A leading Thai media mogul went on his own television station in Bangkok last night and said that Thai police were covering up for the island mafia over the murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller.
Sondhi Limthongkul boss of Manager magazine and Asia Satellite Television said on the programme ‘Sondhitalk’ that the police were scared of the local mafia and could not touch them and then right from the start they were covering for them.
“The police tried to help the wrong doers, but the island was so small everyone knew from the start.” He said it was wrong and he believed the Burmese suspects Win Zaw Htun and Zaw Lin.
The statement by Sondhi Limthongkul, founder of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, is a significant blow to Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha’s statements that Thai Police hide caught the right people.  Those statements and others made by Thailand’s police chief have been widely disbelieved.
Sondhi’s claims would fit with efforts by the Thai Police to through up a series of alternative suspects for the brutal murders of the young Britons and the double rape of Hannah.
But the Prime Minister insists that not only do police have the right killers but foreign envoys were satisfied with the results of the investigation.


  1. How very admiral is this guy. Here we have a man in power speaking the truth for the people.

    What is so shocking is how dumb the Thai police force is. Did they, or do they expect anyone to believe in their investigation? How do they think they can carry out this mass cover up without people questioning their actions?

    To be honest if I was the Prime minister of the UK, I would have told them get this sorted or I am sending a destroyer full of marines to the Gulf of Thailand. I would have taken over the island, arrested all of the policemen on this investigation, and conducted the investigation myself.

    That island is now being ran by what we call Chav gangsters in the UK. Their character structure is like building a house with park of cards. They’re uneducated, which brings on what Psychologists have called Neurosis, or psychological ill health. Not everyone is born vindictive or evil but what I think has happened is, this is a case of tearaways growing up and being able to get away with, lets say it. 'MURDER' as cliché as it is.

    But that was a brutal Murder, born out of spite, jealousy, anger, intoxication and being just to cock sure they're above the law.

    Well the only way we can get justice is putting pressure on this government. I would advise all travellers to boycott that island until the real culprits are behind bars for life. And the place is being supervised by people who can be trusted and take care of the backpackers.

    People say the islands are full of drugs. Yes they are (just like the UK, US, Canada and OZ). But the cannabis they sells is weak, the mushrooms are weak,. The real problem is the binge drinking. This is not the Thai's fault. The people who visit the parties should have a bit more control, self awareness and respect.

    That full moon party is a sess pit of drunkeness. The music they play is a problem because it attracts people who want to get smashed. Do you think if they were playing Jazz, Soul or disco there would be the same crowd there. No. There would be decent, mature, and respectful people visiting and maybe this would rub off on the local underworld.

    This is not an excuse for the cover up by the Thai Police or the disgusting violent murder that has upset the people all over the world (or for all the people who have been murdered, raped or gone missing). Something needs to get sorted in that country and those island because it is a beautiful country with beautiful people. The problem is the leadership and a lack of education.

    I am so gutted for the people of Thailand, but more so for the families and the people who had to experience this nightmare.

    Thank you Sondhi Limthongkul for being true to your values and speaking up for the silenced.

    1. I see you have a drummondesque literal in your first par Max. I am not sure Britain has any destroyers left. As for music at the Full Moon raves I think possible the Partridge Family, New Seekers, might help, but I'd draw the line at Rolf Harris.

    2. "That full moon party is a sess pit of drunkeness. The music they play is a problem because it attracts people who want to get smashed. Do you think if they were playing Jazz, Soul or disco there would be the same crowd there. No. There would be decent, mature, and respectful people visiting and maybe this would rub off on the local underworld" …….yeah right…and Ozzy Osbourne makes me eat bats.

    3. I would draw the line with Rolf Harris too. That's another can of worms (or shoud we say deception, cover up, or abuse of power!) Nice to see we have a sense of humor in light of a difficult scenario. P.s can someone sort the country out because it's dark, cold and raining in the UK. I was planning on spending the winter in Thailand, eating my favourite dish. Chilli, Chicken with Bazil 🙂 There is a horrible feeling in my stomach about this country now!

  2. This guy has a colourful history too.

    If Scotland Yard did independent DNA tests that would be pretty much definitive…do the police care or maybe paralysis at a senior level afraid to do anything..

