Scots fraudster Brian Goudie insists ‘I’m a member of the bar!’ And sues!

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From Andrew Drummond, September 12 2012

Scots con man and fraudster Brian Goudie, who was exposed on this site last week running a law firm out of a pub in Pattaya, has written to all his clients to claim he has been libelled and is a genuine member of the International Bar Association.

The 45-yr-old cheat from Falkirk in Scotland Brian Goldie, who fled the UK just before an investigation began into the defrauding of the Bank of Scotland -and then turned up in Australia, where he defrauded a mining company of AUS$400,000 plus, appears outraged as he reels out the qualifications of his company Alba Law.

And he makes open threats of vigorous pursuit  involving influential judges and the CSD in an almost carbon copy of actions attempted against this site by Drew Noyes, of the Pattaya Times, who also falsely claimed he was a lawyer.

In fact he has copied libels straight from the Pattaya Times which are no longer there, because Noyes was forced to remove them,  alleging that this site was being sued by all sorts of people,  and that I was a convict.

Over the last two weeks Drew Noyes has removed at least half a dozen libellous stories. In the letter, again written in the third person  just as Drew Noyes likes to do, he says:

“Mr. Brian Goudie (Partner – International Legal Practice) is a member in good standing of the International Bar Association, membership number 1035774 (valid until December 2012).”

This has to be the biggest joke of all. The International Bar Association is based in Fleet Street, London, my old stomping ground.  I could become a full member tomorrow for £235.00 – no questions asked. There is no requirement of proof of whom you are – just your credit card number. You can even join as a student. Check it out!

A member of good standing? Nobody at the IBA will even know who he is unless they check their computers and then they will just have to believe what is written.  The only bad standing member is one who has not paid his annual dues.  Where have I seen this all before?

But we know Goudie and Noyes got together after Noyes posted a very tame video taken by Goudie on the internet on Goudie’s behalf.

The IBA is only an information gathering and lobbying association in the legal profession.  Being a member is no proof of anything. What is most staggering of all is how do his genuine Thai legal partners put up with it. Or have they just been rail roaded? Let’s find out – watch this site.

Below is the Goudie press release, but I doubt it’s gone to any press. It was sent from his email  and he also sent it to himself I don’t think he has a press office though. He also sent this to his lawyers, but to their addresses at Alba Laws, perhaps not their proper email addresses, as these guys have their own company(ies). So he may have just been sending to himself.


“It has come to our attention that there is an article circulating on the internet in relation to this Firm and it’s Partners.

“Alba Laws LLP is a properly registered Limited Liability Partnership, registered pursuant to the provisions of the Civil and Commercial Code. We understand the article makes several misleading and incorrect factual assertions regarding this Firm and our Partners, our standing as a Firm, and the qualifications of our Partners and Consultants.

No assertions have been made about Goudie’s Thai partners. It is clear they did not know who he was. AD

“For the record, the two partners mentioned in the article, Mr. Sanya Namnaphon (Partner – Litigation) who is a member in good standing of the Lawyers Council of Thailand, licence number 631/2535 (valid until February 2018) , and Mr. Brian Goudie (Partner – International Legal Practice) who is a member in good standing of the International Bar Association, membership number 1035774 (valid until December 2012).

Mr. Sanya Namnaphon was not mentioned in the article. Nor do I know him Nor am I interested in him. I do not know what International Legal Practice means after Goudie’s name, unless it means, he’s practising or some authorities have been practising law on him internationally, which is true?

“This firm has a senior staff consultant, Mr. Somkiat Vata (Consultant – Litigation), who is a retired judge of the Criminal Courts of Thailand, and consults on major cases.

“As with all busy legal practices, this Firm will bring in specialist external counsel for specific cases, who must be qualified to practice in the Kingdom of Thailand.

“All cases accepted by this Firm are managed in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Lawyers Council of Thailand.

Again no assertions have been made about Goudie’s Thai partners. AD

“We understand that Drummond asserts that this Firm acts for ‘pervert clients’ and this Firm is ‘in partnership with a paedophile’ and this Firm takes on cases that are mainly for ‘sex offences’.

Jaggy Thistle

Nowhere on my website do I claim that Alba Law dealt mainly with sex offences or that he was a partner with a paedophile.  This may be an issue Alba wishes to address to the Sunday Mail in Scotland but I suspect he will be given short shrift there.

