American Publisher ejected from Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand

An application to join the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand by Drew Walter Noyes, has been rejected by the club’s Executive Committee and his money returned.

Noyes, 57, who has claimed both in court and on the internet that he is a member, had applied to join the Bangkok based club in August.

Separately British journalist Andrew Drummond, correspondent for the London Evening Standard, objected on the basis, he said, that Noyes, former publisher of the Pattaya Times, and now running a company called variously ‘One Stop Service Center, and One Stop Legal Services Center, could bring the reputation of the club into disrepute.

Andrew Drummond said that Noyes was a vexacious litigant, an anathema to journalists, who used Thailand’s criminal libel laws and Computer Crime Act to threaten journalists and attempt to ruin them financially in Thailand’s long drawn out legal processes, in order to conceal his activities in Pattaya, where he was already in court on extortion and cheating charges.

A false claim in the Pattaya Times that Noyes was writing a book with Judge Visit Sripibool, former Chief Judge,
which would feature Andrew Drummond’s libels

He himself had taken a stand against Noyes because somebody had to,  and because of how the law worked, he had survived mainly due to crowd funding from supporters who saw something was clearly wrong. But staff on English language newspapers and the radio and television in Pattaya, with the exception of one newspaper, Pattaya Today, had effectively been silenced, compromising their journalistic integrity.

This was an issue for a club which should be looking after the interests of foreign journalists.

The now defunct Pattaya Times newspaper said Drummond was clearly never a newspaper. It was he said in the main filled with articles lifted from the internet, written by other journalists, but with bylines spread around his wife Wanrapa Boonsu, and Thai staff, who did not have the English capability. What was written in house was usually copy to either flatter Drew Noyes or ingratiate himself with local officials, or boost Drew Noyes business selling foreigners almost any service at a price.

Written by Wanrapa Boonsu – Drew Noyes’ Thai wife. Even the acting editor resigned over this one

Noyes however had among other things, falsely reported the death of Thaksin Shinawatra, falsely claimed to have found the cure for AIDS, and also falsely claimed he had been negotiating with BP during the period of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Andrew Drummond had also criticised the FCCT for being fearful of showing the video documentary ‘Influential People and Men In Suits” which demonstrated how Noyes and others in Pattaya operated and highlighted their pasts.

The full FCCT reply is as follows:

22 thoughts on “American Publisher ejected from Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand

  1. The letter states the reason is that he had nobody to second his application? Sounds like they're weaselling their way out of it on a technicality. As far as I remember, They gave the same excuse for not doing anything to support Somyot…i.e it might expose the club to litigation

  2. Who on earth wrote that letter, the second paragraph whereby they try to justify their actions is just gibberish, the first two sentences, starting with firstly, make no sense, and the timing, '' it lasted two more than two hours' – what is that supposed to mean? – also who may I ask deems the panel to be excellent?
    Is it really to much too expect that the FCCT actually have basic understanding of the English language?

    1. Sir, with due respect it is time we all interpret the importance of the "message" conveyed in the magnanimous hard investigative and follow up work intended to expose this very serious danger to all the people of the foreign and local community in Thailand and elsewhere in the person of Drew Walter Noyes. The point here is not English Language at the highest level or style, it seems you want to call attention to yourself regarding your special knowledge of the English Language, let us keep to the point in question.
      To answer your "doubts" I understood that the two more hours clearly expresses two more hours than the planed two hours, it is always necessary to "justify" actions, it is part of fairness to all concerned, ( what does " gibberish" mean?), What is wrong with firstly ? Modern English is more colorful with so many different styles isn't it…?The panel was indeed excellent, could you recommend a more appropriate one ? The case was cut and clear, and it also gave the opportunity to all present to get to know more about this obnoxious, inconvenient criminal and abusive character called Drew W.Noyes, so all can be protected in the future from his manipulative and crooked ways to cheat honest people. I also wonder if there has been anyone in the club's history ever refused membership in probably this most liberal public institution ??? First was the Pattaya's Expat Club second the British Embassy now the FCCT oh I almost forgot about the Optimist's Club but there is one club he will be most welcome…let us wait for the Criminal Court Trials…

    1. With Drew Noyes there to answer questions concerning his part in all of his questionable actions, sharing his expert legal opinions, being the only American licensed to practise law in Thailand after all, it must have been great!

      Drew Noyes with his expert legal advice coupled with his renowned cutting edge professional journalism he's produced for not only Pattaya residents, but the entire English speaking communty in Thailand makes me wish I had been able to attend.

      However, I'd probably would have been asked to leave after pointing and laughing at the coward that was afraid to stand up and answer questions.

  3. Dear S&S & ? ( Huh, is that for real? )
    Your comment regarding the FCCT letter is really absurd in its b-anal-ity. ( new word for you.) Or, am I missing the facetiousness?
    " For a number of reasons. [para] Firstly..," reads fine to me as does the rest of the letter even with the misprint.

