A shotgun toting angry father whose model daughter was raped while on holiday in Thailand has put an emotional musical video up on the internet in protest that her attacker has been given bail.
The father of a 19-yr-old model, who herself stars in music videos, has titled the song ‘Evil Man in Krabi’ after the province in southern Thailand where she was raped earlier this year.

And holding a shotgun in front of a photo of her alleged attacker he asks if the rapist would beg for mercy if he ever caught up with him.The words of the song go:

Would you like to face me? We’ll get ÿou out in the wild
Would you feel the pain that you put inside my child?
Would you pray to god just to stay alive?  
Would you beg him on your knees?
Would you lay aside, would you lose your pride?
Would you say don’t hurt me please?
Evil Man from Krabi we’re going to put him into jail?

A Thai tour guide has been arrested for the rape of the 19-yr-old model who told the police that she was beaten so severely that she is sure she would have died if she had not finally stopped resisting the attack.

She was raped after attending her own 19th birthday party at Chang Bar, in Ao Nang resort in Krabi.

Chumpon Khaonuang was identified by the girl from CCTV footage taken at the Chang Bar in Ao Nang.  The girl’s boyfriend had retired early and she had accepted a lift back to her holiday apartment after Khaonuang said he was going her way.

The girl was treated for injuries at Krabi Hospital and was able to testify at a special court hearing before returning home to the Amsterdam. Krabi Provincial Police also say they have DNA evidence
Despite the evidence Khaonuang was allowed bail and after an initial confession has pleaded not guilty.

The father’s song is preceeded by a statement in both English and Thai which states:

“In the night of July 27th our beloved daughter was beaten badly and raped by a tour guide in Ao Nang province of Krabi.  The man escaped but was found after one month. They put him in jail but now he is free on bail and denying what happened. It cannot be that a man gets away with this crime not in Holland, not in Thailand, not in the whole world.”

The boyfriend’s statement 

On the 27th of July we went to Chang Bar around 11.30 to celebrate Xxxx’s upcoming birthday. Around 2 am we walked outside and I went to fetch the scooter.

At the time Xxxx was waiting next to a big tree opposite Chang Bar. As I came back with the scooter I saw a Thai guy sitting next to her. Xxxx had decided to stay longer as I was tired and went back to my guesthouse to sleep.

“ “The next morning around 9 am I was woken by the owner of Nature View guesthouse telling me that the hospital was on the line and wanted to talk to me.

“The nurse/Dr told me that I must go to the emergency room ASAP.

“As I walked into the Emergency Room xxxx was sitting on the hospital bed crying and very traumatised. I asked what went wrong and she said ‘I was raped’.

“Besides that, I recognised that she was not only raped but beaten too as her right side of her face was swollen up with a dark shaded blue undertone . Her upper lip was swollen severely.

“She told me that in the early hours of the morning around 3 am she got a lift with the Thai guy she was talking to as he offered to take her home.

“When she realised that he was driving the wrong way she asked him to stop, said thank you and that she would walk herself.

“When she got of the scooter the Thai guy grabbed her and pulled her further away from the road and threw her down on the ground.

“He overpowered her. She said if she didn’t stop fighting him he would’ve killed her, as he was very aggressive and was beating the last energy out of her until she was very weak.

“After he raped her he got on his scooter and drove off. Xxxx got help from some locals nearby and got taken to the Krabi Hospital”.

It is understood that the victim was offered an inducement to drop the case by the alleged rapist’s ‘sister’, another bar owner in Ao Nang. The offer was refused.


Current Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advisory Thailand:

“There have been incidents of sexual offences committed against foreign men and women, especially in the Koh Samui archipelago. Since 2009, a number of British nationals were victims of serious sexual offences.  

There have been incidents where tourists have had their drinks drugged in both tourist areas and red light districts. Be careful about taking drinks from strangers and at clubs and parties, particularly in Koh Samui and Pattaya and, at the Full Moon party on Koh Phangan, where date rapes have been reported. Some British nationals have suffered severe psychiatric problems because of drug use, resulting in some suicides.”

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  1. The fact that the justice systems in Thailand are not the same as in the West should be better understood and communicated. The various foreign offices are not strong and pointed enough in their warnings. Thailand's money culture encourages inducements which bypass a fair hearing and court decisions. I would not normally advocate giving details and photos of an accused while the alleged victim is given anonymity, but would make an exception given the way Thailand handles things.