What I did report was that police arrested a Briton, Ian Tracy, for child sexual abuse, who was found in rooms above and belonging to ‘The Jaggy Thistle’ and that this man had been on the run for a year during which time he was used to find clients for Alba Law. While visiting Nong Plalai Prison Pattaya, ostensibly on behalf of the Mercy Foundation, he found clients for Goudie.

The Jaggy Thistle is the registered address of  Alba Law. AD

“For the record, this Firm currently has live cases in the Provincial Courts of Chonburi, Pattaya, Nong Bua Lamphu, Koh Samui, Rayong, Phuket, Krabi, Bangkok Southern, Samut Prakan, Surat Thani and Prachuap Kiri Khan.

“In addition, we have a number of cases before the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Thailand. Our case base covers a broad range including Consumer Protection, Civil Recovery, Asset Seizure, Family Court, and various Criminal cases such as Fraud, Theft, Forging and Uttering, Misuse of Drugs, Supply of Drugs, Assault, etc – in other words the expected case base of a busy legal practice.

I indeed questioned in the public interest whether it was suitable for a man with convictions for fraud in particular ‘forgering and uttering cheques’, to be leading fraud cases in Thailand. There is evidence that Goudie has appeared in court in Thailand as a ‘Lawyer-in-fact’.  Its a lot of cases to worry about though.AD

“It should be noted that this Firm undertakes briefs to prosecute many Private Criminal Prosecutions as well as undertake Criminal Defense work”.


“In relation to the assertion that we have a case load of ‘mainly sex offences’ for ‘pervert clients’, we currently have two cases in Pattaya Court in relation to Sexual Offences against children, which at this stage at least in one case are mere allegations, and these cases represent a tiny fraction of the work undertaken by this Firm. It is a basic tenet of law that every person accused of a criminal offence is innocent until proven guilty, and entitled to legal representation that accords the best possible defence available under the law – this is a basic right of the adversarial justice system, and every defendant is entitled to a defence, no matter the allegation”.

Is he saying his other case does not involve mere allegations? This has already been answered above. On a point he raised though  in both cases the alleged victims were under the age of puberty so his clients could be correctly described as suspected paedophiles. I would like to know how he acquired the ‘Jaggy Thistle’ from Ulster drugs dealer Jimmy Halliday who died at about the same time and who appears to be called Holiday when Goudie was added to the company. Perhaps his lawyers could look up the company ‘Jimmi’ International Co. Ltd’ registered at his address, and find the thumbprint. AD.

Goudie, left in the shadows outside the ‘Jagggie Thistle’ with Ian Tracy,sitting. Innocent until proved guilty. Now F Off! the lot of you!

” Andrew Drummond, styles himself as an ‘ínvestigative journalist’, claiming to be a ‘correspondent’ of the ‘Evening Standard’ in the ‘United Kingdom’ as per his Press Card number No. xxxx, issued on 10th November 2011 by the Thai Department of Public Relations”.

Andrew Drummond has been a journalist for some 40 years most of it working on stories of an investigative nature, but not exclusively so. The Standard does issue press accreditations and has in this case which remain valid. Should Mr. Goudie check he will see that I first came to Thailand as correspondent for the Observer, then the Evening Standard, then The Times, for ten years, and now back to the Standard again.

“Inquiries this week by this Firm into the validity of his Press Credentials to the sub editor of the ‘ The London Evening Standard’ (the Evening Standard changed it’s name in 2009 and no longer issues Press Credentials in that name) has this week advised this Firm as follows:  ‘Mr Drummond is a freelance journalist who contributes stories to a wide variety of newspapers. He is not a contracted member of staff of Evening Standard Ltd and is not a representative of the newspaper”.

Well if he actually did make enquiries to the sub-editor of the Standard his enquiry would have been put on the spike. Who on earth is the sub-editor? There are at least 20 subs, probably more. This is not a standard of rank,  its a type of job. And I would not know any of them. I know the newsdesk team and the editor though.

That’s a botched up quote if ever there was one. The newsdesk of the Standard know nothing about it. Nor would they have issued any statement without informing me. I have to act as their representative whenever they ask me.  Most foreign correspondents in Thailand are freelance. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a list of the other papers for whom I write. Whether the Evening Standard is known as the London Evening Standard, (the slight name change is of no interest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is immaterial. – The paper is still known as the ‘Eeny Stannit’ from the old vendors cry! Or perhaps more from the Morecombe and Wise TV show.

