WIN US$1000! from self appointed ‘Master of Ceremonies’. Two jailed in Bangkok on lese majeste charges

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Two young graduates were jailed for five years to, reduced to two and a half because they pleaded guilty, on lèse majesté charges in Bangkok.  The news travelled quickly around the world but what seemed to come across was how dignified the students have actually behaved.

Patiwat Saraiyaem, 23, and Porntip Mankong had been accused of insulting the Thai monarchy in a drama put on at Thammasat University in 2013 entitled “A Wolf’s Bride,” which featured a fictitious king and his advisors.

Porntip was quoted as saying she enjoyed had prison and had made a few friends and they all sang together.

This is in stark contrast to Drew Walter Noyes an American who claimed in his newspaper that he had spent 14 years in service to the King of Thailand.

Many are surprised he himself has not been done for lese majeste but he has screeched through his trial on a charge of extortion, as he does through all his court cases claiming there was a conspiracy against him.

 And has repeatedly stated even in court in Pattaya” I am never going to jail.”

He was found guilty and sentenced to two years along with his common-law wife Wanrapa Boonsu. They are now on bail appealing their conviction for extortion.

In his spare time when he is not claiming he is a MC at Royal occasions, and the recipient of royal medals, he rants about the author of this site who he says his hiding out in Cambodia and has currently offered US1000 for his whereabouts.

I will disclose this tonight on social media.

To claim your US$1000 go along to One Stop Service Center, Kehe Rower 1. Ground floor next to the 7/11, 448/4-5 Thepprasit Road, say ‘I’m Chalky White the Flying Sporran is at (see social media beginning with F and ending with K ) and I claim my thousand bucks.’

Drew says he has got the cash ready. Let me know if he pays and I’ll raise a toast.


Sad news from Cambodia I’m afraid at least for all those poor people objecting to the building of a dam at the base of the Kardoman Mountains near Koh Kong.  Spanish activist Alejandro Gonzales-Davidson has been arrested on visa charges and will be deported tomorrow.

Of course he is not the only protester. There are also monks and 1,500 villagers, one of whom says she does not want the Chinese money ‘even if it’s piled over my head.’  She wants to leave something for her grandchildren. The Chinese are building the dam.


And finally back in Thailand again, a twenty something Burmese woman has been found murdered in Koh Samui the largest island in an archipelago known for the murder of 23-year-old female foreigners.

The Thai police are as usual on the ball and the Bangkok Post has already reported that the woman was probably killed by her Burmese boyfriend with an accomplice no doubt Burmese. who probably wanted to rape her.

They ran, deduced police, after they realised they had killed her with duct tape. Police could of course be wrong but this is all very logical in the Thai context. Expect a round up of the usual Burmese suspects.

DREW NOYES – ‘By Royal Proclamation”

23 thoughts on “WIN US$1000! from self appointed ‘Master of Ceremonies’. Two jailed in Bangkok on lese majeste charges

  1. If there was ever a doubt about how dysfunctional Thailand has become, we only have to look at Drew Noyes to see that lying, cheating and scamming are becoming almost compulsory in Thailand. How can a man so transparently crooked walk free for so long? A man whose whole life is one giant bullshit story. A life of deceit, treachery and fraud. How can he claim Royal endorsement to run a company set up to defraud people? He has a long history of fraud, abuse of women, scams and sexual deviancy but is pictured with Police chiefs and Ambassadors in Thailand. Is Thailand so dysfunctional this man is considered normal? What is it going to take to get this filth off the streets and behind bars where he belongs? Drummond is forced to leave Thailand whilst Drew Noyes and Brian Goudie walk free. If that is not a sad indictment of the Thai system, I don't know what is. It seems if Thailand is not embarrassed internationally, nothing is ever done. These two malcontent's are making the Thais look like damn fools.

    1. It's hard to find enough words to describe these people. Despicable, devious, diabolical, scumbags, vultures, parasites etc. Even hard core crims and the mafia accept the police and journalists are just doing their jobs and are part of the game. Noyes and Goudie seem to think they are real lawyers and have this fake outrage anybody could think otherwise. Hanks seems to think he is a business genius rather than a two bit pimp who earned off the backs of poor women. Goudie read a few law books in the slammer and now thinks he is Ben Matlock. Noyes is just totally deluded, he actually believes his own bullshit and that is frightening. Fraudster and sexual pervert pretending to be a civic leader and lawyer- give me a break……….

