was not revoked despite the lies you posted. All charters outside of North America were canceled due to lack of funding by optimist international in America. I did start that club and I am very proud of it and the members that contributed to help children in Thailand. What have you ever done to help children in Thailand?

Optimist International specifically say in an email they withdrew the charter because the Pattaya branch did not pay its fees. They don’t fund you. You fund yourselves and pay them an annual stipend. I have already revealed the calibre of members you invited to join. There are plenty of Optimist Clubs outside the U.S.

You say I did not graduate from the University of Tennessee with a journalism degree. Some investigator you are. Again, public record easy to prove. 

Again no such claim that youdid not graduate from the University of Tennessee has been made. You variously say you have a BA and B.SC in journalism. There is no such thing as a B.SC in journalism. You may wish to correct your ‘linked-in site’. You are mistaking me for the Wilmington Morning Star report which said you lied about your resume and that you claim you went to  Duke’s University and got a degree there, when the university does not offer such a degree.

Do you have a college degree? No.

The National Council for the Training of Journalists diploma which the main UK recognised entry point into journalism.

My ex-wife  Nittaya and I are close friends but you say I abused her. Another lie.

No such claim has been supported on this site. That claim was made you say by Mr. Colov and you in turn accused him of beating his wife. I have never claimed either is true – just produced evidence of what level of spat you two could get up to.

Rose Romblon  text me AFTER we fired her for poor performance. She wanted to work for us again. You said I was a sexual predator with her and I have the SMS messages proving that is another lie. 

We took affidavits from Rose a long time ago Drew and lots of messages as well. She has made her views known here (and in a post below) and reproduced your emails. We will be asking you to produce those messages. Again the predator allegations were made in the Wilmington Morning Post.

Haya Jane whom i met on Tagged ( a partner site of Facebook not a sex site as you wrote) is a very nice lady and was a very good employee whom  we had no problems with her or the other 14 Fillapinos who worked for us over the years without incident contrary to another myth you created. 

I did not say was a sex site.

The few former clients you blogged about out of the 5,000 clients we have helped –  if they were wrongly treated why didn’t they take action? More lies from you and Stuart Furstman who has the same sick predilection as you.

Perhaps you threatened them as you do below to ‘Geronimo’.  Furstman’s allegations are water-tight. You put his house in YOUR wife’s name.

What is this predilection?

Your Aussie buddy xxxxx xxxxxx was fired by Capital TV, Pattaya People and Pattaya Times for being a belligerent drunk and waste of space. The silly videos he made and posted on YouTube show he, like you, have WAY to much free time since neither of you have real jobs.

I have never met xxxxx xxxxxx.  But its not him posting the videos on youtube.

Facebook closed down the spinoff hate site aliases Pat Angklo and Terry Anderson posted on and we have the real identities of your buddies. Can you pay their legal fees and those of Mr Stevens? 

I do not know two out of these three people nor do I have anything to do with other sites. I do not support anonymous blogs.

The condos on Thepprasit Road selling for 2 million baht plus which you claim are housing for poor Thais have appreciated in value despite your false claims. 

Property in general has gone up in Pattaya so National Housing Authority apartments sold to foreigners should go up accordingly I suppose. What claim?

Your “victim” of my supposed scam  Greg George has lived there ever since he bought 4 units with his Thai girlfriend Nat who I introduced him to in 2004. Is he a poor Thai?

No he is a foreigner  and a victim who says he is poorer by 500,000 baht for having met you. He adds that he would have been poorer by a lot more had you not been forced to repay him 2 million baht after being threatened with legal action.

Geronimo”, the ladyboy lover, filed a false report at DBD claiming he did not receive shares of Pattaya Times stock but it was proven he was lying and he will suffer court action also if  ever returns to Thailand and the people in Mexico don’t catch him for what he did down there.

I think he is here wondering what to do with shares in an unsellable newspaper for which he paid 1 million baht, receiving only a Pattaya Times jacket and a dodgy press card.. Are the Apaches still getting up to all sorts of stuff in Mexico?  Or, er,  is that just an innuendo.

Neither Ken Barret nor Chris Stanley left Pattaya Times as you reported. Both men were fine sub-editors and we are on good terms with them.

They’re still there? Mr.Barret just sent me a message saying he has a copy of this rant from you.

We have 11 months of evidence against you and your few followers.

So do other victims of your treachery.

Now it’s our turn to let the truth be known.


See you in court August 25th and many times more. Several of your victims have joined the fight.

Get your bail bonds money ready.

 I do not think many of my so called ‘victims’ will be joining forces.

We have a letter from the Evening Standard newspaper in London stating you don’t represent them and your claim to represent them is a lie.

You’d better show the letter in court then. Very odd letter for my editors to write.

The Evening Standard newspaper lawyers are upset you have their banner on your blog in a deliberate lattempt to add credibility to your lies.

Were they to be upset I guess they would mention it to me, not you.

Further, the Thai  Immigration Police  and  Thai Labor Dept. will be Informed of your fake sponsor of your press credential as will the Thai  PR department that unwittingly issued your fake Press Card your lawyer showed me.

All my documents are in order. I would not have it otherwise. I have told the authorities to expect your call.

Your visa you get out of country every 90 days should be cancelled soon after our evidence of your false credential is exposed. No Press Card no visa. No visa no work permit.

I do not get my visas every 90 days. Its an annual thing. 

Got 800,000 baht for a retirement visa from your “Donate” button proceeds you used to pay your lawyer when we sued you last time?

Not planning to retire yet.

No more trips scouring the streets of Phenom Penn for you. We have many  pics of your sick antics there. More people dislike you then follow you. The NGOs you think support you are actually investigating you.

Most outrageous thing I have done in PP is fall down the PP Post stairwell. If you have picture of any sick antics you should post them. We shall certainly require you to produce them in court. An the boss of an NGO in Cambodia has made a very generous personal donation to this site – so obviously you are quite well known.

We also have evidence implicating you in the scheme to set up me and my wife with a false charge.

We’ll certainly wish to see evidence of this.

Your WordPress blog better start generating positive income. You will need it . So will your few followers and internet buddies who parrot your lies or have assisted you in Thailand.

It often does when you react like this.

