Two Chinese American students who allegedly beat a Thai international school student unconscious at a dance bar in Koh Samui leaving him with a year’s worth of corrective surgery have settled down for the weekend in ‘The Library’ after a court in Koh Samui refused to return their passports two days in a row.

Their appeals for the return of their passports were dismissed despite a plea by the father one one of them, an international executive with degrees from both Harvard and Yale Universities.

The students who had just graduated from the Shanghai American School (SAS) checked in with one of the fathers to the plush Library Resort in Bophut, Samui and are expected to appeal again on Monday.

The Library Resort in Bophut is a fitting place for a prospective Ivy League world leader.

Both had applied for bail so they could study. The resort offers excellent facilities for tomorrow’s prospective leaders and has a blood red pool for international executives who like to mix it up in the water without being noticed.

It had been an emotional two days for #RaymondTonyChang, 19, and Ryan Yunshang Wang, 19, who flew into Koh Samui for a remand hearing. It was also emotional for the father of Raymong Chang, who flew in with them and had hired the island’s most expensive two lawyers.

The father, Rayond Nobu Chang told the court in a written submission that in April 2000, he was voted by Fortune magazine as one of the twenty-five Next Generation Global Leaders under 40. He had been, he said, the CEO of many companies trading on Nasdaq, London, Taiwan and Honk Kong stock exchanges.

Jack (left) in Bangkok

His son he said was: ‘a wonderful kid with great honour standing’. He was one of the top students at Shanghai American School and had never been involved in any disciplinary matters.

And young Raymond, he added, was ‘one of the leaders in our Shanghai Church Youth Group’ and volunteered in many charity organisations.’

“My son was in Koh Samui with his high school classmates for their Senior Graduation Trip. On the evening of June 9th he and his mates were in the Green Mango Club dancing and their fun was interrupted by the arrival of another international school student from Bangkok Mr. Jack Hansel-Bartel.

“Out of the reason of protecting his friend and self-defence my son was caught in a situation with Jack Hansel-Bartel.  The police have since arrested him and restricted his travel abroad. 

“We have gathered many evidences, witnesses, and have co-operated with the police investigation. We are prepared to come forward and prove his rightful behaviour in this situation”. 

The father asked for the return of his son’s passport promising that he would return as ‘we believe it is absolutely necessary for justice to be revealed in this case’. 

“To prove further out sincerity we are willing to meet any further additional which you may deem necessary to grant the removal his travel restriction”.

Chang and Wang ‘self-defence’.

Earlier Raymond Nobu Chang was involved in a scuffle with a cameraman from Asiaworks Television in Bangkok representing Australia’s Channel 7.   The cameraman was momentarily stunned as a Chang grabbed at his rig ripping off the microphone.  But he was reported to have made a retaliatory blow striking the father in the face.

Mrs. Annie Hansen, the mother of the victim Jack Hansen-Bartel, who graduated from the New International School of Thailand also flew down to the island to fiercely defend her son’s interests.

It’s alleged that Mr. Chang, who has been accepted by the Ivy League Cornell University and Mr. Wang who is going to Purdue University  made an unprovoked attack on  Mr.Jack Hansen-Bartel while he was dancing in a club in Soi Green Mango rendering him unconscious, and set to do months of corrective surgery.

Wang and Chang had earlier been granted bail claiming they needed to study and attend the memoriial for their recently deceased grandmother in China.

It appears however that they flew in from South Africa.

However there is no suggestion that these young jet-setters were in any way trying to deceive the court

The parents had paid out in the region of US$17,000 dollars for bail and the passports.

Meanwhile it is understood they are counter charging Jack Hansen-Bartel from Mentone, Melbourne, Australia, who has applied to go to Australia’s Monash University.

Fighting mum Annie who is afraid if they leave Thailand again they will never come back again, is lodging an objection to the Chinese American youths’ appeal for permission to travel abroad. The appeal will be heard on Monday.

While The Library is luxurious and will have set the families back a thousand or so dollars over the weekend the cost is just a minor fraction of the surgery Jack has undertaken and will have to undertake further, according to Jack’s mother.

After the attack Jack Hansen-Bartel was initially transferred to the Bandon Hospital in Koh Samui ending up in Bamrungrad hospital Bangkok.