But wait a minute where have I seen all this silliness before.  Yes you have guessed it on the Pattaya Times website (under comments) controlled by Drew Noyes. Its not there now though.

“As a result of this information, this Firm has requested the Department of Public Affairs to review the supporting documents presented to obtain Drummond’s press credentials, which are now under investigation.

In that case ‘this Firm’ will be wasting its time. It should apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who have known me for 20 plus years.  In fact we could go together.

“Following a criminal conviction in which the Bangkok Post was successfully sued as a Joint Defendant, Drummond has been unable to submit articles to newspapers in the Kingdom of Thailand – who now refuse to publish his articles. Drummond instead now participates in the practice of ‘yellow journalism’ via his web site, in which he writes factually incorrect articles in a style that can only be properly described as gutter tabloid journalism”.

Here we go again. I no longer bother writing for local publications – only on special request. 

Drummond wins libel – Press Gazette report

Andrew Drummond was acquitted of libel charges brought by a Pattaya (Brits) running gay venues. The Bangkok Post was not successfully sued. I rarely have any problem having stories published in Thailand. Normally I do not, because it does not pay. The other ‘yellow journalism‘ stuff here was also copied from the Pattaya Times published by Drew Noyes, an American, who also falsely claimed to be a lawyer.  It has now been removed from the net following action against him. Why do I think that Goudie’s Thai lawyers had nothing to do with the publishing of this press statement.  I do tend to write in a more colloquial style though. AD

“A further foreigner featuring in the Drummond story, Andrew Ronald Matthews, has two criminal convictions for violent serious assaults, the most recent conviction being on 18th October 2011 in Pattaya Provincial Court, case number 9043/54, in which Mr. Matthews received a three month term of imprisonment, suspended for two years and a fine of THB 2,000.

“Mr. Matthews has a current dispute with this Firm and it’s partners, and is currently facing Criminal Proceedings in case number 5163/55 in Pattaya Criminal Court has been charged with two counts of criminal trespass contrary to s. 365(2) and 365 (3) of The Criminal Code of Thailand, two counts of Criminal Defamation contrary to s. 326 of the Criminal Code of Thailand, and a number of other charges.

“As a defendant on a suspended sentence, if convicted, Matthews is facing an automatic prison sentence. The matter has been listed for preliminary hearing on 22nd October 2012.

Mr. Mathews admitted hitting a German property developer who insulted him last year.  Mr. Mathews does not have a problem with ”This Firm’ and its partners. This is a very odd way to say Mr.Goudie is trying to get Mr.Mathews kicked out of  Thailand because he owes him 400,000 baht.

 Mr. Goudie claims Mathews insulted his company ‘Jimmi International Co Ltd” (the first plaintiff) and trespassed at the ‘Jaggie Thistle’ pub in Jomtien. Mr.Goudie (the second plaintiff) admits owing Mathews in excess of 400,000 baht which Mathews said he wanted returned after he discovered that Goudie’s was not who he said he was. Clients should be aware. Essentially Mr. Mathews appeared to have called into Goudie’s pub and called and let off a few expletives.

Moreover as ‘Jimmi’ was funded with drugs money from Ulster how can it be libelled?.  And how can you damage a concern which is, er closed. And how can an abstract entity be a ‘c**t?’, which is I believe one of the words used by Mathews. And who on earth would know that the ‘Jaggy Thistle was owned by ‘Jimmi’. More to the point what reputation does ‘Jimmi’have which can be tarnished?  Clearly this is a matter that only an International Legal Practice can handle.

As in his Oil Tech Pumps problems explained in the original story Goudie has a series of companies  in Thailand and elsewhere which he actually controls but avoids on paper being the decision maker. On many of these companies he is named as Goldie.

Mr.Goudie here is giving out information acquired while Alba Law was acting as Mathews’s advocate. Client confidentiality? So again other clients should beware.

Mr. Mathews has NO criminal record in the U.K. It’s Mr. Goudie who should be leaving.

“This Firm and it’s partners on Tuesday 4th September made a report at the Office of the Crime Suppression Division (Region 1) of the Royal Thai Police in relation to the article penned by Drummond, and that investigation into a new charge of Criminal Defamation contrary to ss. 326 and 328 of the Criminal Code of Thailand is continuing.