Any website that repeats your lies will also find themselves in court and in real trouble.

God gave Noah the rainbow sign.

No more water the fire next time.

The time has come!


‘The Boghoppers. God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign


Finally a number of people received this letter which of course constitutes a new libel case. For those out there who have not yet contacted me – Please do.

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  1. One of the bullets reads "Company or Business Logo Design, Website Development, Social Media Sites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Fist Page of Google Search Results Ranking, Brochures, Fliers, Printing, Publishing"

    What is the use of a fist page I wonder?

  2. Is it April 1st ? This has to be a joke………does he not realise stealing a video like that can get him into serious trouble, frankly I don't know if I am shocked, amazed or amused he is back to his old tricks. Thank goodness AD & the Internet exist.

  3. Hmmm!! I certainly don't think I'll be using his web design services.. What a bloody awful website, looks like it was knocked up by a 8 year old.

  4. Never mind Abhisit, who is the lovely lady with the grey eyes just below him? Is she available for One Stop?

  5. Credit where credit is due, if he was a boxer, he would be a champion the number of times knocked down and gets back up. Hide as thick as a nymphomaniac bull elephant, yet like a little furry energizer bunny, he just keeps on goin and goin and goin.

  6. What's it going to take to get rid of this guy? Silver bullet? Stake through the heart? He's like Max Cady in Cape Fear- just doesn't know when it's time to give up.

  7. Jesus this guy Drew is a complete and utter gutter rat. I noticed your coverage has had good results already, he's running scared and removed the vids from his website. His new company has encompassed just about every service imaginable, sort of jack of all trades master of none type thing. Ah well I'm sure it won't last long until he thinks of something else

  8. Andrew, please leave this guy alone. Cant you see he is deranged.Like his elevator can not be going all the way to the top floor.

    Please be kind to animals.

  9. I'm sure by now many readers have received a "snarling" email from his highness Drew Noyes. Like an elephant with a broken tusk, his rambling, lumbering cc email addressed to me, countered every claim, accusation and fact brought against him on AD's blog.
    I'll selfishly make a comment about his remark referring to myself as: "a waste of space and a drunk, thus my dis continuation of my employment with Pattaya Times News".
    To para phrase the famous words of Winston Churchill when accused of being drunk in Parliament one night:
    "I may be drunk tonight, but tomorrow I'll be sober, and you will still be ugly".
    In the case of DN, it doesn't get much uglier than his squirming, flatulent and self serving sermon posted out in a desperate attempt to claw back some credibility in the eyes of those who may still not be convinced by his
    Illegal activities and claims to be a legal entity within the Kingdom. Not allowed Mr. Noyes, not allowed by Thai Law. Further, my "employment" by you terminated simply because you couldn't afford to pay my salary, as you claimed your ex wife had " cleaned out" your bank account the day before, of BT3million. You can dispute that all you want, but that is what you stated to me in your office the night you handed me BT3000.00 instead of the BT30,000 promised for my six weeks work, including the preparation for the very first issue of your Pattaya Times Broadsheet Newspaper.
    As far as I'm concerned, if it looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, there is a very good chance it is a duck. So quack on Noyes because you're the one sitting in that now infamous photo at Pattaya Police Station, surrounded by arresting Police Officers, with a pile of Thai Baht on the desk, and your partner sitting beside you. NOT ME. I was actually working that night, not taking up space at a Police Station under charges.

  10. I think it's fair to say DN should certainly be certified, but certainly not for any business venture!Can't for the life of me understand after all the exposure he's received that he's not already been deported or at least his "suitability to remain in Thailand" questioned?

  11. Lee, thanks for the info. I am hot footing it over there today to see if Natalie can give me One Stop servicing.

  12. I wonder if his new company offers legal service to outstanding foreign lawyers/journalists/real estate developers/parachuters/women's advocates who where invited to the country by royal degree to save the nation.

  13. Keith Elphick, you were cheated even if he paid 30,000 Baht. The law states 50,000 Baht for European foreigners as minimum. DN knows this but he will find victims easily. Yes he will bounce back unless we keep the pressure on, never make a deal with a psychopath it will have no meaning to them. Relentless exposure and calling their bluff will have some effect. He now has to rethink what text to put on his windows. Of course he quickly removed the VDO from his "new" web page, its on record anyway. Now his door to the US is closed, unless he wants more trouble, it appears he has little options left. If I was NC I would disengage from this looser.

  14. I think it obvious what his game plan may be. He is reinventing PAPPA and seeking to establsh it as a rebranded catch all organisation which he can then franchise out to any number of outlets where farang may congregate in sufficient numbers. Usual get rich quick bit of nonsense one used to see peddled by farang quasi visa shops. The strategy of course relies upon naive new arrivals, stupid enough to think they can capitalise upon their wedge, falling for Noyes' patter. The thing is, there are folk out there daft enough to get hooked but then, may be that's their dhukka.

  15. So there we have it, its official… It's all Drummond's fault! I'm glad that's out in the open.

  16. The email from Drew Noyes reminded me of a drunken rant in by Eric "Dirty Dog" Broder. Apparently he got very drunk and started a thread in which he called various people out for trouble, including talk about guns etc. It was both entertaining and educational, as I had no idea he was such an idiot beforehand. As I read through the mail this morning, I wondered if indeed, Dirty Dog was at the keyboard

  17. I had to laugh reading about the parachute jump – such a crucial detail in the thick of everything else. The Cape Fear comparison is on the right track but closer still is the piss-take The Simpsons did with Sideshow Bob playing the role of Noyse, I mean ahh, Max Cady 😉

  18. I enjoy how DN uses the word blog like it is a disease, for an SEO expert he clearly has no idea WP controls 15% of the top 1 million sites, add in blog and blogger and it is almost 25%.
    Stay safe Andrew this guy scares me.

  19. I am confused, Just a question,

    does one get fisted by these services to end up in the "fist page of google search" as mentioned in the services section?

    Thanks for looking deeper into this.