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Mr. Raymond Nobu Chang Co-Founded Gigamedia Ltd. and has been its Advisor to Chief Executive Officer since December 1, 2003. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LuckyPai Group Limited. Mr. Chang is a Venture Partner at C2 Capital Limited since January 2004. He is an accomplished & seasoned executive with international experience in Greater China, USA, and UK. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of New Focus Auto Tech Holdings Limited from February 1, 2012 to August 11, 2013. He served as the Chief Executive Officer at ResponzeTV PLC from April 30, 2004 to July 31, 2006. He served as the Chief Executive Officer at GigaMedia Ltd. and a Senior Vice President at Hoshin GigaMedia until he became the advisory. He serves as a Special Advisor to Chinatrust Commercial Bank. Mr. Chang served as a Special Advisor at China Unistone Acquisition Corp. He served at Koos Development Corp. as a special assistant to the Chairman and at McKinsey & Company. He served as an Executive Director of New Focus Auto Tech Holdings Ltd from February 1, 2012 to August 11, 2013. Previously, Mr. Chang was the Chairman at LuckyPai Group Limited. He served as Director of ResponzeTV PLC until July 31, 2006. In April 2000, he was voted by Fortune magazine as one of the twenty-five Next Generation Global Leaders under 40. Mr. Chang received an M.B.A. degree from Yale University from 1996 to 1997, a B.A. degree in Economics and Political Science from New York University in 1992. He holds a M.P.P.M in Public Policy from Yale University. He also matriculated at the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University in 1997.


  1. In Australia they have decided to stop using the term 'king hit' and replace it with the term 'cowards punch.' Hitting someone from behind or when they are not expecting it is gutless and always causes major damage.

    Both these kids look like they've got at least 10 Kgs on poor Jack who doesn't seem to fit the profile of bar room brawler. Whatever happened there is no excuse for this level of violence to be inflicted on poor Jack and these guys need a few months in a Thai jail to knock the cockiness out of them.

    If it was a fair fight or one on one so be it but the damage inflicted would indicate it was a cowardly ambush style attack with two bigger guys against a smaller target.

    Where these guys go to school and how much money their parents have got should not have anything to do with the outcome of this case. (although it probably will)

  2. The victim had his face smashed in and the perps are counter-claiming???

    Irrespective of developments one assumes the mother has appraised the two universities of the character of the two applicant brothers and their evident thuggery. Internet has such power these days and art least in the countries involved there are no silly computer laws preventing fair comment.

  3. Gerry your advice ill conceived and downright foolish. Nothing has been established in law and you want this woman to go on an internet campaign. Ever hear of the concept of innocent until proven guilty? A bunch of adolescent males got into a scrap and one was badly injured, that's all that is established. Let the judge hear the evidence and pass judgement. The Samui courts deal with cases like this on a regular basis and the presiding judge will have seen/heard similar cases.

    1. "evident thuggery" seems to suggest the case has already been decided so it's silly to then go to claim fair comment". It's far from a fair comment to convict on hearsay and internet gossip.

      Having said that, Thailand has a unique justice system. That's no excuse for laymen to judge though.

  4. There was video footage of the "victim" and five of his friends previously beating up on a guy in Bangkok. The footage has since been removed. He may not be the innocent victim, so best to wait for the evidence on this one.

    1. This comment has been allowed because it is so stupid. Video footage. Removed from where. Chinese whispers I believe and a very amateurish attempt to discredit the victim.

    2. This comment is absolutely hear say – but that doesn't make it untrue. We can just wait and see. The video was "allegedly" removed from Facebook and You Tube.

      I don't know the victim,or the assailants but every news article is quick to jump on the innocent bystander story, when it may well not be the case. As a previous poster mentioned, what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    3. It cannot be allegedly removed BKK Observer. Either it was removed or it was not removed. You do not know the victim or assailant but you do do about a supposed video condemning the victim? As you say. Lets not deal in hear say

    4. I wonder what the officers coming from Samui are hear to charge the victim with? Perhaps it could be an assault charge from a previous incident…

    5. I'm interested too Bkk Observer. In which case that would be very Chinese and one might wonder if the case was not taken before, why would one be taken now. An American court would spot that straight away. Best keep the cases here I think.

    6. Sounds to me like BKK observer has picked a side and made up some dumb story thinking it proves something. Even if he was right it wouldn't affect this case unless proved in its separate case before the conclusion of this one..

  5. I hope young Jack recovers quickly.

    Mrs. Hansen needs to make the colleges registrars aware of the incident, A heads up to ICE is certainly appropriate, they may get turned away at the airport.

    We have enough violent people in the US. We don't need anymore.

    China has many fine higher education opportunities for these fellows.


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