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The notorious Canadian low-life scammer Harris Black is at it again in Thailand. Now he’s offering jobs to foreigners – at a price.


Harris Black in Niels Colov’s Pattaya People sports team. Forgotten the sports now. Like attracts like. Colov,(centre back row) former member of the Copenhagen underworld who served time for pimping and violence rose to the giddy heights in of running the Tourist Police Volunteers and being elected President of the Pattaya Jomtien Rotary Club


He has been flooding Craigslist (Thailand) with job opportunities for foreigners among whom there is no shortage of people seeking to extend their stay by working.

He’s been advertising jobs for foreigners as front of office and reception staff at the Dusit Hotel Group, greeters for San Miguel Beer, and as kindergarten teachers.



Harris Black with Chaiyachon Nangpreeda official translater and court fixer for fraudster Drew Noyes, who has fled to the UD after being sentenced to jail for extortion.

Those seeking an interview are asked to make a donation of Bt250. Its hardly anything but if he gets 50 replies a day from multiple free ads – well then he does not have to work does he – and let’s face it he never has.


Needless to say the Dusit Group do not advertised on Craigslist – and they have their own training scheme.

Michael Clarke, British conman in Thai Police uniform

Michael Clarke, British conman in Thai Police uniform

This is a variation of an old theme. Years ago in the nineties a Brit, Michael Clarke, announced the production of the film ‘Invasion Thailand 2000’ and put out ads for extras and co-stars,

Everyone was offered a job – then came the crunch. They each had to pay £20 for filming personal insurance.

He made thousands.
I caught him in Thailand posing as a tourist policeman working old drugs and ‘angry husband’ scams. He would raid apartments where tourists or expats had taken their bought girls for the night.

The victims either had to pay for ‘drugs’ which would be found, or pay off the angry Thai husband who accompanied him.

Variations of these scams have been going on for years. They always find victims.

Clarke got sentenced in the Philippines to over sixteen years in jail for promoting sex tours. (See video below).
But actually Harris Black is worse in my book than Clarke.


Check out this warning site, if you have not already. He’s well known for jobs scams.