  2. Glad to see a more welcoming place than Phuket Wan, (The Internet Bully's private bashing site )to comment on such stories.
    Give 'em hell Andrew, We love you !!

    1. Yes Christy that Alan Morrison i use double "R" because i know he hates it, as does he when i spelt "labour" once in a comment and he edited to "labor". I commented back and said "I thought this was an English language web site, not American", the reply i got was unbelievable, short of telling me if don't like then piss off. Vile man!

  3. Quite catchy, the tune and sounds very much like David Bowie,
    Glad the tree didn't get buck-shot and I admire the restraint on the lyrics- It could be added "..send him to hell."

    Curious as to what tour company? Doesn't Thailand have any kind of registered offender system? ( not that it would actually function )

  4. Sorry for yet another comment so soon, but really Foreign office should add the 22 or so vomiting poisonings, and 16 deaths 12 or which were young attractive western women of varied nationalities in vacation areas.

    Be wary the two faces of Thailand. Be aware subterfuge is highly regarded- especially toward the alien and the art of it is trained from infancy.

  5. Andrew stellar job as always. Agree with Christy S. that the poisonings and mystery deaths should also be in the warning. They should also include something regarding the electrocutions that are being ignored (such as the guy who stepped on a live wire in front of a Patong shopping mall). In Phuket at least the infrastructure is stretched to it's brink already and I unfortunately fear that this high season will see many needless deaths. You can't keep adding people, hotels, etc. and not improve security, etc. at some point you will reach a tipping point.

    While I am on it, why has no one "looked into" the Tiger Disco fire that occurred an amazing one week prior to the grand opening of their new venue? Perhaps I am jaded but being here 20 years as taught me I am usually not suspicious enough.

  6. I am always exceptionally sad when I hear of these happenings and being abroad makes it especially hard for many people, who seem to let down their guard, lulled into a holiday mode, taking drinks/lifts etc from strangers. You see the stupidity of youth in places like Koh Phangan /Vang Vieng ..drugs, a mixture of obnoxious cocktails, all being taken with little regard to their safety and laws of the land. Wonderful to be young and innocent, but I do wish they would spare a thought not only for themselves but for their family and friends who invariably are left cleaning up the carnage.
    The "mysterious" murders of the "foreigner" are becoming all too frequent! I personally cannot fathom why a male comes to a foreign country such as Thailand and invests heavily with an Issan woman for example, without sitting back and bidding his time/assessing the situation. A 20 something Issan lass lured towards a 70+ foreigner with copious amounts of money is usually a recipe for disaster imo. Having said that there are thousands of very successful inter racial marriages in Thailand so its not all doom and gloom!

    Christy,my upbringing was in Thailand predominately and I find in general Thais are a great race of people.
    Naturally there are a many aspects of life in Thailand that I find bordering on the obscene/annoying eg. animal care, gambling, etc but I totally disagree with your statement of " Be aware subterfuge is highly regarded- especially toward the alien and the art of it is trained from infancy." as this is a very broad generalisation!

    If one is issuing warnings of "Be wary of the two faces of Thailand" I would be lumping a fairly large number of "farang" into those warnings as they too have introduced a cess pit of deviousness and corruption into the country.

    With the upsurge of tourism naturally attitudes change and not always for the better but I still cannot bring myself to put a downer on the nation as a whole.

  7. Sorry Jessica,
    My experience as a woman here with no one to run interference, as so many of the men enjoy with their Thai wives doing everything from dealing to the local OrborTor to, of course, seeing to their meals, laundry and households, I have to stand by my experiences; Thais hate foreigners and Thais lie, a lot, about everything and are completely untrustworthy .
    I am in Phuket so yes maybe the worse of the worse are here.

    I now actively tell peole to not come here , especially for medical procedures having had "5 star" hospitals docotrs commit malpractice ave in ways that would have lawsuits flying back home.

    Yes , Liars liars liars and stupid too. My favorite article is how the school water fountains are lined in lead, explains a lot.

