Foreign Posse Rides In to Clean Up Pattaya Woes

 But can THIS posse help?!

The flying sporran on a Pattaya showdown

September 17 2012

Woke up today to start a bright new week, fresh from a good weekend in court in Pattaya, to find in the Bangkok Post a wonderfully confusing story.

It involves a rag-tag army of expats in Pattaya meeting with officers of the Crime Suppression Division in a bid to clean up the city.

How the Bangkok Post reported the meeting with the ‘Foreigners Network’

Well actually I did not so much find it but was directed to it. My phone was buzzing from 8 am. Emails were coming in, in protest.
The story seemed harmless enough – although I did not really understand it.  People were complaining that the Bangok Post were killing their replies.

Why the protest?

Apparently there is a new network of foreigners in Pattaya determined to clean up the city. They seem to be called the ‘Foreigners Network’.

“Twelve of the network’s 15 members, mostly business figures, met Crime Suppression Division (CSD) officers recently to discuss what one of them called the “cancerous” crime levels in the resort town,” the Bangkok Post reported.
“Pattaya has struggled to shake off its image of crime and vice, much of which comes from foreign mafia groups based there”.

Well true enough. But what happened to the other three. And what is this group?  Is it taking over from the Pattaya Expats Club, the Pattaya City Expats Club etc. Isn’t that what they are there for?

But then somewhere along the line foreigners appeared to be responsible for the jet ski scams in the resort
This is confirmed by a jet-ski operator.

The Bangkok Post reported: Charun Pongwuthitham, a 48-year-old jet ski operator who has run his business for more than 10 years, said he agreed with the foreign community’s participation in helping to curb crime in Pattaya.

Mr Charun claimed some foreigners collaborated with jet ski operators in extorting money from the tourists.”

Well it would certainly make sense, from what I saw in Pattaya, that some down and out foreigners are even making a living driving business to jet ski extortionists on a commission basis, but I am not swallowing the line that foreigners are behind the extortions.

But let’s wait and see. The Russians do tend to get everywhere.’

So who comprises this motley group of expat businessmen?

The Bangkok Post reports: “The establishment of the foreigners’ network is a good idea”, said 64-year-old businessman Niels Colon, who participated in the talk with police.

“It will encourage direct talks over problems and could lead to clear solutions, he said.

“Pattaya has many problems. There is still a language barrier between the police and foreigners. It is good that the police are now paying attention to these problems,” he said.

Colon? That’s an unfortunate name. But now I think I get it.

Could this be a Danish businessman called Niels Colov, of the Pattaya People Media Group, who has  announced that he is assisting Pattaya former publisher Drew Noyes (above), whom, he believes, will be released from charges due in Pattaya Court of attempting to extort another Pattaya businessman out of 7 million baht!  (Noyes says he has now resigned from the Pattaya Times)

Surely not. The sub-editors on the Bangkok Post must check all names on stories, particularly one that translates as a part of one’s anatomy, which by its nature is full of  ‘sh*t’.

Nevertheless he looks familiar and very similar t0 the Bangkok Post’s Colon’.

With Danish career criminals Lone Fristrup Jensen and Leon Owild

Could this be the same man who before his arrival in Thailand was sentenced to a term of jail in Denmark for pimping, violence, and handling stolen property?

Could this be the same man who includes Denmark’s most notorious gangsters (above)  amongst his friends?

Some mistake surely.
Drew Noyes andColov in a meeting at Pattaya City Hall
Besides we already know what Drew Noyes, who claims on the net to be an advisor to the Mayor, did when he managed to convince Mr. Colov to get him a meeting with the head of the Crime Suppression in Bangkok.  Noyes got the date through Colov’s friend Edward Kiti of Elite Models.

He exchanged a few pleasantries with the CSD chief,and then invented an interview in which the head of the CSD was reported as saying he hunting down Andrew Drummond and was going to close down this site!

 ‘The Supreme Commander of Thailand’s most powerful police division, the Crime Suppression Police, has ordered the Cyber Crimes Division and the Information and the Technology Commission (ITC) to assist the Royal Thai Police in Pattaya and Bangkok, saying, ‘This is a very prominent foreigner in Thailand that this website is lying about for no reason except to hurt his reputation so close it down and catch the people responsible – Pattaya Times.’

