Last night and again today this Bangkok based internet
website topped
one million page views in a month. That is great news and shows public
confidence in its content and in its investigations.

The recent high ratings are of course a lot due to the close
following of our reports into the murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller
in Koh Tao, which are being followed by the public and media worldwide and we
expect the site to settle down at a lower figure.
But Andrew Drummond would especially like to thank readers,
posters, and supporters of this site, many of whom have become and are becoming
new friends, for their encouragement and of course financial support – support which
is often required unfortunately to tell the truth in Thailand.
Currently we are fighting three fraudsters who should have
been banged up a long time ago. 
We will win these fights with your continued
assistance. But of course this should not be our battle, it should be the
battle of the Royal Thai Police – the same agency which is taking a world-wide bashing
at the moment.
This might in part explain why I am fighting one person who
should not even be in Thailand as he has a seriously previous criminal history
and who is in court for serious offences, and two others who are also in court
for serious cheating and racketeering offences.
Between two of these people some sixteen websites have been put up to destroy the reputation of Andrew Drummond, if you Google his name the first page will be covered with allegations of ‘convicted criminal and fraudster’.  They spend a lot of time on search engine optimisation (SEO)
But remarkably the author’s reputation is intact and stronger then ever, and here on this website we have had over the last 21 days some 16 calls from people seeking lawyers and who originally had considered a phony lawyer in Pattaya, but had seen his internet rants. In short every dirty trick they have pulled has failed. We are not lawyers, but have been happy to pass on details of honest ones.
We have also continually highlighted the activities of the ‘Wolves
of Bangkok’ who are defrauding hundreds of millions of dollars from victims
Over the last week we have also received quite open threats. The ‘Wolves’,
share scammers who openly boast about paying off both military and police, have
decided not to give way to a group known as the ‘FraudRecoveryGroup’ which
consists of 90 victims, who were demanding their money back – on pain I guess
of revealing to a selected authority here as to where that cash went.
Readers of this site will of course have a pretty good idea.
They have decided instead to deal with the local
problems. One of those local problems is this site.
Threats, of course, can turn to inducements. They have
offered to buy this site to close it down. They have described this act as Drummond’s
‘get out of jail free card’, as opposed to ‘get out of hospital’ – an earlier threat.
Unfortunately backing their arrogance is a lot of cash. 
But I rather think we will fight on? I am not going to set a bad example to my kids.


  1. I wonder if there is a mutually beneficial arrangement between the 3 stooges and the boiler rooms, one group financing the activities of the others to continue the battle against you, Andrew? And please stop referring to the boiler rooms as The Wolves, that term seems to glorify and romanticise them, there are many more appropriate terms you could choose.

    The anti-boiler room blog you reference seems to have gone very quiet, could it be that they were just bluffing about revealing who the recipients of the apparent millions of dollars protection money were or perhaps they have come to some financial settlement on the understanding of no publicity about it?

    1. Actually I think the boiler room boys have too much contempt for the three amigos and Goudie is now going into court without a lawyer – but then again maybe its because he knows the law better.

    2. And even if they were inclined to support them its too late in the process. I do recall Drew Noyes writing a post saying I had wrongfully lied about people running an honest business in the share trade though! – He was clearly looking for support. And he invited a few to join the Pattaya Optimists! Though I have no respect for the BR boys – they would regard Noyes as a trashy amateur.

    3. Bob, Bob – BOB – you cannot compare real crooks who work with brain and succeed in using the greed of their clients to gain millions with the three – ahm – in fact actually only two ( I exclude the old man) who rob the oldest, naive and vulnerable people they can find. Those two are not even allowed to sit on the same table in a high class restaurant. You can find them more in a soi 6 establishment where they impress bar girls (no offence) with their successful life stories.

      The two actually want to whistle "la Paloma" but have no teeth in their mouth – wannabes only but still annyoing pain in the ar… and not more.

  2. The one thing you can be sure of is none of these guys would pull the trigger themselves. The nature of their crimes show they are cowards. They prey on the weak, the elderly and the vulnerable. The best they could do is pay someone with their dirty money to do the deeds they don't have the stomach for.

    If anything happens to you there will be no place safe for these roaches to exist. They better believe that. I never fear the loud mouth threat maker. The guy to watch is the quiet guy who says nothing. The stooges are a joke. Pathetic nobodies and total flakes. Two delusional two bob conmen teaming up with an ex-pimp well past his use by date. It's embarrassing to even talk about these guys.

  3. They may be quiet – but they have NOT finished. No settlement has been come to. The ball is now in another court. Well I have changed from 'Boiler Room' boys to 'Wolves' (but I still use both) . Its a sort of name recognition thing. Older people will remember the film 'Boiler Room' younger people will remember 'Wolf of Wall Street' – which is Boiler Room with more sex drugs and rock n'roll.

  4. Congratulations on the Hit Parade, Andrew. Reading between your lines, it's obvious that nothing will deter you from continuing on with what you excel at – investigative journalism.

  5. Dear Andrew

    I just hope that you are safe because those Thai Police won't like what you're doing. But the country and the rest of the world need's your courage and investigations.

    Keep it up

  6. Sorry for the delayed congrats, I doubt there are few google blogs that generate a million pageviews/month.

    Hopefully your audience will look at the articles where Noyes/Hanks/Goudie are capitalising on the joke that the Thais call their "legal" system and express their opinions there as well.

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