A harassed expat has written to me to say that out of the blue he started receiving Facebook messages from Drew Noyes, our famous American fake lawyer, who has been sentenced to two years in jail and is doing his best to make sure he does not spend more than a day behind bars.

Noyes, who seemed a little hysterical claimed he was innocent and that his case for attempting to extort the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien out of 7 million ( reduced quickly to 2.3 million baht) just under £45,000 was a contrived set-up by the  joint owner of the Thonglor Clinic, who was going to pay for his misdeeds.

But the funniest bit was when he said he was on his way to England with six warrants to have Andrew Drummond arrested.

I think he is finding that problematic. He has applied to the Pattaya Court twice for permission to leave the country, but that was to attend to family matters in the United States.

Were he to go to England with six warrants for my arrest (there are not six warrants for my arrest by the way but there are three for court cases I could not or would not attend) he would find they have absolutely no validity at all.

None of those warrants are for a conviction of any crime in which I have bothered to enter a defence.
And the alleged crime in question ‘Criminal libel’ is not recognized by the European Union.

The crime of extortion, or demanding money with menaces is however not only recognized by the European Union but also the United States of American, where Noyes has a history of larceny and burglary among other things.

People have been asking me when the results of Noyes’ appeal against conviction will be read out and when hopefully somebody will cart of him off to a place where his audience will be less receptive, like Nong Plalai jail.

There is a problem with this because the court papers are still in Pattaya while he keeps making these appeals to leave the country. Maybe that’s his way of staying out of jail. A-ha!

Incidentally none of those warrants refer to anything I have written.

They refer to cases brought against me for publishing some amusing photo-shopped pictures of Noyes and Goudie sent to me by ‘The Weapon’.

The most notable of course is of Brian Goudie, born Brian Goldie, a convicted thief who arrived in Thailand claiming he was a barrister and former officer in the Royal Marines.

Guess which court accepted this case. Yep. Koh Samui at which the ludicrous behaviour has been well documented here.

Now who in their right mind would bother to answer such a charge in a case which could drag on for years and in a system where the court does not award costs to the defendant in the plaintiff loses?

So do not be surprised if Pattaya Court does eventually give him leave to go to the United States even though he has been sentenced to jail already. This is Thailand after all.


  1. I hope he does visit the UK. Shouldn't be too hard to have him arrested for his activities with a 14 year old girl who he fathered a child with, pedophilia is taken seriously in the real world. So…….go take a visit……..

  2. Even were Noyes to be granted permission to leave Thailand, surely as a convicted felon from the USA he would be denied entry to the United Kingdom?
    I'm quite sure a British citizen with similar criminal convictions to the ones "held" by Noyes, would be denied entry to the United States.

  3. There are only 2 possible outcomes for the bloated old criminal…………jail time in Thailand or flee……..if he does flee then Im sure the American authorities will start to dig into his sordid affairs in Thailand………human trafficking, pedophilia, tax evasion…..oh I could on.

  4. Drew needs to check into the Suan Saran Rom mental hospital in Surat Thani for some long term treatment under the care of some eminent mental health experts. Psychopathy with narcissistic personality disorder would be my early diagnosis. He needs to be in a secure facility with a rubber laptop to play with. He could share a room with Brian who needs some urgent treatment for that giant chip located on his shoulder. Together they can plot and scheme against Andrew from the safety of their padded room.

  5. "My Demented Way." Drew can sing this as he's carted off to the cells.

    And now, the end is near;
    And so I face the final curtain.
    My friend, I'll say it clear,
    I'm a mental case, that is for certain.

    I've lived a life of fraud
    I've scammed on each and every highway;
    And more, much more than this,
    I did it my demented way.

    Arrests, I've had a few;
    But then again, far too many to mention.
    After all my name is Drew
    I'll cheat them all without exemption.

    I planned each devious scam;
    Each careful step along the Pattaya expressway,
    And more, much more than this,
    I did it my demented way.

    Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
    When I bit off more than I could chew.
    But through it all, when there was no doubt,
    I was was a shifty bastard with no out.
    I evaded it all like a coward with no balls;
    And did it my demented way.

    I've cheated, defrauded and lied,
    I've avoided the bill; with me everybody else is losing.
    And now, as I watch my life subside,
    I know it's been a life of my own choosing.

    To think I did all that shit;
    And may I say – not in a shy way,
    Oh no, oh no not me,
    I did it my demented way.

    For such a devious man, what has he got?
    If he lies to himself, then he has naught.
    His filthy lies, his dirty deals;
    And not giving a shit about how others feel.
    The police record record shows I avoided the cells
    And did it my demented way!

  6. The funniest story I have read this week ( or this decade! ) does he actually believe anyone is scared of him .
    May I volunteer to pick him up from the airport ? probably Northolt as this is where important VIPs arrive!

  7. Noyes came into Kinnaree bar this afternoon with a young Thai male.

    When he sat down at the bar two guys sitting adjacent immediately got up and moved.

    The bartenders were obviously ignoring him. He had to get up and walk to them to order a drink. When they took the order, and then again when they delivered it, you could see the disgust on their faces.

    I don't think this psycho is welcome anywhere in Pattaya anymore.

    Hard telling where he picked up the Thai boy.

  8. Tip #2 for you Drew:

    (If the low balcony railings and leap of faith won't fly for ya) I knew a guy that had a 4-5 day growth like you – and darned if he didn't perform a dry shave on himself – badly hungover of course…

    Hint Hint..

  9. My last email conversation with Mr Noyes had him informing me, " we have you under investigation " when I plainly told him no one believes his innocence. Incidentally, US will prosecute Americans for breaking laws in other countries.

    1. Well I wish they'd dam well get on with it. The U.S. authoroties have been informed countless times about Noyse and still nothing. ……
      I wonder if it's due embarrassment hence reluctance to act cause by his close association to the the U.S. warden and ambassador?

    2. Rolf Harris painted a picture of the Queen and they still went after him, Glitter, Tenet and others. The U.S needs to get it's shit together and remove Drew Noyes from Thailand to a secure jail. Thailand is clueless about what they've allowed loose on the streets of Pattaya. His scams and abuse of women are bad enough, then we have his online threats and intimidation along with his endless lawsuits wasting court time. Just how long is he going to be allowed to get away with his crimes? God knows what else he has done that can't be mentioned or has been done in secret. His association with his child abuser mate Brian Wright and their children's charity is very suspicious. Wright like Noyes already had a murky past before even setting foot in Thailand. It sickens me a convicted child rapist is freely wandering around free to abuse again, when does his appeal come up?? I hope he doesn't compensate his way free.

    3. They will prosecute when a citizen returns to US – if made aware of the crime. However if the defendent has been duly punished already in the host country, any sentencing will take this into consideration. If one skates on a charge in Thailand, US will take up the slack- again, only if made aware.

  10. There is one of his blogs where he lost the password that is open for comments, not sure if it is the same one so it gave a free license for people to post in. Some pretty funny and nasty stuff in it and since the idiot can't administrate it there is no way for him to delete comments. Too funny.

    I really wonder at the man. I also wonder how many of us have received the same threats (I have almost verbatim) and the same stupid lies. I also wonder how the Thai courts see the definition of fraud. Surely someone posting that they are a lawyer when they are not is fraud and therefore pointing it out is not defamation. Or likewise someone convicted by the courts of extortion is an extortionist, etc. The sad, pathetic part of all this is I really do thing that the deluded one really thinks "people are out to get him because they are jealous of any successful foreigner in Thailand" as he wrote to me. The fallacy of that line, that people are jealous, that he is being picked on wrongly and that he sees himself as some kind of success is the sad and unbelievable part. What was that Shakespeare line? There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Seems apropos here. Drew is one of those things that I just can't conjure as real, that there exists someone so much in denial that he really thinks he is on the side of good. I guess it really is as Tommy Weapon keeps pointing out the delusions of a paranoid psychopath who would best benefit society by either being locked up or treated.

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