It doesn’t get any better than this. Fake Scots lawyer and pimp sue Google


A fake Scots lawyer, who is currently on trial for defrauding a 76-year-old American woman out of 7.9 million Thai baht, has joined forces with a Scottish Australian former pimp to sue Google to fight for the right to ‘a basic human right to live a life without being harassed, ridiculed and embarrassed on the internet.’

Brian Goudie, formerly prisoner E0000274 Brian Goldie, of Hakea Prison, West Australia, and David John Hanks, former licensee of the ‘Masquerades’ brothel in Keysborough, in the suburbs of Melbourne, which specialized in “Asian Hotties,  say they have lodged complaints at the Bangkok Criminal Court against the entire board of Google, its founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and also CEO Eric E. Schmidt.

They made the announcement on Goudie’s website a Google site which is ironically a vehicle he uses to attack his enemies.

He currently attacks Andrew Drummond (yours truly), Robert Postak who he accused of posting a picture of him in a gay parade, Ian Tracey, whom

Goudie’s fake business card claiming to have an honours
degree in law and with fake address

he falsely shopped to Thai police as a paedophile (Tracey has since been released) a former girlfriend named Nang, about whom he has been accused of posting porno pictures on the net, Kanokrat Nimsamooth Booth, President of the Thai and Foreign Spouses Federation,  who has been supporting Andrew Drummond in legal cases, and Gregory Miller, a former client, whose mother Barbara Fanelli Miller he is now accused of defrauding.

The report states:

“Two expatriate business men with business interests in Thailand, David Hanks, 66, and Brian Goudie, 47, filed the criminal charges in case number 2395 /2557 and case number 2396/2557 

“Hanks and Goudie submitted criminal indictments to the Bangkok Central Criminal Court alleging that Google has provided hosting services via it’s Blogger platform to an ‘alternative news site’ – a site they say has been at the centre of a campaign of defamation and cyber harassment that has spilled over into threats of violence, real world stalking, harassment of family – including children.” 

Goudie from Falkirk adds: “He wrote on his blog for him it is ‘entertainment’. I can tell you we don’t find it funny at all.”

Hanks and Goudie in former days of glory – the lawyer left the court on Monday where Goudie denied receiving a libel
summons. The case went ahead anyway but without payment his lawyer declined to defend him.

In fact Hanks from Girvan, has no business interests in Thailand. He has set up a company allegedly in the furniture restoration business but it has no offices and does not trade, and he is on a retirement visa and Goudie has a law firm without any lawyers.

He does however have a series of companies of which he keeps changing address and directors, but they have only existed so far to illegally hold land in Thailand on his behalf.

On Monday in a criminal libel and computer crime act case brought against #BrianGoudie, #David Hanks, and #DrewNoyes, Goudie’s lawyer left the court after he was not paid. Goudie had to be represented by the lawyer of Drew Noyes.

Hanks comments:

Hanks living the high life in Koh Samui on a secluded beach away from the crowds. With him is his pregnant Thai girlfriend and offering a carton of orange is a Russian visitor 

 “An article has been linked which is just beyond belief that anyone could write that way about another human being. This whole episode has been incredibly humiliating, my family are incredibly upset – Google refused to intervene so we have been left with no choice but to file these cases”.

 Hanks does not say what the article was headed or what was written. But he adds: “Even after this Blogger was sentenced to jail, the harassment has continued relentlessly.”

This may be because the author has not been sentenced to jail.

But it is true that his family is upset. When asked by the Scottish Sun newspaper whether she knew about his brothel his sister Margaeer McCullough also from Girvan said she did adding: I did not approve.”

A typical Goudie exclusive

The article on Casewatchasia.blogspot is accompanied by a picture of Hanks published without permission from The Age in Melbourne.

The case they say has been set down for September 22nd when it is forecast no directors or founders of Google will bother to turn up.

Brian Goudie was jailed for six years in Australia for cheating a mining company there. Complaints have been lodged with Pattaya Police that he also defrauded three foreigners by banking the cash Pattaya Court had awarded them in damages.

David Hanks is on bail charges in connection with a money lending racket in Pattaya – allegedly charging Russians 60 per cent per month. The case was initiated by Thailand’s Department of Investigations.

Promotion for ‘Brian Goldie – The Swindler Scot
by Makeworld Media

At this site we are puzzled at the claims by Goudie and Hanks.

We hope is the site referred to, but here we do not engage in real life stalking, or harassment of children as Goudie also claims.

Brian Goudie was not a former office in the Royal Marines as he has claimed or a British barrister. On the contrary he has a programme to himself in the series ‘Serial Swindlers’ currently on the world television market.

Goudie and Hanks say they will lodge similar cases in Australia, the UK and the US if  ‘necessary’..but not for the time being as both are on bail and cannot leave Thailand. estimates that CasewatchAsia is the 199,959th most popular website in Thailand.

Andrew Drummond said today: “I thought after 40 years in journalism I had seen it all. The best way for Goudie and Hanks to stop being ridiculed on the net is for them to stop getting arrested by police, and the courts and perhaps attempt to come to terms with what they are.”

UK Lords say search engines should not be given the right to delete.

18 thoughts on “It doesn’t get any better than this. Fake Scots lawyer and pimp sue Google

  1. Looks like GOLDIE has had the same "plastic fantastic" treatment as Hanks.
    Cant wait for the high powered, very expensive lawyers from Google to rip the arses out of the Bam and Flabby….that is of course if they're still at liberty……

  2. I don't understand.

    Goudie and Hanks are suing Google and it's board personally in order to shut you down in order to keep your reporting of their "activities" out of Google's search results?