  20. As I understand it, folowing on from his arrest on a charge of suspected extortion, the authorities in Pattaya were declining to accept transactions from clients represented by Noyes and his company PAPPA. Was this true? If so, it's no wonder he has attempted to launch a new vehicle for his works.Presumably,the authorities will know about his metamorphosis and maintain their embargo, if it indeed existed.
    Noyes is quite clearly unwell and I suspect that in his own evidently tortured mind he probably thinks continued legal action against you, Andrew, is his only potential source of future income.
    I'm trying to think if people like him ever recover from their mental affliction.Surely, increasing age must have its impact?

  21. It’s quite clear from reading Noise’s e mail he’s extremely desperate, possibly even a danger now and lashing out at his nemesis. Has anybody contacted the authorities to have him committed?
    On a personal note…..I’m a little disappointed I wasn’t included on his hate mail list.
    Ah well next time.
    I love your work Rude………Drop me a line when you’re out of therapy.

  22. Pathetic blog Drew??
    Of all the sites viewed from within Thailand
    Drummond's site ranks – 451st in overall popularity (not bad for English language site), for comparison…
    Pattaya One news – 517th
    Pattaya Addicts – 540th
    Pattaya People – 3951st
    Pattaya Times – 5736th
    Even has more interest than your site Drew at 1151st
    Go see for you self

  23. Dear Drew Noyes, my name is Terry Anderson and unlike yourself I have never used an alias or fake name. I have nothing to hide. No need to lie to anyone. You might find this hard to believe but people who do no wrong have no reason to use fake names. How many do you use, Vega , Magnus Evans, David Freeman etc. I will be back in Pattaya next month and maybe I will come to your new office and we can have it out. I may be older than you but I can still handle myself. Can you. Also of interest was your all to common threat of sending someone to jail. In this case it is Andrew Drummond. I think we have all heard this before. But since you made up the policemans quotes saying that they were 'after' Drummond it is you that has had a stint in the Pattaya Courthouse and then an overnight stay with your wife in the Pattaya Police Lockup. If you want to threaten me dont hide behind a computer you sad loser.

  24. It seems that Andrew Drummond has most of 'respectable' Pattaya on his side. All the Lighthose club and now the Expats clubs have seen the light. All the Pattaya press bar Pattaya People and of course the Pattaya Times. People with deep pockets. Drummonds followers come up with the cash when needed so I doubt Drummond is too worried about cash. God like, he just asks and people donate. Let us hope that Howard Miller does not back down again before Drew's Deadline.
    On the other side of the fence we have Drew's followers. Bobby Brooks,Dirty Dog, Brian Wright, a Buffalo Girl, an Australian pimp, a Danish ex pimp and a couple of old queens who wear makeup and run a gay bar who Drew descibes as leading business people because it suits him. In the same letter he puts down 'Gerinimo' for his sexual tastes. Drew having it both ways. Maybe a good 'fisting' is in order from the team at One Stop.
    How many of Drew's foolowers have helped out financially with the court costs. I presume nobody. This is costing the Noise big time.
    Westerby, Drew was 'banned' from the land office. Unfortunatly for him he failed to understand the Thai style subtleness of the rejection. He had wrongly assumed it was the same for all foriegners and hurridly wrote about it in his rag believing he had a scoop and didn't realise until after the newspaper was distributed that it was only directed at his company following his arrest. I would assume you are correct with your assumption.

  25. If Drew Noyes was a "boy band" he would be a world wide phenominum. As soon as his name appears on the listings on this blog as a news story, the "switchboard" lights up. With some exceptions , any new story about Drew Noyes attracts thousands of readers, and lots of contributers.
    Gee, if only this person was on the side of good!
    No………. really…… think about it for a moment.
    Drew Noyes stories rank among the highest interest viewed stories and comments on AD's site.
    Let me as a humble reader and sometime contributer to the posts on this "blog" urge everyone, and anyone, who has had a personal experience with this rather hapless character, to contribute either their experiences, or knowledge of anything that may be untoward regarding him, to put their story forward' with factual substantiation of course.
    Drew Noyes WILL be stopped, and hopefully removed from the Pattaya business landscape BY WAY OF EXTRADITION, or disgrace, or imprisonment perhaps.
    Whatever…. the days of these fools is over, and so it should be. A new generation is emerging within Pattaya, and the "beer bar" old style,……old men Caucasian entrepreneurs is almost over, not yet, but soon.
    Thailand is rapidly catching up with the rest of the world, and i'm happy to see this particular American financial refugee getting his just desserts. He will not return to the States, because if he did…he would probably never be allowed to return, by both his own Country, and Thailand.
    The Drew Noyes story is messy, and not good.
    Can we collectively put our hands together, and farewell him out of his comfort zone, and lose this melanoma on the local hierarchy, so they can get rid of his annoying interference and embarrassment, and get on with Improving their operations and procedures.
    ( this may not happen whilst wages are so low but let's hope things will get better).

  26. Mr Noyes demise has been, prematurely, predicted here before…

    What are we to read into this latest outburst? Is this and his 'reinvention' as a '1 stop shop' a final roll of the dice?

    He's certainly a survivor if nothing else, can't see anything yet that will cause his ultimate demise…

    Is the extortion case still rumbling on?

  27. AD, Terrific report, as usual. Dittos galore, "Great to have this site…"
    I was amazed a lese-majeste charge never materialized from his lately erased claims of connections (of which I'm sure screen shots still exist.) This latest however is blatantly criminal, can the authorities really ignore it any longer?
    ( Answer same as; "Does a monk really drug tigers for profit?")
    If this doesn't result in a conviction and then possibly, preferably jail then subsequent deportation, 'fer sure he's The Teflon Con.
    Who can play him in the Crime TV episode? Let's have a poll, who has a twang?

    btw;Those biblical references are most worrisome.

  28. How does this creature have the gall to say this "You brought this upon yourself and it it is unfortunate that your family will suffer your absence."
    Is it not true that he has 2 children in the USA to 2 different mothers that he abandoned to open up beer bars in Pattaya? Is it not true that he has been absent from the life of the mother of 4 of his children here.(the one that cleaned out his bank account)
    And another with 1 child.
    And how much family time does he spend with his newest wife that also has 2 children with him.(the one he was arrested with earlier in the year) How does he divide his time between his new wife and his mia noi from the Boffalo bar and trips to the Phillipines and Vietnam.(but not to have sex surely)
    A judge described the way he treated one of the wives as 'cruel and inhuman.'
    Then there are the convictions for assaulting women and allegations of sexual harrassment.
    And then to top it all off there is the issue of his buddy Brian Wright and the Jomtien bar.

