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THAI SECURITY EXCHANGE BRINGS CRIMINAL CHARGES – SOME ARE LEAVING AND WEBSITES ARE DOWN With the announcement this week that Thailand’s Securities Exchange Commission is taking criminal action against an unregistered financial adviser almost certainly other cases will follow. But unfortunately, as is the case of international banks when they are caught out doing such things as laundering money for …

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Rights Commission Recommends Prosecution of Police Connected To Bangkok Boiler Room

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WHISTLE-BLOWER WHO NAMED BRITISH ‘MR BIG’  SET UP FOR DRUGS AND RAPE OF A MINOR The Commission of Human Rights in Manila has passed on a report to the government and chief prosecutor recommending the prosecution of six Metro Manila Police officers who arrested a ‘runaway’ from a Bangkok boiler room, demanded to see his files, then banged him up …

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Sex Bonus For Scam Traders in £100 Million Bangkok Shares Sting

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By Andrew Drummond for the Sunday Mirror July 29 2001 THE newspaper adverts promised a lucrative wage packet and a lifestyle to match in one of the world’s most exotic cities. Yet hundreds of Britons lured to join Bangkok sales teams have found themselves caught up in a pounds 100 million shares scam. The ‘Boiler Room’ sting involves persuading unsuspecting …