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Two second rate fraudsters seem annoyed at the fact that that journalist Andrew Drummond the author of this site has left Thailand claiming he has breached bail and they will pursue him all the way to the white cliffs of Dover and beyond to seek retribution.

Brian Goudie, our famous fake lawyer and phony officer in the Royal Marines has put a story up on his Casewatchasia.blogspot, quoting unnamed lawyers representing himself and fellow Scot David Hanks former owner of the Masquerades brothel outside Melbourne, claiming they will pursue their cases against him through the British courts.

They may have a problem there.

First they have rather jumped the gun as the cases are not due to be heard until the middle of next year..if at all;  and there is no breach of bail until there is a breach of bail.

Secondly they have not listened to the European Union statement condemning the abuse of the Computer Crime and Criminal Libel Laws of Thailand and that, er, there is no such charge of criminal libel and no Computer Crime Act in the UK

Hanks teamed up with Russian mafia – Thai Rath

And thirdly they are both on bail on criminal charges and do not have permission to leave the country.

And you never know in the meantime the Royal Thai Police who according to their new chief General Somyot are hell bent on clearing up foreign criminals might actually stumble across Goudie’s criminal past and the time he spent in jail in Hakea, West Australia.

Should they ever attempt to sue in a British court of course they would both have to put up serious cash for an actual real barrister, who after being consulted would demand the very large fee for telling them they were on a hiding to nothing.

Hanks, a former furniture upholsterer before his pimping days, was arrested last year as part of a ring running a racket in Pattaya lending cash to Russians at 60 per cent a month.

And Goudie, a former bank clerk, is on trial for posing as a lawyer to cheat a 75-year-old American woman out of some 7.8 million baht. But she could be 78 by now the length this process is taking and indeed she may be not of this world by the time the Thai courts realise what is going on.

Just as the sons of rich American kids do on Koh Samui when facing charges of GBH, it clearly has not occurred to them that Drummond might come back during his holidays to deal with their whimsical pretentions of being upstanding citizens.

*Claims by Brian Goudie that the IPSO (The Independent Press Standards Org) have made judgments against Andrew Drummond are of course totally false. Goudie has however made several vexatious claims against newspapers which have covered stories on him. A case brought against the Daily Telegraph was thrown out after a severe letter from the Telegraph’s lawyers; so were pretty much all the complaints made against the Scotsman and Daily Record. One paper referred to the fact that John Jepson a British estate agent had paid him 60,000 (sterling) to represent him. In fact posing as a lawyer he had secured a apartment from Jepson in Bangkok worth 6 million baht and the court ordered him to hand it back – and also awarded Jepson over 1 million in lieu of rent.

A second point raised was that having been called a person ‘not of good character’ by the Australian Administratice Appeals Tribunal and had his rejected IPSO said the newspaper concerned should have stated that the ruling was later over-turned. A moot point, true, but Goudie fled Australia, before his last hearing.

Finally a newsapaper said he was charged with fraud in Scotland. This was not true, An arrest warrant was issued against him for fraud. But he refused to return to from Australia to face the arrest warrant and it was later cancelled as all the defendants had fled there and it was out of time.
IPSO adjudicated on the newspapers and how they presented the story – not on Andrew Drummond who was not involved in the proceedings apart from to assist newspapers in the accuracy of the reports.The stories remain on the websites of the newspapers.


  1. Probably, Lee. Lots of people (including the media, e.g. Time Magazine) are mistranslating #JeSuisCharlie as "I am Charlie".

    "Suis" in French can also mean "follow" I am Charlie would be Je m'appelle Charlie,

    I follow (support) Charlie is Je suis Charlie.

    And now we have Je suis Andrew !!.

  2. With Bwian we have a guy who cannot make up what his mind what his real name is. Is he Goldie, Goudie or Boru? This reveals his damaged upbringing where he has no sense of family or lineage. It is common for these criminal transient types to display the same deviant behaviour. They concoct a fantasy life of success and prestige to hide their insecurity and lonely, unsuccessful lives. They cannot hold a job or have a normal relationship except with other transients and deviants like themselves. Any decent person coming into their web of lies usually suffers or faces severe retribution and revenge when they try to extract themselves away from these perverted types like Goudie.

    Brian has been a spectacular failure in every endeavour he has attempted in life. He has been caught red-handed in every crime he has attempted and his perceived gains are quickly followed by a bigger loss every single time. His cowardice and yellow streak are shown by his inability to admit his wrong doing and the fact he runs like a frightened rat every time he is cornered.

    He is also a sneaky snitch, a cheese eater who will readily rat out people if there is something in it for himself. He'll steal from a dying man, rob an elderly lady and take out vexatious libel cases if anybody tries to speak up about it. He's a pathological liar, pathological thief and pathological deviant who will do anything and say anything to damage his perceived enemies.

    He'll create fake blogs and just make up lies about people, he'll post sexually explicit pictures of girlfriends he himself took, just to shame them and get some form of twisted vengeance. He is a dangerous and perverted individual who has been a life-long, serial miscreant.