    Please go back to the fussy, old pedantic club. Last I was there, they were on page 8 of a dialogue on which news source to ban links from.

  4. I am in no position to criticise the FCCT on typos! On another point; as Niels Colov states in the Pattaya People next to his FCCT logo that he is a member I expect Drew Noyes to re apply with Colov as seconder.

    1. Actually my initial comments were based solely on such a poorly constructed letter by the FCCT, I just found it to be lacking in credibility. However, studying it again, thanks to contributor Christy, I am more concerned by the obvious bias. After all who, I cannot make out the signature, deemed the panel to be excellent, and too whom was it not felt to be a crushing blow? Come on why so emotive language, it does not fit well with a professional correspondence? Also, why if you, Andrew Drummond had raised the concern regards Mr Noyes, being a fit and proper person, – and don't get me wrong here I am no sympathiser with that fraud – were you deemed suitable to sit on the panel? Surely there is a serious conflict of interest … is that why the panel agreed to withdraw the documentary, with your consent, as it would not be a crushing blow to your case?

  5. No conflict of interest Sharp&Amp. The programme the FCCT presented was about Thailand's Criminal Libel and Computer Crime Act. The panelists were selected because (1) Dr. Wynn Ellis had been sued umpteen times by the Director of Thailand's National Innovation Agency, (2) Supinya Klanarong has been sued by the Shin Corp (Thaksin) and won and (3) I had been sued by these charlies in Koh Samui and Patttaya.
    I did not raise my concerns until long after the FCCT put on the programme. And their decision was taken probably independently of my concerns. Or that is what I am certain they will say. I do not mind if they call the FCCT panel excellent. Oh Dr. Streckfuss was there to add his contribution too as he had studied the figures on libel and computer crime cases in Thailand.

    1. Actually I proposed the programme to the FCCT. They dithered for a long while until a former President intervened and offered to host it, which he did very well. The FCCT wanted to widen the agenda, from just the 'farang' element.

  6. Yes no problem with that Andrew, it is just the FCCT letter left me with concerns to their motives, to me, a pedant apparently, the wording and their phrasing was – if had been addressed to me – a slap in the face. You say in a later post that should someone step forward and second Mr Noyes, then he will be honoured with membership, and that is what that communication relays. Yet, this 'excellent' panel spent two hours – if I read if correctly – considering the case, and the veracity of your documentary, yet failed to come to an opinion? To me, maybe I am reading it wrong, but it is just an arse covering exercise, and you may well be welcoming Mr Noyes as a member very shorty. And that is shameful, and this is another tiresome case of a respectable organisation, refusing to stand up for what is right, and what their members and profession stand for. I am sorry if my interpretation offends Christy S, but for the avoidance of doubt, I believe that letter from the FCCT, failed on so many levels, and hinted at their true intentions, to award Mr Noyles membership albeit at a later date. Yet this was despite a body of evidence being presented to them, that portrays Noyes as such a dubious character that he would likely fail even the most lenient test for a fit and proper person. Should the excellent board see fit to ignore the evidence, in their domain, in their knowledge, and offer membership, to a character who is clearly the enemy of free speech and professional journalism, then that will be a disgrace that will shame the FCCT and the profession.

    1. I'm guessing Noyes has more on his mind to seek nomination again and that Colov's membership has expired. I'm guessing also that the FCCT was presented with an easy way out and took advantage of it. Were Mr. Noyes to be really accepted as a member I'd be 'offski'.

    2. Dear Sharp'n'Shifty (if that is what your moniker is trying to suggest), it seems obvious that you are more shifty than you are sharp, but a pedant you most certainly are… go and read that letter again… nowhere does the missive, or Andrew for that matter, suggest that the infamous Noise's request would be 'honoured' (your choice of words).

  7. Thanks for the story AD. Hooray for FCCT. I thought the last paragraph more than made up for any problems with the previous three.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. So Noisy wants to join another organisation that wants nothing to do with him. Only a sociopath would want to join a group where everybody despises him.
    I wonder if he is planning on attending the Movers and Shakers tomorrow night. I suggest he stays home with the Buffalo girl. More than a few people coming want to assault him. Perhaps he will spend the night pretending to be on the phone talking to officials.
    Thankyou Andrew, before you exposed him he would show up everywhere bullshitting about himself and royal connections, interrupting real conversations and annoying everybody with his sleaziness and sexual innuendo. He was often asked to leave after showing up uninvited but it didn't seem to stop him.
    An A grade loser.
    And 33 years jail for the kiddy fiddler. Good sentence. Watch out Stan Evans, we are watching you. One slip up and you will be toast.

