Pattaya Publisher Skips Father Christmas Libel Hearing For JudgesRoadshow


August 26 2011

The publisher of the Pattaya Times, well known ‘American lawyer’ Drew Noyes, failed to attend a hearing in room 12 of Pattaya Provincial court this week, as he had to host a seminar on ‘Insight into the Criminal Proceedings for Foreigners in Thailand.

Noyes, is facing a writ for libel, issued by lawyers acting for Andre Machielson, a well-known Dutchman in the resort. The truth will be decided by a court in Pattaya.

Noyes has been told to return to the court next month to deal with Machielson’s demands for damages, which included front page apologies in Pattaya newspapers for three weeks running and a cash sum.


Drew Noyes: ” I hold a 99.9 percent rating  in the ranking of more than one million professionals worldwide.”

Sir Neils Colov of Istegade: “Professional what?”

(*Click here To get this rating press the shield and sign up – Americans only though)


Andre Machielson’s whispy white beard has made him a favourite Father Christmas at children’s charities during the festive season.

While running a home security company, in his spare time he also performs as Captain Treetops with well known children’s entertainer Dr. Penguin, both of whom make guest appearances on Thai television.

Andre as Captain Treetops with Dr.Penguin in Lisu country in the Golden Triangle. This is no evidence, however, that they are running mule trains across the Burma border.

As Mr. Noyes claims to have a degree in journalism it is odd that he did not spot the potential danger in the libel. But Mr. Noyes also claims to be an American lawyer, which appears to be greatly exaggerated. 

Noyes’ advert on

(Since this article was publish Noyes has removed this section of a revolving banner – AD – Aug 31 2011)

Actually here at he claims to be the ONLY American lawyer certified to practice in Thailand which is really pushing the boat out a bit.

(Since this story was publish Drew Noyes has now amended this to read the ‘only American certified to manage licensed Thai lawyers in Thailand’. AD-Aug 31 2011)


Noyes made the allegation on the website  apparently set up by a group of expatriates who are not enamoured with him.

He hates this website understandably and has set up clone websites, and scores of others, to actually publicise what a great achiever and all round nice guy he is and how he can trace his roots to when one of his ancestors was rewarded with lands for his heroic part in the Battle of Hastings, and how he has given 14 years of service to a certain monarchy. 

Noyes was able to explain to the court through his lawyer that he was unavailable as he was, at the time stipulated (1 pm on Wednesday August 24) hosting Chonburi Chief Judge Visit Sripibool and Presiding Judges Mahachai Srithongklang and Charoenchai Asawapiriya-a-Nan.

Contacted by phone Andre Michielson (right) said he would like to defer comment but he was ‘satisfied the case would be judged with impartiality’ if it came to that.

I managed to catch up with the Noyes at the seminar in room 401 on the fourth floor of Pattaya City Hall where a packed room of foreigners was eager to lap up the knowledge about to be imparted, or, perhaps more so, wanted to know why Thai justice was not working for them.

Noyes oddly pointed out to the assembled masses that the judges were totally on top of the Thai laws of libel, a bit of a non-sequitor, but I suppose it was on his mind,

There seemed to have been a misunderstanding. Readers of his Pattaya Times and the forum were invited to submit questions, but it was clear from the speakers that they believed they were there to explain Thai law to foreigners, which they did very well naming every international treaty Thailand had ratified. 

In fact there is little wrong with Thai law as such. It’s the application people get confused with.

At the close of the meeting few questions were heard I guess – and Thai Visa closed down its thread.

I say ‘guess’ because I left early as I did not have time to listen to a lecture on law no matter how generous the judges had been with their time, besides Noyes had already also slipped out, which left some embarrassing silences.

I caught up with Noyes being interviewed in a stairwell by his former arch-enemy, the beknighted Niels Colov of the Pattaya People, who was there to lend his ‘What did you learn in school today?’singing Danish touch for Pattaya People Television.

Interestingly not so long ago Niels Colov also threatened to sue Drew Noyes over (false) allegations that Colov was assisting a ne’er-do-well who was conning investors in Pattaya. They announced their reconciliation here (linked at end of story)

COMMENT: Drew Noyes and the Internet

A  quick google of Drew Noyes in conjunction with Pattaya will immediately reveal a man who appears to be possessed with controlling his image on the net.

Various auto-biographies appear on a wide range of sites. In essence he claims Thailand is grateful for his presence. He has had a succession of Thai ‘wives’ and boasts many children.

