Machete Attack! Krabi Tourism Attacked Again

Just when the tourism woes of the Thai province of Krabi seemed to have died down, the video ‘Evil Man in Krabi’ having been put to the back of most people’s minds, another blow comes from the Sun.

 Britain’s biggest selling daily has run a story about a machete attack on a young British couple there.

Actually they have returned to the story. They published the original story along with other British newspapers on October 27th with copy sent from here.

But now across two pages read by millions in Britain Jack Cole and Ashley Clifton have relived their horror.

The Sun lists the number of Britons who died in Thailand in 2010 and 2011 and while it qualifies its story with a piece by its deputy travel editor, who says Thailand is safe if tourists exercise ‘common sense and caution’ it is clear that there were no measures the couple could have taken against this unprovoked attack but stay in their hotel.

Jack Cole and Ashley Clifton were attacked by a gang of teenagers while walking back after dinner in Ao Nang to get a boat to their hotel – the Centara Grand.

The 21-year-olds from Bath, Avon, had paid out £3000 for their dream holiday. Jack was stabbed six times. Any one of the blows could have been fatal

It’s said that tourism breeds contempt.  That has happened in many cases in Spain and Greece.
But when it happens in Thailand – just how many fatalities will occur?

The SUN’s view

Krabi Province has learned from bitter experience that there is only one way to deal with this problem. Good policing – not by trying to answer back in a seemingly vengeful way as they did in a recent case when they revealed the identity of the 19-year-old Dutch girl, while the Minister of Tourism was quoted as saying the case could not really be considered rape as she had dinner with her attacker and another foreigner.

There is little they can do about the present story – but take it on the chin – and, of course, protect tourists.

Read the SUN story here

Thailand Tourism Set For New Scandal

Briton stabbed defending girlfriend


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    1. Nobody reads th Pattaya Times so I thought I would give Drew a little audience. I suspect most people checking into the site might thin what a 'd..khead tho'. I'll check its ratings later.

  1. Oh dear – what with this bad press and the thai government warning people not to go to parts of bangkok the torist industry is probably going to take a bit of a beating.
    btw – are you also a 'friend' of the infamous samui terroriser whos behind OK Properties?

  2. more bad press for samui in yesterdays BKK post! from the Aussies this time but bkk post links their piece to the Krabi story – AD – do you think the press is finally on a roll to expose corruption?

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