Apologies to readers of this site who were expecting comment and analysis on the Thai election. The owner of this site is trying to go to bed. He has no news or analysis.

He did however write a few words in reply to requests such as ‘What were you wearing when you were dodging bullets? ‘ And ‘What does it all mean?’

And he has also left his favourite picture of Chuwit Kamolvisit, the politician the western press also loves to hate. electioneering on account of the fact that the ‘voter’ he spoke to today in his limited vox pop voted for Chuwit, once Thailand’s most famous person to go to if you’re a man and looking for a ‘nice lady’. Chuwit also showed today that he could fight with the best.

This is his reply which he gave to one reader:

“I was wearing an ‘I love dad’ sweatshirt – which I had to buy myself – and blue denim shorts, turned up above the knee. Matthew was as usual wearing a pair of fairy wings, Annie was wearing Mickey Mouse ears and a tutu which she likes to wear while gardening, and Archie was wearing his birthday suit and had introduced the garden hose into the house while I was doing analysis in my office- The nanny is away – and has just returned to rescue me. The kids have run up a bill on their Ipad. The place is a mess. Half the house has been destroyed. Now I do not know whether its fireworks or bombs that are going off nearby. 

“As a result I could not go near the demo, and as any journalist will tell you – if he is not a photographer – you cannot fully cover these occasions by being in one particular place. I have been to the demos five times in total – This weekend I have been locked (or rather I locked myself ) into my office – and threw the kids the occasional crumb – (no that’s not true I did them a delicious lunch – so delicious I had to eat it for my dinner) and have been broadcasting all day – to places – including some I have never been to. This is the new style news gathering.”

Asked about analysis: he replied:

“Analysis! Analysis! Are you serious. I’m leaving that to Andrew McGregor Marshall, Jonathan Head, and Michael Yon. I’m up to my ears in analysis.

“All I know is that the £ is getting stronger against the baht, the caretaker government will plod on without any mandate to do anything, and anti-government demonstrators will remain anti-government. And Andrew is still waiting for the ‘elephant in the room’.

“And this was a great day for democracy, er, wasn’t it? Well that’s the view of my viewers in Burkino Faso…Nah just kidding.”