Shortly before 9 pm this evening in Thailand this site crashed through the 500,000 page views per month barrier. This has been an amazing achievement and it’s based we hope on the site’s honest and free speaking content, and investigations.

How we started

Thank you to all the readers who gave support  – while private individuals who did not want their affairs being scrutinised tried several times to close us down.  We survived writs, DDOS and virus attacks and today we are stronger than ever.

Journalist Andrew Drummond has been the subject of intensive internet attacks with reams of false allegations blasted into the ether by anonymous, but rather well known adversaries.

But it’s been like water off a duck’s back.

Of course we are small by international standards, but in Asia we are among the top English language news sites concentrating on this region.

Help even sought from Papua New Guinea

We have fought with your help endless court battles placed in our way with the main intention of depriving us of funds to continue.

We have not been intimidated.

We have of course been hit heavily but we have survived and those who sought to attack us are now on the defensive.

And they who sow the wind reap the whirlwind.

Thank you for your support, posters, advertisers, and those who have so generously put their hands in their pockets.

Whether we can maintain this position remains to be seen. Andrew Drummond needs a holiday.

But we hope to continue to inform, have an occasional joke, sometimes be plain silly, but most of all provide warnings and investigations against the dangers and dangerous people lurking out there. Slante.


  1. Well done Andrew – and you should expect a special thank you from Drew Noyse, a man who makes great efforts to get his name and face plastered all over the place.

    But watch out for competition – Brian Goudie (nee Goldie) has in the past adopted the profession of these who scrutinise him – will he now cast off his fake Barrister's wig and grasp a reporter's note book?

    I can see it now, Brian Goudie (nee Gouldie) leaning on the bar at the FCC in Bangkok waiting to applaud his side kick and guest speaker Drew Noyse, appearing at the FCC in defence of using Thailand's Libel and Computer Crime wars to close down freedom of the press and anyone who exposes his criminality (alleged of course Drew…your conviction hasn't been read yet… but we live in hope).

    Again well done Andrew and let it be said, you've shown real courage standing up to these gentlemen of character that has been questioned.

  2. Well Noyes has already tried the journalist lark with the Pattaya Times which we in effect closed down – and he has been posting on blogsites falsely as a 'member of the Foreign Correspondents Club' which rejected his membership. And Goudie tried to pose as the analytical journalist on his site case-watch-asia(thailand)- blogspot which he had to wipe clean. They have both tried the 'friends of police' line and Noyes has tried the Mayoral advisor..I am not sure what's left apart from doing the real mafia line.


    Somchai has left a new comment on your post "GANG WARILY! ANDREW-DRUMMOND.COM HITS 500,000":

    “Here in Thailand it is sometimes confusing with conflicting sides having different stories. Here we believe it is best to let a Judge decide in the courts.This is how things have played out so far.

    Brian Gouldie is a free man.

    NO:Brian Goudie is on 400,000 baht bail and is subject to further criminal charges in Bangkok.He cannot leave Thailand

    Drew Noyes is a free man, with the Pattaya Times soon to be expanded into a national newspaper and PAPPA having now incorporated OneStop and moved to bigger premises.

    NO: Drew Noyes is on bail on extortion charges and is due in court later this month on other criminal charges. The Pattaya Times has been closed down and has not published for over two years and its owners are being sued on criminal charges. Noyes cannot leave Thailand. Neither PAPPA Law or One Stop have ever paid taxes.

    David Hanks is a free man and enjoying semi retirement in Koh Samui.

    NO: David Hanks is being sued on criminal and civil charges. He should apply for a retirement visa. His company is not legitimate. But as his company is registered in Pattaya what is he doing in Koh Samui?

    Andrew Drummond was recently handed a 4 month prison sentence.

    NO: Andrew Drummond was not handed a four month prison sentence.

    Barry Kenyon has been removed as British Honorary Council to Pattaya and has been removed from his unpaid duties at Pattaya Immigration.

    NO: Barry Kenyon one of the longest serving Honorary Consuls resigned after a very successful tenure.

    Pattaya One Newspaper is no longer published after advertisers cancelled their contracts after being informed of their inaccurate reporting.

    NO: Pattaya One is and never was a newspaper. It is still an online website and the boss has expanded his business. You are mistaking Pattaya One with the Pattaya Times.

    Ivan Schiffer was deported back to Brazil by Thai officials.

