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A planned scoop by Drew Noyes to discredit the ‘Flying Sporran’ backfired on him yesterday when he ended up facing criminal libel charges from a Thai national.

Drew Noyes exclusive picture of Kanokrat and myself at Pattaya Police Station yesterday. Please share! He said. Happy to oblige

The incident happened after I turned up at Pattaya Police station in answer to what I thought was a new charge of libel by American businessman Drew Noyes, who has re-invented himself in Thailand.

As it turned out the charge related to a case which Noyes, a man exposed by the Wilmington Morning Star in North Carolina long before he came to Thailand as a man of ‘myriad lies’, had told Pattaya Criminal Court he had actually withdrawn and had been ordered to withdraw according to a court agreement.

Drew Noyes

Police appeared at first flustered but after we went to Pattaya Court and got the judgment we were on our way.

I was with Kanokrat Nimsamut Booth, President of the Federation of Thai And Foreign Spouses Network who happened to be in Pattaya arranging a seminar there. She agreed to act as translator.

During the police interview Ms Kanokrat called both Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu to inform them of what was happening and to ask why they were in breach of the court order.

Wanrapa Boonsu replied: “It’s a new case” – which it was not.

Wanrapa and Drew

Curiously it seems Wanrapa Boonsu rushed to see police while we were at Pattaya Court. However local police were stumped.

Shortly afterwards two photographers arrived at the police station, representing the Pattaya People and Pattaya Times. An explanation was given to the photographers as to what was going on.

An hour later David Hanks, one of Drew Noyes’ henchmen whose name is linked to the ownership Masquerades Brothel in Melbourne, started sending me emails referring to a story on the internet about myself facing criminal charges.

My problems were just beginning, he said. This is the same David Hanks who was present at Drew Noyes’arrest for extortion, who was recently spotted at the Thonglor Clinic again seeking presumably some sort of beauty treatment. Hanks had been to the Thonglor Clinic a week before Noyes’ arrest.

I cannot say what the treatment was. Australian co-owner Michel Goulet said that was a matter of client confidentiality. But he clearly did not get treated. In fact he was sent on his way this  time by the resident policeman.

David Hanks – seeking treatment 

Meanwhile Drew Noyes was furiously emailing people on his contacts list saying Andrew Drummond was facing six criminal libel charges with more to come – and he captioned one picture as Drummond with ‘lady who threatened suicide outside the UK Embassy’.

As the evening progressed along came the inevitable emails from Niels Colov, the convicted pimp publisher of the Pattaya People, to inform me his news editor had a story about me.

He personally had nothing to do with the news content of the Pattaya People (pull the other one) but obviously wanted to check for accuracy.

I suggested his news editor call me. The news editor did not. However I did tell Mr.Colov about Noyes’error.

Earlier this year Niels Colov predicted that Drew Noyes would escape the extortion charges.

VIDEO ”And now he is in trouble I am trying to help him as much as I can… He will be out of this case. This is my opinion” – Niels Colov

Drew Noyes’emails and a story on www.andrew-drummond-watch.blogspot.com a piss poor attempt to discredit were last night the subject of discussion at Pattaya Police station.

Email from Hanks – I am not sure suggesting he is the boss of an Australian brothel’specialising in hot Asian totty is ‘liable’

Incidentally the police now handling the case are also handling the case of Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu, who earlier this year were charged with attempting to extort the Thonglor Clinic Jomtien out of 7 million baht on pain of bad publicity in their newspaper.

Police were asked what was happening to the extortion case. Answer: “We’d like to know too. The completed file has been sent to the court but we have heard nothing.”

It seems Drew Noyes can get his libel cases out quicker than Pattaya Police can get a criminal extortion case going. But they always end in the can.

VIDEO: Thai police explain how Drew Noyes tried to extort the Thonglor clinic, Jomtien

Officials at the Ministry of Justice would be entitled to ask why an American who fled charges against him in the United States and who claims 14 years of service to the King of Thailand, while operating beer bars and posing as lawyer, is getting such an easy ride.


Right and below – How the Wilmington Morning Star reported the problems with Drew Noyes in the United States. 

According to the Morning Star, formerly part of the New York Times group,  Drew Noyes was a man known for share fraud, property fraud, sexual assaults on women, being a total stranger to the truth and being a total fantasist in relation to his CV’s.

Drew Noyes in a series of failed actions has tried to get the Star article blocked in Thailand. He first tried to block this website. Then he sued for libel. All his cases have come to nothing.

Scott Gold, the reporter of the Morning Star article now works as a journalist on the LA Times – the US’s No 2 newspaper.

According to sources he of course stands by his story and says Drew did not sue. He just left.

Noyes arrived in Thailand and opened up beer bars in Pattaya. Then he suddenly became a lawyer – in fact the only American lawyer to legally practice in Thailand, but he had to withdraw this claim and others after he was exposed here.

More recently has has opened his One-Stop-Legal-Services Center in Pattaya – seeking to make cash out of foreigners’ problems in the city.

He had to do some rethinking though after using a video from the Thai Government BOI’s One Start One Stop Service Centres starring former Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva to promote his own company.

