Colov and Kunze. He’s got the UNESCO cross on his jacket

This is a sad day for Niels Colov, CEO of the Pattaya People Media Company, who, when the last time I communicated, was still, he said, convinced he had been awarded the UNESCO Cross and would not believe otherwise until UNESCO told him so.

Never mind that UNESCO issued a press statement deploring the investiture in the Richmond Hotel in Bangkok and complaining of breach of copyright of the UNESCO logo.

Colov, former Copenhagen pimp, and Group Leader of the Pattaya Police volunteers was having nothing of it.  Only if UNESCO contacted him in person would he be deprived of his cherished cross. (UNESCO does not give out crosses for the simple reason that it is a Christian religious symbol).

Now I have to tell him that Dr.Mathias Kunze who claimed to be from UNESCO Krakow – the man who invited Niels along, and apparently invited Niels to invite others to get the medal too – has gone bust.

His Starburst company was also registered in Panama I guess meaning is you Starburst millions of people with
false claims, some are going to cough up.

Well he may personally have not gone bust, but another scam he was running has – and he has had to wind up the Benjamin Franklin College in Alpnach, Oberwald, Switzerland.  The college claimed to be a University and offered degrees to punters at the Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica for 16,000 Euros.

This university was exposed in Der Speigel as nothing more than a fake degree mill.

From Niels Colov’s Linkedin. Bang goes his doctorship, his UNESCO cross and his Knighthood – all obtained in Pattaya

But look above. See also who claimed to have a Honorary Degree from the same University. None other than Niels Martens Storm Colov – the same man who had a history in Denmark of pimping, vandalism, etc in this link.

Now I am beginning to think Niels was fibbing when he said this:”I can think of many reasons why UNESCO should give me an award.”

He allegedly received the UNESCO Cross for, ehem, ‘outstanding public, scientific and cultural engagement in human life and education’.

As for UNESCO, did this organisation ever tell Niels that his medal was totally fake? No it promised to take action. The response was to contact the Thai UNESCO authority to take action.

The Thai office did nothing. It is much more efficient when they are dealing with incoming cash I’m told.

Drew Noyes giving Colov an award. Their shelves are full of such

Still Neils Colov and his friend, former Pattaya Times publisher, #DrewNoyes can still hang on to the knighthoods, which they got from the Knights of Rizal.

Whoops, sorry I am wrong there too. It seems this lot have closed down in Pattaya now.

Still Drew has the Lions Club 310D of Bangkok Silom.

While Kunze has bitten the dust on the above, he is back up on the internet again offering professorships and honorary degrees from Hamburg.

From Kunze’s latest website


Yet more fantasies from the foreign clowns and bullies who think they run Pattaya, or at least the ‘farang’ or ‘foreign’ side of it. Who do they think they are kidding. When will the authorities wake up?  Why should anybody take these people, who claim substance but have none of it, seriously. 

But while organisations like UNESCO do nothing while other people rip off their name and Mayors and Police Colonels invite them out to lunch it seems the people down there deserve what they get. 

Maybe Pattaya City could offer tours to see this species which has uniquely developed in this eastern seaboard city.  


  1. Pattaya is like the Bermuda Triangle in attracting frauds, Walts, scammers, career bullshitters and history revisionists.

    We can hardly blame the Thais for not seeing these guys for what they are when it's clear they fool a lot of farangs as well.

    One of the principles of Ayurvedic Medicine is 'like attracts like' and it's amazing how these reprobates all seem to meet up or collude together for their own interests.

    We have Noyes, Goudie, Haughton, Colov, Hanks and of course the Sifu Kancho Grandmaster and S.W.A.T trainer McInness who managed to be trained by Shaolin Monks in China whilst living in New Zealand at the same time.

    Pattaya is the South East Asian epicenter where these career bullshitters gather to live their fantasy lives. I just feel sorry for the people who get taken in by these phoneys.

  2. Is there a way the general expat community can get a meeting with the DSI/NCPO/Pattaya Police/Koh Samui Police to voice our grievances over the actions of these people?

    How can those of us that are absolutely disgusted by the actions of these folk get the attention of the authorities as a community?

  3. Maybe Drew could learn some dress sense from Colov! Niels always looks immaculate somewhat like a statesman… Drew on the other hand, Beach road 3000 baht suit doesn't quite cut it!

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