Pic: Leonardo di Caprio plays the real live ‘Wolf of Wall
Street’Jordan Belfort – who in the end only got
 22 months – after giving evidence against colleagues.


A consortium of academics and businessmen who have been leading a campaign to bring the ‘Wolves of Bangkok ‘ – Bangkok’s alleged boiler room scammers – to justice are continuing to place highly damaging information on the internet.

‘The Committee’ has now profiled a British businessmen and an American claiming to an oilman whose wife, its claimed, is the half-sister of a former Governor of Bangkok.

Some of the information is a little historical. Some of the venues which have had boiler room links have been sold. And it should also be pointed out that not all people who are holding companies on behalf of boiler room operators may have known the alleged background of the real owners.

Having said that the information is the most detailed yet published on Bangkok’s infamous boiler room operations.

All the companies – many in Thailand’s sex and tourism industry are in nominee names. The ‘Big Five (Maybe four I am told one died within the last month)’ wolves’ distance themselves from bank accounts, or having their names on company records.

Some of the information has been revealed on this site but never before has such detail been provided into what has led Bangkok towards gaining the reputation as a major fraud city.

The allegations that some of these people now dominate the ‘sex trade’ in Bangkok may not enamour themselves with the military government, or any government for that matter.

Since this story broke this site has had veiled threats. But, apart from our own investigations,  our recent role has only to agree to be an email ‘drop box’ into which the alleged boiler room operators can pass on a message.

This has been because in the past threats have been  against individual members of the ‘committee’ and they have been reached 7000 miles away.

But no messages were received and no messages were passed on. Further it appears the publicity will not make them come to the table as the ‘Committee’ had wanted. Indeed the boiler room boys are maintaining the ‘high moral plain’ – ‘We will not be blackmailed ‘ was one reaction reported to this site.

Its difficult to predict how this will end.

We cannot of course ourselves verify the allegations. All information we receive about boiler room scammers we pass on to the relevant country’s police representative.  In the case of the UK that was the Serious Organised Crime Agency – now the National Crime Agency. Needless to say that was a bit historical too. The NCA have lists of hundreds of British victims gathering dust on a shelf somewhere.


  1. Some enterprising toe-cutter has just been provided with plenty of excellent intel for a good earn. Given these guys are primarily ex-white collar workers I hope they have some good security. They probably consider themselves criminal masterminds but every dog has his day and it seems a lot of people are not going to stop until these guys are in jail.

    We'll see how hard they are if they're extradited to the US are are facing 25 to life. Everybody has their weak spot, whether it be a mother, child or whatever. Nobody can ever be completely safe. So if you spend your time stealing from innocent people one day karma will come calling. So I hope these guys can do the time after doing the crime.

    Sounds to me like the only thing keeping these guys roaming free are the large back-handers they pay. All those assets they hold will inevitably end up in Thai hands. It's just a matter of time.

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