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It’s very highly rated on tripadvisor. But I am not sure whether it’s just a passing fad. Something called ‘Escape Hunt’ has been listed as one of the favourite things to do in Thailand.

What you do is pay 600 baht plus per person to go into room and solve a murder in order to get out. You get clues and surprises.

One of the puzzles is to solve the murder of English husband by his Thai girlfriend and another is to solve the murder of an oriental woman killed by her jealous American husband.*

Yes I know they sound like they are solved already.

But I have to admire the creators by making this topical and apparently one of Thailand’s major tourist attractions.

And maybe Thai police should send some detectives along to get a few clues.

I had never heard of Escape Hunt before but Richard Barrow plugged it last year in his Thailand Blogs, I see.

We’re led to believe that people are going crazy about these games.

There’s also another game called Bangkok Bomb which is run outside in a department store mall. Terminal 21 I believe.

Personally I have had enough of real time murders and bombs to actually play the games clad in a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ cap, cloak and pipe. But if I am to believe all the publicity this is all the rage at the moment.

The subject was brought up when I was contacted by two disgruntled escapologists. They had escaped being employed by Escape Hunt. I can’t run with their complaints but I did look up the man who has brought this to Bangkok. On Linked-In his name is Paul Bart and he says he gained a First Masters Degree in Psychology and Languages at Jesus College, Cambridge  and also and MBA, though his real name is  Paul Miroslaw Bartosik and he used to run Ginger-Asia – Asia’s lifestyle portal – which, when I last looked on this site was launching in 17 hours 35 minutes and 21 seconds.

Then I scrolled down and saw this –  one of Mr.Bart’s recommended Linked-In friends.

Wow, that’s got to set anybody thinking. Drew Noyes of course now has been sentenced to two years in prison for extortion.

But wait – panic over. Paul says: ” I used to live in Pattaya and came across him as most people do and of course as you know he asks everyone to endorse him. That was a long while back and we have not had any connection for a very long time now in any way.”

And he does not know how to remove it.  So be careful out there with your endorsements.

I tend to believe him as there are quite a lot of people who now wished they had not endorsed DN. 

The disgruntled employees, well he says, there are two sides to the story. Exactly, that’s why I left it out – that’s Labour Court stuff.

Murder solving in Thailand now that will always be topical. A Dutch couple who visited the Bangkok Escape Hunt have now started one in Amsterdam and even funded part of the cost on ‘Kickstarter’. 

* The games have now changed (see posts below) but ‘Blackmail in the bedroom’ sounds interesting.


  1. " and he does not know how to remove it" is there such a thing coming from a University Graduate who on top created a very clever puzzle game ? One could ask a more savvy acquaintance or just Google " how to remove a position on your Linked-in blog ? ", the answer and instructions shown are very clear….unless….

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Ivan. Of course you are right that Google van advise. I have to say not obvious otherwise. I have now removed it and "spring cleaned" a whole load of other things online long overdue as I have bene busy recently so thanks for the prompt and advice….

  3. The old bloated criminal recently tried to contact me on LinkedIn……however I don't think it was for a endorsement. For those who need a good chuckle in the morning go check his page out…..its utter fantasy.

  4. Nothing new under the sun. This is just a variation on Murder Evenings often held in bijou village gastro pubs and twee restaurants where the more creative of Middle England would attend in order to solve a crime. Many demanded those participating should appear in character, which would be allocated in advance by the organiser, and the night's mystery would unfold as each course was served and clues dispensed. Contemporaneously, cue cards would be distributed among participants instructing them how to answer any interrogation whilst divulging some information, the significance of which would become apparent as the plot thickened. Problem was, we participants would be quaffing away throughout the night and by dessert the old short term memory got a little hazy and vital clues were missed. Seem to recall the landlord or maitre'd had to step in to salvage things. Good fun but drink driving prohibitions buggered things a bit.

  5. Perhaps as they enthusiastically don their makeup and ersatz Sherlock Holmes paraphernalia, they could consider adding Hannah and David to the list of unsolved murders – to up the ante, and provide a touch of realism to the Hi-So exercise..

    On second thoughts…carry on.

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