 Wonder who that prominent foreigner was?

I only ask about the ‘Foreigners Network ‘because one of my correspondents wrote in to say: “Please could you make it clear that this group does not represent the expatriates of Pattaya I know and certainly not me”.
Malcolm Leggett in rice paddy

Briton Malcolm Leggett claims that after going to Colov for advice he lost over 3.8 million habit.  He was having problems with his wife and had sought Colov’s advice in his role of President of the Pattaya Expats Club.

That’s the amount he said he handed over to Colov’s partner and mother of his children, Laddawan Yingyong (Editor of the Pattaya People) on advice that he should hide it from his wife and invest in a money lending business. Seems it was an investment in her. She can’t remember who she lent the money to.

“Í can’t believe what I’m reading in the Bangkok Post,” he said. “I want my money back.” (Not from the Bangkok Post))

Yes. It appears Colon and Colov are one and the same.  But the new version has reformed and is a Buddhist vegetarian.

Done. Malcolm

(Malcolm who came as a millionaire ended up working a rice paddy (not for payment) just for a roof.

28 thoughts on “Foreign Posse Rides In to Clean Up Pattaya Woes

  1. I read that article, laughed and thought "Drummond will be onto that tomorrow". If we want to clean up Pattaya then lets start amongst ourselves first and clean out the criminals within our own midst.. and of course those of bad character who are ineligible to be here in the first place due to serious prior convictions…

  2. The Expendables? In Pattaya? Which one's that fella who played Rambo? The news appears to be that there are jet ski scams operating in Pattaya. Weren't jet ski scams supposed to be an invention of the foreign media? I'm sure I recall The Bangkok Post reporting something along these lines. As for 'Colon' – sub-editor's have to get their kicks somehow! I shall now be scanning the Post for more subliminal digs.

  3. If these men are representing me, I want to know their names. If they are working for the betterment of Pattaya, and the people of Pattaya, then surely they should be proud to proclaim their involvement in this get together. 2 things strike me about it though.
    At least 3 of them are turning away from the camera. Are they just shy at having their pictures taken, or are they embarrassed to be seen in the same photo with Mr Colon? Second point is that it looks amazingly like a Last Supper, maybe that is why the other 3 are missing

  4. My fly told me this post was sent three times over the day to the BKK Post but their moderators see something wrong with it. As a newspaper the BKK is only printing pictures and press releases without checking it seems. Something Noise is good at as well.. Hereunder the post which did not make it so far —————– This is the biggest joke EVER, the jet sky scam is beating a dead horse, we ALL know who are behind the perpetrators. It's the foreign criminals which needs exposing and rooting out. One guy in the picture is a known ex criminal from Denmark recently recorded as vowing to help to protect another foreign criminal (not yet in the picture, will be invited soon) who is currently on trial for extortion and black mail of another foreigner to the sum of Baht 7 Mln. Why are the cops so gullible as to not see whit whom they are dealing? Or is it a cozy relationship to pretend they are doing something? There is a totally different under swell going on exposing the foreign criminals in Pattaya but that is not done in photo-op meetings. Foreign criminals beware you are drawing too much attention with your scams defrauding other expats in Pattaya. Pol Lt Col Natthapong Trongthieng, you recently started your post here, please have a look at blog written by a crime reporter and investigator named Andre Drummond, he is well known exposing crimes and who are behind it, you will be surprised with whom you are in contact here ———————– Poor cop makes a laughing stock from himself…..

  5. Andrew surely The Bangkok Post is having a joke running this story, they can't be that gullible or can they? What do your contacts within that media say about it all?

  6. What is it about Niels Colov? He must have been groomed for stardom from an early age. He is ALWAYS in charge of any group he is involved with. The Pattaya Expats Club, the Tourist Police mob, The Knights of Rizal, and now this self appointed(maybe self interest) group. He is always the one seen doing the patronising. Was he never a committe man, a minute secretary, an audience member? Looks to me like he just thinks these things up to keep himself in the news. I meangroup suddenly get formed. I would bet it is "invitation only" so that he keeps control. You better believe there will be no vote for President/Chairman or whatever. Or maybe they were picked sans Drew Hoisy to ensure Drew Noyes knows his place in the pecking order.