He consorts with Ambassadors, royalty and the bosses of Pattaya city, he says, and has the pictures to ‘prove’ it.

He promotes an air of ‘ I love Thailand its culture, food, women etc’ possibly to garner local support, while employing at his office what are known locally as the ‘Facebook Filipinas’.

Noyes has set himself up as something of an expert on the internet and libel laws and he penned this piece on websites in Thailand through his former assistant New Zealander Jason Griffiths, a few months ago which is worth repeating because its such an amateur attempt to disguise manipulation of his own newspaper for malicious purposes. He is actually talking about www.andrew.local but he removed my name after a few days later.

Cloak of secrecy

The piece appeared after I revealed his involvement in the defence of a series of American pornographers, who were released of all charges under a cloak of secrecy after being arrested by Pattaya police – and reports of their arrests were wiped from local newspaper websites.

Perhaps angry that he was not totally in control he emailed me to warn me he knew the ‘No 1’ guy in Chonburi.

This is part of the Pattaya Times piece:

‘Authorities questioned say,,, and other forums and news-based websites in Thailand, popular in Pattaya are acting in accordance with the law and removing user-generated content as soon as they see a potentially damaging posting which could cause legal problems.

“However, smaller, poorly monitored, one-man blog has had many complaints made by individuals, under investigation. Calls for ceasing and desisting have gone unanswered by the blog owners in some cases and those bloggers are subject to arrest under the Computer Crime Act,” Noyes added.

“An English language blog operated from Bangkok is now being investigated by Thai police because the purpose is to defame Thailand, its institutions and some prominent foreigners living here, it seems. Yet, ironically, the blog under investigation is operated by a Brit who is an unemployed journalist living in Thailand.”

“Numerous complaints have been filed against him and his blog. TAT, the Royal Thai Police, the BOI and the British Embassy in Bangkok are copying his postings to appraise the damage caused to reputations and to take action ,” a Thai private investigator working on behalf of a foreigner who was smeared on the blog stated.

Now, how much of the above written in an ‘award winning’ provincial English language rag in Thailand is total fiction?  No, no prizes for guessing.

But here are a few clues. The Thai authorities are unlikely to give their blessing to ‘Pattaya Addicts’ which used to hold competitions for who could have sex with the most women from Pattaya Soi 6* in 24 hours, nor to Pattaya Secrets, which has a ‘Trip Report’ section in which sex tourists publish the photographs of their ‘conquests’ and invite comments.

Nor indeed would the Thai authorites give their backing to ‘Teakdoor’ if they knew what this site also contained. Teakdoor, which Noyes sponsers with his banner ‘American lawyer’ headline, is run by a former East London builder, called Eric, 46, writing under the name ‘DirtyDog’ (right) who is as mad as a wet hen, an internet warrior who shows off his hand gun on the web, but who in real life seems a bit of a dork.

Libel is his stock-in-trade and he is barely able to construct a sentence without the use of ‘f&%$ing!, c$$k!, c&nt! etc.  He called a Thai woman journalist and editor a ‘dirty whore’ and has a specially bad place in his heart, he says, for Niels Colov. His only defence if anybody bothered to sue him for libel would be to claim he was certifiable.

Finally while the British Embassy, BOI, and TAT, etc are hardly likely to be appraising damage and the Royal Thai Police have nothing to investigate, the Embassy certainly has certainly had something to say to Drew Noyes.

Earlier this year a highly libelous letter along the lines of the above Pattaya Times article, but less mincing, was posted  on the Scandasia site allegedly from Howard Miller, the British Honorary Consul in Pattaya. It was of course not from Howard Miller. In fact the email tracked back to: Admin ID:CR50039279 Admin Name:Drew Noyes Admin Organization: Admin Street1:157/31 Soi Somboonsuk Admin Street2:Moo 12, … a fact which was confirmed by officials of the MCIT, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.

This is one of Noyes’ old email addresses for his marriage/Thai visa business.

Miller and Noyes have exchanged words

Footnote 2: For first time visitors to this site (needless to say old hands will know already) this is not a site set up to defame Thailand as Noyes claims. Far from it, this is a bona fide news, investigation and comment site. We like it here, but we do however do a certain amount of investigations and point out where things can and have gone badly wrong and are helped by some good Thai people in that process for which we are always grateful. Despite threats along the lines of ‘I know the No 1 man in Chonburi’ we are not about to be pushed around by the likes of Mr. Noyes.

