– From ANDREW DRUMMOND, Bangkok –

Two daughters told today (Saturday) how they brought their  72-year-old millionaire father home in a large Tupperware style box after he lost his fortune to his young Thai bride.

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Their father, former property and night club owner David Farrell, ended up with nothing but his state pension, after marrying 26-year-old Kanorit Chiangchai – the impoverished daughter of a rice farmer.

All he had to lose was the roof over his head and attempts were made to take that too, said the two sisters,  before his beaten body was found on the second floor of his home in Bang Saray, near Pattaya, Thailand.

Lois Farrell, 45, and Nicky Farrell, from Brighton Road, Wallasey, Merseyside, have asked police to investigate the bride their father had just divorced.

David Farrell with Konakrit – Kanchanaburi – Thailand – in happier days

Said Lois: “We took our dad home in a butty bin. He stayed with us in hotels in Thailand and on the aircraft before we had a service for him back home.

“When I last visited him his house was beautiful with lots of works of art and pre-Raphaelite painting.  All that had gone. All that was left was tacky furniture.

“We warned him about about marrying such a young girl. But he said ’It’s my time now’ and we thought, well he deserves it.”

The sisters said they did not realise their father’s marriage had collapsed. They had divorced in May. They believe their father had been embarrassed to tell them.

David Farrell’s pool villa

In the divorce settlement David Farrell gave his Thai wife (left)  three cottages and a small apartment block worth £400,000. But he kept onto his pool villa, which with the surrounding land was worth about the same.

Before his death however in an sms  his wife had also demanded he hand over the house ‘before you dead’ which she had already tried to sell behind his back but failed to do so because she needed his signature, said Lois.

Alan Jameson and Lois

And neighbour Alan Jameson, 50, from Newcastle,has come forward to say that Farrell was terrified he was going to be killed.

“He was scared of her and her family. He had put three heavy locks on his bedroom door, but in the week he died he stayed two nights at my house.”

The sisters fear that the police investigation has been hampered as Koranit’s cousin is a policeman at the station where the enquiry is based. While trying to sell the house a policeman, they said, had also accompanied Koranit.

They had found his house deeds in a secret compartment

Lois and Nicky with police in Sattahip – Thailand

Said Nicky: “I had a straight woman to woman talk with Powder (Kanokrit’s nickname). Well it was more woman to naughty girl. We are Liverpudlians. We put it to her straight. She had no answers. She had lots of lies but when we proved she was lying she began crying.

Police in Sattahip say enquiries are continuing but they are still awaiting the results of the post mortem and forensic tests.

These may reveal little or too much. Pictures taken when the police went to the scene of the tragedy show many people including reporters and photographers trampling about.


  1. That's some Dowry,2 million baht by the looks of it. We read these kind of story quite regularly (mostly only about the British victims)and i find it hard to get my head round it. Bless his sole, but how can people be so naive.

    1. And having said that, how can others be so ruthless, cruel, greedy and have no regard for someone else's life especially a person who gave you everything.

  2. Great sadness all round! Terrible for David, what a horrible way to go and tragic for the three daughters.
    If lessons are to be learnt from this, I would always try and get Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand (Thai forensic pathologist/ Human rights activist ) on any suspect case, she would have my vote of confidence… a very vocal and gutsy woman!
    Hopefully the Liverpool Coroner will make his feelings known on David's demise publicly when the time comes.
    Gizmo, there was a Canadian a few years ago who was shot down in cold blood..http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=97e8493b-3ba0-4728-b6c1-a2a627c238d2, / http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada/story.html?id=301327
    I think I would consider placing my assets off shore and refraining from purchasing property. Lets face it rents are pretty cheap and you are certainly more flexible if the going does get tough.

  3. I am sorry I have had to delete several posts as there was a battle royal starting between two posters and some of the content I was uncomfortable about having on this site.While I am opposed to censorship common sense rules apply here.

  4. This kind of case is not at all uncommon. The usual factors are in place: moneyed foreigner marrying a much younger Thai woman – investments by the foreigner in the local community including the purchase of a large house with land – an unscrupulous – calculating and greedy wife and her family – naivety – corrupt and dishonest local police associated with the dead man's wife. This is the usual modus operandi. R.I.P. David Farrell
    Oh – and that YouTube video of a dejected Kanokrit leaving the local court having just realised she wouldn't get the house must bring home very clearly to all readers the dangers of investing your all in Thailand – including your heart.

  5. Agreed Peter. But it will keep happening until these activities are exposed and people start talking about Thailand in a balanced way. Too many expats wear rose tinted spectacles when they look at what's happening. It's always someone else. It will never happen to them. For most media, the story is a one day wonder. The embassies and consulates won't say it as it really is. That's a problem with all politicians and diplomats. They all spent 5 years in primary school learning the 3 "r"s" – including the writing and reading of good English; only to then spend a crash course prior to an overseas posting when they were taught how to avoid actually talking about or advising on an issue in a meaningful or helpful way. Never saying what they mean; never meaning what they say. In school we were all taught to read on the lines; with embassies and consulates you have to learn to read between the lines. And try to guess what they are saying in such a low key and indirect manner.

  6. AD, I can't help it- protaganistic me.
    Then I shall resubmit, hopefully edited successfully. Hint taken.

    Jessica West,
    I think the cause of death has been established, beaten to death. It seems with the crowd allowed to gather at the scene, any forensic identifiying samples are lost so Dr Porntip would be of little help in determining any further.
    She herself has bemoaned current practices of evidence collection. Yet another unpleasant hidden fact about Thailand, oh so many.

    Thai culture, with its ingrained beliefs of past life's deeds deserving current misfortune, simply isn't as cautious as the west. It is infuriating when visitors are mislead as to their safety.

    Of course I imagine the easy cheap sex and/ or servant wife lifestyle plays a big part in the dis/mis/lacka-information campaigns.

    to Lois and Nicky, how horrid for you and I am so sorry you have such a slim chance to see justice. I'm sorry your father made his choice, my sincerest condolences.

  7. My condolences go out to his Daughters and family. I am afraid I have seen so many instances of this in Thailand I am unable to be shocked anymore. Just saddened!!! I have lost everthing I had in Thailand due to a corrupt Land Registry, Police Sysmtem and courts and no I did not marry a woman half my age I am a 40 year old woman and happily married and bought a property in thailand. Still I was ripped off but a rental agent. I lost my house, furniture and savings fighting it in courts for 3 years. I lost everything but have my life and a little sanity left – for that I am greatful.

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