  7. Can someone help explain the distinction between the Tourist Police (as seen in "Big Trouble in Thailand) and the Foreign Volunteer Police managed by Colov?

  8. The Foreign Tourist Police Assistants were the original Police Volunteers in Pattaya, based in Walking Street.. Niel's Colon joined very briefly and I actually saw him in uniform at one time, this outfit was run by the most respected and honest Howard Miller, I'm guessing Colon spat his dummy out that he couldn't be in charge and was expected to be just an ordinary member like evryone else – quoting something like "you can't expect someone of my position to sit on a plastic chair by a police van in walking street".. Much later on he set up with god knows what policeman at the time the Foreign Police Volunteers, who basically sit in the Soi 9 police station being as unhelpful as the real police and looking after their own interests.

  9. I have it on good authority that both farang police groups in Pattaya were approached for inclusion by producers of Big Trouble In Tourist Thailand – the TV series that exposed the jet ski scam to the world and continues to do so on TV channels worldwide and via hundreds of thousands of hits on You Tube. But neither brigade were keen to be involved if the other was also featured. Recruiting ex-pat 'police' in Pattaya is a tall order. With the exception of Howard Miller, Eliot Ness types are a bit thin on the ground there. Without the thin brown line one can only imagine how lawless Pattaya would be.

  10. I found an article the other day from Pattaya People, where Niels(no author of it is written) dissed the hell out of Howards group, without mentioning any names. The article is called FPV the true story, it's from 2009 I think.
    It's funny to see Drew supporting Howard back then in Pattaya Times. Look up some of his old opinion of the editor, where he speaks very highly of Howard. And without mentioning any names calls out Niels, some of the sentences were something like this: This is why there are 2 expat clubs in Pattaya, why there are 2 phone books in Pattaya and why there are 2 foreign police volunteers groups in Pattaya.
    Then at another segment of Pattaya People you have Howard and the new British consul guy at Niels's headquater, with photo's taken and on video, quite hilarious, knowing these 2 can't stand each other.

  11. I am having trouble putting names to the faces in the photograph. Neils is a given, and I suppose that is the policemen he is talking to, but I can't recognise any of the others who are graciously, without asking me, to represent me and my interests. Any ideas out there. I am afraid some of them won't be able to match Mr Colov's high standards

  12. Bartercard post on Thaivisa…

    Yes, I was with them for a while and it was a nightmare. A major problem is that, if you do get business through Bartercard, you will discover that none of their members has anything you will want to spend your accumulated credits on. If you do find a supplier on their list that you might want to buy from you inevitably discover that they have discontinued their Bartercard account.

    They are also very economical with the truth and promise all kinds of benefits which they do not deliver and they have developed scams, contravening their own rules, in order to drum up business. They are an international company and if you contact a financial regulating authority abroad about their activities they quickly come to heel – they have now been de-listed from the London Stock Exchange.

    … Sound's right up a certain person's street!

  13. Ah, the amazing Bartercard. This was pushed so much by Pattaya People that we were sure NC was a partner in it. There were some amazing membership numbers, but did it ever take off?
    Mind you, getting on a jet ski and receiving Bartercard points rather than a hiding seems quite a good idea

  14. My hornet just flew by and whispered that Laurie Muir from Barter Card started his own parallel type of Barter Card several years ago, he forgot the name, wonder why, not very upright towards the Intl. BC company is it? Borrowed their database? That's an old DN tactic. Indeed it's exactly as Lee described, its a useless card, only good if one is eating and spend all its business profits (barter points) in restaurants or on advertising (tata NC). Buying stock for ones own business is 99% impossible. BTW all the guys in the picture are NC groupies. Where was Elvis?

  15. Snow White and the 7 dwarfs come to mind…Colon as Snow White should look good in a frock with his mates. Happy…rear left with the grey shirt and stupid grin asking himself 'WTF am I doing here'…Sleepy bottom left…Sneezy rear right with the xxxxl aqua copy polo shirt…Grumpy in yellow with arms folded….Dopey with the dyed wig….Bashful bottom right….Doc 2nd bottom right with glasses and suit and stethoscope in his pocket.