    I rue the day I came here and I've tried to leave . SoOmehow, so oddly.. shipping my horses out of Bangkok to LAX costs 3 times what is does from Kuala Lumpur Oh I could go on for days and will .. I did start writng a book that really is just about finished and it relieves some of the frustration. I shall call it Lie land and I hope to find a publisher that will afford it a front cover with a hologram type lettering that switched from Thai to Lie.. Thai/ Lie land.
    The Whoredom Kingdom of Liars etc
    Well I hope you understand…

  8. Jessica,
    I agree many foreigners here are also untrustworthy, However it is the Thai mode of corruption that has allowed and encouraged it. Look at how many foreigners own land through nominees when it is clearly illegal.
    All about the cash Yes the Whoredom, and not just sexual prostitutes, whom I actually consider are amongst the more honorable Thais, at least they'll tell you up front how you're going to get fucked. ( I assume )

    And I disagree I don'tt think those dead young women were stupid, aside from picking the wrong country to visit I think they were poisoned quite deliberately and the Tai olice are incapable of investigating anything properly.

    I've got very little nice to say about Lie- land.

  9. I actually was not referring to the deceased as being stupid Christy at all. This would be any parents/family's worst nightmare. I do believe that the many deaths in a certain Chaing Mai hotel were caused by insect repellent repelling bug bugs (allegedly) ..going on from there with the two Canadian sisters possibly dying from a Deet infused cocktail (possibly)
    Johanne Masheder a young Brit murdered by a Monk in the 90's… Kirsty Jones murdered in a Chaing Mai guest house/ unexplained balcony deaths which incidentally do involve men as well/ handbag robberies ending with deaths. These are all instances that shouldnt have happened, criminal!! but as long as Thailand is cheap/er then the tourists will keep on coming.
    Thai Police/Forensics will of course differ vastly from what you and I are accustomed to/expect but we have to realise this isnt Paris/London or New York, its a very big gamble we take when we leave our home shores coupled with the fact that our embassies in many cases are not as vocal as we would wish them to be for their own reasons.
    We have the option do we not? "Departures"!

  10. Very balanced view, Jessica. Those who stress that all Thais are bad will never win arguments.Thais hate foreigners, Thais lie, Thais are are completely untrustworthy. All of them?

  11. "Thais hate foreigners, Thais lie, Thais are are completely untrustworthy. All of them?"

    Doi; No, not all of them. But there is a general undercurrent of hating falangs – I have been here a long time and guess the best way to say it is that I was for a long time 'perplexed' by the relationships between Thais and falangs. After being thwarted in a recent effort to improve things in my mooban – got to thinking and realize if I factor 'hate' in to being the missing emotion, I am no longer perplexed. It all computes now.

    That is why for so many of the above crimes etc, the sentiment 'it doesn't matter, it was only a falang' is not too far from the truth.

  12. Jessica ,

    Let me add, Thais are not a race though many seem to think they are. I don't think Japanese are lazy and stupid, nor Chinese, so I'm not " racist". I do think tropical peoples living near the equator, by virtue of never having to really worry about food for the winter, have not developed a sense of future. This may well be the basis for the extreme negativity Thailand shows for darker skinned people. I think the Thai culture makes a concerted effort to raise morons who'll follow directions and keep step with nationalistic policies, no matter how detrimental.

  13. So sad about this story and I agree with you about Thailand justice system weak. Many foreigner has injured from Thailand and 90% end like this story. The villent free and do it again. Who has injustice please make the VDO like this and share to the world make sense. I'm support you.

    p.s. I'm Thai people.

    1. Nited. Thank you for that. Its very puzzling, but normal, that the Bangkok Post Nation Channel 3 etc should come out with a 'bad for tourism' story. The fact is that none of these media organisations could be bothered or wanted to report these attacks in the first place. I assisted together with a Thai journalist the father of the Dutch girl find out what was happeningi in the case. The Police did their job.

      They do not need to apologise, but they did try to keep the story quiet.

      The problem which you point rightly out is the justice system. Thai people know that rich and influential people, if they are charged with anything, can stay on bail forever.

      This is deliberate delayed justice in their favour.

      Foreigners have been raped and murdered in Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, and Kanchanaburi. None of these attacks have seriously affected tourism.

      So when a foreigners is murdered and a foreign justice is asked : 'Will this affect tourism?' he might react strongly. Thanks again for posting.

  14. I need envident before beliving this kind of crap . Even 5 years old boys can make up this stupid story .
    by the way to put picture and blame someone like that on the internet isn't the right thing either.

    1. Actually when foreigners get arrested they get photographed and splashed all over the newspapers, Thais too by the way. I'm with the father on this one as the police have statements, CCTV footage, and DNA samples. (Plus a bribe attempt) You will not believe what you do not want to believe.

  15. Yeah probably Thailand justice process are really slow and give so many shit. All process until the court is about money nothing else. If you want this case to be done quickly you need to send some information to Tv station or something that people use to listen.

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