In the unlikely event anything should arise out of this (and I cannot find any trace of it)  it will be dealt with. Meanwhile I await the case number and the name of the officer who took the statement and to which police station this case was referred.  The CSD merely have to talk to the Australian Federal Police office in Bangkok.

“Drummond has further proceedings now pending in relation to a number of other individuals in Thailand who also allege Drummond has defamed them”.

This is news to me.  The only cases I have on record are those involving Mr. Drew Noyes, who is also facing extortion charges in Pattaya Criminal court.  My case should be finished very soon.

UPDTE: September 16 2012: Pattaya Court yesterday dismissed allegation that Andrew Drummond (I) was in contempt of court for a breaching an agreement signed on June 2nd. Noyes had asked the court to jail or fine (me) Andrew Drummond as he had lost his deposit on a 5 million baht libel case he had brought against Drummond. The court refused his application and ruled that the costs they had deducted from him were legitimate. If he wished to sue (me) Andrew Drummond he would have to initiate a new case. Andrew Drummond (I) was merely required, as in customary in all settlements in Thailand, to ackowledge Noyes’ apology and apologise in the same wording on my site. Despite Noyes demands no articles have had to be removed from this website.

“It is unfortunate that individuals such as Drummond and Matthews are easily able to use the internet to post material that is demonstrably false, and material that is egregiously defamatory to this Firm and it’s partners. The use of web sites registered outside the Kingdom of Thailand make it difficult to have the material removed, however this Firm is now in the process of requesting the Registrar of the site to remove the material, or to face prosecution”.

All allegations written by Andrew Drummond on are true and well sourced. Indeed it is unfortunate that there are people around who can spot Pattaya chancers. I have no dispute with bona fide Thai lawyers but I will certainly be watching any case being brought by Alba Law involving Goudie and would like to hear from readers how much Goudie has been charging for his legal services.  We already have quite a few of his bills, like this one below.

Here’s one Goudie bill.But wait a minute. He has signed this one Goldie. He certainly was not legally here in Thailand in September 2011 under that name. I have deleted the name but I would be interested to know if GB ever got it, or was this just a spoof to show someone else that he was owed money
And below is a story from someone else who was at Halliday’s death bed, besides, Goudie, Tracy and Pattaya Police Volunteer Macdonald

He would have cried a lot longer if he knew

This Firm has already commenced the process of prosecuting Drummond and will vigorously prosecute this individual to preserve the good name of this Firm.

In the meantime, we thank you our valued Clients for your continuing support.

But you should read the original story first if you have not done so


Finally a spokesperson for the International Bar Association confirmed that Goudie had paid for membership. The spokesperson said last night:

 “With regard to the qualifications of members, the IBA is not a regulatory body and does not have the means to check the qualifications of members across the globe.  IBA membership is voluntary and members rely on their peers to be truthful and professional in their conduct.

“On the topic of expelling a member there is a mechanism in place. I draw your attention to the below relevant excerpt from the IBA Constitution. To read the item in full download the IBA Constitution from this IBA website page”.

A report in the Herald, Glasgow, before Goldie went to trial. He changed his name to Goudie later.


  1. Lee

    Silly Silly Man, making exactly the same mistakes as Drew Noyes in a pathetic attempt to fight back… It's hilarious beyond belief.. If he had just kept his mouth shut then everything would be forgotten in time instead he does the Drew thing and what a success that was was Drew!! LOL

  2. barry kenyon

    Ah! The International Bar Association of Fond Memory. A friend recently offered to buy me membership as a birthday present, even though the nearest I ever got to saying Mi Lud was teaching sociology to dubious British police cadets in the 1970s. Incidentally one of them is now a senior guy with Interpol and an avid reader of this site and its many spin-offs which he says are more informative than trying to listen in on third party conversations in bars. However, I eventually turned down the generous IBA membership offer and settled for a slap-up supper at Simon's Fish and Chips in Jomtien. Double mushy peas please.

  3. khonmask

    Well Done again Andrew, may i just point out again that if you are convicted of a crime you have no right of abode in Thailand, Under the immigration laws of Thailand.
    This man is playing a stupid game as the first thing my lawyer would bring up in court is proof that he has indeed got a criminal record
    thanks again Bulldog Drummond for putting the interest of honest people before your own.

  4. Pat Angko

    This guy is a Parrot, the exact same stupidity and moves as his "mentor"? Fees for one million Baht? Does the tax department knows?

