British Ambassador meets with Thai Police, Foreign Ministry and Burmese Ambassador



If the Thai Government have nothing to hide then it seems, although it does not need to, it will allow British detectives to, if not participate in, then contribute to the investigation into the murders of David Miller and Hannah Witheridge on Koh Tao.

It is unlikely British police would allow their Thai counterparts to investigate a murder of a Thai in London. However British police would allow Thai police to present evidence.

In fact they would be legally bound under the terms of ‘discovery’ and British laws dictate that to suppress evidence which could be relevant to the case is certainly illegal.

While it’s clear that few people believe the young Burmese brought before the courts today are guilty, both the Thai Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha, and Police Chief Somyot Pumpanmuang, have forcefully stated they have got the right culprits. There does not appear to be much room for manoeuvre.

But if Thailand is confident then the British investigation will add weight to Thailand’s own police force, and perhaps will help to heal its reputation.

British Ambassador came out of a meeting today with the Thai Police, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Burmese Ambassador. Its the first time they have all got together at the same time. This may shed new light on the case but the details of what was discussed is likely to be kept under wraps.

A constant irritant to General Somyot however are the posts on social websites, in particular the Facebook site CSI LA which has been stirring the pot since day one.  Somyot insists that two people close to the Head Man in Koh Tao are not involved.  CSI LA suggests otherwise on a daily basis and continuously questions the alibis of a University student in Bangkok.

The site claims for instance that the woman provided as an alibi for one of them in Bangkok was in fact with her boyfriend in Pattaya at the time.

It also claims that the ‘University’ CCTV footage which was produced to back his alibi that he was in Bangkok at the time of the murders was not recorded at the University.

Somyot says with, some truth, to the authors of these websites:

“You can say whatever want because you don’t have any physical presence. You never thought that your opinion will affect the work and feeling of the police. You are just a keyboard detective with a wild imagination and can’t stop thinking. Since we are the police, we can take criticism. Your opinion also affects our society. In our society there are lots of people with different level intelligence. Only idiots believe what they saw on social media”

Social media does produce a lot of red herrings, as has CIS LA. but the mainstream media would be foolish to discount all social media comments, because social media does attract ‘people on the ground’.

And those with some knowledge have been talking on social websites too.

What is currently annoying Thai police is the interpretation by CIS LA of the CCTV footage obtained on the night of the murders.  This CCTV footage is actually owned by one of the island’s businessmen.  Police say it has been helpful with its investigation. CIS LA say it has been helpful to confirm its suspicions.

What we do know however is that Thai police claims of who was caught on CCTV (They have already mistaken an oriental couple for Witheridge and Miller) have been erratic.  Now CIS LA have thrown up a CCTV still which look like it could be a young man whose alibi includes the fact that he was caught on CCTV in Bangkok, well same sort of hair cut.  They are also questioning his alibi. Are they pushing the boat out too far?


10 thoughts on “British Ambassador meets with Thai Police, Foreign Ministry and Burmese Ambassador

  1. Forgive me, but in all this sturm und drang it seems the fact that the two suspects had already given their DNA samples to the police in the first round up of the " usual suspects" (and which we must assume proved negative in the comparison test with the DNA found on Hannah) has been overlooked.
    Indeed, I recall someone claiming that the suspects were photographed waiting in line for their samples to be taken some weeks ago.
    Just a thought but worthy of reflection.
    Have the RTP admitted that their DNA sampling did not extend to the Thai trio currently under the glare of adverse social media?

    1. Not to defend the Thai police but at that point the backlog of samples must have been almost unmanageable. It's likely they simply were not going to test everyone until more clues could be investigated.

      Another point that needs addressing is the vast amounts of unregistered foreign workers that seem to be the main source of the low paid workforce on these islands. So really, if anyone can pay their way into Thailand, ( and we all know about western foreigners doing it, too) then how can the government even attempt to make claims Thailand is a safe destination when there are no control mechanisms above harassing honest foreign business owners with petty rules ? It's just more complete and utter BS.

      Incidentally, today would have been Witheridge's 24th birthday.

  2. Another very interesting post on the CSI LA site has two frames from the video captured via CCTV. It shows the person holding his left arm and hand in a very unique way in both going and coming from the area of the crime scene. It is presented with a pictures of their suspected person holding his left arm in a similar position in two different photos. These guys are making a strong circumstantial case which could be derailed with one DNA test. Also the person in question has been asked to provide the video of his alibi to remove all doubts but so far there are only still photos which we know can be doctored. You can even make a fat bloated fraudster look like a Royal Marine or Barrister of the Old Bailey if you have the skills.

  3. Great that a police force famous for beating people up in cells, stitching people up, giving false evidence in court, being responsible for innocents going to jail for life, and much much more think they are qualified enough to stick their noses into foreign police affairs.
    I feel sorry for the parents of these kids but I also feel sorry for the people who have been victims of British injustices brought on by corrupt lying police

    1. Wow – have u drifted in from Thai Visa. While British police may indeed have done all the things you ascrbe to them at one time or t'other – its not really famous for it. Comment allowed – mainly because I have allowed Christy S below to give another alternative view.

    2. That's what I like about this site. You allow people's opinions to be aired whether you personally agree or not. Ever thought of charging Thaivisa et al a fat consultancy fee for showing them how forums and blogs should work in Thailand?

  4. The boat out too far? Well, no…not if it's a life boat and needs to get out of the suction of the broken keeled and sinking fast Thai-tanic. Thailand isn't going to get away with this one, those laws that protect the rich no longer apply in the global arena, and it is too delicious for words to see it happening.

    Horrible that it took these two young lives to do it, but finally, hallelujah, the world is seeing the real Thailand where an entire culture is based on lies, deceit and false smiles to cover for two faces.

    That video is very good and CSI LA is even better. The evidence presented on the site is walking all over the cop's version of events, which they themselves cannot even keep straight.

    We all know who the killer is despite the phony confessions and evidence, fake video and now even the personal alibi falling apart.

    Hang that bastard, hang them all – hang 'em high !!

  5. The whole case depends on the DNA. The Thai police say the DNA of the two Burmese boys matches that found on the victim. If true it is an open and shut case. Nobody disputes DNA evidence now.

    However, given what we've seen, the DNA should be handed over to a neutral country for verification. There are a number of things I find very disturbing about this case.

    In the videos and stills from the crime scene, the bar manager (who should have been considered a suspect) could be seen with the police trampling all over the crime scene. He could have easily removed or contaminated evidence and left misleading footprints.

    Given the strong resemblance of the bar owners son to the person caught on CCTV, a printed still photo as an alibi is ludicrous. He may well have been in Bangkok but letting him and his lawyer hold a press conference and present their own evidence is just ridiculous. If the police have seen video footage of him in Bangkok, release it and remove the kid from suspicion. If he's also refusing a DNA test. Why??

    Then we have the way the suspects have been treated. Bringing in the local pancake boy as translator reeks of amateur hour. Given he is a person who probably fled persecution in Burma, he is not suitable and should not be considered a neutral translator.

    There are so many holes and suspicious deeds that have taken place in this case you can't blame people for being sceptical given what we know the Thai police are capable of. The DNA is what proves who did it. Can we trust the Thai police handling this evidence?

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