The real reason I was down in Pattaya was on a commission to report on the murder of the President of the World Croquet Federation an incident which was being reported abroad, as is often the case, before the local press got wind of it.

This is Pattaya – you just can’t make it up!

(unless you run a local newspaper)


Promotion poster featuring Andre (right) Mario on Channel 3, Seub Sai Delivery.
Drew Noyes – Optimist-International and Organised Crime

49 thoughts on “Pattaya Publisher Skips Father Christmas Libel Hearing For JudgesRoadshow

  1. Classic. What an incestuous bunch and that Eric chap from Teakdoor, a shining example of a real weirdo stands right before us in that photo. Hope this article and associated photo's does not disappear anytime soon. I saved the photo anyway for my upcoming website 'psychos in paradise'.

  2. Somewhat ominously ……

    ""Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung said the government will set up a war room to curb the activities of websites with lese majeste content.

    ""I won't let lese majeste websites stay on line during this government,"" said Mr Chalerm, who is in charge of justice and media.

    Asked about drug suppression measures, Mr Chalerm said he was adept at tackling drugs problems and had plenty of sources and information to help him solve the problem.""

    Perhaps the best of times to be rubbing up against the Pattaya Psychophant.

  3. Andrew,you've done it again! Vastly entertaining piece, what a total hoot these people are. The bounds of human delusion clearly know no limits and your continued taking of a hatpin to their self inflated balloons is a joy and a pleasure to us all. Please keep up the good work (even tho' you're 'unemployed'), in a grim and serious world we need this light relief very much!!

  4. Agree with Grant. Also interesting to wonder why ThaiVisa wants to get into bed with Noyes…in relation to that wonderfully informative packed self promotion seminar.

  5. Probably sounded a good commercial excercise for ThaiVisa. Do not suppose they have the slightest clue at what is going on.
    Actually I did pose a question to ThaiVisa.
    Is Drew noyes really an American lawyer?
    The question was deleted. 🙂
    Drew Noyes needs customers for his legal firm PAPPA. He collects list, which is why I hope that those who registered gave false names and addresses too.

  6. I couldn't help but notice that those assembled in the photograph all appear to be of the same vintage. Are you sure you haven't mixed up a set taken from the other seminar discussing the new immigration requirement limiting the age of falang able to settle in Thailand to 72 years and below?

  7. Lol…HB has announced his grand presence. Andrew, put up some more pics. I prefer stories with photo's. As for registering on TV with a false name, yes Sir, 15 times thus far actually.

  8. Eric seems quite an amiable chap at heart although he does have a few windmills which get him into a flap and tilting at them whilst apparently under the influence evidently drives him beyond reason. His obsession with you is a case in point and inspires all manner of obscentiy provoked by your very name. That apart, his forum is actually quite amusing and provides harmless entertainment for many in a way Thaivisa certainly doesn't.
    Publishing the chap's photo strikes me as a bit mean spirited even if he did teach at Leicester for a while……
    He hasn't defrauded anyone, stolen anyone's life's savings, had anyone beaten up or falsely imprisoned nor, as far as I am aware,has he dressed in a sequinned, hip hugging outfit in between running places of doubtful repute for the demi monde.
    Sometimes, we more civilised should rise above the fray and act as we would hope everyone should.

  9. Westerby: This just in from amiable Eric.

    ""Drummond, you have no legal rights, no copy rights, nor no release forms to use that photo, now I could complain to your server, he would laugh, that leaves one option, taking down your server and all that is on it.""

    He has a point of course but he is no observer of copyright as visitors to his site will know, so this is sort of sauce for the gander.

    Actually I only brought the subject up because Drew Noyes did a little promo for TD which was far from accurate.

    This site is to inform readers and that includes what goes on on the internet coming from Thailand.

    If I am innaccurate I am always willing to correct.

    If I were to dedicate a blog to Eric I think you would be fair in saying that might be over the top.

    He is not so shy of doing the same though.

    Personally he is probably one of the most malicious foreigners on the net in Thailand that I have come across and has launched many unsubstantiated attacks on other people. Drink is no excuse, merely perhaps an explanation.

    He is of course quite dangerous on the net, but quite frankly I would not be writing about him if I were not prepared to take him on and I am prepared for an attack as are others.

    PS: Eric, aka DirtyDog, never taught in Leicester nor did I ever say he did. I merely asked him once if he did and later established that the Leicester teacher was 'Crazy Dog' another internet warrior.

    Its no big deal but he thinks it is.