  29. Like most people I have followed your articles on the adventures of Drew Noyes with a sense of curiosity and loathing, on one side somewhat curious as to how people can fall victims to such obvious fraudsters and loathing for the likes of Mr Noyes and those alike who prey on peoples trust and vunerabilities. Subsequent articles relating to the libel claim and court case have been a mixed bag, sometimes personally biased, which is understandable, and others are back to the old Drummond professionalism, simple, honest and to the point. Lately it all seems to be declining into a childish 'tit for tat' with some commenters seeming to get a somewhat warped sense of gratification with their demeaning comments that do very little other than to provide fodder for others and arguably open avenues for more 'victicious' litigation. Stick to your roots as a professional journalist and do what you do best, by exposing Drew Noyes, and others, and providing a source for people to expose the evidence of the acts committed by the likes of Drew Noyes, you are providing a valuable resource for authorities to openly review and obtain information in kind.

  30. Keep up the good work Andrew, the sooner we are rid of Con men like him the better for us all. The good, Honest and decent citizens of Pattaya can make this happen.

  31. Your comments always appreciate Lloyd. Yes I am somewhat biased of course if you mean I like to call a spade a spade. One can't sit on the fence with people like this. The BOI story is a bit of a joke. But at the same time we have to keep challenging this man, because people will get fooled. I am doing a fair amount of censoring of critical emails though. I had to put up a defence to that letter it was put out with the intention of hoping some mud would stick I guess.

  32. Andrew, Drew Noyes is claiming in the above letter to you that –"Haya Jane whom i met on Tagged ( a partner site of Facebook not a sex site as you wrote) is a very nice lady and was a very good employee whom we had no problems with her or the other 14 Fillapinos who worked for us over the years without incident contrary to another myth you created."–
    The following are recolletions from another Filipina who workered there. Quite different to what Drew Noyse is now claiming.
    __" ‘I’m one of the Filipinas working for Drew before. I saw an article on the Pattaya Times website that promised working visa and air fares and a high salary to work in Pattaya for Drew Noyes.
    ‘I wanted to do this so I could send money back to my family. After working for one month and with overtime and Sunday working instead of receiving 15,000 baht plus over times I received only 7,000 baht after Drew took out money for the visa he said he would pay for.
    “My friend who also came over and was promised 12,000 baht was only paid 4,000 baht.
    ‘We were told to leave the accommodation immediately when we complained about our salary.
    “The visas were tourist visas even though we were working in his legal office. When I left to find a job that paid more Drew rang my mom and dad and told them I got sick because I went to a bar and got drunk and didn’t come to work.
    I was really sick and he knew it because he saw me. I never went to a bar in Pattaya when I was there.
    ‘When in Pattaya my friend and I met a American couple who, when we said we were working for Drew, felt sorry for us and bought us dinner and gave us 200 baht.
    ‘They then took us to an internet cafe and showed us the truth about Drew on the noyeswatch site.
    ‘What we had heard about Drew we hoped was just rumor but it was actually was worst than what was written about him. We both came to send money back to our families but ended up they had to send money to us and we lost money we could not afford to lose’.

    So, why did he cut her salary in half and have her working on a tourist visa and refuse to refund her expenses as promised. Underpaid her and then threw her out onto the street when she complained. In a foriegn land far from home and people she knows. And presumably with no money. She paid her own airfares, her own visas and probably other costs that are associated with moving countries. She worked a month including overtime on Sundays and was paid a measly 7,000 baht. Disgusting.

    He has treated this girl terribly. And where does a 55 year old man get off calling his employee's parents to tell on her for drinking in a bar.(which she claimed never happened.)
    Shame on you Drew Noyes. I want to slap the fake smile of your face.

  33. Walking around this morning I noted the shops only have very old copies of the Pattaya Times. From the middle of last month.
    Perhaps Drew has been too busy fisting clients down at the new uncertified OneStop Office. I sure he knows a couple of leading Pattaya business men that would surely love to lend a hand, or two.
    Also Drew is claiming that he is member of Mensa. To be a member off Mensa you must be in the top 2% level of IQ and be tested. There is no way Drew Noyes is in Mensa. If he was I am sure that the Pattaya Times would have reported it. Over and over. He is claiming that he has been a member for 22 years. Pants on Fire? Next will he claim to be a lawyer? a doctor?
    Today is Monday. Pattaya One, Drummond and Pattaya Today haven't done as Drew wished. And now you are going to do what Drew? Shut up and go away. Oh, thats right, you can't leave because you must report to the police every 12 days as part of your bail conditions for your extortion charges.

  34. David, no disrespect intended to the real Natalie. That DN sought to link her to his "One Stop" was disrespect enough.

  35. Monday 6th August, D-DAY ??????
    The time has come and gone, did not see any fire, but plenty of rain water in Pattaya.
    What went wrong DN?

  36. Andrew, you should turn around all his above falsehoods and sue him for slander, especially since he sent it to many people. If you need any document to further your case, I have literally hundreds of documents which proove hischaracter. Yes, as Noise wrote, it is all in the public domain, question of knowing where to look.

  37. "Facebook closed down the spinoff hate site aliases Pat Angklo" Great, do not delude yourselves. A new, better site is in the making which will also be in the Thai language, this will be send around as sure night follows day. The wheels of Karma grind slowly but will NEVER fail.

  38. In fairness to Drew, it's possible he may have had another go at the jump and made it the 2nd time round. I'm sure most people (myself included) doubt very much if he did, but just sayin'…

  39. I have received an email again from a man claiming to be a son of Drew Noyes. I have no reason to disbelieve him. But I have asked for some sort of ID. He has written before and his letter seemed very sincere. He watches this site from the U.S. He read the recent post from someone saying Noyes had children by two different mothers in the States. However he believes there is a third and is enlisting help in trying to trace this person.Here is part of his email.
    "A commenter, Stacy, I believe, posted a remark saying that my father has 2 children with 2 different women in the United States. I assume that I am one of them but are you aware of him having another child here? I understand that your job is not to be a genealogical resource for me but, if you have any idea, I would be curious to know if I have a brother or sister here that I am unaware of. Once again, thank you for your time and the work that you do".
    There are several American contributors, and researchers who have been contributing to this site (in particular by searching court records) Some of you have known Mr. Noyes for a long time. If you believe you can help this chap please make contact and maybe we can do some good out of this mess.