  2. The use of LM laws is a disgrace. Thailand is in total breach of its obligations pursuant to the UN Declaration of Human Rights to which Thailand is a signatory.
    It is time for the international community to take action against these serial human rights offenders.

    1. A few reasons for that (a) I recently highlighted this case (2) It has been massively covered by agencies which were there (3) many people have written in to complain why DN was made an exception etc

    2. Mattowensrees, this is the number one English news site about Thailand in the world. It didn't get to be that by reporting on news copied from other sites. Perhaps you would be better off reading the Pattaya Times. Maybe you might be the foreign businessman who reads the Bangkok Pattaya Times that Drew imagined, and told many, that he published.
      The point of this article is more about exposing a conman and sexual predator. Not about a couple of Thai university kids who did a play. It is about shameless name dropping, or as Ivan described it in the above link 'masturbating using other people's cocks'.
      With multiple rapes, locked doors, women being bashed, a convicted child rapist being appointed to a godfather of children, children being conceived by children with adult family members, it could be described as Pattaya's version of Josef Fritzl.
      There are the 3 stooges, and there is also the Jomtien Complex Three, Drew Noyes, Brian Wright and Bobby Brooks, who has managed to slip under the radar. So far. All have glowing references about themselves and written by themselves on the internet that are either highly exaggerated or complete and utter bullshit. Drew's para-trooping training with the Royal Thai Airforce is but just one example.
      Drew Noyes uses his claimed connections to the Royal family, the Thai Government, the Thai Armed Forces, the American Embassy, the Mayor of Pattaya, the American Ambassador to Thailand etc. to lure potential victims of cons and sexual assaults into believing he is the most credible person in the Kingdom.
      Then after they are assaulted or lose their money, Drew uses his claimed connections to police, corrupt officials, the Thai mafia and 'influential' people to silence his victims. He claims that he can have anyone he wants in Thailand arrested and jailed, and has used death threats against women, Elena Wilson, I think her name was, to silence them.
      He has used this method of operation for years which has resulted in countless victims. Not even Andrew Drummond would be able to give you a figure on exactly how many there are, Drew himself wouldn't be able to remember. It has being going on for years.
      If you watch Drew's video closely, he muddles everything up, because he is talking complete shit. He even muddles up his fantasy nickname that his unnamed Uncle, who he claims is close to the King's sister, gave him.
      Where are any of the the other 25 investment experts that Drew claimed he worked with to back up his story? What are their names? Or was he really running beer bars in Pattaya at the time and streaming videos around the world at the time to foreign pedophiles?

    3. My understanding is that anyone can walk into a police station and make a LM complaint… Seems like though it's an unjust law Drew has long since crossed the line of what's considered LM.

    4. Yes Matt I do not think you appreciate the scope and scale of Drew Noyes' malice nor the fact that he is investing a fortune in cleaning up the net of any bad references to him or at least pushing them back into the depths of Google. This means that new punters are vulnerable because they are not seeing what he has really done to previous clients, I am surprised you believe that this has ended when there are still cases in the pipeline. Where I am makes no difference. Are you really suggesting I should give in. Claes is right I do not just regurgitate news – I try to look a little bit behind it and put it in context.

  3. I could see the reasoning for keeping the Noise in the spotlight when you were in Thailand. In fact I supported you when you were criticised for being paranoid about Noise. But you don't need to do that now. There are other fish to fry. Sometimes you need to let go. Just my thoughts; you have done and continue to do good journalistic work for expats in Thailand. No need now to stoop to his level.

    1. Noyes is still active through his dodgy one stop shop and also in his unsavoury private life…therefore there's every reason to keep shining a spotlight on his capers

    2. Matt,

      You also need to remember that Drew Noyes is suing other people that have publicly pointed out his crimes as well.

      As long as the scumbag is suing people while stealing from or extorting his customers the heat will be kept on. Just because AD is out of the country doesn't mean thieves, liars and extortionists like Noyes shouldn't be reported on.

      A little birdy told me that the fact Drew Noyes used the Royal Institution to promote his business will come up in court sooner than Drew might imagine.

