Aha. I never thought I would be one for those cheesy family Christmas cards but there I was in Tesco’s in Kingston Bagpuize when I heard this high octave ‘Ho! Ho! Ho! and ‘Have your picture taken with Santa for three quid!’

Seemed like a good deal to me. The Santa was actually a woman as we are living in the world of true gender equality, but dad never got to sit on her knee, because we are living in the world of true gender equality. So here you have it. All done in three minutes. So Merry Christmas one and all.

And a Happy New Year, when hopefully we will be slaying a few more dragons.

PS. The haircuts were three quid too


  1. Merry Christmas Andrew.

    It is good to see you have settled with your family in safety of the UK and still giving us first class reporting on the stories others will not touch.

  2. You do not know how lucky you are,but I guess maybe you do. I want out of this shithole too
    By the way Im the guy that shoved a 1000 baht note in your top pocket in Pattaya courthouse,as they say in Tesco" every little bit helps"

  3. Merry Christmas to you Mr Drummond, and your beautiful family. As a frequent reader of your stories, I wish you success in the exposures of shysters who don the cloak of respectability.

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