Thai Woman Who Wiggled Ass on British Television Now Better Known Than Thaksin

Bangkok May 17 2011

A Thai woman who won her section of the television show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is now better known in Britain than Thaksin Shinawatra.  Yingluck does not get a look in.

Wachiraporn Tirpak’s name is now on everybody’s lips as ‘Watching Raw Porn’, which is how comedian Mike McIntyre pronounced it introducing her act..

More than nine million viewers last weekend saw her miming ‘If you’ve got it. Flaunt it. Show your ass and let them know you’re proud’ while stripping down to a black negligé. She then did a quick change into a cabin attendant’s uniform  and started wheeling a trolley and wiggling her bum to an old British Eurovision Song contest flop.
I have to admit I was gobsmacked when I first saw this on the net thinking, well Thailand probably does not need stereotyping like this right now…. but then I could not help laughing. I mean she’s got balls,  not literally of course. Maybe she lost a dare in a pub. And my wife laughed.
Wachiraporn, 27, from Ayudhya, with a Slovakian husband,  said she was a machinist and had been in England four years. She had not seen the Queen laughing and said she would like to perform in front of the Queen of England. Now there’s ambition.
Of course at this stage of the competition it’s not surprising she went through. This is the part for novelty acts. She had has such fierce competition as a pensioner balancing barrels on his head, and a one-eyed guy doing a belly dance to the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – no I am not making this up. But she has apparently reached the semi-finals so maybe there’s must be a lot more than what I saw on Youtube (linked below)  Now she has to come up with some new ideas for her next performance..
So on the day Yingluck stands for the Pheua Thai Party go to Youtube for ‘Watching Raw Porn’.
Wachiraporn and that wiggle

8 thoughts on “Thai Woman Who Wiggled Ass on British Television Now Better Known Than Thaksin

  1. I bet the Thai Ambassador to the UK is a huge fan.
    TAT and the Ministry of Culture must be falling over themselves to get in on her act.
    That Khun Wachiraporn has overtaken a fugitive and ex-proprietor of an obscure Northern football club as the best known Thai in Britain points to one thing – the aforementioned institutions certainly have their work cut out on the brand protection front.

  2. You couldn't make this up. Didn't Paul Whitehouse & Co get into trouble recently for stereotyping a Filipino maid in a TV sketch?

  3. Gawd!. After near 19 years kicking around LaLa Land I thought nothing could shock anymore. Cringe factor of 100% for sure.

  4. I must admit I liked it. She is delightful, a picture of innocence. This childlike behaviour is what got the judges and the audience to feel likewise. And she was outspoken about the monarchy, the British one that is. So there, Thais get liberated when abroad in more ways than one. 🙂

  5. If they had to deal with such childlike 'innocence' on a daily basis, they might start to think it was dreary rather than delightful.

  6. I long for the day when Wachiraporn is on the remake of Mastermind the high brow TV quiz game.

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