  40. Somchai: I agree with you that it's very, very likely he didn't jump. And in no way do I think we should give him the benefit of any doubt. All I'm saying is that a video of him bottling it doesn't 100% prove that he didn't eventually manage it. (But based on the rest of his character, I'd say it probably 98% proves it…)

  41. Well summed up Khun Somchai,
    One thing for sure,
    DN is a real legend in his own mind.
    Looking forward to the 25th.
    For everyones sake, lets hope the truth will emerge asap.

  42. Somchai, chapeau, you summed it up perfectly. I just received an answer from Rose, one of the Phillipina's, I sent it to Andrew and I trust he will post it here.

  43. Just saw a video of DN jumping off training deck for parachute training. It is on the NAYMZ site of DN under the video section. True or Hoaxs video I can't tell. Let you decide.

  44. Well it is heavily edited – and it shows DN announcing 'We are going to Korea' and then includes the last part of our video when he went inside having bottled out. Then he appears to be suddenly out again and 'geronimo'.
    The link is below as well as the link to the video where DN refuses to jump. In fairness to Mr.Noyes and the accuracy of articles on this site I have now amended my site/comments and include this link. It does of course still not constitute DN completing parachute training. I have been back to the witnesses one of whom now says he did see DN eventually jump. Accordingly I offer my apologies as well. And thank you Skippy for pointing this out.

  45. Drummond certainly looks like he has DN rattled. Out and about this morning and there are still old yellowing copies of the pattaya Times in all the stands. A 3 week old paper with month old news that has been lifted from other sites. Why would anybody advertise in this rag? Is drew not releasing the latsest edition because of something libelous?
    Or has he been too busy changing his OneStop webpage after Andrew exposed it. Gone are the pictures of Natalie, gone is the video ripped from the BOI and gone is the claims of all the qualified staff he was claiming worked there.
    Also gone is the opening hours. I read that he would be open from 9am -11pm. But last night i rode past at 7pm and it looked like it had closed down. Door locked, nobody there.

  46. Somchai you have been taking notes!
    Your summation of reported events paints a vivid and clear picture in every THINKING persons’ mind. Hopefully everyone will take heed. “Maybe” they will.

  47. Oh Drew you are so brave. Did you jump or were you pushed?
    Judy pointed out that you were being a touch libreral with the truth regarding your Fillipino workers.
    Now I see that you state "Neither Ken Barret nor Chris Stanley left Pattaya Times as you reported. Both men were fine sub-editors and we are on good terms with them."
    I think Chris Stanley may see it a different was as revealed to me what looks like his resignation letter to the Pattaya Times where he desribes being upset that he was required to write an 'outright lie'. It seems you knew the truth but you went ahead and printed these lies. Trying to con another investor? Claiming that BP were involved.
    Dhris Stanley to Drew Noyes
    ‘Your lead in the last edition also left me cold and out on a limb and is the reason I did not put my name to the story I had written. It is also the straw which has broken the camel’s back.
    When I talked to Alfred in the afternoon before going to the printer he told me directly that no contact had been made with BP other than sending an email with his plan to them to which there had, surprise surprise, been no response.
    Despite this you had me write a completely different picture of your company’s involvement in the process which can’t be described in any other way than as an outright lie. “
    But more to the point, you have indicated that the next issue will perpetuate this deplorable inexactitude and further compound it with a revised contraption which has no more chance of success than the first scientifically impossible device .
    The article, ‘The Well from Hell’, which I sent to you and Alfred (Wilhelm), should have put an end to it all but it appears not to have had that effect based on an email I got from Alfred Wednesday….
    Needless to say, I am not working on any further fabrication of this ‘story’.
    You compromised my integrity in a way which is totally unacceptable. If this is your chosen style of journalism it is better that I am not part of it.
    The paper is a knee jerk process which lurches from one crisis to the next and moves nothing forward at all while any attempt to change anything falls on condescending or deaf ears. Sorry to be so blunt but that is the reality.
    I’m not one to listen to other’s experiences, preferring to make my judgments based on my own experiences but when the pattern repeats and I start to feel embroiled, I start to wonder if I too am being treated in the same way. I’ll leave it at that because if you don’t understand what I am saying my point is well made’.

  48. Hello Andrew,
    Contrary to DN's beliefs…..
    It is "One small step for a man"
    but not
    " a giant leap for mankind".
    Reading the article,
    puts things into perspective, if I am not mistaken, the awards were to thank the group for the donation of computer equipment to the camp.
    The article also stated that the boy in the group was the bravest and jumped twice.
    Keep up the good work, good luck.

  49. Skippylechihuahua I guess people did not register the actual second try after the kid jumped twice. The "chicken sh*t" part sticks to peoples memory first as is natural. Another thing becomes apparent, he is now contacting his old victims offering them jobs again, (as if they have no memory) my guess is, to try to look favourable in a future court appearance. This will not work as none have agreed so far to do this and notes of people contacted are kept. Also, according to my fly, a recent article in his PTY Times praising the guy (and his son) he is in court with as being the next best thing to sliced bread for installing a security system at a PTY project is irrelevant as this installation was performed 8 months ago, hardly can cal this news..

  50. I have the utmost respect of HM QUEEN SIRIKIT SERVICE MERIT MEDALLION AWARD and all Royal, Military, Civil & Government awards in Thailand.
    What I find hard to accept is seeing a SIMPLE guest of Thailand exploit these awards beyond their initial intended purposes to seek personnel gains.
    Its kind of like jumping in front of a VIP to get a photo taken and then show it off to all………Its disrespectful.

  51. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, for a person who has lived a life of infamy DN attracts a heck of a lot of attention on this blog and plenty of other places. I wish I could generate this kind of publicity ( in a more positive sense of course) but even to this day I'm in awe of the thousands of words written about him, and the thousands of views to this site about him and his antics.
    I have a sinking feeling that in some convoluted way, this all may be feeding his not inconsiderable ego.
    But let's all keep the vigilance up, and the focus on him until truth, justice and the proper legal outcome is achieved.

