deVere – How many cheerleaders has your boyfriend f-ked to day!

DeVere Boss Wanted to Model His Office On  ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

On an Investor Alert warning issued by the Securities Exchange Commission in Thailand and suspended, as we predicted, by the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers Association the financial group deVere is now taking flack in the United States.

Apparently the boss of their Manhattan office tried to turn the operation into a ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ operation according to Philippa Okoye now wife of Lawrence Okoye, British Olympic discus thrower and defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers.

Philippa, 27, got a job there. Now she is seeking damages for sexual harassment. According to the New York Post:

“How many cheerleaders has your boyfriend f–ked today?” Philippa Okoye, 27, who is white,  a co-worker sneered at her at their deVere Group office in Manhattan.

Referring to her then boyfriend, now her husband, Lawrence, her boss Benjamin Alderson allegedly added, “He’s probably f–ked the whole cheerleading squad by now.’’

In the deposition which has been shown to this site Alderson is also reported to have asked Ms Okoye: “Do you have a loose vag from taking your boyfriend’s big black dick,” adding later: ‘I bet its f*cking huge Do you take his big black n*gg*r dick up your ass?”

Alderson is also alleged to have told her to f*ck off back to England and get a job in Human Resources ‘where you can work with women and cry all day”.

When she told him she shoild not speak to him in that manner he replied: ‘Oh stop! For fuck’s sake I am the fucking CEO. If you don’t like it you can f*ck off’!”.

A second worker said, “Don’t change your surname [to Okoye] if you marry Lawrence, because people will think you’re black,’’ she said.

“Yeah, and that’s not good for business,’’ Alderson allegedly added.

The deVere Group is denying the allegations.

Meanwhile the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers have confirmed the suspension of De Vere which prevents it taking on new clients.

According to the South China Morning Post: “Nigel Green and deVere have a long history of regulatory penalties and client complaints spanning the globe.  

In 2008 deVere was fined in Singapore after local regulators discovered the firm had employed eight unlicensed sales staff, according to a regulatory notice at the time. 

The Japanese Financial Services Agency last month told the Post that deVere was operating in Japan without the necessary licence.”

The South China Morning Post pointed out the deVere usually got around legislation by buying into existing companies.

The deVere group are claiming the Hong Kong suspension has nothing to do with them as they sold the ‘shell company’ last year.

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  1. All these so called "financial adviser" companies have the same oily types running them or working for them. Used car salesmen in a suit. The type of person that would sell a blind man a rat's arsehole and tell him it was a diamond ring. You'd be better of stashing your money in a jam jar under your bed.

  2. Looks like Benjamin Alderson has small penis syndrome in addition to a criminal nature. She refused his advances – so the little baby lashed out at her manly boyfriend-husband.

    Pathetic is too high of praise for this reprobate.


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