  10. Westerby: Perhaps I should have said I was levelling the playing field. For quite some time Eric has launched attacks on people hiding behing the 'DirtyDog' Rottweiler avatar.
    Now those people can see who is attacking them and are thanking me.
    I believe that is fair enough.

    In the same way I revealed a chap called BuriRamboy who was essentially saying a rape victim asked for it as in real life being a man who had been prosecuted and convictedfor stalking a lawyer who was defending his wife who had sought shelter in a Women's Refuge in Britain.

    We seem to differ on what is acceptable behaviour.

    PS: Can you swear DD has not done all those things 🙂 or is that conjecture?

  11. Andrew, I don't think we are discussing the same thing here. Decent behaviour, like charm, is something that comes naturally and I'm fairly sure we are both of the same mind in deciding who we'd invite to dinner.
    I'm no apologist for this chap Eric who clearly has to accept personal responsibility for his appalling lapses. But,ultimately, he is of no consequence and levelling any playing field is surely not worth it when the game is so footling. Frankly, I never understood why you bothered with him during your spell on Teakdoor.His prejudices are so deeply entrenched any debate simply provided more opportunity for him and his ilk to air them.
    I suppose what I'm really trying to say is that this settling of an old score with the hapless Eric is beneath you although I can well understand the satisfaction to be derived from exposing him to ridicule.
    Just struck me as a bit unworthy, that's all.

  12. That Dog definitely has fleas and most likely a blood sucking tick or 3. Good to see him get what he deserves and then sulk to you about it and threaten to bring you down…pissing in a gale and it's all blowing back on him now. Under dog he is not, under a snake belly perhaps. Thanks for providing a face to the 'internet warrior' so all can now see what the whimp actually looks like next time he goes off the rails behind his teakdoor.

  13. Westerby: I can see your point but on balance I believe it is better that people know who these internet warriors are.
    But its really only part of a bigger story. I did withhold his surname. Meanwhile I have reduced the space spent on him.

  14. Drummond, ain't you doing nothing more than advertising for DD? Now even more people are going to be visiting that site to see the ""mad hen"", etc, etc. Let's face it, you ain't said nothing that has already been said to him on his own forum.

    Heck, I'll send you a picture of me if you'll write an article and mention

  15. Sorry I could not give you a plug Billy Bob, but you were not one of the sites mentioned in the original Pattaya Times article. Thanks for the suggestion. I can see the comparison. Got plenty of pics already though.
    You are not the first to have asked.
    Sorry to see you did not meet the Drew Noyes list of govt approved websites.
    Perhaps you should allow the following sort of stuff.

    ""Yep read a news article about Thais and salt, seems they don't get enough salt, the average Thai is slightly thicker than a semi retarded monkey the article said, obviously that doesn't mean they are as thick as pig shite, just a bit more dumb than a retarded monkey""

    This was one of Eric 'Dirty Dog's' latest remarks up yesterday on the Teakdoor site

  16. Terrific read. On balance I think Andrew Drummond is right on this one. If Dirty Dog is making comments like that and insulting Thais while living here as a guest its only a matter of time before his come-uppance. Drummond might be saving him from himself and actually doing him a favour.

  17. Well you do get a lots of that sort of stuff on Thaivisa but not worded quite in the same way. I do not believe however it comes from the sites bosses and they get rid of the worst. They also get rid of valid comments in their editing as well though.
    Understandably they would rather play safe.

  18. JR: Agreed. But then I suppose he should go after ThaiVisa too which was mentioned by in the Drew Noyes piece

  19. Perhaps someone could copy those nasty Thai comments of his and send to the Thai Cultural Ministry…along with his name, first and last and his now widely recognised, albeit sad, photo.

  20. Westerby: Regret I had to delete your last post because I am not allowing this thread to go down a racial superiority road. No matter what is in who's diet.
    I think it however is a widely accepted view that successive governments have let down the country with their education policies.
    If I wanted to have a real go at Mr.DD/Eric in the I would have done long ago. The occasion has not lent itself.
    He is included merely because DN said his site Teakdoor had approval from the authorities. I am merely pointing out that the truth of that statement is barely credible and naturally have to provide reasons why.
    However I partially identified him for reasons already given.

  21. Looks like the Dirty Dog has a hard on now for one of your advertisers 'WHO IS this piece of shite? Archie G??????'. I understand the supposed theory of 'rising above the others' is all well and good…but really a good blood bath can do wonders for someone's 'feelgood' levels.