  9. Noisy's One Stop Shit Shop's website seems more obsessed with AD than actually helping clients. It appears Noisy has forgotten that his Pattaya Times has folded after being exposed as a fake by AD. He is still writing as a news writer.
    Consider how poorly written the following is and then ask yourself, would you want this moron doing your legal work?
    Noisy writes on his website
    "Andrew Michael Drummond Defendant in Multiple Upcomming Criminal Cases
    We are helping expat business men in Thailand who are victims of Andrew Michael Drummond, 60, of Bangkok.
    Andrew Drummond is an admitted former News of the World reporter. That publication was closed for illegal taping, cyber crimes of mobile phone and computerhacking and untrue reporting.
    When News of the World was closed down Drummond quickly removed its name from his blog home page banner. But Drummond continued in the spirit if the muck rackers.
    Now the many criminal charges in Thailand against
    Andrew Drummond a Bangkok journalist turned blog maven are shown in the included link. Finally, after two years of defamation, his breaking Thailand Computer Crimes laws Andrew Drummond is going to be a defendant facing three criminal trials brought by three plaintiffs. These first three cases will begin in March and April with many more cases and charges following.
    These are his first three separate criminal trial dates at Pattaya Provincial Court for cyber crimes and other criminal charges.
    If Andrew Drummond gets you in his sites because he thinks he can get some money it's best to fight him than pay.
    The Pattaya Times newspaper as well as the Pattaya Today newspaper have published articles about Drummond"s civil and criminal cases he is charged in
    In one article Drummond brags about his white Prsche sports car snd current "repairs to the sala" of his Bangkok home.
    This just after a prior article where he pleaded for the few retired expats upcountry in Thailand who read his blogging click his "Donate" button to fund his legal battles he instigated.
    He was ordered by PayPal to relocate his " Donate" button so it would no longer appear directly under a plea for donations to the Mapricharn Snimal Shelter. This after "donors" to the cats and dogs discovered the old dog Andrew kept the donations for himself.
    Andrew Drummond has all but exhausted donors money after they learned Drummond may have as many as 67 separate criminal cases against him brought by more than a dozen separate plaintiffs in four Thai cities as well as in the UK and America.

  10. More bullshit on the Shit Shop site. He is that obsessed with the people that have exposed him he publicizes them on his website. What a stooge. More noisy lies from the village idiot.

    ""Sam Machielsen Reports for Andrew Drummond in Court
    Forme child Actor Sam Machielsen
    may be in real trouble.
    Young Sam Machielsen sat in a Pattaya Provincial Court room for four hours taking notes for blogger Andrew Drummond of Bangkok. The testimony was in English and the official court translation had not been completed.
    When witnesses in the court case asked Sam Machielsen in the court if he was taking notes for Andrew Drummond the budding secretary denied the possibility.
    In a prior trial Drummond was ordered by the Pattaya Provincial Court judge not to take notes at trials because trials in process are not to be reported until a verdict is reached.
    So Drummond hired the innocent lad Sam Machielsen to do the wrong deed by taking notes that would be used for public publication prior to the official translation and cross-examination of the testimony.
    Witnesses watching Drummond smoking in front of the Pattaya Court House saw Sam Machielsen hand over his notebook containing confidential court testimony which had not yet been cross-examined, so was therefore bias and totally unsubstantiated.
    Drummond immediately posted the dubious testimony provided by Sam Macieilsen, son of Andre Machielsen, onto his blog.
    The judge in the case was informed of the dastardly duos plot to circumvent the court directive and policy.
    Evidence is being gathered to file contempt charges if grounds are confirmed.""

    So Drew, how is this case going? Or is it just more of your complete and utter bullshit.

  11. DN likes to stretch the truth and add awards and grand memberships but seems loathe to correct his CV when it is revealed to be just not true.

    His drewnoyesandandrewdrummondonotgeton website still has the following piece, which anyone who has followed this story will spot has a glaring error of fact in the title:

    The Pros & Cons of Thailand’s Defamation Laws
    (Based on my personal experience)
    By FCCT Member Drew Walter Noyes
    November 6, 2013

  12. Drew, you are suffering from a credibility problem which as one of Thailand's most credible people, is a bit confusing.
    So to put every bodies doubts to bed could you please reveal the following.
    1. A copy of your diploma from Duke.
    2. A copy of your Treaty of Amity
    3 Some proof, anything will do, of your invitation from the king. Your "uncles' name, or even just one other person who also helped out to back up your story.
    4 All these seminars that you attended on Thai law, some details. And since they are conducted in Thai which you can not read, write ,speak or understand, what was the benefit of actually attending.
    5. And can you explain how you copy somebodies phone book and then hand it out free, how exactly can you claim that a best seller.
    6. And the Noyes Reality in the USA. How do exactly do you fit all those staff in that trailer park home.
    7. And where are the Work Permits required under Thai law for your foreign employees? You know, like the one you demanded from the teacher.
    8 Why have you paid no tax for 4 years?
    If you come to the Movers and Shakers bring everything along so we can all have a look and clear up any doubts.

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