    Ivan Schiffer a former employee of Drew Noyes was reported by Drew Noyes for overstay. He is currently in Thailand on a legitimate visa and recently visited the FCCT.

    Noyes is right however about people's different perceptions

  4. Somchai: But further I can say this: The charges brought against Drew Noyes and Brian Goldie relate to the deliberate defrauding and blackmail of foreigners in Thailand. And further charges will be brought.
    The charges relating to Andrew Drummond do not even relate merely to his exposes of these characters. All of those have been rejected.
    In only one case out of 11 has a guilty verdict been brought and that does not relate to anything Drummond wrote at all but to what posters wrote on his site. That case is being appealed very strongly.
    In Western society and in most civilized countries in the world the offence is not a crime, not even a misdemeanor
    And Andrew Drummond is now prosecuting cases.
    Goldie has been found guilty in a civil case. It follows logically that he will be found guilty in the criminal case. He is a former convict.
    Noyes has a civil judgment out against him in the United States and is being sued for 2.5 million in the civil court in Pattaya. Had they been posed as criminal charges the charges would have been fraud.

    The fact is that Noyes will only make libelous accusations behind the cloak of anonymity. he is not a person of any substance.

  5. Drummond, for a start I am not Drew Noyes. Secondly, why do you not post all of what I posted, and just pick out small parts of it? Is the truth too painful? You don't want your readers to see the whole truth? Scared of losing your sponsors if the truth comes out? The post doesn't sit well with your warped slant on things? For years now you have been tricking your gullible readership. A real journalist writes all the facts as presented, not just what suits his angle of the week. This is merely a hate site.
    So why not post it in it's entirety? What are you hiding from?
    More and more people are now seeing through you.

    1. Dear Somchai, I know you are Drew Noyes because there is no one else in the world who could write that the Pattaya Times is soon to be expanded into a national newspaper but Drew Noyes. I had to editor your letter for the simple reason that you brought up a whole series of people, mainly advertisers here, and made allegations against them. If you want to do that revive the Pattaya Times and make them there, or on if you dare. If you wish me to put a nice slant on yourself or Goudie or Hanks please give me a hint.

    2. Truth is never painful Somchai. In fact your lawyer was at pains to insist in court last week that Noyes had nothing to do with the Pattaya Times or Pattaya Times online and pleaded that the paper had gone belly up.

  6. Wow this guy really is a nut job. Who does he think he is kidding. Like dealing with a lying 5 year old who thinks by merely saying something it is believable and that he will be believed. He needs help. It is plain to see that Somchai is really Mangus Evans from the Mangus Evans Resort and Spa in Jomtien.

  7. If it is not Somchai, and is not Mangus, it might be Stan Longley.
    What a complete fool, only fooling himself, not even Hanks will fall for this one.

  8. Well if you read only a portion of the absolute bullshit Noyes has posted online about himself you don't need to be Sigmund Freud to realize you are dealing with a very sick individual. Even when he posts under another name it's so obvious it's him. He starts to boast about HiSo connections and make ludicrous claims about his failed business's. He also makes puerile false claims against his perceived enemies with his usual threats of litigation. They guy is a total psychopath and needs to be locked up in a secure facility without internet access.

  9. Now, now. We can not be sure it is Drew. Drew kindly allows anybody to walk into his office and have access to his computer. The same computer that has all the privileged information from the 15,000 clients he has helped over the years. Lends his phone out to send messages too.
    Same with the other lawyer Brian, who allows all to view his personal porn collection and post it on the net.
    All round good guys.

  10. You should expand into a full on news site, world news as well, but mainly focusing on regional news. Build upon what you have started and become a really successful…read money earning, profit making….news site that every expat in the region reads each and every day for their daily dose of news and keeping up with what is happening around the world.

    You could do it…sure.

    1. Well to do that I would need to buy in agency copy, have probably 2 staff on editorial and at least one or two on advertising, because I also do a job as a journalist here and have to go away days on end. It all costs. Probably need someone to actually buy the site – then enter into a contract that I supply a certain amount of content. Any offers? I see its valued at over US$300,000 but I guess those stats are made up.because the same site values the Pattaya Times website at US1,200 which is way over.

  11. Sociopaths are excellent liars. Speaking face to face they are masters of deception. When it looks like a lie is being detected they are quickly able to follow up with another lie that leaves the listener either believing or confused. The problem though is in print their advantage of being a shameless liar is diminished as it can be read again slowly, and the lie is more apparent.
    It seems every few months or so he has one of these meltdowns and appears to be a raving lunatic. Entertaining.