    3. If readers of this site really wanted to see him stand trial for LM, then the easiest way would be for a Thai Citizen to take out a Private Prosecution for LM against him. Ideally this should not be taken out in Pattaya, rather an area of Bangkok such as Thon Buri, an area where they don't get a too many Foreigners on trial.

      The procedure would be to instruct a competent lawyer (and they do exist) to file a complaint of LM directly to a Bangkok court (not to the Police). The court would then summon the accused to the court in order to carry out a preliminary hearing, and weigh up the evidence being submitted against him, and give his lawyers chance to rebuke the claims.

      If the Judge/s on that day decided there was a LM case to answer, then the Court would accept the case, the accused would be indicted (charged) and he would have to post bail, if bail was granted that is, because it would need some careful consideration due to the fact that he is already on bail pending an appeal, in the extortion case where he was convicted & sentenced to serve Jail time.

      In my opinion the video which is linked to in this thread, speaks for it-self. If that video had accurate sub-titles in Thai, then in my opinion this guy could be in serious trouble because he is claiming fantastical things that he would need to prove in court, People have gone to Jail for much less!

      If Andrew does some research into LM (which I am sure that he has) then he will notice that a good number of the cases are brought privately, sometimes by family members of the accused, who has said the wrong thing, or in some cases people are wrongly & maliciously accused by “friends” or relatives with a grudge.

      In this guy's case, he has published & videoed his sensational claims for the entire world to see, so there can be no denying what he has said! The case would be down to him being able to prove to a Judge/s that he is telling the truth about being invited by here by proclamation to “help out” during the Asian Financial Crisis.

      If he cannot prove it to the Judge/s’ satisfaction, then there can be no legal argument from his lawyers to negate the fact that he has profited greatly from his claims of association.

      You only have to look at very recent history to see what happened to a certain group in Bangkok who were profiteering, because of similar claims of association.

      Why not start a fund with a donation meter, so we can all see how much has been donated. A fund in order to raise enough money to file a private LM case against this most sinister Walter Mitty & punish the diabolical scoundrel once & for all!

    4. Jon Tony makes a good point. In fact farangs can make reports to the Police. They have to follow through whether the report comes from a Thai or farang. Most are probably family grudges but the police can't be seen to be ignoring . And if you do it via the military the police will drop everything and act.

      I take the point about others being sued and so on but still think it's not good to stop to their level. I'm guilty as much as anyone. O always refer to him as The noise – as I did in my original post. Reporting as LM would be a way to vent your anger if you get a good contact. Posting on here doesn't get far. I've not been personally involved with The Noise so i'm not inclined to get involved . it would be seen as pure victimising and not proceeded with. It's a route for others personally involved though and will get further than venting on social media.. Matt Owens Rees.

  4. Noyes is a crook but then he does seem to provide some officials in Pattaya with an incentive to ignore his nefarious activities. So, there'll be no change there.

    When young, intelligent and principled people are imprisoned for producing a satire featuring a fictitious corrupted state but thieves, murderers and fraudsters remain at large because of their influence, then I think we need look no further for evidence that this place is beyond redemption. The Establishment here is only interested in preserving its medieval grip upon the levers of power and there it is. It's a morally bankrupt state and there is nothing else that can be done except for the international community to impose cultural, administrative and economic sanctions.
    Thailand is slipping further into a morass of its own making.
    Those two uni grads deserve international recognition and all the support of the current diplomatic corps but I suppose holding one's breath waiting for the latter may not be a good idea. Perhaps at the next soirée they could mutter some banality between sips of the Chardonnay and slithering about on their knees.

  5. There should be no let up until Noyes, Goudie and Hanks are either in jail or deported. They have systematically tried to defame, bankrupt and threaten Andrew and he's just supposed to forget it? This is not a game of cricket, these parasites destroy lives, ruin people financially and more importantly drag every farang down with their dirty deeds. This forum at least gives Andrew a channel to post the truth, the real story of what is going on. You must remember every post, photo or comment eventually gets picked up by Google. That's why the mocking photos were made. Even people who don't read English can get some understanding these people are dodgy. Bringing scorn and ridicule on these people is nothing compared to what they've done to others. They deserve far worse. People should always remember that one day you might be in trouble and need the help of somebody like Andrew. He needs our full support.

  6. I cannot see the announcement of the "bounty" offered on AD. It seems to be a rather measly sum that makes you wonder about the desperation of those who would start hunting the globe for our intrepid journalist.

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