  22. Shame on you Andrew. You have shattered my illusions.

    I always had the impression that DD was a massively-built, bulging muscle warrior who would eat us little internet tiddlers for breakfast and spit out our bones.

    Instead, your exclusive photo of DD reveals that he resembles nothing more than an internet dork, wetter than a very, very wet hen.

    I'm gutted.

  23. Sam: Think I will leave DD to his own devices. He works from the same script.
    But I still collect print outs of what he says.
    I am missing the latest however, waiting for some samaritan to pass them on.

    CORRECTION: I am apparently able to read them myself.

  24. Thank you for that. A superb bit of research and writing. Highly entertaining too.

    You should have a weekly column about Pattaya. It would never be boring.

  25. Dirty Dog; Hot or Not ? NOT !!!

    Remember the time he was bragging about keeping his gun under the seat of his car?
    Let's see pics of Jason aka Marmite the Dog next, and King Willy, too. Thank you Drummond, for the payback to the two-faced degenerates that post personal info on TD.

  26. Since when is Lese Majeste about critisizing Thailand? Maybe it is morphing into such a rule, but currently, it is about making derogatory references about the Royals.
    One could argue making callous, (but usually true statements) hurts Thailand's reputation, but that is a different matter with wholly different set of rules. I'm not even sure it is indictable though it wouldn't surprise me with freedom of speech evaporating. At least in TD we have that, whereas TV is all about protecting the business concerns and bamboozling newcomers with highly censored info.

  27. Does William King post as King Willy, with what must be 100's of thousands of posts under various ""monkiers"" on numerous sites? He once posted my personal website and pics on the TD site, so really Mr King, who's a bully?

  28. Mustva Mond. Lese majeste is irrelevant here. So is your comparison of Teakdoor to Thaivisa.
    Teakdoor and Dirty Dog Eric were brought up in my article because the Pattaya Times article suggested that the Thai authorities had said the site was well monitored, which of course was poppycock.
    To posters who have started naming posters on Teakdoor I would like to say that for some time now I have know the identities of those you mentioned and others, plus their occupations etc.
    I am merely illuminating their shepherd.
    I should add that many posters on TD are eminently sensible. But they are not part of the dog pack.

  29. Interested Party:
    Yes he has also amended He now says he is the only American certified to manage licensed lawyers in Thailand.
    That is also not true. Has he removed his claim to have a degree in journalism yet?
    I think we are going to see some major chamges. But its all for the good.

  30. Seems there is a fair bit of editorialisation going on here but then it is your blog after all and so one can expect no less.
    TD is monitored by a team of moderators and control is exercised within the remit of its own policy and Thai law. It is a forum for adults permitted to express views on myriad subjects in whichever style the contributor chooses. Profanity may be challenging to some in the mainstream but the forum is not and never was part of that.It is free ranging, occasionally uncompromising and some times downright insulting but a logic does persist and its raison d'etre remains in that it is a point of contact for those with an interest in Thailand in which views may be expressed without fear of censure on the grounds of contrived convention or protecting commercial interests.
    That the proprietor is not within the compass of your moral rectitude is frankly of no significance in gauging its worth which can perhaps be better measured by the extent of its membership and the range of topics structured to reflect the interests of those drawn from all walks of life who in most instances are representative of a caucus embodying the principles of free speech, common decency and the wish to associate without censorship.
    That you should selectively extrapolate posts and comment from the forum to bolster this thread on your blog at the expense of the forum is of course your choice and doubtless it will curry favour among several quarters some of whom probably have no understanding of the forum as it actually exists. Nevertheless, as I said before in my last post which you declined to publish, your reference to the proprietor is quite gratuitous in the context of this particular blog as indeed is the publication of his photograph which seemingly only serves to inspire ridicule.
    Good journalism or tabloid excess? One might be forgiven for thinking you and Eric are simply different sides of the same coin.