  52. From Drew to Andy "Your friends working at Pattaya Today and Howard (Pattaya One News) will also answer for their false reporting unless they clean their news and community radio websites by Monday. So will the few webmasters stupid enough to repost your vile lies about many good people."
    Really? Going to close down Youtube are we. Lets be real here. He couldn't even have a one man blog closed down with all his so-called influential friends he claims to have. Threatened Andy with jail etc. but it was not Andy who has spent time in custody now was it.

  53. AD appears to have upset DN by revealing DN's approach of using Tagged to recruit 'workers' from the Phillipines.
    This is the same man with (police reports for assaults) on females, and the former owner of Pattaya beer bars and the Official Blowjobs site.
    If it was just a social/professional thing Drew, then why the hell did you lie about your age?
    And blow Internet kisses?
    And is this a normal thing to say when recruiting "I really want to know you more. I think you are very special?"

  54. Tony and Elisha: Thanks for you comments. I am slightly concerned (as one of you has just signed up) that you are bringing up old material to remind people. However I have allowed it on the basis that D.N. has breached all terms of a recent agreement, not least by his publications on the net but also his round robin 'I will get you' email in which he makes new claims about the Filipina 'employee', and because of course he continues to post libels about yours truly.
    A few posters here have already made reminders of the myriad complaints about him.
    It has crossed my mind that DN might in fact post to this site using a pseudonym with the intention, in his mind, to make me in breach of a court agreement.

  55. "Rose Romblon text me AFTER we fired her for poor performance. She wanted to work for us again. You said I was a sexual predator with her and I have the SMS messages proving that is another lie.

    What???? You fired us..??ha..ha..ha..Mr. Drew Noyes Don't you remember??we quit hmmm. you got memory-gap or maybe you lied again and again..don't you?? So i had a poor performance,and what reason why you texted me this! : ''Rose we need you here?Let'Haya go!I can't believe it! You made this stories just to clean you're name.Common! Drew Noyes''i thought your smart enough, how long you gonna hided under skirt of your wife..? If you think, im like the others.They just keep themselves shut up! after you made them wrong.well Mr.Noyes not me okay!Your old enough, to think what is right,what is wrong..or you just keep going lied.Really, shame on you..'Sir Drew! and Yes! you are sex predator.You know what you did to me and you know what is the truth?You've been lied us, about our visa,permit,and salaries.
    From the ''Tagged site you made lied again..Drew changed to ''Bob name, until you deleted why you scared to know, who really you are..? your absolutely lied to everybody!Another message i received from you, saying this: ''If you want Work OT then you can make a lot of money to send home..remember this message ??? and later on We just found out No OVERTIME PAY..Gosh!!how could you sleep at night,after used poor employees without payment.Rushing to finished your news papers(Pattaya Times) for nothing..we spend long hours at your office then what??

    Anyway i'm done! Thank's to those people who support this site..keep it up MR. Andrew Drummond,judy,Lloyd,Pat Angko and others who comments on this issue.
    stay safe Everyone!

  56. The DN pheunomina is a publishers gift that just keeps giving, as just a quick glance at the number of " hits" this story is getting ( close to 6000) far and away exceeds any other story I can find on AD's blog. If we allow for (say) 50 contributors some bogus most real, then there's over 5000 people interested in this man for whatever reason. Can we encourage more participants to get involved with hopefully more factual material regarding DN both past and present, especially those like Rose, who really is setting the record straight. I know of a couple of other people who have been in " the employ" of the Pattaya Times Newspaper, and they have been in contact with me over the past 12 Months, and I urge them to contribute their stories.

  57. Keith: I'm not sure to whether to deduct points for repetition or impose fines. I think the latter is best. An Aus$10 virtual fine has been imposed. You can of course make it a reality by going on to PayPal :-). There is an additional (local style) AUS10 'hurt' fine for suggesting, albeit with some evidence, that some people, nay a lot of people, only watch this site to see what DN is up to.
    PS: I think DN's claims of me going to jail are exaggerated but I will have to go to court again on Aug 25. Nobody has yet asked me to take the witness stand, I'm hoping we can do it at last. Unless something startling happens (not unusual in local courts) and DN is believed, most of the costs are taken care of. In fact I think give or take about US$500 everything is taken care of now. So that's a tremendous thank you to all.
    A poster noted that I was being looked after by some rich guys in Pattaya. I do not know if that is true. But I have had donations from five pounds to 1000 pounds and more where a group has got together. All are equally appreciated. I know at least one or two are from pensioners who have their own financial problems. Mr. A a letter is coming your way.

  58. Seems the Pattaya Times in no longer online ans the onestopp site has changed yet again. I would have bought it. But it was overpriced at US$12.99 on godaddy

  59. AD I incorrectly posted a responce to your comment on another story page, but basically I accept the "fine" and I certainly will be posting a measly Au$50.00 via Pay Pal to you this week as I am in admiration of your strength and fortitude to keep fronting Thai Courts over these matters, and your ongoing persistence to thwart people who wish to prosper themselves at the expense of others who in the first instance ( myself included) believe that people such as DN ( but not exclusive to him) are the "real deal". As you know from communications I've had with you that won't be printed here, all kinds of manipulations are put into play, in an attempt to turn opinions and "spin" the reality into their game play. I accept my punishment for my repitition.
    Keep it up AD, many people are very obviously behind you.