While the Mayor and Chanyut Hetrakul did not attend his opening this time, he still managed to pull in the Deputy Mayor and a local MP. Nobody quite gets it down on the eastern seaboard.

One-Stop-Legal-Services-Center. ‘Sorry all our lawyers are busy on cases against Andrew Drummond”

And finally this is Drew Noyes on his new site andrew-drummond-watch.blogpsot

Comment: Now where have we heard that one before? No cases are being investigated. No cases have been accepted for trial. If Noyes has indeed filed cases then I shall attend if I get any summonses. Needless I have not received.any. But that maybe because he seems to have an address given to him by ‘Dirty Dog’of Teakdoor.com.

And then we will probably find that his translations are again mistranslations.

BREAKING NEWS: The trial of Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu is due to start on February 5th 2013

Disclaimer: The following is posted by request of a reader and purely for the purposes of him keeping away from a bawdy house.


  1. Thor Halland

    Drew Noyes a liar! Say it isn't so. He just wants to help everyone. I know this because he told me.

    Also he says he was invited to Thailand by the Royal family to help sort out Thailand's problems in 1997. Does this mean that we have to doubt this too?

    I wonder if we can get a copy of the dispositions listed above?

  2. Khon Mask

    Drew never fails to amaze me, But you have to worry about Andrew has it seems he and Mr Colov are trying to set you up Andrew i think they would have to get up very early in the morning to do this.
    It seems to me that David Hanks is sticking his nose in and having a go at you to Andrew, I wonder if the treatment at Thonglor Clinic was also an attempted set up just before the court case in Feb for extortion.

    Have we no shit to dig up about this pillar of society David Hanks

  3. Christy S.

    Kanokrat Nimsamut Booth? Is she the woman whom after divorcing her UK husband was deported sans settlement?

    So are we to believe Noyes's is off the extortion charges? What says the victim?
    nah, it ain't over ..

  4. Arun Muruga

    Masquerades Brothel is a flea pit located in the City of Dandenong, an area full of migrants and a crime hotspot. It is in Keysborough, an area wedged between Springvale and Dandenong. Springvale is all Vietnamese Chinese and heroin is sold on every corner, the shopping strip is usually full of bottom feeders who catch the train over there to buy cheap drugs. Dandenong is arguably worse, full of Indians, Africans and bogan Aussies. This brothel is in an industrial area which is very quiet at night. Hanks should be a bit careful about red-lighting himself associating with our friend Drew and making his veiled threats. A number of Chinese brothel owners have recently been done for people trafficking and the local council officer they were bribing is now in jail. He was tipping them off when the police were getting ready to raid their places for illegal immigrants. They were holding their girls as virtual slaves. Hanks may not be the real owner as a lot of these brothels have front men on the business title. Just recently 2 under age girls were found being forced to work in a brothel in the City of Dandenong. You can read that for yourself online. There is a whole site with many of the sordid and sad tales of the trafficking of Asian women in Australia, including the story of the poor young guy who was beaten to death by a brothel bouncer after he tried to save a Korean girl from the sex slavery she was caught in. http://nothing-about-us-without-us.com/tag/victoria/page/2/ has that story along with a few others on page 1 as well. I knew for a fact a lot of these brothels employed illegal immigrants and always wondered how they got away with it. This site reveals how.

    1. Sam

      Some guys do.

      But it is about paying big bucks for a nice feeling, not the cold hard non caring attitude he obviously received.

      Many guys only have this type of avenue for release and an intimate time with another human every now and again and the price they charge these days, you should be able to at least expect a nice time for it and go away feelin a little love…even if it is fantasised.

  5. Lee

    Let Colov print something, you may get a few more hits to the site then Drummond.. but not many as I dont think anybody watches, listens or reads his crap either.

    1. Author
      Andrew Drummond

      I would say Drew Noyes really dumped his best friend in it. Drew Noyes has not run the story on the Pattaya Times site of course, just his blogspot 'Get Drummond'site but clearly he gave Colov the info and was hoping he would run it on his.

      Actually the photos were taken by Neils'photographer.

      Had Colov run it he would have left himself wide-opn. He is a bit smarter than that.

  6. Arun Muruga

    When I see that first picture of Noyes on this page, I'm left feeling he is cruelly depriving a village somewhere of an idiot. I read his blog and his lame attempt to smear you, then wept in deep grief for the brain cells wasted in reading such crap. Noyes and Hanks, the chocolate teapot and the glass hammer teaming up.

  7. Sam

    Arun said "I knew for a fact a lot of these brothels employed illegal immigrants"..and what did you do about it Arun ?

    If you look closely at one of the photos above, you can see Drummond in disguise, far left.

    As for Hanks, he should be careful whom he mixes with and calls friends. His licence obligations in Australia are correlated to friends, associates and business partners being of good character.

  8. Author
    Andrew Drummond

    It is a tartan cap. Only about 30 people turned up for the opening but I think about ficwe were there on behald of andrew-drummond.com. He was called at the last minute to make up numbers. He was Drews fixer to the army, town hall, police etc'and was a Royal photographer. Nice chap actually. if you google Drew Noyes images you will find a lot of him.
    I'm the one in the black wig, veil and camouflage paint on the right.

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