  31. I had to re-read Westerby's post. It was miles away from his usual sensible analsis

    ""common decency' is hardly a trait on teakdoor though i agree there are some very good posters.

    and whatever he says they certainly do censor

    I agree with R, you have exercised restraint given what DD etc wrote and threatened; and restrained with professionalism

    i try to make balanced responses so i should possibly add that there are other forums in Thailand that are behaving with a high degree of disingenuity on censoring posts and making misleading incorrect statements

  32. Westerby: I have let your wordy missive through.
    But quite frankly you don't get it.
    First of all Teakdoor is not working within Thai law if its boss issues death threats against people and makes wild untrue and downright vicious allegations against others.
    The fact there are sensible people on the forum and sensible arguments therein is neither here nor there in that context.
    I did not have a personal issue with DD as such. The truth is that DD's actions were pointed out to me and I was asked if I would challenge him. I agreed.
    Do I have a personal issue? Well I suppose as he resorted to threatening my family and provided links to pix of my young daughter, which are not publicly posted on the net, other people's opinions were more than confirmed by my own experience. However as I entered into dialogues with Dirty Dog in a professional capacity its not my place to whine about what he did to me.
    I am not falling for that rubbish about 'free from commercial interests'
    What happened to the North American lawyer (not Drew Noyes) after he stopped advertising on Teakdoor?
    Of course I am selecting comments to illustrate my point.
    Would you suggest I take them from the gardening section?

  33. As long as any threats or other rants are removed in a timely fashion by DD minders/mods, TD is in compliance with existing Thai laws. I also agree it is highly and sufficiently moderated for Lese Majeste infractions and voicing negative views of Thailand is perfectly allowable- still, thankfully. TD remains a viable and entertaining alternative to TV's over censoring and paranoid guidelines such as no references to Bangkok Post or Phuketwan.
    At times I think it is really the same 20 or so controlling content on both forums.

  34. Smeg, why do you think I have anything to do with DD or MtD ? Why do you think you need AD to get a picture of me next ?

    Christy S. if you post your real name on a site, and insult everyone dont be surprised if someone googles your name, it aint really rocket science.

    AD:You have both made your points now. Personal feuds should be conducted elsewhere.

  35. Mustafa Mond. That was awfully boring. You seem to be labouring under the impression that DD can post what he likes, then remove it, which will absolve himself of all legal action.

  36. I agree with William King. Rather than concentrate on personal feuds, why not consider why almost all thai forums are becoming full of bitchiness and flames. Even the newest forum has caught the bug

  37. Actually Newbie, That was Andrew Drummond's insert( A.D. ) "".. stop personal feuds..""
    William King posts personal info on discussion forums, admits and defends it, but then calls others "" internet bullies.""

  38. I agree with William King. Rather than concentrate on personal feuds, why not consider why almost all thai forums are becoming full of bitchiness and flames. Even the newest forum has caught the bug

  39. The tactic of “avoiding Court appearances� is not a new one to him. He has skipped out on Court in the past with his previous nemesis. In that instance he manufactured a story that his housekeeper had found the “Summons� stuck in the gate at the house and had not shown it to him. That, of course, was his ploy. The truth is that he was afraid to face the accusations in court, in front of a Judge that could see through his false smiles and very “pleasant�, yet faked, mannerisms. Armed with this story he persuaded a very respected person (who has influential friends and excellent legal advisors) to intervene on his behalf, to help him out of his predicament. The final chapter of this relationship is of course the same as it is in every episode of his life; the people that were gullible enough to think he is a friend learn that he is only using them to gain something that they are capable of supplying.

    What everyone associated with him needs to understand is that this type of a being will callously and artificially befriend you, use whatever it is that he needs you for (your money, your influence, your expertise etc.) then discard you for his next “mark� when it appears to him that you are catching on. Also understand that by blindly trusting him you are putting yourself in jeopardy. He will manipulate you and cause you to be in a compromising situation, and then offer to help you out of it saying that he can use his influence and contacts; and that, of course, will make you think you owe him something.

    If enough people that have been duped by him will come forward through a common venue, possibly this blog, then further efforts that he makes to “con� other people can be abolished or at the very least thwarted.

    As far as his association with this DD, … they were made for each other. But as others have learned in the past, DD will learn: You are being “Usedâ€? and you will get the short end of the proverbial “stickâ€? unless you act faster than him!

  40. Andrew,

    Great story!

    In my opinion you have shown remarkable restraint. You are absolutely right to say anything you want about Dirty Dog – as long as it is true – as he went way over the line with what he said about you. Many, many, many times.

    Dirty Dog said:

    “His family in Bangkok are the next I will try to endanger. “

    Hope you copied that thread. Bet some of them will disappear.

    Crazy Dog Peter seems equally unstable but in a different way.

  41. The Photo of the Room 401 meeting contains the 'Drew Noyes Fanclub', his sycophants at the expats club who make sure he is always welcome.

    The one on the far right is the chief enforcer Lawrence McLaughlin and next is geriatric 'Sig' Sigworth.

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