  16. Why is Noisy now claiming that Andrew Drummond said that Noisy's wife Wanrapa has been giving oral sex to foriegners.
    Just because she married Drew 'Official Blowjobs' Noyes, who happens to be a foriegner, people should not jump to conclusions.
    It is very difficult to recognize a sociopath but in a nutshell, a sociopath is a parasite. There is no help because a sociopath does not want to be helped. A sociopath will attract you with his charm and bring you to his side, then he will toy with you, lie and show no remorse. Sometimes there will be a fake smile in his face while he engages in his malicious ways. When confronted, he will deny any responsibility, then back away from you and blame you for whatever wrong he did. What is worse, everybody will believe him because he is able to gain sympathy in a cunning and calculating way.
    That is until confronted with the truth by the Flying Sporran. Pat, Noisy will continue to make up law suits against AD, because if he doesn't, he will have to admit to himself and others that he lost all his cases to sue AD and to close down this site. By starting new cases everytime he loses, when asked, he can say that it is all lies and he is taking AD to court. If he doesn't, it is like accepting that the judge found that there was no libel, AD was correct and everything on this site is the truth.
    He can not accept the truth, he lost his deposit, this site is unchanged and AD didn't have to pay 1 baht. YOU LOST DREW BECAUSE THE JUDGE SAW THROUGH YOUR FANCIFUL LIES.
    Now he has made up more lies, this time, dragging his wife down with him in a very distasteful manner. I have checked everything and what he is claiming, once again, simply doesn't exist. But it does give a further insight into the mind of Drew 'Official Blowjobs' Noyes.
    It is also very interesting to note that he has remained silent on the comments made here regarding his activities at the Jomtien Complex Bar in Pattaya, with his best friend, Brian Wright.But fights back over petty issues such as the Fortune 500 and the number of staff to try and close this site down.
    If I were him, that is what I would be dealing with. Unless of course it was true and he is afraid to stir things up. Afraid that there may be somebody out there with some information?

  17. I would bet that 90% to 100% of this so called posse have shady backgrounds or they have not done a bit of background checking the others. I can not understand how anyone with a clean record would want to associate with these people.

    There should be a list of who these advocates are their business dealings. I would lay odds that Chubby McHarliquin was asked to be a part of this.

  18. Psychopaths have a remarkably poor sense of smell, according to a new study.
    Researchers in Australia tested a theory that psychopathy – a severe personality disorder characterised by lack of empathy, antisocial behaviour and callousness – may be linked to impaired smell ability.
    Both phenomena have been independently traced to dysfunction in part of the brain called the orbito-frontal complex (OFC).
    Mehmet Mahmut and Richard Stevenson of the Department of Psychology at Sydney's Macquarie University trialled the olfactory skills of 79 individuals, aged 19 to 21, who had been diagnosed as non-criminal psychopaths and lived in the community.
    Using "Sniffin' Sticks" – 16 pens that contain different scents, such as orange, coffee and leather – they found the participants had problems in correctly identifying the smell, and then discriminating it against a different odour.
    Those who scored highest on a standard scorecard of psychopathic traits did worst on both counts, even though they knew that they were smelling something.
    The finding could be useful for identifying psychopaths, who are famously manipulative in the face of questioning, says the paper, published in the journal, Chemosensory Perception.
    "Olfactory measures represent a potentially interesting marker for psychopathic traits, because performance expectancies are unclear in odour tests and may therefore be less susceptible to attempts to fake 'good' or 'bad' responses."
    The OFC is a front part of the brain responsible for controlling impulses, planning and behaving in line with social norms.
    Odour molecules bind to specific nerve cells in the base of the nose, which then send signals via the lateral olfactory tract to the primary olfactory cortex.
    From there, the signals go to OFC via a brain organ called the mediodorsal nucleus, located in the thalamus.
    The study makes clear that a poor sense of smell does not by itself mean that someone is a psychopath. Olfactory dysfunction can also occur in schizophrenia, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, it notes.

  19. Well thanks for the science lesson logbags

    better we call Pattayas No 1 ########## DN after the mail sexual organ or the slang word D@@K

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