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A former Irish taxi driver who walked out of a Thai jail on bail for brutally stabbing to death a Pattaya bar girl has surrendered to police in Dublin in connection with the multiple stabbing  of an Irish woman who was on her way to work at a children’s crèche.

Denis Leahy, 48, handed himself in to the ‘Garda’ at Mountjoy Police station yesterday. The Irish Press who has not named Leahy reported that he had paid 30,000 Euros (1.24 million baht) in bail money to get released from a Thai jail in 2007 where he faced charges of brutally stabbing a prostitute in Pattaya.

Its alleged he had asked for bondage services.

After the stabbing Leahy fled towards Cambodia in a taxi – but the driver was suspicious and reported him to police.

A Garda spokesman said his latest victim was known to the suspect.

A former member of the Irish Defence Force Leahy was arrested in Pattaya in November 2006 19 hours after the body of Bupha Tanyachiangphin ,24, was discovered in his apartment near Pattaya’s Jomtien Beach.

Her hands were tied behind her back, before she was stabbed 22 times in the back, chest and throat, police reported. Its alleged both a knife and a hammer were used in the attack.

He got out of bail in April 2007.  At the time the Irish Star newspaper stated: “A family friend yesterday said: ‘Some of his family were determined to get him out and raised a lot of money by calling on all their friends, including a Dublin publican.

‘They must have greased the right palms in Thailand because their plan worked.’


  1. tanmedia

    What an appalling piece of humanity. I guess you could say the same about the people who accept payments to offer these people freedom.

  2. Tim

    I presume the headline is a rhetorical question.

    Even at the moment, in the midst of a supposed crackdown, a young Englishman's family is desperately trying to raise 3mm baht for 'bail' on drugs charges in Pattaya.

  3. Fred Garvin

    In the Irish papers stated that he had just returned to Ireland after being away for 9 years. So where was he after he fled Thailand in 2007 to 2014? Also did Thailand not try to Extradite him from where ever he was?

  4. Denis Martin

    leahy is a good example of guys in pattaya .. scum bags who live in a den of evil , prostitution and gangsters … for info Thailand is a wonderful place … Pattaya is not Thailand .. Martin

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