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(So it’s not all bad news for Thailand)

Subscribers to the numerous Facebook pages calling for justice in Thailand have little to rejoice in as the current military government continues to ignore their pleas – while instead continuing to search out Facebook users who are disloyal or subversive.


Today comes bad news for the Adam Pickles Fundraising Campaign Facebook pages and BlogSpot with reports that Sean Tinsley, the rogue visa salesman in Pattaya, who was jailed for six years for the attack on Adam Pickles, an international school’s Head of English, has hopped it.


Adam Pickles

Tinsley put Pickles in a coma from which he has not yet recovered, although his situation is reported to have improved much recently.
The Pattaya Court released Tinsley on bail to appeal his six year sentence for assault.

The parents and supporters of Adam, through the prosecutor, were also appealing the decision asking for a charge of attempted murder against Tinsley on behalf of Adam, who taught at the International School of the Regents outside Pattaya.

Tinsley from Wolverhampton, who ran a decidedly dodgy visa agency, with the help of equally dodgy local officials (Nothing was done when he was caught selling dodgy visas approved by the consulate in Wales), had made no secret about selling up his home and belonging.

Sean Tinsley On bail and selling up

Earlier report on andrew-drummon./ Tinsley picked the second option

According to the Adam Pickles Blog he was reported as a flight risk and had boasted about how stupid the Thai authorities were in giving him bail.

I suspect that is not true. The Pattaya Court has a habit of giving bail to flight risk foreigners – after all they can impose bail conditions of some £10-20,000. Why not take the cash? The foreigners are only going to cost the authorities cash in the penal system.

And it does not cost much more than that to negotiate oneself out of a murder charge in Thailand.

I see Deputy Pattaya Prosecutor Kerati Kankaew has also been welcomed to the Adam Pickles Fundraising blog.

Writes Adam’s brother Andrew:

“I would like to welcome Kerati Kankaew to these pages. Kerati is the senior prosecutor in Pattaya and did such a wonderful job alongside Iain Morley in getting Tinsley convicted last December. He continues to assist us as we work to bring an end to the games that TInsley is playing to avoid justice. Kerati has been a great support and represents all that is good within the Thai legal system. It is nice to have him with us.”

It is a pity that Kankaew did not put in a more forceful objection to bail.
He’s certainly a man I would like to talk to in relation to false charges being laid against foreigners in Pattaya and their incarceration without even going before a judge – as in the case of ‘Jason ‘Jaysukh Sudra’.

But perhaps he can help with an international arrest warrant, but that may have to wait until he does’nt turn up for the new judgment.



While he is at it perhaps he could also help with international arrest warrants for Brian Goudie, 48, aka Goldie, from Falkirk, Scotland, who was given bail after being convicted of cheating a 78-yrear-old American woman out of nearly US$300,000 while posing as a lawyer.

And of course let’s not forget Drew Walter Noyes, 60, the former publisher of the Pattaya Times newspaper, an international con man, who even dined with the judges at Pattaya Court.

He was given bail to appeal after being convicted of extortion.

The court accepted the equivalent of some US$12,000 in bail and he is now as free of a bird – but not yet surfaced in Rhode Island, USA, where he was also reported to be wanted for questioning for child abuse.


Noyes under arrest with his wife Wanrapa. Found guilty but released by Pattaya court to sort out his domestic problems

Noyes is currently in Wilmington, North Carolina, a town he fled in 1995 after being exposed by the local newspaper the Wilmington Morning Star (now the Star-News) as a man involved in shady property and share dealings and sexual harassment in the workplace.


Brian Wright

And then of course there is Brian Wright, who was given bail after being convicted and sentenced to 23 years by Pattaya Court.

Wright was given bail by the same court to appeal. Not many people would hang around to risk that sort of sentence would be confirmed and of course Brian Wright did not. Nevertheless his ‘My Thai Fiancee’  – US Immgration Law serice still appears to be operating of sorts – and he has created a new website with his young lawyer for people seeking bail bonds (but more of that later).

Mind you he also had a website for river cruises in Vietnam and he has not re-appeared in Rhode Island, where an arrest warrant was issued for him years ago for child sexual abuse.
Other Facebook seeking justice in Thailand campaigns are also faltering.

In a public display over a year ago the Commissioner of the Thai Police promised Irishman Colin Vard justice over claims that he had been robbed of seven houses in Thailand by corrupt bank officials, lawyers, money lenders and the police. This happened after Colin staged a sit in in the street outside police headquarters. Nothing happened. Colin’s situation is direr than ever. Check out Justice for Jessie on Facebook.


Colin Vard – a collective ‘We’ll bring the perpetrators to justice’ meant ‘We will not bring the perpetrators to jistice’


Colin is now being sued by lawyers under the Computer Crime Act thus joining Briton Ian Rance, who was robbed of a similar amount and in a similar way as Colin Vard down in Phuket, and the BBC’s Jonathan Head, who wrote and broadcast a story about both Ian and Colin.


Ian Rance and his family

Jonathan has found out how ridiculous are the cases brought under
Thailand’s Computer Crime Act.



Head confronts Thai lawyer

He will already know truth is not a defence of libel in Thailand. And seemingly it’s not in the public interest to expose dodgy lawyers.

Jack-Hansen-Bartel-hospt2-13And then there is the case of Jack Hansen-Bartel the young Aussie who was allegedly severely beaten by two rich American-Chinese kids – see Justice for Jack.

Jack has to fly in for his trial for alleged common assault while his rich assailants have been told they do not have to attend court for causing grievous bodily harm – but close on attempted murder.

Years on Jack is still undergoing corrective surgery for injuries caused to him in the part police owned Green Mango Club at Chawaeng on Koh Samui.

Is there a message out there? This certainly gives credence to a Bangkok Post feature writer who stated last year that about 65 per cent of people in prison in Thailand were most likely innocent..