  60. Andy I have only just registered because up until last week I had never heard of you. I was alerted to this site by a friend who had read about you in the Pattaya times. It took me 2 days to get through it all and the Scott Gold article I actually just copied from another earlier post where you revealed Drew as the owner/operator of Official Blowjobs.
    I certainly am not Drew Noyes, Magnus Evans, Howard Miller, David Freeman or Vega.
    I felt in needed to be revealed as Drew was spreading lies that somehow it was your fault.
    The facts as I see them are
    1)Drew Noyes was caught out lieing on his resume to say he attended Phillips Exeter Academy, an exclusive prep school in New Hampshire; Duke Universtity and the Harvard Graduate School of business administration. It claims he graduated with a journalism degree from Duke, though Duke doesn’t offer such a degree. Officials at all three schools say, no one with his name attended thier institutions and in his 1993 deposition he admitted making it up.
    2)The Morning Star reported on this.
    3) In the strange mind of Drew Noyes he believes that somehow his lies reported in the USA are your fault.
    After reading what Rose Romblom posted in sounds eerily similar to the girl in America who refused to give Drew 'a little taste' and was fired.
    To treat Rose in such a horrible manner was bad enough, but to then lie and tell people that she was sacked for poor performance, well that is disgusting. She left because Drew ripped her off with her salary, gave her 4,000 baht instead of the 12,000 promised, didn't refund her airfare as promised,didn't give her a work permit as promised, didn,t pay overtime as promised and sexually harrassed her. She had worked for a month with overtime, and with airfares and relocation expenses she probably would have lost over 50,000 baht. Which I am guessing she couldn't afford.
    Great work, I have already sent out your website links to everybody I know that lives in Thailand and America.

  61. 'The Swede', thank you for that link, so funny. I urge everyone to click on it and then read the testimonials. The one from N C is priceless! Most of the rest appear to be from people who are too shy to give their surnames! I wonder why that could be!!

  62. The following testimonials from the PAPPA website state that DN is a "LAWYER". True or misleading ???

    “Drew is a lawyer in Pattaya Thailand who works with expats .He has been in thailand for 14 years ,speaks fluent thai and knows the Thailand law exceptionally well.”
    June 1, 2011 Dale B.,

  63. Well it seems the stupid onestopservices site has now been turned into the usual Drew Noyes propaganda machine, but when the site was originally launched there was not one mention of his name, which under the circumstances was probably wise.. He mentioned another branch in the Avenue S(h)opping mall, now there is only one other person I can think of that has a presence in the Avenue Shopping mall and that is good old NC and his PP media machine who incidentally did have a go at promoting 'the Avenue' and seems to have only succeeded in further emptying the place of tenants.

  64. Skippylechihuahua wrote "i am proud to call him my friend” April 6, 2011 Chris Gleeson" If you ask Chris now I think the answer will be totally opposite, unless there are two people by that name.

  65. Skippychiuawa, RE ;;
    “Drew is a lawyer in Pattaya Thailand who works with expats .He has been in thailand for 14 years ,speaks fluent thai and knows the Thailand law exceptionally well.”
    June 1, 2011 Dale B.,

    If you want a lawyer of high integrity who is trustworthy and reliable without the added confusion of the language barrier, I would recommend Drew, Thailand is not an easy place to do business and Drews detailed knowledge of Thailand and it’s Culture as well as the Law just make him Superlative at the services he can offer you. I was a client now i am proud to call him my friend”
    April 6, 2011 C.G.
    This is a very cunning move by Drew Noyes. He wants people new to Thailand to believe that he is a lawyer. He had been promoting himself as such for years. As a way to gain their trust, as a way to gather information of any past problems with the law so he can use it against them later and of course so they use his 'legal services.'
    Andy has almost put an end to these blatant false claims. However by putting in testomonoials from his cronies such as Dale B. and Chris Gleeson he gets THEM to describe him as a lawyer. Technically he is not promoting himself as a lawyer, he can not be accused of this, he can just say that his friends were wrong. But only if questioned. Otherwise he will just happilly play along and will not correct it.
    So C.G. claims that he 'was once a client now proud to call him a friend'. Client in what regard. Probably just got his girlfriend a simple vias? I would imagine it would have been a trivial matter.
    This one caught my eye as probably the most obvious example of one that might have been written by Mangus Evans himself." “I have known Drew Noyes since 1968, when we were Beach Kids together. He was Always a leader in school and as an adult Drew was the Founding Chairman of the Carolina Beach Downtown Redevelopment Committee from 1992-1997 appointed by the Mayor. My mother was Mayor-Pro-Tem at the time and Drew frequently proposed new, exciting projects before Planning and Zoning and City Council, which turned out to be very profitable and good for the island.

    Drew and his companies bought a major portion of land on the island and developed Harbour Point Residential development. He got approval for the first marina in the US to be granted in 28 years and designed and built Harbour Point Yacht Marina. The company was instrumental in the renovation of Snow's Cut Marina and developed the Carolina Beach Boardwalk by selling the South end, oceanfront land, to build the Marriott Hotel and Municipal Parking. This was a great feat for promoting the island like it had never been promoted before or since.

    He was the Broker in Charge for his company Noyes Realty, CEO of Pleasure Island Corp and partner of Boardwalk Oceanfront Properties, LLC.

    Always a major property owner on Pleasure Island and in Carolina Beach he became a self-made millionaire.
    Drew was very close with his father, Captain Irving Noyes until his death. I keep in close contact with him and see him every year."
    Susan Efird February 8, 2011

    I personally don't believe this woman actually wrote it. She may exist, but in my opinion, they are the words of Mangus.

  66. Drew Noyes posts about himself ;;
    University of Tennessee, School of Journalism Bachlor of Science, Journalism with minor in International Marketing
    1974 – 1985

    11 years to do a journalism degree? Another lie? Or did it really take Drew that long to complete a 3 year course?

  67. I looked at the testimonials page also, and agog at the " depth" of praise toward the "great man himself".
    Dunno about you guys out there, but one may stumble across a business or product that you find outstanding and send a recommendation about it back to the Company involved. I like Hienz Baked Beans English style, but I don't write a devotional testimonial about the Managing Director of the Company.
    If anyone actually knows any of the people listed on that page, please contact them and alert them to AD's blog, and let's see if they actually wrote em.
    Further, if any Company still puts its name and advertising revenue toward any of the implicated people and matters involved with this particular story, maybe they can be directed to this site, and advertise here, as the readership far exceeds any local publication in Pattaya currently, and I'm sure AD will do a very competitive rate. ( jeeez, I should be working for you AD).

  68. I particularly enjoyed these two 'Testimonials'from the PAPPA site.
    "A hard working, honest and compassionate man".C L.

    "Drew is an upstanding citizen of Pattaya and Thailand in general, who has dedicated his work and leisure time to helping others and serving the general good of the local community"! Paul B.
    Brings tears to the eyes. Drew could not have wished for better even if he had written them himself!!

