Welcome Back Aboard. Onwards and Upwards

Welcome to the new site. The reasons for the move, planned for a long time,  were both economic and practical, practical because the links are good, practical because we can take things like ads a lot easier, economical because comparatively large monthly fees have gone, and its faster.

(Update: 11/10/12) Please bear with the glitches. Have had three emails overnight from journalists who use this site for research who have found links have been broken etc and not yet re-established. The front page took on a life of its own for several hours)

But apart from that; plus ca change. We will still be reporting what you do not see and will never see in the mainstream English language press in Thailand and everywhere else for that matter.

On investigations we will be fair – but we will tell it exactly as it is.

We try not to get things wrong, but if we do we will instantly correct them when pointed out.

We will not pursue the innocent. We will joke occasionally. We WILL protect our sources at all costs.

We will be occasionally trivial. We will have fun. And when we are serious we will be deadly serious.

While a lot of us remain guests in this country where I, and perhaps many of you too, have a family, there are major pitfalls. We will try and stop you falling into the pits. If we can we will try and pull you out or look for a wench (Freudian slip) winch.

Ideally we would like to see the day Thailand appoints an Ombudsman for Foreigners or a Committee with a mix of both respected Thais and foreigners who can deal with some of the issues raised on these pages

You will see, and I hope to demonstrate this again shortly how the Thai Courts are clogged with cases often foreigner against foreigner which will go on until Doomsday. Foreign crooks have learned how to play the Thai courts.

Classic bad examples are the continuous libel cases brought by a local phoney lawyer and newspaper publisher Drew Noyes (featured in our last story and many others) who does not sue on the real home truths about him but on total trivial which he mistranslates, and thus loses in court.

But more serious ones also come from foreigners in the property game to which Noyes is no newcomer.

We will not bullied by people like him, former convicts who have attained rank amongst the Thai Police Volunteer system, boiler room scammers, or phoney fund managers.

But we believe Thailand needs to wake up. The Tourist Authority of Thailand is spending millions on promoting; the smile, tranquil gentility , while the country is losing millions by not being able to contain the frauds, many not of its own making but by foreigners exposed on these pages.

Most of those frauds are committed on those new to the country and have placed unearned trust in a foreigner.

Finally I am a journalist not a businessman. I am not a salesman. This site has survived thanks to the generosity of its readers and their reaction to appeals I have put out.

So if you think we have done a well done you can click ‘like’ etc but better still donate especially if we have been able to help you.

However we do need this site to ‘break even’at least . If there is someone out their who thinks they can run the commercial side of this site and make it also rewarding for him or herself, please get in touch. You might find it fun.


11 thoughts on “Welcome Back Aboard. Onwards and Upwards

  1. May you go from strength to strength. Expats in Thailand owe you a lot. And I am sure you are well aware of the massive support you have for the very excellent journalism you are engaged in.

    Nil carbarundum illegitimum

  2. I like to keep the discussions with my PC to a bare minimum, this Thai blog drives me nuts. Tried to put a picture at home and in my office, don't work why? The same problem with noyeswatch.blogspot, all in Thai, even the auto translator works half the time. The problem is the blog is started from Thailand and Google is very arrogant and decides you must be Thai. Also I have no idea if my comment is send or not, there is no indication. For me the constant password requirement which is only readable 1 out of 10 times takes the joy out of your blog. Any other bloggers have similar problems? Google tries to imitate Facebook it appears. I just shut down 1 FB account, to intrusive like this Google thing.

  3. Email from KS

    ', I need to say that I truly admire your work and your commitment to exposure those people. To be frank, I have already been thinking how your family takes and accept your effort to expose those bad people – some of them who might be dangerous as well! (My wife would have shot me already I guess if I would do what you do… (joking…)'

  4. Email from: KD

    I respect your continued efforts to inform readers of news which the mainstream English language media outlets in Thailand generally choose to ignore.

    Good luck with your ongoing legal struggles.

  5. Email from RS

    I never donate (other than to the Poppy Appeal), but I appreciate your work and feel like I'm paying for a subscription.

    Best of luck & warm regards

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