Convicted extortionist Drew Noyes who fled Thailand with some of his children while on bail has announced yet again that he will return – this time he says ‘to claim what’s rightfully mine’.

Extortionist Drew NoyesOn his Facebook site which he heads ‘My life is dedicated to my children’ the former publisher of the Pattaya Times newspaper smiles cheerfully as he cooks hamburgers for his kids and also advertises his bogus One Stop Legal Services business which he ran with his common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu.

Boonsu, known as Kung, was convicted with him of embezzlement and extortion and like Noyes jailed for two years. Both are on bail appealing.
Unfortunately for Noyes, the One-Stop business in Pattaya is not his anymore.

Nor for that matter is his common law wife in this truth is stranger than fiction story.
Kung has taken up home with a former victim of extortionist Drew Noyes who claimed Noyes swindled him out of US$250,000.  The pair have been on holiday to Kanchanaburi, and are reported to be madly in love.

Goulet Identifying Extortionist Drew Walter Noyes
Goulet identifies Noyes and Wanrapa after their arrest

One could be forgiven for thinking that Noyes’ former victim has a wry smile on his face. But where is this going?

Convicted extortionist Noyes has been furiously texting threats to him from North Carolina where he was first exposed as a fraud by the Wilmington Morning Star, now known simply as ‘The Star’ in Wilmington, NC.
The American who went to Jefferson High School, Jefferson City, TN, with Noyes  however is unperturbed and looking forward to a face to face meeting. He has told friends that he will not stop until Noyes is groveling in the dirt.

Extortionist Drew Noyes and Criminal Partner Wanrapa Boonsu
Now Noyes has to bite weapons instructor’s bullet

He was ripped off by Noyes being charged five times the value of an apartment at Keha Condo in Thepprasit Road, Jomtien, which was built by Thailand’s National Housing Authority for disadvantaged Thais.  (In what other country can you witness the authorities greedily lining their pockets by selling housing meant for the poor to rich tourists?)

Drew Noyes - Bar and Brothel Owner

Noyes had also defrauded him in the purchase what was agreed would be a small hotel in Pattayaland but which turned out to be ‘Cupid’s’ a hostess club which never opened and cash also went into the Athena Gentle’s Man Club (sic) club in Jomtien which remains unsold.  This planned ‘knocking shop’ failed to open its doors to one customer and anyone interested should know that the building is in hock to the bank.

Kung, an active partner in Noyes’ scams in Pattaya, is now playing the victim and has a new shoulder to cry on. The American a former weapons instructor and US Naval policeman believes she is an innocent party who fell under Noyes’ influence. He will support her, he says, even if/when she goes to jail. She is a private person, he says.

Critics of Kung says she was not so private when she offered to hold foreigners’ houses in her name, to stop their Thai wives getting them, and when she aided him in his other scams. Its unlikely they will nor pursue her further.

Extortionist Drew Noyes In America

The American victims says he will pursue Noyes in the United States.

Although she was convicted with Noyes of attempting to extort Dr Michel Goulet of the Thonglor Clinic out of 7.8 million Thai baht a legal assistant has reported to this site that particular incriminating evidence in which police witnessed a phone call from Wanrapa ordering Goulet to pay up quickly….or else, appears not to be in the court file.

This could of course have merely been incompetence by the prosecutor, who curiously unlike other regions of Thailand, has not been rotated for years.

Scott Gold, formerly of the Morning Star now with the LA Times, would chuckle at the picture of Noyes cooking burgers. In his exposé of Noyes in April 1995 under the headline ‘Trouble Follows Developer’ apart from Noyes’s share scams, property scams, and sexual harassment, he discovered that Noyes’s CV was a ‘myriad of lies’.

Noyes had boasted that he was one of the directors of the World Fair in Knoxville. In fact Noyes was there to help a friend out with a rib stand.

On his Facebook page he claims he studied the Foreign Business Act and Property at the Thai Ministry of Commerce. You can take that with a couple of dollops of barbecue sauce.

DECLARATION: Wanrapa Boonsu sued the author in two cases brought for criminal libel and computer crime act libel for publishing the picture below which shows her and Noyes under the caption ‘Going to Jail’ and Niels Colov publisher of the Pattaya People under the caption ‘Been to Jail’. Colov, head of Pattaya Police Foreign Volunteer Assistants served time in Copenhagen for a number of offences including pimping and beating up as prostitute. Boonsu lost both cases.


  1. The best Christmas present I could get. A photo of the now hobo Noyes flipping burgers in his 1970s styled kitchen in his pre fab 2 bed house wearing the same Walmart shirt for his last 3 Facebook apperances. Oh my, my, my what a come down and embarrassment….welcome to Shitsville USA.

    1. Has anyone given the US authorities a "heads up" on this reprobate? To make your Christmas even better?

      Note that Noyes is trying to flex his lax muscles in the photo, in a vain attempt to "build up his image?"

  2. What a coincidence! As soon as Noyes scampers away, Ms. Kung goes into heat, and Mr. Noyes takes the situation into hand on the other side of the world. I would wager he's left handed..

    His Facebook page is akin to "cover your ass 101" at its very finest. No time to shave..

  3. When you mention Scott Gold in these items can you please credit him Andrew? http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/pulitzer-prize-winning-journalist-scott-735499

    Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist and a guy who has sold a number of tv dramas in the USA.

    I doubt he could even dream of the Noyes plot let alone sell it but he is connected and it will not be long before some of the US tabloids such as the National Enquirer link Scott Gold to Drew Noyes. athere cannot be many US small time crooks who serve the Thai Royal Family?

    1. Pretty much everyone has been given the heads up on Drew Noyes. From the FBI to Homeland Security (ICE) tax authorities, Thai supreme court, appeal court, military, immigration, army, but without demeaning his victims he still very much remains a low life psychopath…interesting last line though. Scott Gold's article was published on April 1 1995. Noyes variously claims (a) It was an Apri;'s Fool joke or (b) Scott Gold was fired after he complained.

  4. Re: You couldn't make this stuff up…

    While this "truth is stranger than fiction" story may not make a lot of sense on the surface, just think outside the box, connect the dots and story becomes a lot clearer. How this story particular story ends is anyone's guess. All the same "I bet Drew Noyes didn't see this one coming" … {smile}. Keep up the good work Andrew …

  5. I ask this question…..
    What type of a "parent" would rip his kids away from their mothers, culture, friends to justify fleeing justice and attempt to white wash away his criminal activities?
    The answer is and this years winner of the "dead beat father" award…….DREW WALTER NOYES…….Hasn't he done well!

  6. But really….he could not win right…leaves them in los he has abandoned them…..takes them with he is uprooting their culture etc….

  7. If memory serves me right both Drew and Brian Goudie have played the kids "get me on bail" card. If I go to jail there's no one there to look after my kids. To the best knowledge, prior to the bail application, neither one of them were involved in raising their kids in any meaningful way.

  8. How is he making a living in the USA ? Has he scammed that much in Pattaya he can live here and not work ? If you look at the photos of the interior you can see he is living in a trailer, The old outdated cabinets and the vents in the floor show it, Living in a trailer in NC with all those kids is about as low as he can get.

  9. Andrew,
    Did you notice Wanrapa and Noyes are not Facebook friends anymore. Great job on the story, I can't wait until you get an exclusive interview with her !!!!

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