  5. June Barley

    At what stage exactly does a little shit actually realise he is behaving like a little shit?

  6. Chris

    Go for it Andrew this is even more entertaining that some of the Noyes farce, and should no doubt come to the same (hopefully) ending…

  7. Terence

    Mr Brian Goudie, regretfully, reflects badly on the Scottish Educational System with respect to his spelling. There is in Thailand the Bank of Ayudhya and there is the City of Ayutthaya but I have never encountered the Bank of Ayyuthaya as referenced in the Alba Laws Commercial Invoice. Further I would have thought that a Legal Company would have issued a Receipt for a Retainer to be followed by an Invoice detailing the actual work carried out with the relevant tax applied. Can you issue an Invoice for a Retainer without applying any tax ?

  8. June Barley

    I think Brian Goldie/Goudie should seek legal advice. I wonder if he knows any good lawyers? He is on a loser here, and becoming a laughing stock already. Whatever he may or not have, he certainly does not have Drew Noyes list of pals behiind him to help out when things get to their inevitable end. Noyes will be lapping this story up as it deflects from his problems with this site

  9. Andrew Drummond

    When Drew exchnage info with Goudie I don't suppose for a second June that he would bother to tell Goudie he had removed all the allegations from his Pattaya Times site.

  10. June Barley

    Andrew, and why would Drew exchange information with Brian Goldie/Goudie? In purely Pattaya terms, Brian Goudie/Goldie is strictly second or third class, a veritable apprentice, compared to the others

  11. Andrew Drummond

    Not so sure about that June. He appears to have successfully conned people from the Uk to Australia to Florida to Thailand. His CV, without knowing him, is much more credible wheras you take one look at DN's and you KNOW its a crock of sh*t. They do have common cause. Goudie has also made an effort. His Thai is much more superior to that of DN. He has made a singular effort to study it, so with a but of practice he can emerge as a hi-so farang and convince many Thais he is such. DN just has a suit and blabs on how wonderful Pattaya City and the Mayor is. Both have achieved some success. Quite a few people have been taken in by both. Dont be deceived by the pictures. Goudie can look the part. And one or two seem still to be scared of him.
    If I were a punter in Nongbua-whatever I might even believe Goudie's press release not having seen the article. I do not think Goudie meant me to see it. Pattaya city has however cottoned on to Noyes now.

  12. Randall

    I understand that "Thai time" is different from any other time known in the western world..BUT.. surely there MUST be someone in some Government department in Thailand that is wondering how this Goudie/Goldie can have TWO names and use BOTH, can live in Thailand having been convicted of a criminal offence, can own and operate a business and a Thai Company.. like how much of theis Thai time should it take to realise something is smelly with this dude..??.. the guy has balls..! He is flaunting Thai laws right under their bloody noses and no one seems to be paying any attention to him..??

  13. robroy

    Another great piece of work Andrew, the amount of researching you must do with these expose's is truly impressive. An example of investigative journalism at it's best. On an unrelated note i was saddened to hear of the death today of, i think an old colleague of yours, Derek Jameson, affectionately known by readers of Private Eye as Sid Yobbo! His was a quite remarkable story of someone who rose from an orphanage to editing various Fleet Street newspapers. I used to enjoy his broadcasting on the BBC, he had what could be termed a unique style! My abiding memory of him is when he was standing in for Wogan on his nightly early evening TV chat show, which was always live. Interviewing the celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke, Derek said,"cor blimey Nicky, you charge fifty quid for a wash and blow job".After a seconds stunned silence the whole studio erupted, while poor Derek sat with his head in his hands saying,"oh gawd, did i really just say that"! Wonderful stuff.

  14. Andrew Drummond

    Rob Roy. Yes of course I knew him well, although he was the guy who brought the old broadsheet News of the World from its broadsheet format to tabloid and with it went a lot of worthy investigations. The newspaper (Circulation 7 million) which was for many the best investigative paper in Fleet Street with the Sunday Times (Profumo, Keeler, the Flying Squad plus its mix of lurid sex cases and vicars and tarts, but written with some humour) thereafter adopted a rather nasty streak to become obsessed with TV soap stars bonking and snorting lines of coke and 'set ups'.

    That view may be a little rose tinted though, because some nasty stuff went down in features which news did not associate much with except at the annual party. In fact on recollection it is definitely rose-tinted. I became totally disenfranchised with what the paper was doing. I refused to go on the desk.But our former long standing newsdesk, headed by a former Naval officer, was replaced by oiks who became known as the 'Rottweilers'. I was the only NoW reporter to walk out during the Wapping Strike and never go back.