  12. Maybe this current meltdown was brought on by the fact that this site has hit the magical 500,000 mark. Which was the fantasy number of readers it was claimed that the Pattaya Times had.
    Come to think of it, if an advertiser was told of 500,000 readership, which clearly was not true, would that not be fraud?

    1. Noyes's whole life is one big fraud. I've been around for a while and it's hard to think of a more deluded, deranged and despicable liar than this guy. It would be hard to create a fictional character with as many perverted, personality defects as Noyes. The fact he attracts fellow vermin like Goldie and Hanks only proves the old saying- like attracts like.

  13. Andrew, disregard Somchai's taunts.

    If he has 'facts' to post, let him do what you do – post them on his own blog under his own name, with his own photograph attached and details of who he really is.

    We might at once see Somchai for who he really is and test the validity of what he says by his willingness to place himself in the line of libel law fire if he is not telling the truth.

    1. Well clearly he is not going to do that. I know its him because he came on with another rant saying there were going to x number of cases against me brought by foreigners and their Thai wives. I stupidly deleted it. He's a real sucker for losing court cases.

    2. Some lawyers like to boast a 100% success rate. 11 out of 12 lost so far. Let me see, that is is about a 9% success rate. And that one win is on appeal and may be overturned. If it is overturned he will no doubt advertise a 100% success rate (for the other party in the small print). He is so hopeless he can not even spell his clients name correctly, or get somebody a simple visa.
      Let this be a warning to others, if you need a lawyer, hire a lawyer, one with a law degree, not a fake lawyer.
      If you have AIDS, go to a doctor, don't go to Drew. He doesn't have a cure.
      If you are a mining company and the oil rig starts spewing oil, Drew's patented tent aint going to stop it.

  14. During the past 18 months I have been thinking, who is Dumb and who is Dumber. I have changed my opinion many times as one out does the other. Dopey or the Bampot? Well, today I feel Somchai is Dumber. Every time he uses a fictional name it backfires on him. Even Dumb must be shaking his recently shaved head in bewilderment and this latest attempt. I think the 3rd stooge, if he shows up to Pattaya Court to be cross examined to help out Dumber, well, we can refer to him as Dumbest.
    It must be an interesting relationship between Dumb and Dumber. Dumb comes across as the smarter and appears to make bigger scores. Dumber, by nature, is an extremely jealous person, so this would grind away at him. However Dumb has served a lot more time behind bars than Dumber. I would imagine that Dumber would comfort himself with this fact. And believe himself that he is cleverer than Dumb.
    Dumb, also believing he is cleverer must wonder why Dumber seems to wriggle out of everything.
    Do Dumb and Dumber trust each other? Not a chance. Would Dumber snitch on Dumb for personal gain? In a heartbeat. And Visa Versa. Both have snitched on many before.
    Dumb and Dumbest are a lot closer and seem to have a real friendship, while Dumber is just a friend of convenience. You see, Dumber doesn't have any real friends, which becomes glaringly apparent when he attends social events. Dumber is shunned wherever he goes and pretends to spend the time on the phone talking to officials, as nobody will be seen talking to him.
    Dumber has outlived his welcome in Pattaya, the game is up, but being an idiot, he hasn't realized. Even Dumb knows it is time to move on.

  15. Dear Andrew, I have made a bet and was wondering if you, or one of your readers can confirm the truth. When Drew Noyes and his common law wife, Wanrapa Boonsu, were arrested by the Bangkok police for allegedly extorting the Thai owned Thonglor Beauty clinic, were they locked up for the night until the next morning until the press conference where Channel 3, Thai Rath, etc reported on there alleged crime with the policeman.
    I have bet that they were banged up, as they were arrested at dinner time and normally the procedure is that they are locked up until the next day to face a judge who can then decide on bail, which I believe was set at 200,000.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated in clearing up this matter. Or if any other readers know, apart from Somchai, thankyou in advance.

    1. I can confirm that after they entered the police station they did not leave until the following day. Of course Drew testified in court that they were not locked. They spent the night in the office of the Pattaya Police Station Chief. Depends on what odds you give him about telling the truth. The police chief has been removed and Drew has gone with flowers to the new police chief and written on his Facebook – the days of police corruption are over.