    1. Sure they bitch about each other but they have a lot in common.
      They both think they are clever and the other is stupid, or a bampot.
      They both have fake cv's.
      They both claim to be lawyers, neither are.
      Noyes has his Pattaya Times that nobody reads , Brian his case watch asia.
      They both claim military service, Drew the paratrooper and brian the royal Marine.
      They have both had trouble with the law in other countries.
      Drew likes to meet ladies at the Buffalo Bar, Brian at Misty's agogo.
      Drew likes a drink with his best friend Brian Wright who is facing child rape charges and Brian Goldie says in a video he likes them young.
      Brian the Jaggy thistle, Drew and his Man Club.
      Both read this site daily and have had their sad lives ruined by AD.
      I don't know of Brian bashing his wife though. Both prey on the elderly, Old Joe and the 76 year old American woman.
      Neither have any real friends and are despised by many.
      Both are completely deluded of reality.
      Both are friends with a former brothel owner who hates being called a pimp.
      Both are faces criminal proceedings in Thailand.
      Both have man boobs are what I would consider to be cowards.
      It goes on and on.

  3. So what's going to happen? How does this play out? A couple of individuals, who are currently under investigation or on trial for criminal activities in the Kingdom file a suit against Google so their criminal activities are swept under the rug, so to speak, because the owner of this site called them nasty things like alleged criminals?

  4. Goldies articles are I find superb entertainment….step into a deluded fantasists world….however I have to ask why does he constantly embarrass, shame and ridicule himself and others with this endless steam of bilge? Is he so remote or removed from reality he just doesn't see it?
    He's been busy removing all comments on his "Nut Case on the loose and out of control in Asia" site again…seems he just cant take constructive criticism. Poor boy.

  5. My only fear is that The 3 Stooges will some day figure out a way to make the rest of us pay for all of this entertainment.

    Sue Google? An American street beggar wields more power than these lunkeheads. Donald Trump wouldn't stand a chance in a lawsuit against Google.

    If they actually filed the suit, which I doubt, Google's legal team won't even respond to it.

    Pathetic, but ery enteraining and it's free… for now.

  6. I think the court case would go a bit like this. Not that it would ever see the light of day in a real court.

    # Lawyer for Google- So Mr Goldie or is it Mr Goudie or Mr Boru? Which of you is the one you claim has been defamed online.

    # Brian- Brian Goudie sir.

    # Lawyer for Goudie- So Mr Goudie you claim you have been ridiculed by someone Photoshopping pictures of you dressed as both a lawyer and Royal Marine.

    # Brian- That is correct.

    # Lawyer for Google- Do you actually have a law degree and have you ever been a Royal Marine?

    # Brian- umm No

    # Lawyer for Google- Yet, in the past you have claimed to be both a lawyer and Royal Marine and have even taken large sums of money for your so called 'legal services.' Even though you have absolutely no qualifications at all, yet alone in law. You were in fact a bank teller weren't you?

    # Brian- ( after long pause ) umm yes.

    # Lawyer for Google- So I put it to you Mr Goldie, Goudie, Boru or whoever you are claiming to be today, you are a fraud sir, you have bought all this ridicule and scorn on yourself by your own devious behavior and lies?

    # Brian- No No it's all Drummond's fault.

    # Lawyer for Google- I put it you Mr Goudie that you are a fraud and liar and have concocted all these lies so you can defraud people by claiming to be something your not.

    # Brian- No it's all Andrew Drummond's fault………

    # Lawyer for Google- Now you Mr Hanks, you claim you have been defamed by others calling you a pimp.

    # David Hanks- Yes sir

    # Lawyer for Google- Were you not the licensee of a Brothel in Keysborough, Australia?

    # David Hanks- umm yes.

    # Lawyer for Google- Is it not true that in the English language, a brothel keeper who is a male and controls and profits from prostitutes, is referred to as a 'pimp?'

    # David Hanks- Maybe

    # Lawyer for Google- So as a former licensed brothel keeper who controlled and profited off prostitutes, you now object to being referred to as a 'former pimp?'

    # David Hanks- That is correct. It's all Drummond's fault.

  7. Actually I disagree. I reckon Google will be represented no matter what the merits of the case.
    Google is under fire in several courts around the world and they have lost every case to date. As you should know, a court case does not always rest on the complainants 'character' ( or lack of it) and it's a bit insulting to Thai law to think that one side, a billion dollar entity would just ignore a Thai summons.
    Can you imagine the implications if a judgement is entered against Google?. And what would a judge think of the obvious insult?
    I'll be watching this case with fascination. Hope Drummond will be court reporting !

    ## note to AD ( you can delete this bit !): a disreputable US website call ROR has published an insulting article that falls into Lese Majeste areas and it's clearly a fake designed to discredit Andrew. Google & ROR are are facing court cases as joint defendants in Australia & the USA for such travesties.

    1. Somehow I doubt Google has lost every case. Could it be perhaps that Google's victories aren't as newsworthy as it's defeats? After all, if they lost every case, how could they still be in business, eh Bri….Oscar.

      What I'm wondering is this: Since apparently Goudie couldn't afford to pay his lawyer earlier this week in court, how is he going to magically have the funds to afford the calibre of lawyers needed to go up against Google?

    2. Not concerned about ROR. We had long conversations with TCSD a long time ago when presumably one of these low lives put up a fake Facebook page for Andrew Drummond which was clearly against lese majeste laws. If another one comes they will know about it. It says more about the person who does this sort of thing than whose name they did it in.

  8. It's a half baked plan as usual….he even refers to Eric Schmidt as the Google CEO, a position he stood down from in 2011…

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