Humiliation of Fake Barrister Cost Aussie Government A$22,000

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There are some times when real life is stranger than fiction. Times when you think, no, there was nothing quite as inefficient as say the UK. Border Agency, which used to catch illegal immigrants and then give them a piece of paper to turn up in court, in say a month’s time – believing they would actually turn up.

But there is. It’s Australia’s immigration department. And who was running rings about it? Yes our very own Brian Goudie, aka, Brian James Goldie, aka Goldie of the Bailey.

People reading this site will know how we reported that he was asked to leave Australia after being sentenced to six years for stealing in excess of A$150,000 from a Perth Mining Company by forging cheques.

Well that was true . What we failed to report was that, having gone to jail, he later sued the Aussie Immigration Service for false imprisonment.  Huh? No not for cheating his company, but for being an illegal immigrant – something he would be in Thailand if he had admitted his prison term, and his forced departure from Australia. He concocted his plan in prison.  He must have loved Australia a lot.

He was separately arrested for being an illegal immigrant. Quite how he was not I am not sure. It may have something to do with the fact that he had taken an injunction out against his wife for beating him up.

Prison Officers at Hakea Prison – Goldie/Goudie’s abode before leaving Australia

Immigration Officers came to the conclusion that he had slipped through the next and they went to the offices of his mining company in Perth and arrested him, apparently taking him by the belt of his trousers, out of their plush offices.

He subsequently sued for false imprisonment and the terrible humiliation he suffered – and was awarded AS22,000 – that’s A$7000 for each night he was detained.

The case was picked up later by the Sydney Morning Herald which asked the question: “However unsavoury their characters, the courts have upheld individuals’ rights not to be imprisoned illegally. Which raises the question: how much are the cases still in the pipeline going to cost us?”

Good question. The newspaper detailed how a British paedophile was paid out A$160,000, later rescinded on appeal, after he spent the most horrific night of his life being tied up in jail.

And it reported that the Immigration Department had to pay out A$330,000 to seven Koreans who wanted to go home, but were not allowed to.

What’s worse there seemed to be another 100 cases of illegal detention which could 25 years to investigate.

You have to have a grudging admiration out of someone who can identify just how silly the system is and exploit every loophole, even though his claim to have been beaten up by his wife did not save him at the end of the day – and that he had a long time in prison to think up this wheeze.

But he is still at it of course. He complained to the West Australia Department of Corrective Services that they had leaked information (about his parole report) to me and demanded and was granted an investigation. The Department subsequently contacted me and asked me where I got the details. I thanked them for confirming that these indeed were the parole documents of Mr. Goudie, but could not help in such a climate of attacks on whistleblowers etc.

However that is no particular secret. These documents are already lodged with the courts in Thailand in connection with another case Goudie charged his client a fortune for.

It’s a funny world and somewhat re-assuring to know that the Aussie Immigration department is on a par with the British one, where the right hand does not know what the left is doing…and there is a future out there for any budding legal hustler.

I wonder if Thailand can get rid of its foreign crooks.

8 thoughts on “Humiliation of Fake Barrister Cost Aussie Government A$22,000

  1. So Plastic Fantastic Hanks is beginning to disassociate himself from the Bampot.
    Would it be because Drew, er I mean Stan Longley, made fun of Hanks ridiculous "new look" and described him as looking like a gay Michael Jackson doll as a defense for his upcoming extortion trial?
    Is it because everything Drew promised him would happen,didn't happen?
    Is it because of Drew's, er, close friendship and shared interests with Godfather Brian Wright, children's charities etc.?
    Is it because he discovered that after Drew kindly let him use a computer in Drew's office, that now somebody has access to his email accounts and has accumulated a file on Hanks to use for when things get ugly?
    Is it because they have done business together and Drew has only delivered excuses?
    Is it because of all the lies Drew has told?
    Is it because he doesn't like men who assault women?
    Is it because if it was not for Drew being such a fool, David would be successfully operating under the radar?
    Or is it because he has found ,like nearly everybody else that has had this misfortune of knowing Drew, that he is the least credible, self centered, annoying, bullshitting douche bag American to have ever entered Thailand?
    All of the above?

