First there was GeekUniversity, then came twa.lk and tw.alk2. Now it’s JP Digitel Tech. They are all the brainchild of a young Aussie called Shaun Stenning.

All the projects looked plausible and there were the usual money back offers if customers did not make money within a certain time frame.  Because, sure, once customers had bought Stenning’s programmes they could not fail to make money. Right?

His products also include Dollar Rose, Surefire Marketing, SS&SJ Marketing etc and using the brands Flawless Content, Quality Backlinks etc. — some of these were done with his brother and Matt Stenning. (Brothers pictured left)

But these projects all bombed,complainants say, and they have taken million froms punters for internet marketing programmes and won’t give the money back.

Yes, I yawned when I first read about him. He’s the sort of young guy who sells, oversells even, the value of the internet, to us old guys. They are all over the place offering to increase your business ten fold etc.

The only way people, who tell  you can they can help you make lots of cash, can actually make cash themselves is by taking the cash from you!

Stenning and another colleague  Dean Leftus were so full of bs they told punters that ‘its like building your own online ATM!’

Now Stenning has turned up in Thailand and is calling himself John Phanchalard. He has a new female’partner’  and so does his brother Matt.

In with the new – Stenning as John Phanchalard

This is the one story where its a lot easier to skip the minutiae and merely state that Stenning has attracted extreme ire from people within the community.

He now he lives in Talang, Phuket having adopted the new name John Phanchalard, after presumably his Thai girlfriend Lisa (Sa) Phanchalard.

Apparently he has brought Sa into the business as did he with his Australian wife Stephanie whose wordpress blog survives as a testimonial unrequited love.

Shaun Stenning and Dean Leftus working from the same script. They’ve made mistakes.

Stephanie – ‘out with the old’

This site has had complaints about Stenning who now runs JP Digital Tech (JP  = John Phanchalard) Those complaints are not solely restricted to his products and the services he sells.

It seems that rather than, as they claim,  hire people who are smarter then them, these guys hire people.,who won’t murder them if they don’t get paid:

Check these sites the sites below first.


The real John Phanchalard

The Phaephae

JP Digitial

And my favourite – The Adventures of Stephanie Stenning – a blog which lasted five months into her marriage then came to an end.


  1. The internet is awash with these scammers. I've told people for years if you want to get rich just spread fear and sell hope. You are taking advantage of two of the strongest human emotions. I was just watching a video from a "financial expert" called Porter Stansberry. It was the usual spin of doom how the American economy was doomed and riots would break out and martial law would be enforced in America etc. The only answer of course was to buy gold and silver and a few other secrets that could only be revealed in special reports you could purchase. A quick search revealed Stansberry had already been prosecuted in Federal court for similar bullshit a decade ago.

    Then you have the hope for a better body, a six pack, 3 inches more on the bellend etc. Assorted food terrorism blogs warning you about what foods to avoid and how you must drink only filtered water etc. I remember when a high carb / low protein diet was best, now it's the opposite with carbs being demonized. Sugar is also the new food terrorists target, reaching for the sugar bowl now will get you a 15 minute lecture from some people about how it is responsible for every known disease in the body.

    Then there are the conspiracy theories. Chem trails, Monsanto, the Illuminati, George Soros. Doom and evil doers everywhere. Surfing the internet is like entering the house of mirrors, nothing is ever what it seems. Usually it is just somebody spreading fear then selling you hope. A very very old game certain religions mastered centuries ago.

    I know if the faeces does hit the oscillating rotors, how the hell is gold and silver going to help the average Joe six pack? If you invested in gold in the last year or so you'll have actually lost money. I don't doubt for a second there are groups of powerful people who conspire together to plunder and rule the planet but when in human history wasn't there these type of people around ?

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