  3. The more I read of this case the more concerned I become for the safety of the two Burmese 'suspects'.

    If the police are rock solid sure of their DNA evidence then the way out of all the rumours is for them to offer the British Authorities the opportunity to conduct independent tests – They could do this out of consideration that the victims where both British.

    If the Police are not rock solid sure of their DNA evidence the way out for the police is a lot more dangerous for the accused than a mere swab test.

  4. Sorry, Andrew, but you seem to be getting some ThaiVisa posters (or at least their way of thinking) appearing here now. This is Thailand, the murders were committed in Thailand, the investigation is Thailand's whether anyone likes it or not. Neither "Scotland Yard", the British navy and "marines", nor the British Prime Minister are going to get anywhere near this or any other investigation any more than Britain would allow any other country to investigate crimes that happened in it's sovereign territory. What is being suggested may well be the right thing to do in people's minds but it can't happen much as we all may want it to.

    1. Hey Bob, I am neither a Thai Visa poster nor a poster on any blog. This nasty act and the way it's been handled by the police has irked me so much. Especially when you see the photos of those Thai guys with their 'No sex on the beach' advert, and posing with a hoe. It's made me angry, and thanks to Andrews work he has allowed some of to express our views and feelings. Maybe the bit about sending the Navy is a bit far-fetched, but in an ideal world that's what should happen. I honestly believe that with the amount of UK, US, Canadian, Kiwi and Ozzy tourists visiting Thailand, propping up their economy we deserve a lot better.

      I have a photograph at home of me sitting outside AC bar having my breakfast and the beach was deserted bar one girl sunbathing. It was surreal. I stayed at AC resort for 4 nights. It was the most relaxing, and beautiful island I have been too. I met so many nice people. Nobody was getting messed up at the beach parties and there was no bad vibes from any Thai's.

      This was going back ten years ago now. I did visit the full moon party, and I hated it then. I was planning on staying on Koh Tao for a couple of months this Christmas as a treat for my 40th. Finding out that another guy was found washed ashore a few months ago and the latest horror story should command a tough stance by authorities around the world.

      I can't believe the UK press aren’t going to town on this. Thank god Mr Drummond is committed to doing something meaningful with his life.

      I am just a passionate guy who feels strongly about this crime, and what some of the people connected to the victims will be going through. That could have been me and my girlfriend. It could be anyone’s son, daughter, brother or sister next time. Because there will be a next time if nothing gets done about this.
      Yours sincerely

      A Drummond poster for ever

    2. As of this morning British detectives are on their way to Thailand to assist in the investigation following a meeting between David Cameron and the Thai PM.

    1. Yes, it is getting to a point where any criticisms will be deemed " upsetting the social order" and become criminal offenses. Already, under threat of arrest, posters on Facebook are warned to not engage in " speculation" over the most recent travesty of justice in Koh Tao. In fact the govt is right now trying to find a way to control social media.

      It appears these are the much touted, "reforms." [italics needed]

    2. Which reminds me of the saying" There's the right way, and then there's the Thai way." I agree, no way will the govt admit the cover up and as it seems to me the nation is preparing to become more aligned with China, and less with the west, it really won't matter if a few more " whities " have no respect .

    3. I have almost been murdered on account of my beliefs: be very careful of what you say if you live in thailand. Forget everything you know and start from scratch. Oh, I forgot capital "T" for "thailand", I guess somebody has a reason to kill me …

  5. The government could have blocked Facebook and New Mandala earlier and very quickly of they had wanted to, Christy. They fired a warning shot by closing FB for an hour or so a few weeks back. If they start closing media down they will point, with some logic, that they were warned. And you've rather shot yourself in the foot by implying that speculative comment is acceptable. Such comments are playing right into the hands of those that would want a less free press. That is why AD is rightly not commenting speculatively and sticking to sourced and observable facts..

    1. So people are not to air their views, even if speculative? Doesn't quite jibe with a free democracy where all views are necessarily permitted. Let the theories stand or fall on the merit of the argument.

      So far only lese majesty warrants blockage of websites but how soon will it be for any criticism of the junta government? It's a criminal offense, in fact under martial law.

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