Flying Sporran’s Weekend Diary

The forthcoming visit of British detectives to Thailand has stirred the imaginations of more than a few – but their visit is unlikely to be the same as the visit to the orient of two US detectives in the film ‘Black Rain’.

The cops played by Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia were chasing an errant Yakuza member, yes I guess they are all errant but this one was not following ‘The Code’, and set Tokyo ablaze in the process.

They were unceremoniously marched off the inquiry at one stage. But all came right in the end as the ‘good Yakuza’ helped them entrap the bad and the New York detectives, one of whom had a dodgy past, blew half of them away before getting their man.

This is however probably not the scenario for the British detectives coming to Thailand, who will arrive in grey flannels, white short sleeved shirts.

The British police are of course, a much more sober lot, who do not talk, unfortunately, in Hollywood sound bites and with no guns down their socks.

They are however coming to Thailand among widespread rumours that ‘mafia’ are behind the killings on Koh Tao.

Truth is stranger than fiction because Thai police deny there are any mafia figures on Koh Tao because, if there were they would have been told.

This will of course be their first starting point after which, they will be royally entertained, offered tourists trips and be asked when they are going home.

Some Embassy staff seem to be great fans of the Thai controlled CSI LA Facebook page which has been addressing the question of the non-existent mafia on Koh Tao, so the Brits may be more persistent, even though the Ambo is on an anti-media jaunt.

Now I apologise for being flippant for a minute because this really is a deadly serious matter. And there is quite frankly no more room for lies or playing around.

What happens is of importance to every parent who has had a son or daughter murdered in Thailand. But quite frankly there is going to be some play acting.

But the whole world will be watching the British detectives and praying they get it right and what they do have on their side, including the British public is the support of a large number of Thai people who too want to know the truth, and apparently a lot of people in the United States too.

The international community and journalists are getting tired of Thailand’s legendary cover ups from bird flu, murder, abuse of migrant labour, to a modern day slave trade in Bangladeshis.

Meanwhile CSI LA continues relentlessly to target a University student in Bangkok as somehow involved in the Koh Tao murder and bit by bit has been picking away at his alibi while mentioning three mysterious men who got off island on a speedboat.

They claim for instance that while he claims he was with his amour in Bangkok, she was waffling away on Facebook in Pattaya  70 miles away (100 on mileage allowance) This young lad faced the press with a lawyer, and even showed CCTV of himself in Bangkok. Of course red herrings abound.

He must have been working overtime to get the alibi package going.

But by then of course General Panya Mamen had announced that the police were looking for two people, one the son of a head man who was in Bangkok.  Not long afterwards General Panya Mamen was removed as Chief of Police Region 8, South Thailand.

One of my favourite pictures however is this of the Bangkok University student.  This guy appears to have the ability to work through closed doors, or is it my imagination.


  1. I have a very good feeling about this development. Now the British investigators are involved hopefully, the real questions will be highlighted and shed some light on this investigation. I don't think they will be pushed around or stand for playing games….

    They will expose the dis-honesty, and produce a clearer picture of how this investigation should have been exercised.

    I know there are pessimists who think that nothing will come of this and it will soon be business as usual for Thailand's tourist industry and Mafia (chav, uneducated gangsters) controlling the seedier side of the country.

    I don't think so. I don't think any tourist will feel safe on Koh Tao knowing three people have been brutally murdered (The British guy Nick Pearson found washed ashore a few months ago close to the same place Hannah and David were found).

    Would you stay in AC resort and say Sawadee Kap to the Manager (who posed with a 'don't have sex on the beach advert')?

    Would you feel morally just in hiring a motor bike from the Motor bike man (who posed with a hoe).

    Would you feel morally just in any kind of therapeutic or hedonistic pleasure on that island knowing how the two Brits were butchered?

    I honestly think that something positive can come out of this horrific crime. If people think positive and don't give up and keep putting pressure on by not keeping silent. I know I could not sleep at night if I was someone who could do something for the truth to be told.

    Hopefully the British detectives can take this case to the next level and expose the Thai police for their scandalous and annoying attempt to cover this murder up.

  2. The British Police only need once piece of evidence.

    DNA samples from the accused.

    The body of the victim was returned to the UK – if it was examined on return they (the UK police) will already have DNA of the actual attackers.

    If they do not, the UK police need only examine the custody record of the DNA that the Thai police took from the body.

    Either, verifiably intact or questionable.

    Any doubts the UK police express will call the whole RTP case into question – by arguably one of the most respected police forces in the world.

    1. Not necessarily… DNA samples from the accused parents/siblings could work just as well, at least to cast the necessary doubt.

  3. Well that date stamp is all over the place. Look at the first numeral 15 and compare it with the 14 on the end of 2014, there is a noticeable drop. The time stamp again is crooked. I can't think of any logical reason for that.

  4. So now today on the front page of The Bangkok Post, from the Prayut's mouth, "No investigation….. observation only…."
    Will the remand custodians on Samui prevent that cheek swab from Mr. Zaw and Mr.Win? They'd better or else there well may be a serious contradiction in findings.

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