    The fact he the Thai courts allow him to play his games is a sad indictment of the whole system. He fled Scotland before he could face charges, he left Australia after being caught red-handed and jailed in similar acts to the ones he committed in Scotland. Only Thailand could allow him to claim to be a lawyer and open a law company designed just to swindle others.

    Now he has been exposed he'll be forever known as a two bit conman and devious snitch. A greedy dysfunctional coward and abuser of women. In the end he'll have a miserable demise- jailed, murdered or bashed. It's just a matter of time.

  3. To sue for defamation in England & Wales they would have to show that the statements made were public, false, injurious and unprivileged and that as a consequence they suffered serious harm. To simply depict someone in a mocking pose is not defamatory in itself and comes within the ambit of mere vulgar abuse. In addition to all this, any successful action would initially depend upon whether or not the litigants had a reputation of sufficient merit worth protecting. I rather think the shysters of this parish would fall at the first hurdle given their proven criminality and base histories.For them to actually think for one second they had a case in the jurisdiction of England & Wales indicates just how far they have descended into their own weird little fantasy world.

    1. Isn't it amazing how we've not heard any updates on Google being sued? I'm guessing they couldn't afford to hire real lawyers, like in much of their criminal cases.

  4. Exactly Gerry, these cretins have read "Lawsuits for Dummies" and now think they are members of the bar. Goudie was a failed bank teller, a failed petty thief and deadbeat parent. He'd be laughed out of any court in the UK or Australia. Hanks is no better, he ran a flea pit of a brothel but acts like he was some sort of business genius. Both are just bloodsucking parasites and the sooner Thailand gets rid of them the better.

  5. We just can't wait to read your story's now Andrew. Freed from worries about watching your words.

    Give them hell M8. ..

    While your at it can you raise any storyline about the MPS failure to conduct and investigations. Do u have a private email. Thx.

  6. Visited the Casewatchasia.blogspot. No comments from the readers regarding his recent Andrew Drummond article. This tells a story in itself … no interest in the article details, no credibility. The same can be said about Drew Noyes Google plus account. Lots of negative verbiage (I'm being kind here) about Andrew Drummond but no comments from the readers. It's interesting that all his "negative verbiage" are posted on his Google Plus account but none on his Facebook page where he posts all his happy family pictures. I guess it doesn't go down well "his" perceived image of an upstanding family man. HIs perceived image but not the one shared by informed readers, with the exception of the Bangkok Lions Club (smile).

  7. The Guardian, Bangkok Post and Sydney Morning Herald have taken notice of AD's departure. Of course, the exposed rascals' profiles will be become of greater interest because of this. Thailand has "lost face" and it will be interesting to see how this will impact the activities of the cast of villains, rascals and deadbeats.

    1. I don't think Thailand cares about the loss of face just about as much as it cares about protecting the public from con men like Noyes, Goudie or Hanks or less cares about the money swindled by the boiler room boys.

      The Thai government, from the police, to the courts to the government officials themselves have demonstrated this repeatedly over the course of years. I'm guessing Andrew's departure is a cause for joy, as they won't have to deal with him any more trying to seek justice for the victims of the criminals he has exposed.

    2. Actually, I'm not sure I agree with you. The Thai elite most definitely want to distant themselves from negative associations. They do care about their perception of themselves and their country across economic, political and cultural circles. Yes, rascals such as Noyes and Goudie are probably seen as relatively benign (much like street urchins) compared to some others. However, when it comes to currying favor, these two would operate much further down the food chain.
      But to some extent you're right. The elite don't care, even though the boiler room scams are a massive blight. Yes, Thai officials are profiting at the higher end of the scale, but they definitely don't want the rest of the world to know about it. If so, face is lost.

    3. Thai police could have used Noyes, Hanks and Goudie as examples of how they're fighting corruption in their country. Instead, the urchins are still out on the street, much like the boiler room boys.

      Noyes has committed lese majesty in that he's invoked the Royal institution to make a profit. (Noyes claimed he was invited to Thailand by "Royal Proclamation"), then spun that lie to make money. This was reported to the DSI by Ms. Kanokrat. Nothing happened. I guess you have to be related to royalty for the charge to be applied. It's obviously ok for farangs impersonating lawyers.

      Noyes and Goudie have impersonated lawyers in order to defraud. This has been reported to the Thai elite many times, yet no action has been taken directly by the Thai government. Apparently it was someone else's loss of face that was involved, so justice didn't matter.

      Goudie shouldn't even have been allowed in the country, yet after the facts of his convictions in Australia, he's still running free to continue to commit further crimes. He should be rotting in an immigration jail while awaiting on the final judgement for defrauding an American lady out of millions of baht by impersonating a lawyer.

      If the Thai elite care about their country, they could start by clearing out the obvious con men. It's not like it would be a difficult investigation. It's not like they've been presented the evidence in a manner that's so straight forward that a blind man could the path to a conviction.

      But I do know this: If Thailand lets criminals like Noyes, Goudie and Hanks continue to walk free to continue to commit further crimes, Thailand will remain a cesspool of crime and corruption. After all, if police can't act on the little fish, when given the bait, evidence and led by the nose to the crime, how can they ever expect to catch a big one?

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