  2. Well I'm surprised he wasn't allowed to stay, even he after he sued. Whilst doing a two year lagging any visa he had should have expired and he should of immediately been deported back to the UK. The shifty bastard probably applied for a bridging visa because he had lodged that lawsuit whilst he was banged up. That's how he probably avoided being sent back to the UK. The warrant in Scotland should have still been valid and his case shows how easy it can be to manipulate the system.

    The shameless turd even tried the old 'spousal abuse' claim where you say you've been abused and can't return to your home country because of the shame etc. I've only ever seen Indian, Thai or Filipino women try that one. He obviously got some form of bridging visa, got his quick earn from the Government and left for Thailand.

    How long has this career reprobate been in Thailand? If he's got a work permit, how has he avoided paying tax? In the old days every farang who stayed here more than a certain period of months in one year had to prove where their money was coming from so they could check if you owed tax. They don't seem to do this at all anymore.

    1. In the old days I had to pay tax every time I left the country. We have done a check of Goudie's companies. None have paid tax. All the Thais are nominees. None are functioning companies. But I guess he knows that.

  3. In Australia you don't pay bribes. You make a 'donation' to the political party in power and invite the said minister into your community for a gala dinner to raise even more money for them.

    Take the case of Frank Maddaferi who was wanted in Italy on various charges like extortion, kidnapping etc. I think he had already been sentenced to 7 years. He was supposed to be deported but like Goldie used every trick in the book to stay. He was ordered to be deported and even sent to the detention centre. The following is a cut and paste of the story and how it played out.

    FEDERAL police have investigated claims that Mafia-linked businessmen donated about $100,000 to the Liberal Party in return for helping to keep an alleged Mafia figure in Australia.

    Investigators were told a Liberal Party insider had revealed the party was to receive the money from businessmen in return for helping to get a visa for the alleged criminal, Francesco Madafferi, who faces drug trafficking charges after being arrested last August over the world’s largest ecstasy bust.

    More than a dozen relatives or associates of Madafferi, including his brother, Antonio – a suspected Mafia boss – donated to the NSW Liberal Party between 2003 and mid-2006. In the same period, four Liberal MPs contacted the then immigration minister Amanda Vanstone about the case. Before she intervened in late 2005 to allow Madafferi to stay, he was due to be deported to Italy on the orders of the previous immigration minister, Philip Ruddock, because he was an illegal immigrant suspected of Mafia involvement.

    Six months after Ms Vanstone overturned the deportation order, relatives and associates of the Madafferi family, including Antonio Madafferi, donated at least $30,000 to the NSW Liberal Party. It appears the donations were made at a June 2006 charity function run by two businessmen, Pasquale “Pat” Sergi and Tony Labozzetta.

    “I just was not involved other than as a guest speaker at fund-raisers,” Vanstone said. “Any inference made vis a vis any donation being related in any way to seeking influence is to me highly offensive, scurrilous and defamatory.” (yeah of course it is……..)

    P.S. An interesting tit bit is Tony Maddaferi who is Frank's brother, lives in Keysborough where our friend Hanks had his 'business.'

  4. I can't believe Brian now says he is going to take out more cases against Ally. It's astonishing any grown man could be so immature, to actually complain to the police about things said on facebook! I can just imagine how enthusiastic the Thai police would be to look into this.

    It's pretty clear no matter what country he's in, he's going to be a public nuisance. God knows what he cost the Australian taxpayers in his brief time there. I'm calling bullshit on the rosco until I see a picture of him and his toy in the same photo. I actually hope he has got one, as there may be some hope he'll put it to good use and shoot himself.

  5. The lad with the littlest pistol in Thailand has only said charges are expected and if charges were filed every time the little boy with the little gun said they were, the Thai/American/Australian legal system would be awash with lawsuits.

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