    When I received an award (for investigations into racism andf fascism/ I became an under cover Nazi for almost 2 years) about ten of us crowded into Jameson's chauffered car and headed out not for champagne in the West End, but, his choice, a curry house in Brick Lane. The car was big but not big enough. I believe I was on the rear window shelf.
    PS: We're going back thirty years here!

  15. Pat Angko

    As my fly informed me, the relevant letters (in Thai) have been sent to the relevant addresses here and in Bangkok. Those scammers don't go unnoticed irrespective who they think protect them, there is always another department interesting how their colleagues try to make a buck. As with all criminals keep a light on them and make a noise when they move.

  16. ally

    Errrr Andrew….I'm a "punter" from Nongbua-whatever…..(Daeng)…you trying to tell me something??????

  17. ally

    Aha…..well that a definite NO then… IQ and morals are slightly higher than the "pond life, bottom dwellers" that would use his services or would even be fooled by him……..

  18. laarbruch

    Good to see this man exposed as the thoroughly unpleasant charlatan that he is. As for the people he represents I know for a fact that he is retained by the infamous Hua Hin developer Alan McDonald and his associates in defence of the many completed/ongoing cases being heard @ Pratchuab Courts.

    All bluster and and retained by the bottom feeders in our society for his dubious skills

    Andrew……..Well done!!

  19. Andrew Drummond

    Splendid. I have know a lot about Macdonald already – surprised he is still alive, must be a lowland macdonald. Seems we have identifed a growing Scots enclave of a type in Thailand.
    Lets hear from the victims.

    Confidentiality guaranteed on request:

  20. Andrew Drummond

    By email from AG

    Cite, and subsequently file a case to be brought against the second party..requiring them to defend themselves,.. While requiring also to fund this defence.
    Anyone may set themselves up with a company and call that company whatever they wish (providing there is no company by that name already).
    The "threat" to have someone's liberty removed is.. to most foreigners… residing in Thailand, or other, frightening, aware of the infamous"Bangkok hilton".
    It is with this in mind, that possibly the easiest "con" in Thailand is to apear officious, and knowlegdeable, coupled with the "threat"
    of loss of liberty, deportation etc…makes for astrong weapon to obtain monies, either by way of "Defence" or "Prosecution".
    In conclusion,… If I wished to make monies via falsehoods, promises, would probably take me six months to effect this image/ trust, using such a vehicle…I certainly would not require two years in an Australian jail to hone my "skills".
    "Oh to be a legal consultant!".

  21. Patrick Lang

    I lived in Thailand for about 4 years and spent time with Andy Mathews who you have mentioned in your writings. I came to Thailand, as most, for a two week holiday but stayed much longer and should have probably gone home much sooner. I actually knew Andy as "Andy from Wolverhampton" and found this story while I was trying to contact him to thank him for the help and kindness that he showed me while I was living in Jomtien.
    I remember being at the "Jaggy Thistle", although I don’t remember it being called that, attending the birthday bash of the Son of John McDonald with Andy Mathews and a couple of other friends of ours. I don’t remember meeting Goldie or the other trash that you write about but I will tell you this. Andy Mathews was one of the nicest people that I met while I was living in Thailand and he never had a bad word against anybody. I wouldn’t say that he was an easy target but I can see how somebody could take advantage of his kind nature.
    I can also state that he had no involvement in any kind of illegal business or any kind of "rackets" or "associated with knuckle dusters, knives, drugs, and violence" to any degree. What I would say is that he reminds me of my Father who wouldn’t bow down to any form of bullying especially, as you have stated, from somebody who could threaten to have you removed from the Kingdom of Thailand.
    Andy helped me while I was in need but I wasn’t in need of financial help, even though I’m sure he would have helped me in that situation. Andy managed to get an ambulance for my girlfriend, who would certainly have died without it, on a day that all ambulance were not available, Thai Holiday or something like that, a true gentleman!
    I can only hope that this Goldie guy is thrown out of Thailand after he has returned the money owed to Andy Mathews and probably others.
    I have found your writing very interesting Andrew, what is the latest on this Goldie character?
    P.S. I’d appreciate it if you could put me in touch with Andy so that I can thank him. I will Inbox you my details.

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