    2. Thank you muchly for your answer. However it was not conclusive enough for my friend to concede.
      Bit of searching and we came across the original Thai Rath report. Hit google translate, bit closer, but still no concession. Then got my friends wife to translate it and she confirmed that they were banged up for the night, according to Thai Rath.
      Believe Drew Noyes on the unlikely event, that after a foreigner being arrested for allegedly extorting a part Thai owned business was then welcomed in to the Chief's office all night for tea and scones or that he was actually locked up as the Thai Rath claimed. Yeah right, as if the Chief would be on night shift, even if he was I am sure that he would have better things to do than babysit an arrested foreigner all night. A fantasy claim. From the fantasist.
      Friend conceded, bet won, thanks for your help. But I have agreed to reverse the decision if in fact the Chief backs up Drew's outrageous claim.

    3. While researching the bet we had a good laugh. Drew puts so much time into posting his fantasies on the internet it makes you wonder how he has time for anything else. This one is a cracker, posted on a site called–to-thai-prison.php Should be renamed, whatdrewwantseveryonetobelieve.

      "Drummond admitted in court he uses a "Donate" button on his blog so readers can to pay for his defamation of Thailand-based businessmen from the UK, Australia and America. However, he stated in court that advertisers and donors collections have dried up to "less than 30,000 baht per month and the number of posts per article has gone way down."

      Now that the court will receive names of people who anonymously post defamatory and damaging statements on the hate blog it is expected that the dwindling number of viewers and those posting comments to Drummond's blog will lessen further."
      Dwindling number of viewers? What, how many did this site used to have?
      Sorry to hear that Andrew.
      Keep dreaming Idiot.

    4. This one is the best to illustrate how stubborn/idiotic he is when continuing to defend his lies. Despite being ridiculed now for 2/3 years over his made up Mangus Evans, the Jomtien Hotel owner, he is sticking to the story. He is still writing about it as if Mangus Evans really exists.
      Claes, you must check this out.
      Will he in 3 years still be claiming Somchai is real? He attempts to fool people with this bullshit but instead just looks the fool.

      Will Mangus Evans please come forward.

    5. On the same site under the heading The Pros & Cons of Thailand’s Defamation Laws, he claims he is a FCCT member and he accuses Andrew Drummond of saying that he beat his wife.
      From memory it was Drew that was upset that Niels Colov had accused Drew of beating his Thai wife. And Drew, we have all seen the recently circulated email from Sandra Noyes. Here in Thailand and over in the States you have people making these statements. Andrew Drummond never has claimed you are a wife beater, only reported what others have said, or what you claimed they have said.
      You also claim that Drummond reported that you didn't pay child support.
      There was a recent case in Chonburi where the mother of one of your children took you to court for exactly that I believe.
      And are we really to believe that when you came to Thailand 16 years ago to open beer bars leaving behind at least one child, but maybe as many as 3, you were sending them money monthly. That is about as believable as Mangus Somchai Longley.
      All your troubles started well before andrew Drummond was made aware of you. Think about it, that is Andrew's job, to report on unscrupulous individuals. He has not made it up. It is because many many people have reported your activities to him.
      Noyeswatch, A Conman Comes to Pattaya, the Sandra Noyes statement, the Scott Gold expose, the problems you had with your employers client list in the USA, the problems you had with Niels Colov phone book and the apology you were forced to make in the Pattaya Mail, the impersonating the doctor in the uSA to sell bogus shares, the accusations of being a sexual predator in the USA, the selling of Keha condos to unsuspecting foreigners, the Marina fiasco in the USA, the attempted con job on old Joe,the fake resume that you admitted in court, the use of fake names, the false accusations about Andre. This was all said about you before Andrew Drummond had ever heard of you.
      If you want to live your life being an asshole, fine ,that is up to you, but don't sook when people call you on it and don't expect people to like you. You can't have it both ways Drew.

  16. Drew Noyes was outraged so much by a photoshopped picture of himself at a gay parade that he decided to sue this site. He was a real man,he declared.
    Well, if I was a cop, a tough cop that had worked his way to the top, and a former owner of a gay magazine who was up on charges of extorting a beauty clinic presented me with a pretty bunch of lovely flowers, I would be thinking to myself, well he has got to be.
    What was he thinking? Men don't give each other flowers, unless they are, you know. It will take a lot more than a bunch of flowers for Noyes to get out of the troubles he is facing.

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