  69. On the "PAPPA.CO.TH" site you can "meet the team" which brings you to the "certificates" of real qualified Attornies.
    If DN was or is as highly qualified as he claims all around the net why doesn't he have any certificates in law shown in this section?
    I do not think that just hosting or attending a law seminar gives you any qualification in law if there is no exam?
    Please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.

  70. C G wrote this about 10 years ago, and no, he did not need a visa for his girlfriend, he married a highly educated woman. He ordered Drew to take it off before Monday or DN will be in court again. (edited. Pat Angko I have been in contact with Elisha)

  71. Ally. I agree. If people go through DN's testimonials this will be interminably boring. And may lead to worse – his biographies. Please all, I think we get the picture. Enough

  72. I can confirm that C.G. has written to me saying he is taking legal action against Drew Noyes unless the 'testimonial' is removed on Monday. I believe he will be reposting seperately.

  73. I would like to put the record straight, I like a lot more were taken in by Drew's charm and confidence, i am usually a good judge of people.
    I got Drew totally wrong, When he did some work for us in a prompt and correct manner, I wrote on Linkden the post now on his website. After i was advised to read Andrews site, I removed the posting and cancelled my advertising with his newspaper.
    Unlike Drew my wife and i do own a legal practice based in Bangkok and i can provide the certificate issued by the lawyers council.
    Yes i could have given the work i gave Drew to our own lawyers but being new to Pattaya was trying to build business contacts.
    Below is the email I have sent Drew and my wife has spoken to Drew's wife and left her in no doubt that legal proceeding will be taken on Tuesday if this is not removed from his site. below is the email i sent.

    Hello Drew

    It has been brought to our attention that a post has been made on Andrew Drummond which my name as been used in your newspaper.

    "If you want a lawyer of high integrity who is trustworthy and reliable without the added confusion of the language barrier, I would recommend Drew, Thailand is not an easy place to do business and Drews detailed knowledge of Thailand and it’s Culture as well as the Law just make him Superlative at the services he can offer you. I was a client now i am proud to call him my friend”
    April 6, 2011 Chris Gleeson,

    You have not or ever sought or got my permission to use this, indeed it was removed from my linkden account because of the things I was reading about you. I have just had a conversation with my wife and my lawyer, This will be removed my end of business today or my lawyer will issue legal proceedings against you on Tuesday.

    Elisha Saunders I can assure you i am not one of Drew's cronies and i take exception to this comment,your remark is offensive since you only discovered this site 2 weeks ago. You do not know me or anything about me.

    God, it is not only DN's zoominfo profile that appears to have been hacked into. A Martine has posted on 2 other of DN's networking sites.
    They go from Drew being the most loyal honest,credible etc etc to serious accusations regarding Drew Noyes, his best friend Brian Wright and a bar in Jomtien Beach. You just couldn't make this up.
    I wonder if he will remove this first or Chris Gleeson's false testomonial.

  75. The posting by Mr.Gleeson is a powerful disclaimer that should be well heeded, and hopefully, more will do the same. I can really feel the momentum now after reading this from him, and at last the sandcastle is beginning to finally crumble, and we are getting substantiated and authenticated substance at a professional level regarding DN.

  76. I would also like to add that Drew told me personally that he was a lawyer only one of three to be able to practice law in Thailand under the Amity treaty with Thailand, If Andrew Drummond wants a signed statement to this effect please contact me.

    As you notice my post called him a lawyer something he is not.

  77. Robert wrote "A Martine has posted on 2 other of DN’s networking sites." ….. The same Martine who posted damaging untrue info on PA Exposes which he then used to have the site stopped? A misinformation a la Hermann Goering, this time he is too obvious. Maybe DN should look how Mangus Evans is doing on Facebook. Meet the family Drew :-))

  78. Thank you Mr Christopher GLEESON for having taken your time in setting the records straight to my question in regards to DN and his testimonies .
    Your endeavour to seek the truth seems to have paid off, The testimony in question seems to have been removed.
    May the force be with you Mr Gleeson.
    Thanks to all who seek the Truth.

  79. I too can confirm that the testimonial has been removed, I hope others that have not given permission also be as strong as what Mr Gleeson was.

  80. Hold the front page! Well, er it has been held already. The Pattaya Times which as not published since the middle of July was back on the streets somewhere in Pattaya today with its latest issued dated 7 to 21st of August. Can anyone supply a review? (corrected from 14-21st)

  81. Hello Andrew,
    The only copy i could get a hold of is August 7-20, 2012 VOL.5, ISSUE 15.
    Notice to readers states "now printing on the 7th & 21st of each month."

  82. Noyes family motto " NUNCIA PACIS OLIVIA" translates to "THE MESSENGER OF PEACE" according to DN on
    How is the following a message of peace?
    "God gave Noah the rainbow sign.
    No more water the fire next time.
    The time has come!"

    DN has posted some videos of the HM Queen REGENT SIRIKITS merit service award on the net. Before receiving the awards everyone were reminded of the following:
    1. Never do any wrong.
    2. Use it in a proper way.
    3. Only show the best respect.
    If these points are not respected by foreigners then one day one could claim that no foreigner has since received such awards.
    Sorry I just had to get that off my mind.

  83. The Pattaya Times must be the only newspaper in the world that people now want to get their hands on, not to read, just to have, possibly as a collectors item as it is completely audacious after all the issues that have been canvassed here on this blog regarding its publisher, yet he is STILL able to continue as though nothing has happened, and probably STILL plagiarising stories from the wires, which means he must STILL be "employing" staff, and STILL have the financial wherewithal to put out a print run despite all his legal woes and expenses, which suggests there are STILL those who choose to advertise with the PT, and forward revenue to same.
    Only in Pattaya I guess.

  84. Keith, as you undoubtably know, he is only doing what he does best – putting up a " smoke screen". He IS affected by all of these truths being revealed but he will act as though they do not exist. By operating this way (even to the extent of printing old adds that were not renewed – which costs him nothing) he generates a false aura to lure the uneducated into thinking he is successful. He is also, no doubt, trying to convince Andrew that he is undaunted by the forces EXPOSING him. Do not fall into this trap!

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